The 65 cheapest things on Amazon that are effing amazing

Great deals on products that’ll blow your mind.

ByJenny White
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Low cost doesn’t always mean low quality. In fact, the items on this list are all fantastic deals — and they’re also really useful and clever. Whether you’re in the market for kitchen tools, cleaning must-haves, or beauty products, everything on the list has a price tag of $35 or less.


A pair of magnetic bamboo tongs for your toaster & beyond

Stop burning your hands trying to pull things out of the toaster by using these bamboo tongs that have a built-in magnet for storing them on your fridge. They’re nearly 9 inches long to reach into your machine and the ergonomic design makes them comfortable to maneuver. The set comes with two of them.


An alarm clock on wheels so you never accidentally oversleep again

Have a hard time waking up in the morning? This alarm clock will change that. As soon as it’s time to rise, the clock will blast a loud alarm and roll around your bedroom, forcing you to chase it to turn it off. You can choose to snooze it once, but that’ll just start the process all over again.


This slim portable charger that can power 5 devices at once

This portable charger features various built-in cables (compatible with devices from different brands, including iPhone and Android), so that you can charge up to five electronics simultaneously. The charger is less than an inch thick and weighs under a pound — stick it in a backpack or purse, or carry it with you using the attached lanyard.


A handy 3-in-1 avocado tool that’s safe & easy to use

Split, pit, and slice an avocado all with a single tool; it’s safer and more efficient than a knife. The tool features a nonslip grip that you can securely hold while you use it. Once done, pop it in the dishwasher (top rack only) to get it clean.


This compact toothbrush holder that installs without any drilling

Despite its compact size, this wall-mounted holder can store two toothbrushes, toothpaste (which can be placed in the squeezer located at the bottom), and other essential bathroom accessories. There’s a rinsing cup on the front, too. The holder is ventilated to allow water to drip out — rather than pool and get moldy at the bottom — and it installs using the included adhesive.


A pair of adhesive door draft stoppers that conserve energy & keep out dust

These door draft stoppers will help your home maintain the ideal temperature — keeping either warm or cool air inside (depending on the time of year). They also ensure that debris and excess noise stays out. The set includes a pair of 39-inch stoppers (which can be trimmed for a perfect fit) that’ll install on your doors via the adhesive backing.


A budget-friendly 4-in-1 veggie spiralizer that reviewers say is the best

It’s easy to turn pretty much any vegetable into tasty noodles with this handy spiralizer. There are four thickness options to customize your cuts and the food holder keeps your hands safe while using the device (it also doubles as a lid). “Was skeptical at first when this arrived but this is literally the best spiralizer ever. Took me 30 seconds to do one zucchini and 30 seconds to clean,” wrote one shopper.


This hand lotion that lasts through washings for 4+ hours

This unique lotion creates an invisible, shield-like layer wherever you apply it to prevent dryness. It lasts four-plus hours on the skin, even through repeated washings. And it doesn’t feel greasy. “It’s a game changer. [...] You definitely feel the moisture barrier it creates on your hand,” wrote one shopper.


An LED wall sconce that doubles as a portable light

Mount this LED sconce on the wall to illuminate any area — it’s a simple DIY project with no wiring or electricity involved. The light can be pulled off the magnetic mount and carried around like a flashlight when needed. It can run for up to 15 hours straight and is rechargeable via USB-C.


A 40-pack of reusable cable ties to wrangle cords all over your home

Use these cable ties around your home to get chaotic cords in check, including extension cords, electronic chargers, appliance cords, and more. The 40 heavy-duty nylon ties are 5 inches long with a hook-and-loop closure at the end to secure them. This rainbow set is useful for setting up a color-coded organization system, but an all-black option can also be found in the listing.


This exfoliating & moisturizing foot spray that contains 50+ applications

Spritz on this foot peel spray and rub it in to gently remove dead skin, and leave your feet more moisturized and softer. The product features a combination of coconut and aloe, and it’s recommended to use it once a week or so for best results. This $5 bottle contains enough for 50-plus applications, so it’ll last a long time.


A 9-device wall outlet extender with a shelf & night-light

Charge up to nine electronics at once with this outlet extender. It boasts five outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port spread across three different sides so everything fits. There’s even a shelf on top to hold a device as it charges, as well as an LED light that’ll flip on automatically once it's dark.


This car cup holder expander that can hold 40-ounce tumblers

This cup holder expander can hold pretty much any drink, including 40-ounce tumblers. It adjusts in diameter to fit most cup holders. Best yet, it won’t block the adjacent cupholder — you can even use two expanders side by side.


