The weirdest, most genius products with near-perfect Amazon reviews

Clever, shopper-approved goods designed to make your life easier.

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We’ve searched the depths of Amazon for the weirdest, most genius products with near-perfect reviews to ensure they’re shopper-approved, and we’re sharing the faves with you today. They range from nifty home improvement items and clever cleaning tools, to must-have kitchen gadgets and stuff that can only be described as “things you never knew you needed, but you absolutely do”. Get ready for a whole bunch of “no ways!” and ready that “add to cart” finger, because these amazing finds are too good to pass up.


A fogless shower mirror so you can remove your makeup quickly & easily

If you’re sick and tired of your mirror constantly fogging up while you’re trying to take off your makeup or apply a face mask, try this genius fogless shower mirror. The Amazon-popular bathroom accessory has thousands of positive reviews and can easily be mounted on the wall without drilling — then tilted to your desired angle. It has an internal chamber that you fill with hot water to prevent the mirror from fogging up, and it comes with a squeegee for easy cleaning. Your shower routine is about to get more convenient thanks to this clever little gadget.


This foldable mini steamer for anyone who hates ironing but wants to look good

Skip the hassle of ironing while still looking polished and put-together, thanks to this foldable mini steamer. It couldn’t be easier to use — the appliance heats up in 30 seconds, has a non-spill design, and is easily portable. The steamer has over 3,000 perfect ratings, and shoppers say it’s lightweight for comfortable use and great for travel given its compact size.


A grout pen to instantly refresh old & grimy tiled surfaces

Give your bathroom floor an instant facelift without the cost, mess, or hassle of an actual renovation. How, you ask? With this cheap (but highly rated!) grout pen with 14,000+ five-star ratings. Don’t waste time and energy scrubbing tile with little success. Instead, just give this grout pen a good shake, press down the tip to release the paint, and trace the grout as if you were using a regular marker. Wipe off any excess, let it dry, and voilà — floors that look as good as new.


This reusable pet hair remover that has over 100,000 perfect Amazon reviews

Get your beloved pet’s hair off your couch and clothing — and save yourself a ton of money in the long run — with this reusable pet hair remover. Unlike a classic lint roller that you constantly have to repurchase, this genius contraption has an interior chamber that traps all the hair and releases it at the push of a button, meaning you can use it over and over again. It works on countless surfaces without snagging, and picks hair up quickly and effectively.


An electric toilet brush with a self-cleaning feature for a squeaky-clean bathroom

Make your least favorite chore a little more bearable with this electric toilet brush that has silicone bristles and a self-cleaning light that sanitizes it after each use. The spinning brush head is designed to work fast, while its flexible construction allows it to get into all the nooks and crevices for a seriously deep clean. The brush comes with a charger, has a vented base to prevent any funky odors from forming, and can be mounted on the wall for space-saving storage.


A nifty sandwich bread dispenser that keeps bread fresher for longer

If you’re thinking the last thing you need is yet another kitchen gadget, this sandwich bread dispenser is so much more than that, as you’ll see from the thousands of near-perfect Amazon reviews. It’s the ideal size to fit a loaf of sandwich bread, and its airtight lid helps keep bread fresher for longer. You can either store the plastic container horizontally on your countertop or stand it up in the pantry to save room. It’s one of those weird-but-useful items you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.


An electric jar opener that fits any lid size & works at the push of a button

Never strain your arm trying to open a stubborn jar of pickles again thanks to this electric jar opener that works at the push of a button. Its adjustable size fits any jar lid; all you need to do is place the robotic opener on the jar, push the button, and watch it do its magic. Reviewers rave about how easy it is to use and store, so save yourself the pain and hassle of manually opening jars and treat yourself to this kitchen helper.


This ceiling fan duster so you can finally tackle those never-before-cleaned fans

You’d be surprised how much dust collects on your ceiling fan, and if you haven’t cleaned yours since you moved in, snag this ceiling fan duster to make the task so much easier (not to mention safer). Instead of standing on a chair or wobbly ladder, use this extendable duster that has a detachable microfiber head that fits around the blades to trap dust. Thousands of customers comment on how much easier it makes their life and how quickly it gets the job done.


