The coolest things for your home on Amazon you never knew existed

Now you know.

ByChristina Wood
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Keeping a home and garden clean, thriving, and organized can seem like an overwhelming project — especially if you have kids or pets depending on you. It is a big task. But it’s much easier if you have all the tools you need to do the job. Doing a project — even a small one — takes much longer if you use the wrong tool. When you try it with the right tool? Mind blown! The first time a human being made a sandwich with sliced bread instead of torn-off hunks, I’m sure they said, “Cool!” And that’s what you will say about this list of the coolest things for your home on Amazon that you never knew existed.


These solar lights that look like a sparkle of fireflies

Create the illusion of fireflies in your garden with this two-pack of solar garden lights that glow after dark and sway in the wind. Plus, they are so simple to install. Just stick the flexible wires into the soil. They get their power from the sun and turn on automatically at dusk.


This apple that makes produce last weeks

Drop one of these odd blue freshness-saving apples into your produce drawer or the fruit bowl to preserve the life of your produce. A packet inside the apple contains a substance that absorbs the ethylene gas emitted by produce. That gas is what causes fruits and vegetables to ripen — and rot. So removing it makes them last much longer. “Normally, I would buy a head of lettuce on Monday and it would be all wilted and mushy by the end of the week,” said one reviewer. “The Bluapple keeps my lettuce fresh for two weeks and sometimes longer!”


The incense that drives mosquitos away

When you want to enjoy your outdoor space without getting eaten alive by mosquitos, light these mosquito-repellent sticks to create a perimeter around the space you want to enjoy. Each one burns for hours and smells terrific to humans. Fortunately, mosquitos hate the scent — citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary — and steer clear.


A lamp that looks like a mini moon

This moon lamp is a tiny replica of the real thing that you can keep on a desk or shelf. Using data provided by NASA, it is 3D-printed and fitted with an internal light you can dim, brighten, or change from lunar white to warm yellow. It is rechargeable so you don’t have to put up with wires trailing from the moon and ruining the effect.


This side table that fits on a chair arm

Need a place to set your drink and phone when you are relaxing on the couch? There’s no need to add furniture to the mix for this task. Just drape this sofa arm tray table over the arm. The grippy underside and articulated sides cling firmly giving you a flat surface for your beverage and a phone slot that holds the screen at the perfect viewing angle. It comes in 10 finishes and styles.


This glass cleaning cloth that requires only water

This cleaning cloth is a simple way to keep all your mirrors and windows clean and free of streaks. Just get it wet and it becomes a lush and thick cleaning cloth that removes fingerprints, smudges, and dirt almost effortlessly, leaving behind crystal-clear glass without any smudges or streaks.


These easy solar lights for fences & decks

With very little effort, this 16-pack of solar deck lights will transform your outdoor space with subtle lighting. Use them on stair risers to make outdoor stairs safer. Mount them to a fence to make a driveway, pool area, or yard easier to navigate. You could also mount them to the rails of your deck to create perimeter lighting. They attach with screws and automatically come on when the sun goes down, charging up via sunlight during the day.


A simple insect trap that works

This plug-in fly trap is a simple solution for your pest invasion. A UV LED light attracts flies, gnats, moths, and fruit flies and lures them onto the glue card inside, decimating the indoor insect population. Replace the card occasionally and it keeps on working. “We have an unusual amount of these gnats this season and this thing is working amazing!” said one reviewer.


A dog bed for hot days

Help your pet stay cool in the dog days of summer with this breathable dog cooling mat that absorbs body heat and dissipates it. It’s easy to fold and bring along and can go in the washing machine. “Living in Florida you get a little warm on those daily walks!” said one reviewer. “Jack has been on his cooling blanket since I opened it!”


This scrubber that does the work for you

This power scrubber makes it easy to clean the crevices, grout, and other awkward spaces in your bathroom, kitchen, windows, and car. The oscillating head spins 60 times per second to scrub away grime and dirt with no effort on your part. “This is a must-have for everyone,” said one reviewer. “I love how it cleans mildew from grout in showers. [...] It’s great if you have arthritis so you don’t have to scrub so hard.”


The battery organizer that saves so much hassle

Streamline your battery situation with this battery organizer and tester that holds 93 batteries, lets you check them for juice before you install or store them, and has a clear lid so you can see when you are running low. You can even mount it on a wall and create a clever, easy-access battery station. It comes in five colors.


The pen that makes grout look new again

Why get on all fours to scrub the grout clean when you can turn it into a coloring project that’s fast and easy? This grout tile paint marker writes right over the dingy and discolored grout turning it bright white. “My bathroom tile looks like new!” said one reviewer. “I’m literally in shock at how gorgeous it looks and how quick and easy it was.”


