These genius things declutter the crap out of your closets, cabinets & drawers

Organize your life.

ByVeronika Kero
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No matter how cramped your home may seem, there’s something out there to make it more put together and give you more space to breathe. Heck, sometimes all you need is some type of rack to tidy up that cabinet, laundry room, or entryway. Well, a few other too but, really, Amazon has tons of genius inventions that can completely transform a room just by tidying it up — and these are some of the best ones there are.


This 8-tier pot rack that can be used vertically or horizontally

Lie it down or stand it up — whichever way you choose, this pot rack will save you a ton of space. It has eight tiers (each of which can hold 10 pounds) that can be assembled in three different ways to maximize your space exactly how you need it. Each of the iron rods are coated in rubber so that the pots and pans don’t slide off or get scratched. Keep it on your counter to use your cabinets for something else or stick it in your cabinets to organize the space and make it easier to search through.


This double hamper with a lid & removable mesh bags

Laundry won’t be as tedious of a task when you use this double hamper. With two different sections, you can separate your clothes as you wear them, so that you don’t have to sift through them when it’s time wash day. And, to make it even easier, each side is lined with a mesh bag that can be removed and carried right to the washing machine. Conceal it all with the flip-top lid and move it wherever you need with the two side handles.


A battery organizer that can hold 93 pieces of various sizes

This battery organizer will keep up to 93 different pieces from rolling around in the junk drawer. It has designated spaces for AA, AAA, flat, and other kinds of batteries — all of which will be protected underneath its clear lid. The plastic top is both waterproof and shockproof. Best of all, if you still aren’t sure which batteries actually work, you can check if they’re still good with the included tester.


This set of bamboo drawer dividers with adjustable lengths

Keep everything in its own place with these drawer dividers. They can be used in the kitchen to keep sharp knives away from delicate silicone spatulas or in bedroom dressers to separate your socks from your bras. Each piece is made of water-resistant bamboo that has a non-slip rubber pad at either end to prevent scratches. They can be placed vertically or horizontally, because they expand from 17.5 inches to 22 inches.


The clear drawer organizers with non-slip interior bases

These clear organizers can be used just about everywhere. Use them to store random soy sauce packets or coffee pods in the kitchen, makeup in the bathroom, or paper clips and push pins in a desk drawer. This pack comes with 25 pieces that vary between four different sizes. Each has grooves on the interior base to keep products in place even when a drawer is being opened and closed. They can also be stacked atop one another to make even more space.


A hat rack that can slide over the top of any door

Keep your door handles and chairs free of the large baseball hat collection you’ve grown and install this hat rack instead. This pack comes with two straps that can slide over the top of any door and hang down to give you nine hooks each. Not only will you caps and beanies be out of your way, but they’ll also retain their shape better since they won’t be squished inside your closet or dresser.


These shelf dividers that can create designated sections in your closet

Slide these shelf dividers over any wooden board that’s up to nearly an inch thick. Each acrylic piece is 8 inches high and 12 inches deep so that your sweaters, towels, bags, and scarves have support as you pile them high. And once you have your closet all figured out, use some of this four-pack on your desk to hold up notebooks or in the kitchen to organize the pantry. In addition to clear, there are black and white options available so you can go with whichever best fits your decor.


The stackable bins that keep your groceries organized & visible

Decluttering your fridge with these storage bins is one of the easiest ways to save some cash. By organizing your produce, sauces, jars, and juice boxes in the clear containers, you’ll have a better view of everything you have in stock so that your groceries are used before their expiration date and not left to rot in the back. This set comes with two different sizes, both of which are easy to move around with the use of the built-in side handles.


These slim & grippy velvet hangers that swivel 360 degrees

This pack of velvet hangers comes with 50 pieces that have soft-cut notches on either end to perfectly hold straps. The smooth material grips onto every kind of material without snagging, even slinky silk. Despite being slim, these hangers can even be used for coats, seeing as they can hold up to 10 pounds. Spin them around 360 degrees to get a full view of each article of clothing so you can put an outfit together in no time.


