These 38 strange finds on Amazon are suddenly skyrocketing in sales

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ByLisa Fogarty
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In a sea of products, the strange ones stand out — and often times in the best ways possible. Strange can be great, and it can translate to some of the most useful products you can own. These 39 strange finds on Amazon are suddenly skyrocketing in sales — and their oddball charm only adds to their mystique.

An original, innovative product has to accomplish a few important tasks in order to achieve the superstar status these items are fast approaching. For starters, it needs to be a practical product — something you can picture using more than once and buying over and over again. Perfect examples you’ll find on this list range from natural acne patches made with hydrocolloid — or a Shark Tank-approved balm that keeps your eyeglasses from slipping off your face.

It also helps if a product solves a common problem. You can’t sleep without some sound and zero light, but wearing cumbersome headphones to bed isn’t exactly comfortable. That’s exactly why a Bluetooth sleeping eye mask is such a genius product: it blocks light and provides a way to fall asleep to your favorite music. And the same goes for a smart, reusable notebook that lets you blast notes to the Cloud, a color-changing toilet night light, and a slew of other finds.

These strange but practical products solve problems left and right — and it’s no wonder they are quickly becoming best sellers.


This mushroom coffee blend that helps you focus

What do you get when you cut down on caffeine in your organic coffee, but add natural lion's mane and chaga mushroom? This mushroom coffee that sharpens your mental focus and helps you concentrate. The vegan coffee blend is ready to go — just add water. And, don't worry: it doesn't taste a thing like mushroom.


A cozy hoodie blanket with pockets for your phone and remote controls

A wearable blanket with storage for your phone and remote control, this hoodie blanket is so warm and cozy you'll find yourself living in it through all of those cool weather months. The double-sided hooded features sherpa wool on one side and a plush fleece lining on the other. It comes in five colors: grey, navy, pink, brown, and charcoal.


The strong and sturdy carabiner clip that you can hook on anything

Attach this strong, sturdy carabiner clip to practically any surface and it holds equipment and gear in place. The hook has 360-degree swivel and comes in five colors. Use it while you're camping or completing a DIY project to keep important items up and out of the way.


An extra cushiony and supportive neck pillow that keeps your head from drooping

Overcome the number one complaint you'll hear when it comes to neck pillows — this neck pillow that keeps your head propped up and prevents it from drooping forward (and waking you up every single time). The soft fleece pillow supportively wraps around your neck and provides cushiony comfort. It comes in a variety of colors and two-pack options.


These natural acne-fighting patches that fight zits overnight

Fight painful and annoying pimples while you sleep with these natural acne patches, which are applied directly over zits at night to reduce inflammation and help them heal and shrink. The transparent patches are made with natural ingredients like hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil that attack bacteria and heal pimples without drying out your skin like other pimple medications.


The insulated can cooler that keeps drinks the perfect temperature

Slip this double-walled insulated can cooler over 12-inch cans and your beverages will stay cool and refreshing for hours. Thanks to an extra copper layer in its design, the cooler is more effective than most neoprene can covers. It won't let condensation pass through (yay for no more wet, cold fingers) and it comes in 11 colors.


A folding laptop holder that's lightweight and easy to carry around

You'll find a million uses for this foldable laptop stand and holder — you can angle it to suit your viewing and working needs when you use it for your laptop, but it's equally amazing as a writing desk or a breakfast-in-bed table. The desk has adjustable legs that then fold up flat so you can carry it around and use it anywhere.


This scalp massaging brush that relaxes you and keeps dandruff at bay

There are a million and one reasons to love this scalp massaging brush, starting with this one: it vibrates, boosts circulation, and puts you in a state of supreme calm. But wait, there's more: the battery-operated scalp massager has gentle silicone bristles that lift up dirt and dead skin cells from hair follicles, making your hair cleaner and preventing dandruff. And if you have long nails that get stuck around your strands, just use this shampoo brush — which comes with three interchangeable attachments — to get hair clean.


The multi-functional headwear accessory that can make you feel 30 degrees cooler

This high-tech headwear is designed to keep you cool on the hottest day or throughout your hardest workout. Dip the cooling headwear in water to activate it, give it a snap, and wear it as a headband, headscarf, face mask, gator, scarf, or more. It instantly cools off your body by an amazing 30 degrees and stays cool for up to two hours. The piece comes in five colors.


A more functional, double-side fork and spoon for on-the-go meals

Bid farewell to traditional sporks that don't work well as either forks or spoons. This double-sided fork and spoon utensil has a fork side with long enough tines to pick up anything (even pasta) and a deep spoon that can handle soup. The durable nylon utensil is dishwasher-safe and easy to pack in lunch boxes and bags.