This thin outlet cover with a cord in your choice of lengths

With 59,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating overall, this thin outlet cover covers an entire outlet to eliminate unsightly plugs and cords. It has a 3-foot power strip to plug in your electronics in a more concealed area. Adhesive strips and cord clips also come with to neatly secure the cord to the wall.


A sliding tray for kitchen appliances that can hold 30 pounds

This appliance tray is one of those products that you don’t realize you need until you have it. It can hold any small kitchen appliance that weighs up to 30 pounds (like a coffee machine, air fryer, or blender) and it’ll allow you to slide the machine forward for access, then slide it back into place for storage. Six pads at the bottom ensure the whole thing stays stable.


A pair of silicone lip exfoliators that reviewers say work so well

Get rid of dry, dead skin on your lips with these silicone exfoliators. “[My] lips are the softest and smoothest they’ve been in years,” wrote one commenter. The set includes two exfoliators; one has shorter nubs to exfoliate and remove dead skin, while the other is meant for massaging and improving the overall absorption of moisturizers and balms.


These glasses that are designed to make beer taste better

Beer tastes better when you use these pilsner glasses — the special design produces a steady stream of light bubbles, releasing aromatics and flavor with every sip. The set comes with four tall glasses, each of which can hold up to 16 ounces. They’re dishwasher safe, too.


An odor-eliminating cookie-scented candle with an 80-hour burn time

When lit, this soy-blend candle is designed to eliminate (not just mask) up to 95% of pet, smoke, food, and other odors. And it leaves behind an almond sugar cookie scent with notes of almond, brown sugar, butter, and vanilla sugar. It’ll burn for up to 80 hours. Check out the listing for all of the delicious scent options.


This clever water bottle that collapses flat

This silicone water bottle collapses down to practically flat for convenient transport. When expanded, it can hold up to 17 ounces of your favorite drinks. It has a flip-top straw for drinking and a carrying handle. “Used this for an international trip. Worked well for the airport and walking around cities. Love that once it's empty, it's easy to store until the next use,” wrote one shopper. Consider eight colors in the listing.


This scrubber mitt with more than 9,500 five-star reviews

“This is the only scrub I’ve tried so far that actually has results. [...] It gets all the dead skin off and makes you feel squeaky clean,” wrote one fan after trying out this scrubber mitt, and with more than 9,500 five-star reviews, they’re not alone. The mitt fits comfortably on your hand and it’s designed to deeply exfoliate, leaving behind a silky-smooth finish. This set includes one mitt, but a two-pack can also be found in the listing.


A pack of rug grippers that can be used indoors & out

Curling rugs are a tripping hazard, but these corner grippers will stop it from happening in the first place. They attach to rugs made from any material, indoors or out. They won’t leave behind residue, so they can be repositioned as needed. The grippers can be used on any flooring, and they won’t cause any damage to the surface below.


This motion-sensor night-light that lasts 1,000 hours per charge

When motion is detected within 16 feet, this night-light automatically turns on to illuminate the area — and it turns off when no movement is sensed for 25 seconds. The night-light is powered by a built-in battery that’ll work for up to 1,000 hours straight (it takes just four hours to get it recharged). It has five brightness option and it can also be removed from the base to carry with you around your home.


These reusable dishcloths that replace 17 rolls of paper towels each

Just one of the five Swedish dishcloths in this set can replace 17 rolls of paper towels (they’re machine washable). Made from a blend of cotton and cellulose, the biodegradable towels can absorb up to 20 times their weight, making them a good choice for mopping up spills. Choose from various patterns in the listing.


This versatile power scrubber that oscillates 60 times per second

The oscillating head on this water-resistant power scrubber scrubs 60 times per second to remove grime from surfaces and items throughout your home — think grout lines, countertops, tire wheels, furniture, shoes, and more. The scrubber is powered by four AA batteries.


A foot callus remover gel with 38,000+ 5-star reviews

A best-seller on Amazon, this callus remover gel removes dry skin, smoothing rough areas on your feet. “[I’ve] had deep callouses for years not even the most expensive professional pedicure would help. I used this and honestly it took them out in 10 minutes. I’m amazed,” wrote one reviewer.


A unique device that can hold 80 pounds of bags

Stop taking multiple trips between the car and your home with the groceries. Instead, utilize this bag carrier — it can support up to 80 pounds total. To use, slide your bags into the device (it twists to lock in place), then carry it with your hands or wear it over your shoulder. “LOVE this item! I have already [given] it as a gift to 5 friends and family,” wrote one commenter. Pick from five colors in the listing.


