The 50 dopest things for your home that are cheap as hell on Amazon

Give your space a major upgrade on a minor budget.

The 50 dopest things for your home that are cheap as hell on Amazon
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It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to upgrade your home and elevate the overall aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for organizational hacks to clear the clutter or want to give your countertops a makeover, this list includes a bunch of incredible home products that won’t break the bank. Each product is backed by rave reviews from real shoppers. From high-tech upgrades to decorative gems, you’ll manage to find a ton of dope home products that will barely make a dent in your budget.


This glass rinser that will clean your drinkware in just seconds

Instead of filling your dishwasher to the brim, this glass rinser is a surefire way to get clean drinkware in just seconds. Simply place the cup over the spraying holes and press down to activate the water jets. It works for a vast assortment of different sizes and cups. If you live in an apartment without a dishwasher, this is a total game changer.


This rug gripper that prevents rug corners from becoming a tripping hazard

This rug gripper is designed to hold down the corners of your carpet to prevent any rug in your home from curling and slipping. It comes with enough V-shaped grippers for all four corners and works great for hardwood floors, stone, and tiles. The adhesive sticks just on the carpet and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind, making this brand a favorite among Amazon reviewers.


This lightweight duvet cover set that is soft & super easy to clean

Upgrade your bedding on a budget with this duvet cover set. It’s crafted with a 1500 thread count cut from a silky smooth microfiber material that is lightweight, breathable, and capable of keeping you cool all night long. The set also comes with two pillowcases and comes in a wide range of solid colors, making it easier than ever to give your bed a fresh new look


This keychain with a built-in cable to charge your iPhone

This keychain has so many incredible uses for a super cheap price that won’t break the bank. For starters, it features a built-in lightning cable to charge your iPhone from anywhere. Next, it has a bottle opener so you’ll always be prepared at any party. And last but not least, it’s a convenient place to store all of your keys in one place.


This modern doorbell chime cover that has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Amazon

Instantly update your home with this sleek doorbell chime cover that will look good in any aesthetic. Earning an impressive rating of 4.8 out of five stars, it’s crafted from an elegant wood design that is suited for doorbell chimes of most sizes. It comes with all of the necessary hardware to easily mount to your wall for a no-fuss process.


These waterproof solar lights that add a whimsical touch to your yard

Add a whimsical touch to your garden with these solar outdoor lights. The pack of two includes LED lights that give the illusion of fireflies once the sunsets. They are crafted from a waterproof plastic material that is durable and can withstand any weather conditions, rain or shine. “[They’re] very easy set up simply by inserting each extension stand into the light stand and firmly place them into the ground or planter where you want them to glow,” one five-star reviewer explained.


These LED lights strips to brighten underneath your cabinets

Brighten up your shelf space or underneath cabinets with this LED light strip that is powered by three AA batteries. It’s backed with adhesive so that you can stick it right into place without annoying wires or cables. It works on most types of surfaces such as plastic, wood, or metal.


This convenient toilet seat lid lifter that couldn’t be easier to install

Putting the seat up and down can be a lot more hygienic with this toilet seat handle, which comes with 3M adhesive for easy installation on non-curved seats. Arriving in a pack of two, these heavy-duty lifters are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, so they’re a purchase you can feel extra good about. You can buy them in one of two colors.


This best-selling fake rock that’ll help you hide a spare key outside your home

Dubbed a best-seller on Amazon with over 12,000 five-star reviews, this fake rock is a genius solution for disguising your spare key. It’s molded from a poly-resin material that is designed to feel totally like a real rock in terms of weight, color, and texture. It’s also totally weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about it eroding.


This stunning Himalayan salt lamp bowl that will help you create a zen vibe

Himalayan salt lamps instantly add a zen vibe and a touch of positivity to any home. This affordable option from Amazon is hand-carved from salt crystals found in the Himalayan mountains. The base is crafted from sturdy wood and features an on-and-off switch with a dimmer setting to set the mood.


This handy jar opener that’ll help you defeat stubborn stuck lids

This EZ Off jar opener is so discreet, that guests won’t even know it’s there. It mounts underneath your cabinet to avoid taking up space in your kitchen drawer. The installation process is a breeze, thanks to the adhesive backing, and it works wonders for removing any lid with minimal effort. It works for most jar sizes up to five inches wide, and it only requires one hand, making it easier than ever to multitask.


This impressive lion door handle that looks so expensive

This bronze lion door handle is a stellar first impression to give your guests before they walk into your home. It’s crafted from high-quality zinc that won’t erode over time and can withstand rough weather conditions. The screws are installed behind the handle to prevent them from being visible for a clean look. The luxurious design is an effortless way to add an upscale element to your entry.


