These 42 random cheap things on Amazon consistently get amazing ratings

ByLisa Fogarty
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You never know what's going to become a best-selling product on Amazon — but chances are, it's an item that is affordable and unique in the way it makes your life just a bit easier. These random cheap things on Amazon consistently get amazing ratings and their reviews and star ratings might just sway you to consider adding them to your must-have product list, regardless of whether you've thought twice about them in the past.

For less than $20, you can own a set of seven stretchy silicone lids that fit practically every bowl, cup, or container you own. Or you may have heard of a smart plug that comes with an app that lets you schedule lights and appliances while saving a ton of money on energy bills — and that is anything but complex to operate.

This list is full of wildly inventive products that are winning over customers — like a mess-free beard bib featured on Shark Tank and a collapsible silicone water bottle that can be worn around your wrist during hikes or runs. Other products like natural shoe deodorizers, eco-friendly bags, and a safe DIY earwax kit share nothing in common — except for outstanding ratings.

Check out these highly-rated products and discover why they are quickly becoming the most sought-after items on Amazon.

1. The secure bike phone mount so that you can access your device on rides

Your phone isn't going anywhere when you attach it to this reliable, sturdy bike phone mount. The mount is compatible with any and all smart phones and allows for 360-degree rotation. You'll have complete access to your screen and each set comes with three silicone band mounts in green, red, and black.

2. These stretchy silicone lids that expand to fit a variety of containers

Spending far too much time searching through cabinets for lids that fit your Tupperware and coming up empty handed? Solve the problem pronto with this seven-piece set of stretchy silicone lids, which expand to fit a larger variety of containers. The plastic-free lids come in a number of sizes that range from 2.8 inches to 9.1 inches and are safe in your freezer and dishwasher.

3. The waterproof Bluetooth earbuds that deliver crystal-clear sound

These Bluetooth earbuds stay perfectly in place and feel completely soft and comfortable when you work out or go for long runs. They offer a waterproof, wireless design and stereo sound that cancels out exterior noise. One charge gives you seven to nine hours of playtime or hands-free phone calls and it comes in seven colors.

4. An electric coffee grinder that whips up different brew types

This coffee grinder gives you major options. Whether you appreciate a delicious cup of French press, espresso, pour over, or cold brew coffee, this is the electric gadget that makes it a reality. This grinder features quality stainless steel blades and a removable stainless steel bowl. Its powerful motor ensures your coffee grounds are ready within 20 seconds.

5. This smart WiFi plug that lets you set up schedules for appliances and devices

This smart WiFi plug is just the thing you need to save money on your electric bill and ensure you never leave the house with all of your lights left on. The smart plug works with Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as the Kasa app that lets you create schedules for your devices.

6. The personal filtration system for cleaner drinking water

Whether you're going camping, hiking, fishing, or want to ensure that you always have clean water in an emergency situation, this personal water filtration system weighs just 2 ounces, but can filter 99.9% of bacteria and 100% of micro-plastics from water. The filter includes a reusable pouch, a 7-inch drinking straw, and a cleaning plunger.

7. An antibacterial tea tree body wash made with natural ingredients

This natural, chemical-free body wash counts anti-bacterial tea tree oil as one of its key ingredients — which means relief from eczema, fungus, and yeast. Reviewers say it's excellent for irritated skin, helps keep foot odor at bay, and contains no sensitizing fragrances, parabens, or dyes.

8. These sturdy handles that make it easy to pour from large bottles

Attach these sturdy, easy-to-grip bottle handles onto large bottles and pour from them without making a mess. These handles fit over most bottles and can be removed, cleaned in the dishwasher, and used again and again. They're especially perfect for little hands that are experimenting with independently pouring their own drinks.

9. The charcoal toothbrush that naturally whitens as it cleans

Give your teeth a natural whitening treatment every time you brush with these charcoal toothbrushes, which are designed with activated charcoal. These brushes have a slim design with medium-soft bristles that remove food particles and plaque without irritating gums.

10. An oral rinse that claims to work 24 hours — and thousands of reviewers agree

Most mouthwash brands offer a temporary solution and do a fairly decent job of masking odors. But this oral rinse gets to the root of the problem with clinical strength ingredients that eliminate bacteria and germs on your tongue and gums. And the best part? Your fresh breath will last up to 24 hours — which means there's finally a solution for morning breath.

11. A collapsible water bottle that loops around your wrist for portability

This is the ultimate portable water bottle — one with a leak-proof cap that collapses flat and can be worn around your wrist when you're running, hiking, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood. The tough bottle has a shatter-proof silicone body, a wide mouth opening that fits ice cubes, and it comes in eight colors.

12. These stackable storage jars that are perfect for snacks and formula

Fill these four compact jars with snacks, baby formula, tea, coffee, or supplements and then stack them on top of one another for a simple storage solution that won't take up pantry space. This four-pack of 31-ounce jars are made from odor-resistant materials and are safe in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Choose among five airtight lid colors.