A set of rug grippers that’ll keep corners from curling & posing a tripping hazard

Keep your area rugs and runners in place (and their corners from curling) using a set of these corner grippers. They work on multiple surfaces to stop rugs from shifting and sliding, but they’re also easy to lift when you want to clean or move the rug. The grippers use a sticky gel that helps them adhere to the floor and rug backing. To reuse, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and they’ll regain their stickiness.


These Amazon-popular silicone lids to store food & prevent microwave splatters

Seal food storage containers and prevent messy microwave splatters with this seven-piece silicone lid set. You can use the colorful lids on a variety of containers, from glass and metal to plastic or ceramic. They’re also versatile when it comes to the temperatures they can withstand — you can just as easily put them in the freezer as you can in the microwave. Reviewers have also given these clever lids a near-perfect rating because they’re easy to clean and are a more sustainable, effective alternative to paper towels or cling film.


A cereal dispenser that will make you feel like you live in a hotel

Have a hotel-style breakfast every morning with this countertop cereal dispenser that’s easy enough for kids to operate by themselves. The large dispenser features a clear upper compartment that allows you to see how much cereal is inside and side handles that release the contents when pressed. You can also use it for other pantry staples such as granola, candy, or salty snacks to keep them easily accessible and neatly stored.


These under-bed storage bags to make more room in your closet

Store out-of-season clothing and bulky linens in these highly rated under-bed storage bags that have a clear plastic cover to quickly identify what’s inside. They will save you a ton of storage space in your closet and provide a way to keep items hidden under the bed, instead of letting them clutter your home. The multi-purpose bags are made with strong handles so you can easily pull them out, and the soft fabric is sturdy but smooth enough so as not to scratch up your floors.


A pumice stone with a handle for an easier way to clean your bathroom

Remove hard water stains and restore sparkle to even the dirtiest of toilets using this pumice stone that has a handle for a comfortable grip. To use it, wet the stone and gently scrub the dirty surface with it. Then, store the cleaning tool in the provided case that allows it to dry quickly. The stone’s fine grit doesn’t scratch or leave a residue — and it’s odorless, so you don’t have to worry about your bathroom being filled with an unpleasant chemical smell.


These wood markers so you can (cheaply) spruce up old furniture

Cover up scratches and scuffs on wood furniture using this marker kit that includes six different shades to perfectly match your wood surfaces. You get six markers and six wax sticks in shades that range from maple to walnut, as well as a sharpener. More than 14,000 reviewers have given the kit a perfect rating, so you know it’s gotta be good. Instead of discarding slightly worn furniture and spending the money on new pieces, use these touch-up markers that’ll cleverly hide the wear-and-tear.


A cleaner kit so you can give your electronics a much-needed deep clean

If you’ve noticed your phone screen and laptop are covered in makeup and cookie crumbs, look no further than this seven-in-one cleaner kit. It includes everything you need, from a large brush and suede cloth, to a sprayer and multi-brush cleaning pen with brush heads for various parts of your electronics. All the tools are designed with soft bristles and a non-abrasive texture to be gentle on screens and keys. Use them on your phone, computer keyboard, earbuds, cameras, and more to restore their shine and prolong their lifespan.


This cordless, dimmable table lamp you can use even if you’re nowhere near an outlet

Use this cordless table lamp to add a cozy ambience to any space — even the outdoors. The rechargeable lamp will stay on for up to 20 hours on a full charge and features a dimmer so you can adjust light intensity to suit the room and the mood. It has a touch-to-turn-on design, and its shade is detachable and height adjustable for full customization. Place the lamp on your patio table or entryway console, and enjoy its soft glow even if you’re nowhere near an outlet.


An electric water dispenser so you can stay hydrated all day long

Stay hydrated and easily refill your water bottle using this electric water dispenser. The smart device can be charged with a USB cable and has a holding tray where you can place a glass or bottle. It has a long battery life and can be used indoors, whether in your home or office, as well as outside for picnics, barbecues, or at construction sites. The dispenser is portable thanks to its detachable design, and shoppers comment on how easy it is to set up and use.