This adjustable book light with several brightnesses & color modes

This book light has five brightness settings and three color options — including an amber mode that filters out blue light to reduce eye strain. It clips onto the book and the angle of the head can be adjusted. The light runs for up to 80 hours on a full charge (it has a built-in USB plug for wire-free charging).


A lemon-scented gel cleaner that grabs dirt & debris in hard-to-reach spots

This lemon-scented gel cleaner works wonders for getting dirt and debris out of keyboards, car vents, printers, and other devices with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. To use, knead it into a ball, then press it directly down onto the surface. It can be reused over and over until it loses its stickiness.


A window screen cleaner with a long detachable handle

You don’t need to take your window screens out of the frame to clean them. This mesh cleaner has long fibers for a deep clean, removing built-up pollen, fuzz, dust, and other debris. Use it with just the small built-in handle or attach the 1-foot-long handle for more reach. The tool can be utilized dry or wet (and even paired with a little soap if needed).


A $7 stainless steel tongue scraper that comes with a travel bag

Scraping your tongue eliminates bad breath, removes buildup, and helps promote an overall healthier mouth. For this, you’ll need this stainless steel tongue scraper. It features a flexible U-shape to reach all areas, and it’s simple to sanitize to keep it clean. Store it in the included linen travel pouch.


Some toaster bags that can be reused 50 times each

Cook grilled cheese, a slice of pizza, chicken nuggets, and more in a toaster? It’s possible with this four-pack of nonstick toaster bags. Fill them up with your favorite foods and then pop right into the machine for heating. The bags can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without burning or melting. Each one can be reused up to 50 times.


A set of 7 stretchy silicone lids that are microwave- & dishwasher-safe

Goodbye pricey aluminum foil and plastic wrap: These silicone lids can stretch over pretty much any bowl, pot, or other container (even square ones) to create an airtight seal to keep the food inside fresh. The set includes seven lids in varying sizes — the largest one can stretch to up to 12 inches — and they’re all microwave-, oven-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe.


These heavy-duty storage straps with adjustable Velcro

Wrangle extension cords, hoses, rope, and other loose cables with this pair of heavy-duty wraps. Each one is 22 inches long with an industrial-strength hook-and-loop closure to ensure it stays shut. The wraps can support up to 50 pounds each; use the metal grommet at the top for hanging storage. Other sizes and sets can be found in the listing.


This drain protector that’s easy to clean

Hiring a plumber to snake your drains is pricey, but this stainless steel drain protector prevents hair and other debris from entering in the first place. It’ll fit in pretty much any sink drain — and adapters are included to ensure a secure fit — yet it can be pulled right out and cleaned whenever necessary.


This handy silicone utensil rest that comes in lots of colors

“This handy tool is a must have for anyone who enjoys cooking,” wrote one fan about this utensil rest. It has four slots to accommodate spoons, spatulas, ladles, and the like from dripping on your countertops. And it’s made from heat-resistant silicone that won’t melt (even when next to the stove). Pick from various colors and two sizes in the listing.


A 6-pack of fridge liners that’ll keep produce fresh & crisp for longer

Save money on your grocery bill by prolonging the life of your fruits and veggies — these foam liners can do the trick by absorbing moisture and allowing air to better circulate. The set includes six 12- by 15-inch liners that can be cut to fit your fridge shelves, crisper, or other drawers. They can be pulled out and rinsed clean when needed.


This highly rated bagel slicer you can also use on buns & other baked goods

Never risk hurting yourself cutting a bagel by hand again: This bagel guillotine with a 4.7-star overall rating will handle the task for you in seconds. The sharp stainless steel blade is held between two clear acrylic shields and it can also be used to slice muffins, buns, rolls, and other baked goods.


These cups with secure screw-on lids & built-in spoons

Take breakfast on the go with these reusable cups; they’re perfect for yogurt parfaits, granola, cereal, and more. The four cups each hold 20 ounces and they come with screw-on domed lids as well as flat ones to prevent spills — they also come with a plastic spoon. The cups are freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe (top rack). They’re also available in a 17-ounce size in the listing.


A rechargeable lighter that’ll work in all weather conditions

Whether in rain, snow, wind, or shine, this rechargeable lighter will work since it uses flameless technology to light candles, fireworks, BBQs, and more. It also won’t burn your hands or put off any smoke. The lighter boasts a built-in battery that’s rechargeable via USB, allowing you to reuse it over and over. Pick from various colors in the listing.