This hack for cooking with bacon fat

Don’t toss out that bacon grease! Use this bacon grease container to recapture it so you can use it to infuse fried eggs, pancakes, or popcorn with that delicious smoky flavor. Bacon grease also does an amazing job of seasoning cast iron. The pitcher holds 4 cups, a strainer filters out all the burnt bacon pieces, and a lid keeps the stored grease clean.


A lighter that scoffs at wind & rain

When the wind is howling and the rain threatens, pull out this electric lighter to light your camping stove or fire. It has no flame to blow out so it isn’t affected by a storm. It doesn’t need fuel, either. It needs only a USB plug and some electricity or a battery backup to light. The long wand with an angled head will reach into hard-to-access places like pilot lights and candle jars, too.


These highly-rated laundry detergent sheets

Instead of hauling a big bottle of laundry detergent home — and feeling the guilt of that huge plastic bottle — use these detergent sheets. You don’t have to pay for or carry all that water that’s only there to turn detergent into a liquid and there is no plastic waste. The sheets dissolve easily in the wash and require no messy measuring or dispensing. They also come in a fragrance-free version.


A simple ring light so you look your best in pictures

When you are on camera, lighting is everything. And everything you need to light your next Zoom call like a pro is here in this ring light. Clip it to your monitor or phone and it bathes you in soft lighting to eliminate harsh shadows. It’s compact and USB chargeable so you can take it on the go and use it for photos or video calls wherever you are.


The stain remover that people say is “like sorcery”

Coffee spills on your white shirt moments before a video call. A wine glass topples onto your new white couch. Stains happen whether you have kids or not (though the kid stains are next level.) However, this stain remover makes this universal situation no longer a problem. Spray and blot that coffee or wine away and it disappears before your eyes. “WHAT. IS. THIS. SORCERY?!” said one reviewer. “This product is magic and you need to own it.”


This pet hair roller that traps fur with minimal effort

A perennial shopping editor favorite, the ChomChom pet hair remover makes quick work of the fur your best friend leaves behind on the sofa, rug, and other surfaces. Just swipe the velveteen roller back and forth to quickly grab stubborn pet hairs, then pop open the catch chamber to throw it all in the trash. It’s resuable and you’ll never have to restock on sticky sheets.


The duster that can take on ceiling fans

Ceiling fan blades can get pretty dirty, spinning endlessly through space. That’s why you need this ceiling fan duster. The telescoping handle reaches 47 inches into the air and the open-center duster slides over the blades to grab the dust — top and bottom — without spreading it all over the living room.


The bidet attachment for that ultimate clean feeling

For less than $30 and a few minutes of your time, you can transform not only your bathroom but your life. This bidet attachment creates an upside-down shower that you can tap anytime you take a trip to the bathroom. Turn the dial to get the water pressure that suits you and get a water-jet clean every time you go. “This makes using toilet paper feel absolutely barbaric,” said one reviewer.


A rack that keeps cookware upright & organized

Baking sheets, cutting boards, pot lids — you can store all that and more on this cookware organizer. The rack features seven dividers that are adjustable, so you can even make room for that bulky muffin tin. Speaking of dividers, they’re constructed to be ultra-sturdy and warp-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about items wobbling or leaning over.

  • Available sizes: 3


This 3-pack of cutting boards that reviewers love

Boasting a stellar 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, this three-pack of cutting boards is a great buy. The nonslip edges keep them planted on your counter, and the grooves around the perimeter keep juicy messes contained. Made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic, these sturdy boards are nonporous, so they won’t hold on to odors and stains.


The magnetic lights that illuminate outdoor grilling

You don’t have to wire the deck or yard for lighting in order to grill after the sun goes down. Stick one — or both — of these grill lights magnetically to the grill or your work area, bend the gooseneck to aim the light where you want it, and enjoy the bright light of nine high-density bulbs. They run on batteries, are weather resistant, and come with a handy carrying case.


A rotation sprinkler so you can water without working

That time you spend watering the garden can be much more productive if you outsource the task to this rotation sprinkler. Hook up the hose, set the rotating arms and nozzles to hit the areas you want to water, and do something else while it works. The base is weighted so it won’t flip over. You can even connect several of them together to water a larger area.


This outdoor speaker & tiki light

Creating an outdoor sound system is so easy with this waterproof Tiki wireless speaker. Just choose from two post heights and stick them into the ground or potted plants, connect your phone via Bluetooth, and enjoy. Buy two of them and connect them together for surround sound. They light up, too, making them the futuristic Tiki torches that will power the mood of your outdoor fun.