A roll-up dish-drying rack with removable utensil caddy

Maximize space in your kitchen with this roll-up dish-drying rack. The sturdy stainless steel rack has anti-slip rubber grips on each end to keep it in place, and it comes with a removable ventilated silverware caddy to make washing utensils a breeze. The rack is available in black and gray, and you can choose from three sizes.


This adjustable magnetic wristband that holds tools for DIY projects

When you're working on a DIY project, the last thing you want to do is have to stop every minute, climb down a ladder, and reach for another screw or bolt. When you wear this adjustable magnetic wristband, you can attach screws, nuts, bolts, and nails right to the band and have them ready to use whenever you need them.


An all-natural sore throat spray made with just 3 ingredients

Find fast relief when you have a sore throat — without adding extra sugar and chemicals to your body. This natural throat spray is made with just three ingredients: bee propolis extract, which soothes your throat and boosts your immune system, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water. That's it. It's completely free of artificial preservatives, dairy, gluten, yeast, and refined sugar.


A Bluetooth eye mask that blocks light and lets you fall asleep to music

Let the sounds of music or a meditation recording lull you to sleep when you wear this Bluetooth sleep mask, which is designed with built-in speakers. The soft mask blocks out light and distractions — and provides nine hours of continuous play time. It's washable and has a hidden Velcro strap that won't get tangled in your hair.


These food saver sheets that keep produce fresher for longer

Prolong the life of produce and save a ton of money on your grocery bill when you realize you don't have to keep replacing bananas, apples, and oranges, by simply positioning them on these food saver sheets. The sheets are infused with organic spices that ensure fruits and veggies last two to four times longer. They fit in containers, baskets, plastic baggies, and more.


The Bluetooth headset for hands-free phone calls

Don't stop working or living life when calls roll in — answer them while wearing this Bluetooth headset, which is compatible with iPhone and Android. The Bluetooth 5.0 headset has an omnidirectional microphone and crystal clear speakers, and it's water- and sweat-resistant. Plus, it's rotatable for comfort and comes with its own travel pouch.


This comfortable pillow that may reduce acid reflux & snoring

This bed wedge pillow is designed to support your upper back and shoulders while you sleep, which may help reduce acid reflux, snoring, and more. The comfortable pillow features two layers of foam, including a supportive memory foam top layer that conforms to your body and relieves pressure points. Also great: The soft, breathable cover is removable and machine-washable.


An anti-fungal pen that also treats split, dry nails

Cure fungal infections on your nails and toenails, prevent new ones from popping up, and treat dry, split, damaged nails — all with this one nail repair pen. Simply apply a thin layer of the product to nails (via its convenient brush applicator) about three times daily and, according to reviewers, with consistent use your nails will be stronger in no time.


These adhesive cable clips that keep cords organized

The fastest way for your room to look cluttered and unorganized is if there are a hundred cables dangling from every piece of furniture. Keep those cables organized with these adhesive cable clips, which hold everything from USB cables and headphones to ethernet cables and musical instrument wires. The self-adhesive clips won't ruin surfaces, and they safely clamp onto wires and keep them in place.


An electric bug zapper that quickly gets rid of pesky flies

Avoid using toxic bug sprays and swat away those annoying flies and mosquitoes with one swing of this large electric bug zapper, which is shaped like a tennis racket. For safety, the battery-operated zapper uses a three-layer mesh design and double-button operation. You'll need two AA batteries (sold separately), and you can opt for a single zapper or a two-pack.


This natural wax that keeps glasses from slipping on your face

Featured on Shark Tank, this special glasses wax is applied to frames to keep them from slipping — no matter how sweaty and hot you get. One tube can last up to eight months and the product is made from natural ingredients that are safe on your skin, and can be easily wiped clean with a microfiber cloth.


The cleverly designed insulated lunch jar that fits inside bags

Whether you're packing lunch for kids or a feast for your work day, this insulated food jar is cleverly designed to fit most bags, while still offering the high-tech features that make meals better. Made from quality stainless steel with vacuum insulation, it keeps food cold and crisp for 10 hours and hot for five hours. And it comes in nine fun colors like cactus green, lilac, and pumpkin.


A laser tool that can read temperatures on your barbecue

Point this infrared laser temperature pointer at surfaces like your barbecue to instantly, easily read temperatures and score the perfect steak or chicken dish each time. The tool is equally amazing at measuring temps for DIY projects and auto repairs. It has a back-lit LCD screen and an automatic shut-off function to save battery.


An angled brush that gets into grout to make tiles sparkling clean

This angled scrub brush is designed to get in between grout and remove mildew and mold without scratching tile. Its tough, non-abrasive bristles scrub away grime and dirt without scratching surfaces and a special, small angled grout brush can be detached from the larger brush head and used on smaller surface areas.


