The 50 coolest things on Amazon that look expensive but are cheap as hell

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ByMadison Barber
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Is there any better place than Amazon for discovering random, inexpensive products that look so much nicer than their price tag may indicate? I don’t think so.

When you’re in the market for something specific, whether it’s a decor item for your home, a beauty essential, or something that’s missing in your office space, it’s no secret that Amazon is going to have what you need. But, what about those products that you don’t know that you need? How do you find the life-changing stuff with great reviews when you don’t know what to look for?

That’s where I come in, providing you with the coolest Amazon products on the market right now, all with great reviews, great prices, and a luxe feeling that will make you feel like a zillionaire. There’s so much out there that you’re guaranteed to become obsessed with, like this milk frother for making your favorite café lattes at home, these super highly-rated satin pillowcases that you can throw in the washer without ruining, or these flameless candles that can create the perfect moody atmosphere. Here are 50 of the coolest things that you can find on their site, from tech products to home decor, and they all look so, so expensive.


A stylish alarm clock that doubles as a makeup mirror

This clock truly does it all. It’ll wake you up in the morning, as any alarm clock should, with subtle alarm sounds that won’t startle. But in case you need a few extra zzz’s, it has a giant snooze button that makes it easy to give yourself more minutes of rest. Beyond telling time, this clock doubles as a stylish mirror that you’ll love having on your nightstand. Oh, it also comes with two USB charging ports.


A convenient glass stand for your computer monitor

Elevate your workspace with this riser for your computer monitor. Made from durable clear glass and designed with non-slip feet that keep your monitor in place, this computer stand looks super sleek and improves your posture during the workday by keeping your screen at eye level. It’s a simple yet effective product, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This adjustable ring light that gives you a glow during Zoom calls

If your workspace is looking drab over Zoom, give yourself a much-needed glow with this ring light that you can attach to the top of your computer screen. Change the USB-powered light to three different color temperatures and five different brightness levels depending on your preference, and watch your face illuminate during all of your WFH video conferences.


A genius beanie with a built-in flashlight

When you want to be both warm and safe when outdoors at night, wearing this beanie with a built-in flashlight is the way to do it. This unisex beanie is made from super soft acrylic that will actually keep you warm, and comes with a built-in rechargeable LED light that lets you walk, jog, or work outside during the night while lighting your path. It’s a simple yet genius design that has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


An egg sandwich maker that cooks a hearty breakfast in 5 minutes

Bored of your everyday breakfast of cereal or toast? Switch it up without a hassle with this breakfast sandwich maker. This easy-to-use device toasts bread, warms precooked breakfast meat or cheese and perfectly cooks an egg in about five minutes. The sandwich is built in the maker too, saving you time and messy assembly.


This magnetic storage shelf that keeps your kitchen essentials close by

Allow yourself easy access to your most-used spices, condiments, and other kitchen accessories with this magnetic storage shelf that can stick right to your refrigerator. These sturdy shelves come in a pack of two and feature an ultra-strong magnet that holds up to 10 pounds. This smart storage solution for a tiny kitchen is so clever it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


These wireless headphones with noise-canceling design

With these wireless headphones, you’ll wonder why you every splurged on headphones in the past. These come in seven colors and have five easy-to-reach buttons that play/pause your music, move to the next or previous track, equalize, adjust volume, and turn on the Bluetooth finder. They’re also noise-canceling, so you can enjoy your tunes without any outside disturbances.


A feature-packed essential oil diffuser with 71,000 five-star reviews

An essential oil diffuser is perfect for giving any area of your home a touch of tranquility. This one has a simple wood design that will look great in any space. Beyond being so sleek, this diffuser is equipped with tons of cool features like two different misting modes (intermittent or continuous), adjustable brightness levels, and color-changing abilities that can help you set the right mood.


An easy-to-use milk frother that makes café-style drinks at home

If you’re guilty of spending too much on lattes from overpriced cafés, this handheld milk frother will surely save you big bucks before you know it. It’s super easy to use and makes delicious foam in only 20 seconds. Available in over 20 different colors, this battery-operated device has over 49,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This precise, quiet grinder mill that you can use for coffee or spices

Grinding spices, herbs, and coffee beans has never been easier than with this super precise grinder mill. The heavy-duty stainless steel blades will grind anything you need quickly and quietly, and you can even choose the coarseness level you want. One five-star Amazon reviewer wrote about this grinder: “It handled the whole [coffee] beans just fine, ground even faster than our previous model, and it was quite a bit quieter. I am glad this is the grinder we chose!”