A dual-port wall charger that minimizes bulk

Got a bulky phone or computer charger jutting out of your wall socket? This slim-profile wall charger is a huge upgrade that not only looks more streamlined, but can also fit neatly behind furniture and appliances. Best of all, the dual ports actually give you more plug-in space, so you can power up two devices simultaneously.

  • Available colors: 4


The easy way to clean up bird & spider droppings

Cleaning bird and spider droppings from your deck and other outdoor places is surprisingly difficult with traditional methods, but super easy with this spider and bird stain remover. Just spray it on and the mess will dissolve so you can easily wash it away with the hose. “This stuff is awesome,” said one reviewer. “It just melted away the stubborn black spider droppings I have been battling for the last two years.”


A dryer vent cleaning kit

You could pay someone to clean your clogged dryer vent out but with this dryer vent cleaner kit, it’s super easy to do yourself. Just attach it to a power drill and feed the 40-foot long brush into the vents. “I could not BELIEVE how much lint came out of my vent,” said one reviewer. “I have a 25-foot-long dryer vent and this little thing cleaned out an ENTIRE grocery bag worth of lint!”


This spray bottle great for so many uses

Use this continuous spray bottle when styling your hair, misting plants, creating your own facial mists, or cleaning — you will wonder, throughout your activity, how one or two pumps of the trigger can produce such a long spray of fine misted water. It also works tremendously from any angle. Choose from 10 color options.


A better way to strain hot water from a pan

Simplify meal prep by ditching the awkward colander for this pot strainer instead. It requires no such contortions and simply clips to your pot or pan. Tip and pour the water into the sink — no matter what else is in there. It’s flexible to fit all your pans and comes in four sizes.


This meat thermometer that’s accurate and easy to read

If you struggle to get a steak to the perfect medium rare, you need an accurate and easy-to-deploy meat thermometer. It’s the only way to know the internal temperature of the meat. It turns on when you flip out the probe, reads the temperature instantly, holds the temperature on the screen at the press of a button, and is waterproof. You’ll always be able to find it because you can stick it magnetically to the fridge or grill.


A curved knife for making the perfect chopped salad

Create delicious chopped salads right in the bowl by using this Mezzaluna salad chopper. Just fill your bowl with greens, vegetables, and herbs and go at it by rocking the curved blade back and forth. The two blades are spaced just the right distance apart so your ingredients don’t get trapped. It’s also great paired with a cutting board to chop herbs and nuts.


The goo that cleans your car

Cleaning your car, keyboard, or other intricate places using this cleaning gel, is like playing with goo. Except this stuff smells like lavender, your car is clean when you are done, and it doesn't stick to your hands. “It smells great, brings back memories of playing with silly putty and such, but is really just as simple as rolling over a surface,” said one reviewer. “Just pull off a blob, roll it over whatever you need to clean, and then throw it out once it's gross.”


A power bank that is sure to come in handy

If you are packing for a camping trip anytime soon, you need this solar power bank in your bag. Set it in the sun to power it up and it will light your way with the two bright flashlights, wirelessly power your phone, and keep you headed north (or south, west, or east). There is even a carabiner to attach it to your pack for on-the-go solar recharging.


The over-sink drying rack that rolls up for storage

Is there any kitchen that couldn’t benefit from a little more counter space? This over-the-sink dish drying rack gives it to you on the cheap, providing a spot to drip dry glasses, utensils, and even freshly washed produce. Just as good, it doubles as a trivet, so you can place hot pots and pans on it. You don’t have to sacrifice cabinet space for this clever invention either — it rolls up for compact storage.


A mat for drying dishes & protecting surfaces from hot items

You’ll be pulling out this heat-resistant mat more often than you might think. First, it’s designed to withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s perfect for hot pots and pans as well as styling tools. Then, it’s great for drying dishes since the ridges promote airflow and the raised edges keep water from pooling onto the counter. Last but not least, you can use it while making small repairs — it’ll protect delicate surfaces from tools and hardware.

  • Available sizes: 3


The alarm clock that projects on the ceiling

Hate sitting up and rummaging around on your bedside table to find the time? This digital alarm clock will project the time onto the ceiling, so all you need to do is crack your eyelids open enough to look up. You can adjust where the projection lands by turning the lens. Plus, it has two alarms that will sound for an hour, gradually getting louder, so you don’t oversleep. Choose from blue or red projection colors.