A sleek stainless steel lazy Susan with 2 tiers

If you’re constantly knocking down an entire row of spices because the one you actually needed just happened to be all the way in the back, you need this two-tiered lazy Susan. It has enough space to fit all your cooking essentials from condiments to sauces, and it rotates so you don’t have to reach to get that cinnamon. It’s made of brushed stainless steel that won’t chip or rust and even resists fingerprints. Plus, it has a raised rim to prevent any items from sliding off.


These foldable storage cubes with convenient side handles

When not in use, these storage cubes can collapse down to lie completely flat. When they are in use, they can be used to hold shoes, blankets, toys, and more, all while making your closet or shelves look uniform and tidy. They’re made of a tough fabric with a reinforced bottom and have side handles so you can easily slide them out or move them room to room.


This water bottle organizer that makes your cabinet look cleaner

Whether your bottles are too tall to stand up in your cabinet or it takes way too long to find the one you want, this water bottle organizer will keep everything stored neatly and clearly. The three shelves are adjustable to accommodate bottles and mugs of various sizes, and nonslip feet helps hold it in place. “Also I am able to keep it on a higher shelf because it puts more bottles within my reach range by bringing them to the front of the cabinet than if they were vertical and pushed to rear of cabinet,” one reviewer noted.


A clear makeup organizer with a detachable top part

This makeup organizer is actually two separate pieces that can be set up in whichever way makes the most sense for the amount of counter space you have. It has six pull-out drawers in two different sizes and an open top compartment with enough room to hold 12 lipsticks, makeup brushes, nail polish, perfume, and more. The durable plastic is completely waterproof so that it’s easy to wipe clean if any accidents should happen.


These vacuum storage bags that save 80% of space

Whenever it’s time to switch your wardrobe out for the new season, you’re going to want to reach for these vacuum storage bags. By using the included air pump (or your vacuum), you can suction out every bit of excess space to reduce the loads volume by up to 80%. Blankets, sweaters, and even pillows can be shrunk down to a flat, easy-to-store bag. Plus, the heavy duty plastic is puncture resistant, so you can use them time and time again.


This bamboo drawer organizer that expands to fit your exact space

This bamboo drawer organizer comes in three different sizes so you can choose how many sections you need. But, every single option can expand as well so you can get a customized fit for a low price. It’s a great product to have if you’re constantly filling your drawers with new items and don’t know when you’ll need those few inches of space back. The sleek bamboo is water-resistant and equipped with non-slip grip pads on every corner to keep it in place once you decide where you want it.


A broom & mop hanger that can hold up to 50 pounds

Get all your tools off the floor and hang them on this broom and mop holder instead. The sturdy wall mount has three rubber slots and four hangers for you to use with your gardening tools, hardware, or even sports equipment. It’ll tidy up the look of your garage or cleaning closet and make everything much easier to find. And since it can handle up to 50 pounds, you’ll really be able to make great use out of it.


This sleek tiered shelf that has a handy hidden drawer

The three-tiered design of this shelf organizer is made even better by the the bottom pull-out drawer. You can stack cans and jars on the tiers and use the hidden compartment to store smaller ingredients like vanilla extract or coffee pods. The smooth surface is easy to wipe clean if any messes should occur and brings a modern feel to every cabinet or pantry.


A hanging closet organizer with 5 removable drawers

Three top hooks keep this hanging closet organizer in place so that it doesn’t swivel so matter how many sweaters, socks, and bags you pile high on its 9 shelves. In addition to those compartments, it comes with five bins of various sizes that can be used as pull-out drawers for scarves and hats or kept off of the organizer. It also has a few mesh pockets on either side to store things that you always need at an easy reach, like sunglasses.