This dryer vent cleaner that attaches to your vacuum

While it may cost less than $10, this dryer vent cleaner makes a big impact on the efficiency and safety of your machine. The hose attaches to most vacuums (using the included adapters) for power, then the nearly 2-foot hose can be used to suck up lint, dirt, and other debris. “Works great. I was able to easily clean all the lint out of my dryer vent,” wrote one shopper.


A 93-slot battery organizer that has a built-in tester

If your battery collection rolls around haphazardly in your junk drawer, this organizer case is a must. It has 93 individual slots for 45 AAs, 25 AAAs, four 9-volts, eight Cs, six Ds, and five flat batteries, and the clear hinged cover allows you to see your available stock at a glance. There’s also a built-in battery tester to get rid of duds. Choose from a few colors in the listing.


This collapsible cover that keeps your microwave clean

Prevent your microwave from getting dirty with this collapsible cover. It’s made from heat-resistant silicone and plastic — so you don’t have to worry about it getting warped or melted — and it pops up to 3 inches tall to cover plates, bowls, and other containers. When not in use, the cover collapses down to nearly flat for storage.


A 5-pack of silicone wine stoppers that create an airtight seal

Keep your wine fresh for days with these wine stoppers. Made from silicone, they create an airtight seal, are reusable, and safe to put in the dishwasher. The set includes five stoppers in various shades, though smaller sets can also be found in the listing.


This metal organizer that stores up to 10 tumbler lids

Store tumbler lids of any size on this metal organizer — the vertical design will save space and make it simpler to find the lid you need. It can accommodate up to 10 lids at once. “I love how this helps keeps the lids organized and helps make my cabinet look tidy,” wrote one shopper.


A window track cleaning set that comes with replacement sponges

Scrubbing your window’s tracks will be much faster and easier with this cleaning brush set. Included are three grooved cleaning brushes (as well as four replacement heads) that’ll get into the tracks, as well as a pair of dual-sided brushes designed to dislodge and sweep away debris.


These LED twinkle curtains with 8 lighting modes

These twinkle curtains will bring an inviting feel to any space — hang them in your living room, basement, bedroom, or wherever else you please. “Lights hang beautifully giving the room a warm look,” wrote one shopper. The 6-foot-wide strand features 300 LED lights, and there are eight lighting modes to pick from, like steady on, waves, slow fade, and more. This is the warm white option, though other colors can be found in the listing.


This pumice stone that removes tough stains without leaving scratches

This pumice stone can remove hard water stains, mineral deposits, and other stubborn grime from various surfaces (like toilets, sinks, tiles, and more) without causing damage. Pair it with water to activate it; no cleaners required. “Picked this up as a last resort to remove hard water stains inside my toilet that I couldn't seem to get rid of. To my surprise the pumice stone removed the stains almost instantly and my toilet looked new again,” wrote one commenter.


This comfortable 4-pocket running belt that reviewers say doesn’t bounce

Wear this running belt to keep valuables within reach — the four pockets are roomy enough for a phone, snack, ID, and a few other smaller items. The belt is made from one piece of moisture-wicking fabric that won’t chafe or rub. It comes in a range of sizes and colors, all of which can be found in the listing. “Amazing product to have anytime you don’t want to worry about important items falling out of your pockets or bouncing around everywhere. I use this flipbelt all the time and I’ve never lost anything,” wrote one commenter.


This crab-shaped utensil rest that doubles as a steam releaser

This crab-shaped utensil rest can stand on its own on your counters or rest on the edge of a pot (or another similar-shaped container) to hold a spoon, tongs, ladle, or another utensil for you as you cook. It also doubles as a steam releaser by holding a lid ajar. Made from silicone, this pick is heat resistant and dishwasher safe.


A water bottle that comes with a shaker ball & infuser for less than $15

Hit your water intake goals with the help of this water bottle — it has time markers on the side that’ll show how much water you should have finished throughout the day. The bottle holds up to 34 ounces and it comes with a shaker ball for mixing protein shakes or powders and also a fruit infuser to add flavor to your drink. There’s even a removable strap for carrying. Check out the listing for all of the color options.


A nonslip bear-shaped grater for cheese & more

This food grater features a stainless steel grater to shred cheese, veggies, nuts, and more — and everything goes directly into the compartment in the back until you’re ready to use it. The nonslip surface is easy to grasp. It’s dishwasher safe, too.