These transparent sheets to protect your furniture from cat scratches

Protect your furniture with these self-adhesive scratch deterrent sheets so your cat doesn’t destroy yet another sofa. They adhere to lots of different materials and surfaces — like cotton, polyester, or acrylic — and their clear finish means they seamlessly blend in instead of looking tacky. The sheets come with over 8,000 five-star reviews, and they wrap around corners and edges, can be cut down to size, and are easy to apply. Simply peel off the backing and stick them down.


A tilted detergent holder so you don’t waste a single drop

Make sure you use every last drop of your laundry detergent by placing it in this genius tilted detergent holder that has a tray to catch any drippage. The pedestal comes with a strap to keep the container in place, and it fits multiple bottle sizes. It also has rubber feet to keep it from sliding, whether it sits on an appliance or shelf in your laundry room. Get your space organized, don’t strain your arm lifting a heavy bottle of detergent, and use up what’s left in the bottom of the container thanks to this reviewer-loved product.


This battery organizer & tester that’ll help you clean out your junk drawer

Chances are, there are a bunch of dead batteries cluttering your junk drawer right now; test them and store them safely in this battery organizer and tester. With an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 19,000 shoppers, it has gained a spot among Amazon’s most genius products you definitely need for your home. The organizer holds up to 93 batteries, has a clear cover for protection, and can be placed inside a drawer — or mounted on the wall or a cabinet door.


A rechargeable motion sensor night-light that’s as beautiful as it is practical

This motion sensor night-light with a simple wood base wins the award for the most stylish night-light out there. The rechargeable light gives you the option of keeping it on for up to eight hours, or using the motion sensor setting that detects movement within 13 feet and automatically shuts off after 15 seconds. Since it doesn’t need to be plugged in, stand it up vertically on a table or mount it on the wall for a sleek way to illuminate a hallway or bathroom.


An adujustable stand to hold your phone or tablet

Keep the recipe on your phone handy while you cook by placing it in this adjustable nonslip stand. Its flexible design and sturdy construction are great for hands-free phone and tablet use, making it a useful work-from-home accessory. The silicone material grips any surface you place it on, securing your devices in place. Tons of happy reviewers share they’ve used it in lots of ways and places, from the gym to their car — or to turn their dining table into a work surface.


A single-handed server perfect for grabbing salad, pasta, & more

Grab a full serving in one go thanks to this single-handed food server that’s a great way to pick up pasta, salads, veggies, and more. It’s designed to fit in your hand and lock food in so it doesn’t fall out while you transfer it to your plate. It gets lots of positive reviews for how easy it is to use, not to mention the fact that you can hold a bowl or a plate in one hand and this Snapi server in the other.


This nonslip tread tape to make stairs safer for your whole family — including pets

Add an extra safety precaution to your home in the form of this nonslip stair tread tape that’ll prevent everyone in your family, including your pets, from slipping down the stairs. The tape is clear so it blends in, and it comes in precut strips. A roller is also included for easy installation. You can apply the treat tape to various materials, including wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile.


This bidet attachment that has an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 18K reviewers

Upgrade your bathroom with this Amazon reviewer-favorite bidet attachment that’s way cheaper than installing an actual bidet. The non-electric attachment fits over most standard-sized toilets and has an easy-to-control dial that allows you to adjust water pressure. Its plastic construction ensures it won’t rust, and if you want an environment-friendly bathroom hygiene option, this is a genius little investment.


These grill lights so you can cook your steak to perfection even in the dark

Cook your meats to medium-rare perfection even when it’s dark by attaching these magnetic lights to your grill. The battery-operated lights have a flexible gooseneck so you can point them exactly in the direction you want, and they’re weatherproof for outdoor use. Reviewers claim they’re definitely worth the money, and besides using them for the summer grilling season, the LED lights work equally as well for camping, reading at night, or in place of a flashlight.