13. This light-as-a-feather backpack that folds into a pouch

Not only does this backpack weigh less than 1 pound, but it actually folds up into a compact pouch with a hook for hanging, carrying, and storing. Coated in waterproof fabric, this bag has adjustable shoulder straps, a roomy main compartment, and smaller zippered front pouch and side mesh pockets. It comes in 13 colors.

14. These cut-resistant gloves that keep hands and wrists safe

Snag a pair of these tough, cut-resistant gloves and wear them while prepping food or working on DIY projects with wild abandon. The snug-fitting gloves offer intense cut protection and come in four sizes for the perfect fit.

15. The mold-resistant shower curtain with mesh pockets for toiletries

Talk about owning a shower curtain that works for you — this waterproof PEVA curtain and liner features nine mesh pockets that can hold shampoo, soap, loofahs, exfoliation brushes, razors, and whatever else you need to make your shower experience amazing. The curtain wipes clean with a damp cloth and frees up major shower cabinet space.

16. A shaving mirror that never fogs up

Imagine shaving, exfoliating, cleansing, or dermaplaning in the comfort of your shower without dealing with a mirror that gets foggy after a few seconds. This fogless shaving mirror attaches to an adhesive hook and was designed so that it never succumbs to a foggy fate.

17. This 'Shark Tank'-approved beard bib for mess-free grooming

Featured on Shark Tank, this unique beard bib attaches to bathroom mirrors, then sits securely around your shoulders, providing a roomy place for all of those beard clippings to be caught so that you can dispose of them simply and without all of the mess typically involved in shaving. The apron comes with its own convenient packing pouch for travel.

18. An exceptionally designed tub drain protector that fits inside of drains

The last thing you want to see when you take a shower or bath is your hair catcher coming undone and floating around your feet. You won’t have those worries when you rely on this top-notch tub drain protector, which nestles inside of drains and acts like a strong, sturdy plug to prevent hair and debris from getting through. The stopper also fits sink drains and comes in six colors.

19. The clothing steamer you can take on trips that doesn't require an ironing board

Bye, bye ironing board. This mini and portable clothes steamer replaces old-school irons and offers up to 15 minutes of continuous steam action to get rid of wrinkles and creases from a number of fabrics. There is no risk of burning fragile materials and the steamer fits in your suitcase and boasts an extra-long 9-foot power cord.

20. A genius board that makes folding clothes easy

This folding board makes it a breeze to get through laundry day by providing a tool that takes just three steps to fold shorts, trousers, and pajamas like a pro. All of your clothing will look as if it is sitting on a store shelf — and you’ll get the added bonus of not dealing with as many wrinkles or having to pull out your iron or steamer as often.

21. The 3-step cold brew coffee maker that simplifies the process

Love the taste of acid-free cold brew coffee, but less than enamored with the complex process of making the brew? Simplify things and take the mess out of cold brew with this cold brew maker, which works in three easy steps. The 1-quart maker has an airtight lid and silicone handle and is slim enough to fit in most refrigerator doors so it won’t take up space in your fridge or on your counter.

22. This safe DIY earwax removal kit that helps you hear better

There’s a good chance that a build-up of ear wax is to blame for not being able to hear with complete clarity. You already know it’s not a good idea to go digging around in your ear with a cotton swab, but this 6-piece earwax removal kit is deemed safe (just make sure you’re using it correctly and never digging in too deep). The kit comes with medical grade stainless steel tools and a portable storage box.

23. An exfoliating body brush for soft, smooth skin

Body brushing goes way back and has roots in Ayurvedic medicine for a few very good reasons, including its ability to boost your lymphatic system. But even if you’re just looking for a gentle massage and an exfoliating pre-shower treatment that keeps skin soft, smooth, and glowing, this is the body brush you need. It has natural bristles, a wooden base, and you can keep a firm grip on its canvas hand strap while you brush away.

24. The waterfall soap dish that won't pool water so bars last longer

All soap dishes are not created equal — this dish, with its waterfall design, is proof of that. The dish features two posts that keep soap bars from sliding off, but it’s also designed with a tilt that allows water to drain from the dish so that it never pools in one place — which also keeps your soap bar lasting a lot longer.

25. A multi-tasking tool slim enough to fit in your pocket

The ultimate survival tool isn’t very handy if you can’t actually carry it around — a problem you won’t find in this slim survival tool card, which is compact enough to fit in your bag or pocket. The card cleverly features 11 tools: use it as a bottle opener, flat screwdriver, cutting edge, can opener, ruler, four-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indication (water compass), two-position wrench, or aa keychain hole.

26. An eco-friendly reusable grocery bag that can hold 50 pounds

These reusable grocery bags help banish plastic and are way better for the planet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on quality. In fact, the opposite holds true: these bags can accommodate up to 50 pounds and are sturdy and durable. The machine-washable bags come in a pack of five in adorable prints and colors and they feature long handles and the ability to fold up into a compact tote that fits in your purse.