A fancy toothbrush holder that dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste

It’s easy to see why this wall-mounted toothbrush holder is a best-seller on Amazon. It features a pull-out drawer to store your skin care products, while the wide shelf can hold your hairbrush, perfumes, and cosmetics. The best part? There’s a built-in toothpaste dispenser that automatically squeezes out paste and it also comes with three magnetic mouthwash cups.


This slim can cooler that will keep your drink cold for hours

Available in over 30 chic colors and fun prints, these slim can coolers are made from insulated stainless steel that will keep your drink cold for hours and 20 times longer than the standard neoprene sleeves. Whether you’re heading to a tailgate or the beach, just slip your favorite beverage into the cooler and the push-lock will keep it in place.


A bamboo bathtub tray that’s capable of holding all your essentials

Sit back and relax with this bamboo bathtub tray that safely holds everything from candles to your glass of wine. The tray is adjustable to fit the width of your tub up to 43 inches and is totally resistant to water. It makes the perfect stand to place your tablet so you can enjoy streaming shows and movies during your soak.


This donut-shaped inflatable float for your next pool party

Your next pool party is about to get a whole lot more fun with this inflatable pool float. It comes in a ton of Instagram-worthy designs, like donuts and pizza slices to pineapples and swans. It’s super easy to deflate and reviewers love that it comes with a patch kit to repair any holes. With nearly 5,000 five-star reviews, reviewers say they last much longer than other floats.


A classic game of catch to bring to the beach or your next BBQ

Whether you’re attending a barbeque or heading to the beach, this scoop ball game is a classic game of catch that the whole family will love. The entire set includes two scoopers and a durable plastic ball that is lightweight to carry around no matter where the day takes you. It’s also a great way for kids in the family to develop their eye-hand coordination.


A pack of wool dryer balls that reduce wrinkles & lint

Available in a pack of six, these wool dryer balls reduce drying time while eliminating wrinkles and lint. They're made of 100% organic New Zealand wool that is chemical-free and has zero odor. hypoallergenic and chemical-free. You can do over 1,000 loads of laundry and save time, as well as money you would have otherwise spent on disposable dryer sheets.


This electric zapper racket that’ll help handle your mosquito problem

This electric bug zapper racket is a modern approach to your traditional fly swatter. It features a 4,000-volt grid that instantly eradicates flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects. It can easily be recharged and has an LED light once the sun goes down, making it ideal for camping and vacations to the beach.


This wildly popular beard bib that keeps your sink (and floors) clean during shaving

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your sink, countertops, and floors free from hair during shaving, this beard bib is totally genius. The unique design has garnered over 17,000 five-star reviews. It’s designed to catch all of your trimmings and loose hair so you can easily dispose of it without the mess. It’s crafted from a lightweight and waterproof fabric that is incredibly easy to clean.


This pumice stone toilet cleaner that has over 16,000 5-star reviews

This pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner will instantly remove stubborn rust and water stains with minimal effort. The stone cleans without soap and chemicals and only requires water for activation. It also comes with a convenient case to store it away when you're not using it, making cleaning your toilet a somewhat easier and more enjoyable process.


This popular hammock that’s earned itself 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon

This popular hammock is available in two different sizes, medium and large. The medium can hold up to 400 pounds while the large is best suited for two people and can hold up to 500 pounds. It’s crafted from lightweight and durable nylon material, making it ideal to travel with. You can hang it indoors or outdoors and it comes in an assortment of fun colors. It also makes a great gift for an outdoorsy friend.


This expandable storage bag that’s great for bulky items

If you have a pair of boots that need to be packed away for next season, try storing them in this expandable clothing storage bag. With convenient handles on the sides and top, you can place it under your bed for easy access when you need your seasonal essentials again. Since it expands and collapses, it’s also a great place to put bulky blankets, sweaters, or linens. With its clear vinyl top, you’ll never lose track of what’s inside.


This rainfall shower head that will enhance your morning routine

Turn your bathroom into a spa with this rainfall shower head. Not only will it improve the water pressure, but reviewers say it actually makes the water feel softer. The installation process is incredibly easy and requires no tools. It has an adjustable head so you can easily rotate and swivel it to achieve your desired angle.


This quick-drying bath mat made from natural bamboo

Crafted from organic bamboo materials, this chic and sturdy bath mat is coated with a nonslip surface material that will keep you safe when getting out of the shower. It has an elevated design that allows for water flow and measures 19.7 by 13 inches wide. You can place it indoors or outdoors, making it the perfect option for your bathroom, sauna space, or hot tub area.


This bamboo breakfast table that also doubles as a mini desk

Whether you’re having a lazy Sunday breakfast in bed or are in the mood to work from home with your camera off, this foldable breakfast table is so versatile. It’s designed from durable bamboo wood and has handles on both sides for easy transportation. You can clean it with just simple soap and warm water, and it easily folds away when you’re not using it.