A splatter screen that’s so handy, over 28,000 shoppers have given it the five-star seal of approval

Minimize your cleanup time and keep hot oil in the pan instead of all over your kitchen thanks to this splatter screen. The super-popular kitchen accessory is 13 inches in diameter and features a surface made from fine stainless steel mesh that prevents splatters while allowing air to escape. The handle protects your hands from burns, and besides covering a frying pan with it, the screen doubles as a strainer or cooling tray. Bonus points: It’s dishwasher-safe!


An emergency stain remover that works fast to rescue your clothes

Keep this powerful emergency stain remover in your home and bag at all times, and rescue your clothes from coffee, grease, and mud stains. The fast-action solution works on most fabrics and is biodegradable and pH-neutral, meaning it’s tough on stains but gentle on the skin. To use it, just spray it directly on the target spot, blot, and watch the stain begin to lift.


A snap-on strainer you’ll soon wonder how you ever cooked a pasta dish without

The 30,000+ near-perfect Amazon reviews are a clue as to how useful this snap-on strainer is. If you’ve sustained one too many painful burns while trying to drain hot pasta water, this clever gadget will be a total game-changer. It securely snaps onto any size of pot, and its built-in spout helps drain water more efficiently. Once you’re done cooking, the strainer folds down for space-saving storage, taking up a quarter of the room a traditional colander does.


This soda can organizer to create a designated space for beverages in your fridge

Corral all the soda cans currently dispersed around your fridge in this can organizer, and you’ll always know where they are and when it’s time to replenish your favorite drinks. The organizer holds four cans, and it can sit horizontally or vertically — it also has a built-in handle for easy carrying. Reviewers call it an amazing space-saver and say you can place the organizers on fridge shelves or in door trays for convenient access.


A genius car cup expander so your favorite tumbler finally fits in

If you just spent a bunch of money on a fancy insulated travel mug only to find out it doesn’t actually fit in the cup holder in your car, here’s your solution — a car cup expander. Genius. It has an adjustable base, and fits bottles and tumblers as large as 40 ounces, tightly securing them to prevent any messy spills. The Amazon-popular expander also has a slot for a tumbler handle, making it even more versatile.


These space-saving cutting boards that can be mounted on a cabinet door

Get these sleek cutting boards to upgrade your old, stained ones, and you’ll also get a handy storage case that you can mount on the wall or inside a cabinet. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your kitchen, this set comes highly recommended and is perfect for small spaces. The cutting boards themselves have nonslip feet to keep them in place while you meal prep, and hanging the case doesn’t require any drilling or hammering. Just use the provided strong adhesive tape.


A water cup that has two compartments so you can sip on two different drinks

Give yourself the luxurious option of enjoying two drinks at once with this water cup featuring two separate compartments. Fill one side with healthy flavored water to hydrate yourself through the morning, and the other with a much-deserved cold brew coffee to get you through the afternoon. The popular leak-proof travel cup has two detachable straws in different colors and comes with a domed lid to make it easy to travel with.


An OXO veggie chopper that’s about to revolutionize your meal prep routine

Save yourself so much time and motivate yourself to cook at home thanks to this OXO veggie chopper. Reviewers say it’s a great alternative to a bulky food processor that can be a hassle to take out and then have to clean. This compact chopper has a nonslip base for easy and safe use, and you can throw in anything from onions and carrots, to nuts and leafy greens. Its sharp stainless-steel blades deliver a quick, uniform chop, all at the press of a button.


A portable white noise machine so you can get a good night’s sleep even when traveling

Maintain your regular sleep habits even when traveling by using this portable white noise machine that offers 36 different sounds, including rain, a fan, and a campfire. Its compact design makes it easy to throw in a backpack or suitcase, and you can use either batteries or charge it with a USB cord to keep it powered. The serene machine has multiple settings and can be left on all night, or you can choose an automatic shut-off after 30, 60, or 120 minutes.


A self-cleaning grooming brush with 62,000+ perfect ratings

Use this deshedding brush to groom your pets and restore their shiny coats. It has a self-cleaning feature in the form of a button that you press to release all the collected hair, adding to its practicality and efficiency. The brush can be used on long- and short-haired pets, and its angled bristles help improve circulation while gently picking up a ton of hair, therefore reducing future shedding.