These easy-to-fill touch-up pens that keep house paint fresh for years

To easily fix scratches and dings on your walls, ceiling, and trim work, you just need these paint pens. They’re simple to fill, then you just twist the bottom to force paint into the brush tip to apply it to the surface. The pens are designed to keep the paint fresh for up to seven years.


A $10 cutlery organizer with angled compartments & built-in labels

The design of this cutlery organizer is genius. It’s only 4 inches wide, yet the stacked compartments (there are five sections in total) allow 24 knives, forks, and spoons to be stored without issue. This is the small option, but there are two others to consider in the listing. Small etched labels help you remember what goes where.


This nearly 6-inch Nessie steeper to brew tea with ease

Make your tea a little more magical with this Nessie steeper. Fill the body with your favorite loose-leaf variety and put on the cover, then place it in hot water to get steeping (it’s 5.9 inches tall to make it easy to remove). Nessie is made from heat-resistant silicone — you can place the entire steeper into the dishwasher for cleaning.


These stretchy furniture leg covers that comes in lots of sizes & colors

Slide these silicone covers on the legs of pretty much any furniture around your home, including chairs, couches, and more to protect your floors from damage. The set comes with 16 pieces. There are a myriad of size options in the listing depending on the legs of your furniture, as well as various color options.


A nonstick machine that makes 7 mini donuts in minutes

Create seven mini donuts in minutes with this donut maker. Just plug it in, fill it with your preferred batter (you could even put brownie, muffin, or other mixes in it), then close the lid to get cooking. The surface is nonstick for easy cleanup. Choose from three designs in the listing.


A continuous mist spray bottle that has so many uses

Whether you use it for hair care, cleaning, pet grooming, plant care, arts and crafts, or something else, this spray bottle can get the job done. It can hold up to 17 ounces and the sprayer head provides about 1.2 seconds of continuous mist at a time to cover a large surface area.


This fancy wine decanter that’ll make any bottle taste better

Not only does this handblown glass wine decanter look like a piece of decor with its U-shaped design, but it also serves a functional purpose. It enables maximum oxygenation to enhance your favorite wine's flavor and aroma, whether you’re drinking white or red. It can hold up to 800 milliliters, which is a standard full bottle.


This 4-pack of sleek glass dispensers for oil, vinegar & more

Pour vinegar, salad dressings, olive oil, and more from these glass dispensers. The four dispensers boast a wide mouth for convenient filling (this makes cleaning them simple, too). The pouring spout flips open during use — and then closes to keep debris out — and the measurement markings on the side allow you to track the amount that you’re using.


A fast electric kettle that lets you choose the temperature

Boil water in just three minutes for tea, hot chocolate, pour-over coffee, and more with this electric kettle. There are seven preset temperature options — ranging from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and the kettle can be removed from the base for pouring without dealing with a power cord.


A stylish incense holder that catches all of the ash

Are you a fan of incense but not the mess that comes with it? This incense holder can hold a stick that’s up to 9.5 inches long in an upside-down position so that when lit, the ash falls and collects in the bottom for dumping later on. Modern in design, the holder is made from clear glass with a wooden base.


This $10 grow light with lots of settings & a telescoping neck

Having issues with your indoor plants not getting enough light? This LED grow light mimics natural sunlight. “This light is simple to set up and use and the plants are absolutely thriving,” wrote one reviewer. The light features a timer function and 10 brightness settings (ranging from 10 to 100%), and the pole adjusts in height from about 6 inches to 2 feet.


A waterproof bag that comes with a protective phone case

Whether you’re heading to the pool or going boating or kayaking, you’ll be glad to have this dry bag on hand. It’s made from lightweight yet strong PVC fabric that’s entirely waterproof to protect valuables. This is the 10-liter option, but there is also a smaller and larger pick available in the listing. “Best dry bag for the price. Durable and well made,” wrote one reviewer. It also comes with a waterproof phone case.


These budget-friendly food storage containers with personalizable labels

Put cereal, beans, coffee, flour, oatmeal, and pretty much any other food in these three 176-ounce storage containers that cost less than $20. Plus, they give your pantry a more organized look and feel. In addition to the storage containers and lids, the set also includes labels and a marker to keep everything straight.


This 3-pack of silicone baking mats that are nonstick

Knead, roll, shape, and bake all of your favorite doughs and crusts on these BPA-free silicone mats. They’re nonstick and heat resistant up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The set includes three mats (in small, large, and extra-large sizes) that all have measurement markings on them for you to reference as you work.