A fast-heating kettle that’s a kitchen staple you didn’t know you needed

This electric kettle is simple but a staple everyone needs in the kitchen, especially if you’re a huge tea drinker. It’s quick-heating, can hold up to 1.7 liters of water, and has a non-heating handle that prevents burns. There’s no need to fret with this kettle, it has an auto-shutoff feature that ensures you can safely boil water for your tea, cocoa, or soup.


These smart lightbulbs with 16 million different color options

What smarter (pun intended) way is there to upgrade your home than with these smart bulbs from Kasa? I’m not sure there is one. This pack of two bulbs are compatible with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home via voice commands, or you can operate them from the Kasa app on your smartphone. Have fun and set different moods in your home with the 16 million different light color options, or be practical and set timers and monitor your energy usage.


A self-watering planter for lazy plant parents

This self-watering planter makes plant parenting an effortless journey, yes, even for the laziest people. With a stylish, simple exterior and an almost 8-inch diameter, this planter will hold not only your favorite plants but also enough water to last up to four weeks. This system is easy, efficient, and better for your plants than the traditional watering method.


An LED light strip that will make your space look 10 times cooler

Put these LED strip lights on the back of your TV, across your walls, under your bed, or anywhere else in your home where you want a fun, easy, and colorful upgrade. These lights are incredibly simple to install, cut, and connect, and you can change their color, brightness level, and effect in a flash with the included 44-key remote.


This hardworking shower head combo that’s spa-worthy

This handheld and rain shower head combo gives you the great water pressure you’ve been missing. It has five different soak settings, and you can use the dual heads together or separately depending on your bath time preferences. In addition to feeling great, this chrome showerhead has a modern look that will make your showers feel like a luxe spa.


This 12-inch rearview mirror that installs in seconds

Ensure your driving is extra-safe with this panoramic rearview mirror that you can easily with just a click. This 12-inch rearview mirror gives you added rear visibility and access to your blind spots that will give you more confidence in your lane changes and merges. Better yet, this mirror won’t distort the reflection or have any glares, so you can feel good about your new extended view.


A handy wine glass rack for easy access & decorative storage

Storing wine glasses can be tricky, considering how delicate and awkwardly they are. This hanging wine glass rack is a great storage solution, especially if your cabinet space is limited. Screw in these racks underneath your cabinet for easy access to your wine, Champagne, or martini glasses. Beyond convenience, these add a thoughtful decorative element to your kitchen.


A Himalayan salt lamp that creates a calming aura in your space

This Himalayan white salt lamp isn’t like other lamps in your home — it emits a soft, warm glow that creates a relaxing aura in your space — no harsh lighting here. It’s a great addition to any area of your home, especially in the bedroom, where you can turn it on to help you wind down before bed.


A stainless steel water bottle that encourages you to hydrate

If you struggle to hydrate throughout the day, this stainless steel water bottle is here to help you get your daily gulps of H2O in. This 32-ounce bottle has hourly time markers, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m., that show you how much water you should have finished by each hour of the day, encouraging you to hydrate throughout the day without annoying timers or snarky phrases.


These rustic wooden coasters that keep your table condensation-free

These wooden coasters keep condensation rings from your furniture but double as rustic-chic decor for your kitchen, dining or living room. This pack of six works for hot and cold drinks, and each is designed to elevate your cup off of the surface it’s resting on so it’s guaranteed not to cause sweat stains.


This clean looking cable organizer that keeps your cords in check

Very few people like the look of messy cords in their home or office space, which is why this cable management box is such a genius invention. This simply-designed box not only conceals all of your annoying cords or power strips, but it keeps them organized with included slits on each side that allow each cable to have its own, streamlined space.


A tiny but loud Bluetooth speaker that you can bring anywhere

Bring your favorite tunes with you wherever you go with this compact Bluetooth speaker. Whether you want music while you’re exercising, working, showering, or getting ready for a night out, this speaker can provide a loud sound despite its 3-inch stature. “This lil thing is LOUD and the sound is actually super crisp and the bass- perfect. The quality of the physical item itself exceeds expectations,” one five-star reviewer wrote.


A modern bamboo bathmat that’s more hygienic than other options

This bamboo bathmat may look like it belongs in a five-star spa, but it’s perfectly suited for your bathroom. Unlike cloth bathmats, this bamboo mat won’t get gross making it a hygienic choice for your home. It adapts to the floor of your home and doesn’t bend, but the rubber pads on the bottom ensure it stays in place. This bathmat is even rollable, so you can take it with you as you travel.