This lazy Susan spice rack that you can also use for your skin care products

If you’re in the market for affordable organization hacks, this lazy Susan spice rack is a household essential. The two-tiered design fits a ton of products and the 360-degree turntable makes it easy to clearly see all of your spices, condiments, and even skin care products. It’s also crafted from durable bamboo that reviewers say is super easy to clean.


This popular bidet attachment that will help you save a ton on toilet paper

If you’re looking to discover unique ways to save money, give this bidet attachment for your toilet a try. One five-star reviewer, out of a whopping 13,000 said, “The cost is about two large packs of toilet paper, and we hardly use TP anymore so it's a big savings, as well as being environmentally sound. And it is faster, cleaner, less irritating, and more comfortable than TP.” The bidet attaches to your toilet and sprays clean water for that “fresh out of the shower” feeling, and features different adjustable jet spray pressures to best accommodate your preferences.


A handy magnet to remind you if the dishes are clean or dirty

It can be difficult to remember whether or not those dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty — but thanks to this best-selling dishwasher magnet, you can stop second guessing. As far as magnets go, this one’s actually fun — just slide it from one position to the other when you want to remind yourself for later. The magnet is suitable for any type of dishwasher — even if it’s not stainless steel.


This microfiber duster that’ll help you reach hard-to-clean areas

Easily clean hard-to-reach spaces with this microfiber duster that has an extension pole that measures up to 100 inches long. It’s ideal for dusting ceiling fans or deep behind the couch. The duster is crafted from a plush microfiber material that is super flexible and can be washed by hand. You can also easily store it away in a drawer by detaching the pole it comes with.


A best-selling light switch that’s compatible with voice control

Rated an impressive 4.6 stars with thousands of five-star reviews, this Smart light switch is an easy and affordable home to make a significant update to your home. You can conveniently control the lights from anywhere in your home by downloading the brand’s app. The best part is the genius “away mode” feature that will flicker lights on and off to scare away any possible intruders.


A pack of nonslip wooden suit hangers that’ll ensure your clothes won’t slide off onto the floor

Investing in quality hangers goes a long way and this pack of wooden hangers is an excellent option with the five-star stamp of approval from over 28,000 Amazon shoppers. It’s available in a pack of 20 or 30 and comes in five different neutral colors. Each hanger features cut notches and is designed with contoured shoulders to prevent your clothes from slipping off, making mornings just a little bit easier.


This broom holder that has over 40,000 5-star reviews

Organizing your garage just got a lot easier, with this broom holder that can also handle garden tools, mops, and rakes. With over 40,000 five star reviews, people love how easy it is to install, and how much of a difference it made in their overall home organization. It has a weatherproof design, so it can even be hung outside. Each rack can hold 11 items — if you need more space, it also comes in a two-pack.


This beach blanket that literally fits in your pocket

Thousands of shoppers are surprised to learn that four people can comfortably sit on this outdoor blanket despite its compact size. It measures 55 by 60 inches and conveniently stores up into a tiny carrying case for easy transportation. The lightweight fabric is durable and 100% waterproof, making it ideal for hiking, camping, and beach picnics.


This set of soft & breathable bedsheets that one reviewer called “my favorite set of sheets”

If you run hot, this cotton sheet set is cut from a soft breathable fabric that wicks away sweat. They have a 400 thread count and reviewers even swear that they get softer after each wash. They come in a wide range of sizes from twin to California king and are available in a slew of gorgeous colors and pastel hues. “These are by far my favorite set of sheets,” one reviewer noted. “I have a few sets of high-end sheets, and generally use them as back-up sets as I much prefer these. My son has mild sensory sensitivity and loves the feel of these. They have a good thickness without being hot, very soft and smooth [...] and the colors are rich and stay with washing.”


A top-rated citrus juicer to make freshly squeezed juice from home

Freshly squeezed juice can cost a fortune at the store, which is why thousands of shoppers rely on this citrus juicer instead. It features an adjustable pulp control with a pulp strainer that is super easy to clean. The container is designed with easy-to-read measurement labels and also doubles as a pitcher, making it a breeze to store leftover juice in the fridge.


This wine glass holder that will save you so much kitchen space

Perfect for get-togethers, this wine glass holder attaches to the bottom of your cabinet or shelf and can neatly store anywhere between nine to 12 glasses depending on their size. It’s available in a two or three-tier design and is made from durable stainless steel. “Fits perfectly on my shelves. As it doesn't require any drilling or screws, it's an easy installation but still has a sturdy grip on the shelf,” one five-star reviewer raved.