These drawer dividers with slots to hold your bras & undies

Each piece in this four-pack of drawer dividers is made with a different amount of slots that come in various shapes and sizes. For example, one is made with low rows to gently store bras or hand towels in and another has 24 blocks that are the perfect size to hold pairs of underwear. Each piece is made of a breathable fabric that has reinforced stitching on the ends so that nothing begins to fray. When not in use, simply fold them up into a small triangle for easy storage.


A 10-pack of space-saving hangers that can hold up to 5 garments at a time

With five slots, these hangers will save you a ton of closet space. Instead of five sweaters spreading out and taking up room, they can instead be hung vertically on a single hook. If you don’t need extra space, you can hang this organizer horizontally for a clear view of all your options at equal spacing. Each slot is wide enough to fit any kind of hanger, from thin wire to thick plastic.


This rolling rack that can organize & hold 36 cans

36 cans of beans, corn, and tuna would take up a lot of cabinet space — and cause a mess when you actually go to reach for one. This can rack simplifies things by keep them all contained and having them roll down to you so that you don’t have to strain yourself trying to get to the back corner. It’s made of heavy gauge steel and comes with plastic dividers to create neat columns.


A desk organizer with rubber feet to protect the tabletop

As the week goes on, it’s natural for your workspace to get a bit cluttered but you can avoid the mess with this desk organizer. It has 10 different compartments so that you can separate your pens, pencils, notepads, and more. Since its sections are stacked on top of one another, the holder gives you a great amount of storage without taking up too much surface space around your computer. The durable metal mesh is made with non-slip rubber feet on each corner so that the entire piece stays in place and doesn’t scratch your desk underneath.


A lid organizer that comes with customizable labels

Avoid piling all your food storage containers up high just to hear them all tumble down as soon as you close the cabinet with this lid organizer. The flat piece expands to fit more than 40 lids and comes with plastic dividers that can be placed wherever you please. It also comes with 30 labels, some of which are blank for you to label yourself and some of which a preprinted with different measurements to indicate the size of the container the lid would match with.


These underbed storage bags that are tear-proof

Take advantage of every last bit of space with these underbed storage bags that hold up to 40 gallons worth of clothes, linens, and other odds and ends. Each bag has a clear plastic cover that fully opens so you can easily load and unload your things and have a clear view of it all even when it is zipped shut. Each in this two-pack is made of a breathable but durable material that won’t tear or fray no matter how many times it’s pushed around on the floor.


This spice rack with an adjustable height & width

Not only can you extend the sides of this expandable spice rack, but you can also adjust its height. The kit comes with two shelves that can easily be clipped on to each other so you have space for every kind of seasoning and spice you can imagine. Each of the shelves has a non-slip surface and can hold up to 40 pounds.


A hanging organizer with deep pockets to fit purses & bulky sweaters

Don’t be fooled — this hanging purse organizer can be used for a lot more than just bags. Its deep pockets are perfect for your backpacks and totes but can also be used to store fluffy scarves, heavy sweaters, blankets, towels, and anything else that your drawers just don’t have the space for. Each of the clear plastic slots are reinforced with strong stitching that can handle great weights. And, to see everything that you’ve packed on it, just spin the hanger around 360 degrees.


A scrunchie holder that will keep you from losing all your hair ties

The hollow design of this scrunchie holder allows you to not only wrap hair ties around the cylinder but stuff them inside the middle as well. When used this way, the simple acrylic piece can hold up to 30 large scrunchies or a countless amount of thin bands. It gives you easy access and keeps them from ending up all over the floor.


These airtight food storage containers that come with cute chalkboard labels

This seven-pack of food storage containers come with four different sizes so that you can pack something as small as almonds to something as large (and delicate) as spaghetti noodles. Each container’s lid has a silicone strip that creates an airtight seal so that your dry goods can stay fresher for longer. They also come with a sheet of reusable chalkboard stickers and a special pen that can be used to personalize each label.


These slender pant hangers that can hold 5 pairs each

These pant hangers save space and keep your trousers wrinkle-free — both of which are typically hard to do. Each stainless steel rod has five slots for pants, scarves, or even bath towels. Each has a non-slip plug at the end to keep any cloth from sliding off and a smooth rounded design that prevents creases.