These silky smooth pillowcases that are a major upgrade from cotton

While silk pillowcases feel nice on your hair and skin, they’re a pain to clean. These satin pillowcases boast the same soft, supple feeling that’s less harsh on your hair and skin, but can be machine washed with no problem at all. This set of two pillowcases come in 21 different colors to suit your bedroom decor, and they’re so affordable, you can snatch them up in multiple hues.


A stainless steel cooler to keep your favorite wine bottle chilled

What better way to keep your wine bottles chilled during dinner or a party than with this stainless steel cooler? Just transport your bottle from the refrigerator to this cooler for an easy-to-grab, crisp wine all night. The chiller is designed with double wall insulation and won’t sweat, making it a must for those nights when you want to break out the white or rosé.


This oil & vinegar dispenser set that ensures mess-free pours

Oils and vinegars are a staple in the kitchen, but it’s always a hassle keeping the bottles clean. These special oil and vinegar dispensers ensure you can pour what you need without anything dripping down the sides. Beyond being functional, the stainless steel set of two will look super luxe on your countertop.


A touch-activated lamp with adjustable colors & brightness

Whether you need an outdoor light for camping or an indoor one for reading in bed, this touch-control lamp is the perfect option. It easily turns on and off with just a quick touch, and its cordless, battery-powered design allows you to move it anywhere. It also changes colors and brightness levels, so you can change them depending on your mood or needs.


These stainless mugs that make drinking Moscow Mules a treat

No Moscow Mule cocktail is truly complete with their signature copper mugs. These mugs, made from durable and shatterproof stainless steel, are actually better than classic copper because they’ll keep your drinks cold all day or all night long and are food safe. And, with an extra large 19.5-ounce capacity, you can sip on your refreshing drink for way longer than your could with standard size mugs.


This peel-and-stick marble paper for easy & quick home makeovers

If you’re bored of your space and want a painless, inexpensive refresh, this peel-and-stick marble wallpaper is the way to go. This self-adhesive paper can go on counters, desks, dressers, walls, or any other surface that you want to spruce up. It’s an effective and easy to cut thanks to the clever grid pattern on the back of the contact paper.


An insulated food container that keeps hot meals hot & cold meals cold

Whether you’re going camping or just want to bring your leftovers to work, you’ll need this insulated food container. It has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon because it’s double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot food or drinks hot and your cold foods or drinks cold for up to 15 hours. Plus, with its leakproof lid, you won’t have to worry about it jostling around in your bag all day.


A wall-mounted toothbrush holder with a built-in toothpaste dispenser

This wall-mounted toiletry holder has it all. In addition to other toiletries, this can store six toothbrushes, two cups, and toothpaste, which is conveniently dispensed for you. It’s a hygienic way to keep your dental routine in check, and best of all, there’s no tools required for assembly, just clean the wall and stick it on.


These flexible, magnetic lights for easy nighttime grilling

These gooseneck grill lights allow you to chef it up with your outdoor grill without worrying about the sunset. With their flexible, 360-degree design and magnetic stands, these lights can stick right onto the lid of your grill and shine directly on whatever’s for dinner. Beyond the grill, reviewers note using these on magnetic desks, in a workshop, and in the garage.


This special glass container that keeps herbs fresher for longer

Keep your herbs looking and tasting their best for longer with this herb preserver that you can easily stick in your refrigerator door. This glass container has a snap-open lid that lets you store and take out your herbs with no problem, and can keep them fresh for up to two weeks, which is much longer than a plastic bag and paper towel.


A magnetic, wall-mounted knife block made of stylish wood

Keep your arsenal of fancy kitchen knives on display and ready for use with this wall-mounted magnetic knife strip. This 12-inch block screws into your wall and keeps your knives stored neatly out of cluttered kitchen drawers for easy access while meal prepping or cooking. The strong magnetic hold ensures your knives won’t slip out of place.


A set of decorative kitchen canisters that also keep food fresh

These glass canisters look so much nicer than your plastic containers you’ll want to leave them out. Don’t worry — they’ll still keep your ingredients fresh like those plastic options. Their unique shape is nice for displaying pasta noodles. They’re also dishwasher-safe for when you cook your pasta, and you’re ready to store a new ingredient.


These decorative jarred candles with faux flickering flames

If you like the aesthetic of candles but don’t want to worry about real flames, these flameless candles have got you covered. These candles look simple and pretty in amber jars and have faux flames that operate from a little remote control that makes them flicker like the real thing. You can make the fake candlelight dimmer or brighter and set them on a timer to craft the ideal mood.


This wooden tea bag organizer that looks great on your countertop

If your tea obsession is getting out of a control and you don’t know what to do about it, this wood tea bag storage container can help you rein it in. This attractive box keeps all of your bags organized in its six compartments, and even has a transparent, liftable acrylic lid so you always know which bag you’re reaching for.