A rechargeable lighter with a super long-lasting battery

Personally, this electric lighter is one of my favorite Amazon buys in my apartment. I love the extra-long wand design for lighting candles without having to worry about burning my finger. The battery is super long-lasting and it comes with a USB plug that will fully recharge it in just 60 minutes. You can also use it for bonfires and camping, as the lithium power can withstand strong winds and rain.


This chic mortar & pestle set that’ll make it so much easier to make homemade guacamole

It doesn’t get chicer than this mortar-and-pestle set that’s finished in a sleek marble print. It comes in two compact sizes — small and medium — so you can easily store it away. That said, the design is so charming that you might want to leave it sitting pretty on your countertop. Whether you’re making homemade guacamole or grinding spices together, it’s easy to see why thousands of shoppers rated it five stars.


This clear storage bin to neatly organize your refrigerator

Organize your refrigerator with the help of these clear plastic bins that allow you to easily see what you have and what needs to be restocked. You can snag them in narrow or wide sizes and they perfectly stack on top of each other to save space efficiently. While they’re not dishwasher safe, they’re easy to clean by hand.


This cold-brew coffee maker that’ll help you feel like a real barista

This affordable cold-brew coffee maker will prevent you from spending your hard-earned cash on expensive coffee since you can make it from the comfort of your own home. It’s made to hold 47 ounces and is also great for making freshly brewed iced tea in just a few simple steps. It even comes with a scoop and funnel for added convenience.


This cool mist humidifier that will help improve the air quality in your home

This compact cool mist humidifier has so many benefits. For starters, it will instantly improve overall air quality in your home. Next, the mist is super quiet so you can sleep with it on peacefully without any interruptions. It also has an automatic on and off button and also features a transparent water tank so you can easily check when it needs to be refilled.


This marble contact paper for an affordable home upgrade that’ll look much pricier

If you’re not thrilled about the color of your countertops, this self-adhesive contact paper is a genius solution to upgrade your home on a budget. It’s available in a slew of different color marble prints that seriously look so expensive. There’s a PVC film coating which helps to make the paper totally water-resistant in case of any spills. Over 13,000 customers who’ve used it for their homes have given it a five-star rating.


This super affordable set of stemless wine glasses with the best reviews

It doesn’t get more affordable than these stemless wine glasses that come in a convenient pack of four. Each glass can hold up to 17 ounces and serve as a great option to have in your cabinets the next time you’re hosting a dinner party. This popular set is backed with a 4.7-star overall rating and has plenty of stellar reviews. .


This magnetic knife strip that requires no drilling

Designed from sturdy and durable stainless steel, this magnetic knife strip is a convenient way to store your knives without taking up any counter space. It can hold between five and eight knives, depending on whether you buy it in the 10-inch or 16-inch version. Setting it up is incredibly easy — it has an adhesive backing so you don’t have to worry about tools or drilling for mounting it to your wall.


A pack of mesh tents to keep insects away from your food

Available in a pack of three assorted sizes, these genius mesh tents are designed to keep flies and other insects away from your food while outdoors. They collapse easily when not in use, and come with a convenient carrying bag. Some reviewers admitted to also using them to protect their gardens from animals, proving their versatility.


This incredibly popular spray that protects your patio furniture from the harsh elements

This sun and water shield spray is designed to weather-proof your patio furniture or any upholstery including curtains, pillows, table liners, and more. The odorless formula works to repel rain or liquid spills that lead to damage. It also helps shield the fabric on outdoor furniture from UV rays to help reduce color fading. Each can will provide up to 120 square feet of coverage.


This genius bed sheet strap that’ll make sure everything stays put overnight

If you’ve woken up plenty of times to find your fitted sheet has popped off your mattress, you might want to check out this bed sheet strap. Made with heavy-duty elastic straps with convenient clips to keep everything where it needs to be, it’ll stand up to rough nights of tossing and turning. This convenient gadget will help you make sure that your bed is both presentable and comfortable. Over 32,000 Amazon customers gave them a five-star review, likely due to their improved sleep.


This ottoman bench for extra storage space

This storage ottoman is a triple threat, offering decor, extra seating, and a place to stash loose items. The padded, tufted lid comes off to reveal a hollow space that’s ideal for spare linens, out-of-season clothes, or even dog supplies. Whether you set it at the foot of your bed or use it in your entryway (it’s a great place to sit down and put on shoes), it’s sure to be a useful — no wonder it’s earned a 4.7-star overall rating.


This dream journal that is perfect for creatives & includes helpful writing prompts

Dreams can often help us work out some stress and anxiety we may have in life, and this clever dream journal is a great way to get them on paper before they fade away. This journal includes more than your standard blank notebook — it has stickers, prompts, and tips to help guide you. It’s an especially thoughtful gift for creatives or anyone who’s been meaning to take up journaling, and it’s perfect to store right by your bedside table.