A minimalist toothbrush holder

The simplicity of this mini ceramic toothbrush holder brings elegant minimalism to your bathroom. Just stick the end of your razor, toothbrush, or makeup brush into it and that item will stand tall and air dry. It works for pens and other similarly shaped items, too. It comes in sets of two in your choice of nine colors.


The tool that makes perfectly cut sandwiches

Turn any sandwich into a sealed snack with this sandwich cutter and sealer. There are three shapes — round, square, and triangle. Choose the shape you want your sandwich to be and use the cutter to create it from your stacked bread and filling. Then use the sealer to press the edges together. “No boring [sandwiches] in this household,” said one reviewer.


This racket for flying pests

When flies invade, pull out this mini bug zapper and go hunting. It turns fly swatting into a sport, giving you all the advantages. The net is loaded with a 4,000-volt grid to take the pests down with every swat. The best part? No batteries are required! Instead, plug the zapper in using the included USB cable for a quick charge.


An easy cold brew coffee maker

Your mornings just got better with this cold brew coffee maker. Just fill the inner sleeve with grounds, add water, and put it in the fridge. In the morning, your brew will be ready to pour right from the carafe to your ice-filled glass. It makes 37 ounces so you will have plenty. Just put the lid back on and keep it in the fridge for tomorrow.


The plug-in wireless doorbell that doesn’t rely on internet or Bluetooth

Never miss an important package or food delivery again when you have this wireless doorbell that boasts a 1,000-foot range. It doesn’t require Bluetooth or internet to work, and you can install the bell with the included adhesive and screws, then plug the receiver in wherever you want it. It’s customizable, too — choose from four volume setting and 50 chime sounds.


This clever toasted sandwich device

This clever toastie press turns your toaster into a sandwich machine. Assemble your bread, cheese, and meat into the press and close it, firmly locking it closed with the handles. Then, drop it into your toaster. When the toaster pops, grab those heat-resistant handles to get your snack out and enjoy a pressed and toasted sandwich without messing up the kitchen.


These cable labels you can reuse

Take a few seconds to label the plugs to all your gear. It makes your life so much easier later. When you want to unplug the router, you won’t accidentally unplug all the lights. This pack of 36 cable labels makes the task easy. You can write on them with any pen and they grip with reusable hook-and-loop closures so you don’t have to fight with adhesives.


A star projector that makes your bedroom so cool

If you fight bedtime, why not make the bedroom the most relaxing and cool space in the house with this starry sky projector? It transforms the ceiling into a starry sky. Using the remote, you can change the settings to display planets, a happy birthday message, a sea world, or a message of love. It has four brightness levels and is rechargeable so you can put it anywhere.


The drain protector that catches hair without blocking water flow

Forget about plumbers or drain clog removers — this shower hair catcher helps prevent any problems before they start. The ShowerShroom fits right inside the drain, where hair strands wrap around the interior cylinder — remove it periodically to clear it off. Plus, both pieces are perforated, so water will continue to flow freely (i.e., no standing in a puddle why you shower).


The glass food storage containers for sauces, sides & snacks

Hummus, artichoke dip, guacamole, salad dressing to go with your chopped salad — you don’t want a full-size container for these items. These 5-ounce food storage containers, though, are just right. They’re made from durable glass, which resists both stains and odors, and topped with airtight, leakproof seals. They can go in the microwave when you want to heat up that aforementioned artichoke dip, then the dishwasher when it’s time to clean up.


These cord wraps that are so clever

These cord holder strips solve one of life’s pervasive and irritating hassles easily and cleverly. Stick one to the back of your toaster, kettle, mixer, or any appliance you unplug and store — or use it to manage the cords in your entertainment system or on your desk. The clam shape opens easily when you need the cord but holds it firmly out of the way the rest of the time. This is a pack of 18.


A minimalist bath mat with a faux suede feel

Prefer a minimalist decor vibe to fluff? This faux suede bath might be right up your alley. The mat doesn’t draw attention to itself, and won’t shed or show dirt like chenille rugs. Still, it’s soft underfoot, mega-absorbent, and dries in record time — no signs of dampness within just a few minutes. Choose from understated shades like black, sage green, and navy.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 9


This mattress topper instead of a new bed

If your mattress is too hard, consider creating a layered system with this two-inch memory foam topper before investing in a new mattress. It offers just enough softness at the surface to create a gentle landing without giving up the back support you get from the harder surface below. It conforms to your shape and is gel-infused to keep you cool. “This bed topper has been a godsend,” said one reviewer. “The pain [...] in my shoulders and back [...] has almost completely disappeared and I definitely wake feeling much more rested and comfortable.”