These stylish gold serving utensils to jazz up your table setting

Say bye to boring serving utensils and give this matte gold serving set a chance. This five-piece stainless steel set comes with a slotted spoon, a serving spoon, a sugar spoon, a fork, and a butter knife that will bougie up your table setting. As a bonus, they’re dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after a meal.


An ergonomic pet bowl that makes it easier for your furry friend to eat

With the unique design of this food bowl, your pet can get to their daily doses of kibble without spilling it everywhere or tipping the bowl over. This chic bowl is designed to tilt at a downward angle, putting less strain on your pet’s neck and ensuring that they can grab every last bite with no problem. A bonus? It’s dishwasher safe.


A Wi-Fi range extender that works for up to 20 devices

If there’s too many areas of your home that your Wi-Fi can’t reach, consider this Wi-Fi range extender for those dead zones. This device works with literally any wireless router, cable modem, or gateway — just place it between the areas with Wi-Fi and the areas without, and it can extend your reach up to 1,200 square feet for up to 20 devices.


A mirror tray that looks antique but is shiny & new

With an ornate, gold plated design on the sides and a reflective mirror in the center, this simple tray looks like an heirloom but it costs less than $20 on Amazon. Use it to store jewelry or other trinkets or wow your guests with this functional yet luxe looking drink tray. How you use this is all up to you.


A convenient bamboo side table that attaches to your sofa arm

If your living room space is limited and you don’t have room for a side or coffee table, don’t fret. This bamboo sofa arm tray is the perfect way to keep your cup of coffee, magazine, glass of wine, or whatever else you want close by. Just lay it over your sofa arm and place your objects on the stable, non-slip mat. And when you don’t want to use it, you can roll it right up for storage.


A meat thawing board that fully defrosts dinner in under an hour

This special defrosting tray solves the all-too-frequent problem of forgetting to take dinner out of the freezer. This plate can defrost meats as thick as pork chops and as thin as bacon much faster than the fridge or cold water, all due to the aluminum design that helps conducts heat faster. It even has a drip tray that keeps the melted water from making your kitchen a mess.


This handy laptop cleaning brush that gets in between your keys

If you eat lunch by your computer or just haven’t dusted off your keyboard in a while, this laptop brush will ensure you’re not typing with sandwich crumbs and dirt in the crevices. The brush sweeps away the gross stuff on your keyboard and the microfiber pad on the other side can easily remove smudges from your screen, all in two easy steps.


This sleek charging station that powers all your devices at once

The perfect accessory for your nightstand or office space, this charging station not only juices up your smartphone, but also your AirPods and Apple Watch. It has a clean, case-friendly design as well as a non-slip silicone bottom that ensures your devices will always stay in place. You can even use your smartphone horizontally or vertically as it charges, so feel free to stream away.


An insulated wine bottle carrier for bringing your favorite vino anywhere

Need an easy and efficient way to BYOB to your favorite restaurant or to a friend’s house? This wine tote will do it for you. It can hold not only one, but two bottles of vino in its insulated, leakproof, and padded interior. It even has a convenient carrying strap that makes carrying more comfortable than a classic tote.


An adjustable measuring spoon that reduces the number of dishes

This unique measuring spoon lets you cut down on dishwashing and makes it easier than ever to measure out all of the dry ingredients you need for cooking and baking. With the adjustable slider on either side of the spoon, you can make the spoon hold 1/8 teaspoon to one tablespoon in a flash — no assortment of spoons required.


These soft Turkish hand towels that are super absorbent

With a timeless design and 14 different color options that work equally well in a kitchen and a bathroom, these Turkish hand towels can make your home look much more expensive than it actually is. Made of 100% organic cotton, these towels are seriously soft and absorbent, making them a practical purchase you’ll use every single day.


This UV sanitizer that’s big enough to disinfect so many things

If you’re concerned about the germs on your surface of your phone and don’t want to damage your screen with disinfecting wipes, you need this UV sanitizer. Place your smartphone inside the capsule and it can remove germs and bacteria from your phone’s surface in just three minutes. Unlike other UV sanitizers, this 9-by-5-inch box is also big enough to disinfect sunglasses, keys, watches, and other belongings.


This seriously stylish clock that reads the time

Why resort to plain ol’ numbers when you can display this chic clock that reads out the time? With a warm glow and modern design that can work in so many different spaces throughout your home, this clock tells the time in five minute intervals, so it has as much function as it does form. This sophisticated timepiece is available with a copper or black finish.