A plastic bag saver & dispenser for a neat way to store bags

Instead of crumpled plastic bags taking up way too much room in one of your kitchen cabinets, store them in this compact stainless steel bag saver that doubles as a dispenser. It has an extra-wide opening and can be mounted on the wall or the inside of a cabinet to save space. If you’re always on the hunt for ways to declutter and streamline your kitchen, this is a great way to do it — and thousands of happy reviewers agree.


An Amazon-popular dehumidifier to remove musty smells & prevent mold

A small investment in this portable dehumidifier could save you a ton of money in the long run. It’s made to remove moisture and musty smells, as well as help prevent mold from forming. Shoppers write that the compact appliance is lightweight and very quiet while it runs. It’s also simple to refill — just remove the large 16-ounce tank, empty, and refill it as needed. The dehumidifier has an automatic shut-off feature that turns it off once it has reached maximum capacity. It’s a great choice for any space in your home, be it the basement, garage, or bedroom.


This USB power strip you can use as a charging hub on your desk

Charge all your devices in one spot by using this USB power strip that’ll declutter your desk and keep your floors from being covered in cords. The compact power hub is great for travel, as well as small spaces, and it features seven inputs, including three USBs. Shoppers comment on how handy it came in during their international travels, since it’s easy to pack and when plugged into an adapter, provides enough outlets for multiple devices.


A glass cleaning cloth that doesn’t leave behind any streaks or marks

Clean your windows with this ultra-soft microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish. You don’t need to use any cleaning solutions, just add water and the cloth’s fibers will trap all the dust and dirt, leaving no marks behind. The dual-layered cloth is designed for windows, but can also be used on mirrors, electronics, and stainless steel. In addition to making the chore of cleaning dirty windows a breeze, this popular product is also a great way to cut down on single-use paper towels and establish a more sustainable cleaning routine.


This luggage scale that will save you so much money in overweight baggage fees

Save yourself the moment of panic — and the hefty fee — that comes with an overweight suitcase thanks to this luggage scale that provides a quick, accurate reading. This small, travel-friendly weight reader has an overall 4.6-star Amazon rating from more than 13,000 reviewers, many of whom comment on how much peace of mind it gives them while traveling. The battery-powered device has an overload indicator, allows you to choose the unit of measure, and has a nonslip handle for comfortable use.


A power scrubber that basically does all the work for you

Instead of feeling like you’re getting an arm workout every time you scrub your bathroom floor, get this power scrubber that’ll do all the work for you. It’s designed to clean twice as fast and has two settings — pulse and continuous scrubbing — to choose from. The toothbrush-style head is small enough to get in all the little nooks and crevices in the shower and around the sink for a much deeper clean than any manual tool could deliver.


A drywall repair putty so you can fill in holes and cracks in the wall without any fancy tools

Fill nail holes and patch up cracks so you never even know they were there with this easy-to-use drywall repair putty. It doesn’t require a putty knife or any other fancy tools; just squeeze out the putty, wipe off any excess with a clean rag, and let it dry. Then, paint over the spot to finish the patching job. So quick and effective, and the 8,000+ reviewers who gave it a near-perfect rating clearly agree.


These washable shelf liners to keep your fridge clean

Line your fridge shelves with these washable mats that protect surfaces from spills and have an anti-skid texture to keep items from rolling around. The multi-purpose mats can be cut down to size and would also work as liners for drawers or closet shelves. They’ve garnered thousands of positive reviews, and customers point out that they add a nice, colorful look while helping keep shelves clean.


This stainless steel bacon grease container for a mess-free way to store flavorful fat

Instead of pouring hot bacon grease down the drain or keeping it in a mug in the back of your fridge, store it in this stainless steel container that has shockingly impressive reviews. It holds up to five cups and has a fine mesh strainer to trap food particles, so that all you’re left with is the grease. Its spout makes it easy to pour the grease if you want to flavor other dishes with it, and a sturdy matching lid prevents any messy spills.