An over-the-door organizer to store your cutting boards & cookie sheets

Slide this door organizer over any cabinet to create an extra shelf where you can store your prep tools or box of gallon baggies so that everything can be easily reached. The top hook is thin so as not to affect how the door closes but also padded with foam to avoid scratches. Grab one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom so you have more space to store soaps and lotions.


These wooden floating shelves that can be used as book ends

These floating shelves come in a few beautiful finishes, including a walnut and rustic white, so that they can perfectly blend in with your decor. Use them to display souvenirs in the living room or as more storage in the bathroom for your nail polishes and hair products. Their unique shape makes them the perfect book case, as well since the raised sides will keep copies from falling.


An under-shelf drawer that can be used in tbe fridge or pantry

Using just adhesive tape, this under-shelf drawer can be installed in just seconds for extra space in your fridge or kitchen cabinets. It’ll improve the look of any area and give you the opportunity to designate a specific space for certain items. Use it to separate your cheeses, candies, sauce packets, and more.


This towel rack that will make your bathroom look like a spa

This stainless steel towel rack won’t rust no matter how much moisture it’s exposed to in your bathroom. The adorable towels label will be an eye-catching addition, giving your bathroom a modern feel. The holder can fit seven regular-sized towels or five extra large ones, adding much-needed storage to your linen closet.


A 14-slot in-drawer knife block that’s made of classic bamboo

You’ll feel like a professional chef with this knife block in your drawer (or on your counter). The sleek bamboo will add a sophisticated touch while also keep blades — and your hands — protected. It has eight steak knife slots, six large knife slots, and a spot for a rod sharpener so you can tidy up your utensil drawer and keep your tools as sharp as ever.


This 3-tier shoe rack that can hold up to 20 pairs

If your closet floor is a jumbled mess, this shoe rack can help you transform it into an organized display that’s easy to navigate. It’ll arrive with two tiers already put together and a third that can be added to the top. Each shelf can hold up to 30 pounds and has an adjustable height. The skeleton is made of sturdy metal while the shelves are made of a soft fabric that can be put in the washing machine.


A magnetic shelf that attaches to the top of your stove

Plop this magnetic shelf right on top of your stove for a sturdy panel that can hold all of your go-to ingredients you need while cooking, saving precious space on your counter and in your cabinets. Plus, its back panel prevents anything from falling into the gap. No adhesives or drilling is necessary — it’ll be ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box.


A chic magazine rack that comes in stunning metallic finishes

The unique geometric shape of this magazine rack will instantly add a modern vibe to any room. The sleek triangle is made of durable iron wire that is easy to wipe clean and completely rust-resistant. It has 10 slots for you to display your favorite books, magazines, or work files. It’s as functional as it is fashionable.


This kitchen utensil caddy that spins 360 degrees

This kitchen utensil holder has a removable divider that creates three separate sections so you can know exactly which compartment something will be in. If you don’t see what you need right away, give it a quick spin — it rotates 360 degrees to make it even easier to locate what you need. And its weighted base keeps it from moving around.


These woven baskets that are made of 100% cotton

These woven storage baskets prove that containers can be cute. You won’t want to keep their adorable rope design hidden under the bed. Fill them with comfy blankets, kids toys, or all your gloves and hats and keep them right where you can see them. They come in a bunch of beautiful neutrals that will go with any colorway and have two side handles so they can be easily moved from room to room.


An over-the-door pantry organizer made from durable metal

Place the two metal hooks of this pantry door organizer over most doors (the brand recommends a door thickness under 1.77 inches) and magically add six shelves of storage to your pantry. Each of the six tiers can be adjusted to fit cans and jars of various sizes, with the bottom shelf made in an extra-large size. Use this in your kitchen, laundry room, or bedroom, and with foam stickers on the backs of the frame, you won’t have to worry about the metal scratching your door.