This industrial strength soap for dirty hands

When your hands get really dirty — as in working-with-grease-all-day dirty — most ordinary soaps will fail to do the trick, unless you're willing to spend an hour soaking and scrubbing them. This hand soap is an entirely different breed of soap. Using nothing more than bentonite clay, olive oil, and coconut oil (with zero toxic chemicals) it cuts right through the toughest dirt, lifts up stains from your skin, and gets you clean in seconds. You can even use it without water (though it will work faster if you soak your hands first).


A car phone holder that stays securely in place on vents

Position this car phone mount on a vent in your car, where it stays firmly in place, and easily attach and remove your phone to it with one hand. The magnetic mount has four strong built-in magnetics, will never fall off your vent, boasts 360-degree rotation — and it's compatible with all smartphones.


The eco-friendly reusable notebook that lets you blast notes to the Cloud

Save money on paper — and save trees — by switching to this smart, reusable notebook. Jot down notes using a Pilot frixion pen, marker, or highlighter (one pen is included), then blast those notes to the Cloud service of your choice. When you're done, wipe the notes clean with a microfiber cloth (also included) and start all over again. The miniature notepad comes in four colors.


A shampoo that keeps the good dirt on your scalp

All bacteria isn't bad bacteria — and this sulfate-free shampoo knows the difference. The natural, gentle formula removes "bad" bacteria and keeps "good" bacteria hanging around for a more balanced scalp that can better resist dandruff and flakiness. It's safe on color-treated and processed hair — and contains zero sensitizing fragrances and preservatives.


A steering wheel desk for times when you need to take a work or lunch break in your car

There are times when work calls — or your stomach growls — and you're on the road. Pull over, attach this laptop/eating desk to your steering wheel, and take a work or lunch break without trying to balance everything on your lap. The lightweight desk can be easily stored in your back seat pocket.


This color-changing LED night light for your toilet

Make midnight bathroom trips less dangerous (no more stubbing your toe) and more pleasurable with this color-changing toilet night light, which features a long-lasting LED light that can be programmed to emit one of 16 colored lights (which can also work on rotation). The light is simple to install and has a motion sensor and five brightness settings.


These car seat gap fillers that stop keys and food from falling through seats

If you drive or ride in a car, there's a solid chance it has happened to you: you're minding your own business when, boom, your keys, sandwich, or phone slips through that annoying gap in the seats and has to be dug out (which takes forever). Prevent that from happening in the first place with these car seat gap fillers, which were featured on Shark Tank. You'll get two universal gap seat fillers, a slide-free pad, and an LED credit card light.


An iPhone case that gives off the perfect light for selfies and photos

When it comes to taking great photos and selfies, good lighting is everything. This selfie phone case takes that principle and runs with it, providing a design that emits warm front-and-back facing LED lights that ensure your subject is well lit. The rose gold case fits the iPhone XR and comes with a micro USB charging cable.


A set of reusable twist ties that are strong enough to hold anything together

Keep gear cables, cords, or even plant stems held together with these strong, reusable rubber twist ties. Unlike typical flimsy ties, these 3-inch ties are waterproof and resistant to UV rays, which makes them perfect for outdoor projects.


This literally shocking game that tests your reflexes

Ready for a shock (the fun kind)? Grab a few friends and play this lightning reaction game. Each player holds a handle and when the green light goes off the last person to press the trigger button gets an actual shock. Don't worry: it's perfectly safe and you can control the amount of shock you receive.


The 18-in-one tool that's the size of a credit card

Slip this multi-tool into your wallet or pocket, where it takes up practically no space at all (it's as thin as a credit card). Whenever you're in a jam, this tool will help, thanks to its ability to transform into one of 18 tools that include a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, cellphone stand, and four different types of screwdrivers.


A Multi-tasking Pen That Contains 7 Tools

You'll feel like a secret agent when you pull out this multi-functional tool pen, which features seven tool functions you'll use over and over again. In addition to being an actual ballpoint pen, this tool is a stylus, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, mini flat-head, ruler, and even a cellphone stand.


The pet camera that lets your pet know you are near even when you're far from home

Check in with your pooch or kitty and let them know you're thinking of them (while also making sure they aren't nibbling on the furniture) with this pet camera. The camera features night vision and two-way talking, as well as motion detection — plus, pan, tilt, and zoom functions.


An anti-inflammatory ice roller for burns and swelling

Reduce inflammation in an instant and curb swelling and pain with this ice roller, which can be stored in your fridge or freezer until you need it. Thanks to its ability to double as a cooling massager, the roller is more effective than an ice pack. It comes in seven colors.