27. This double-sided lint brush that doesn't waste paper

Not only is this double-sided lint brush ideal whether you’re a righty or a lefty, but it provides double the lint-capturing, hair-grasping benefits — and there’s zero sticky tape that has to be changed. The brush keeps clothing and upholstery looking great and it’s simple to clean.

28. The cleaning kit for computers and phones that makes screens crystal clear

Working, scrolling, and binge-watching TV shows via a smudged computer, tablet, or phone screen is no way to operate. This screen cleaning kit comes with a bottle of safe cleaning fluid and two reusable cloths. The system is simple, takes seconds, and effectively removes fingerprints, dust, and dirt from screens (and even eyeglasses).

29. These fingerless gloves that protect hands but provide freedom of movement

Your hands can suffer when you’re engaged in fun activities like kayaking, hiking, rowing, fishing, and even driving — both from joint pain and sunburn where you least expect it. These fingerless gloves provide UPF 50+ protection and are made with a stretchy, breathable fabric that protects hands and absorbs moisture, keeping hands cool and dry. The gloves are machine-washable and come in four colors and six sizes.

30. A powerful callus remover that gives you baby-soft feet

Keep your feet soft and smooth in between pedicure appointments (or ditch the pedi altogether and save money) — reviewers swear by this powerful callus remover gel, which should be applied after your shower and before using a foot scrubber. The gel preps skin for exfoliation and as one reviewer sums it up: “this is an easy, fast way to essentially remove calluses and other dead skin from feet while leaving the living, healthy skin undamaged.”

31. The pain-relieving compression sleeve for your foot and ankle

If you suffer from any kind of foot pain — plantar fasciitis, joint pain, heel spurs, or if you simply spend hours on your feet — this compression sleeve for your foot and ankle helps reduce swelling and discomfort. The sleeve allows for airflow so that your foot doesn’t sweat in it. It comes in three colors and three sizes and can be worn when you work out or run for added support.

32. This pumice stone toilet cleaner that won't scratch surfaces

The fine grit surface on this pumice stone cleaner removes hard water stains from surfaces and is excellent at polishing tile and porcelain toilets. Thanks to its long handle your hand won't come anywhere near dirty surfaces and the tool is so dense you'll be reusing it for ages before it needs to be replaced.

33. A power charger for your car that's the size of a credit card

With two USB charging ports, an AC outlet, and an LED light indicator, you can plug this multi-tasking car charger into cigarette lighters and always feel secure that there’s a place to power up your phone, tablet, camera, and any other electronic device you take on the road. The charger boasts a cooling fan and, though powerful, its the size of a credit card — so it won’t take up space in your bag or in your car.

34. An odor-neutralizing freshener for sneakers and shoes

Designed without chemicals and masking fragrances, these shoe deodorizers neutralize unwanted odors without leaving overpowering perfume scents behind. Place them inside of sneakers and shoes and they’ll keep footwear fresh. One bag can be used for up to six months before it needs to be replaced.

35. The cell phone holder that attaches to car vents for easy access

Your cell phone will be right there when you need it — store it in this sturdy cell phone holder that attaches right to your car vent and comes with its own charging port. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and has additional pockets to fit sunglasses, gum, and other travel necessities.

36. A multi-purpose cooking buddy you'll use every day

There’s a reason why this cool multi-purpose kitchen tool is called the “cooking buddy” — it serves so many food prep and cooking purposes, you’ll rely on it daily. The cotton terry piece has silicone inserts and can be used as a pot holder, hand towel, lid grip, tool caddy, and trivet. It can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and hangs over your shoulder or oven handle. Snag one in more than 10 colors.

37. These self-adhesive cable cords so you can organize all of those wires

Dangling wires make rooms look unnecessarily messy, but with all of the gadgets and tools you own, what can you about it? You can get them out of the way and organized by inserting them into these self-adhesive cable clips. The clips come in a pack of 16 in a variety of sizes to fit all cords and wires.

38. The light-blocking eye mask that contours comfortably to your face

Block out distracting light and feel completely comfortable throughout the night with this popular eye mask, designed with concave molded eye inserts that won’t pinch skin. The mask has adjustable straps and is made from soft, supportive memory foam. It comes in black, blue, or gray and includes ear plugs and a travel pouch.

39. These collapsible silicone food containers that are microwave-safe

Feast your eyes on the best food containers you’ll ever bring with you to work or on trips. The four-pack of silicone containers come in different sizes and are safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. They have airtight lids and when you’re finished using them, you can collapse them flat and toss them in your bag for no-fuss travel and storage.

40. A super sharp pair of kitchen shears for faster food prep

Cut into meat, poultry, fish, and veggies with these tough, sharp kitchen shears and you’ll prep your meals even faster than with many knives. The bundle comes with blade and finger protectors — all of the components are dishwasher-friendly.

41. A portable fridge that also heats up to keep food warm

This miniature fridge fits six cans of soda and is the perfect size for dorms, offices, RVs, and more — and it has a regular plug and one that works in your car for things like tailgating. Best of all, you can unplug it, flip the switch to heating mode, and put in your hot lunch to keep it warm for you while you finish up that report before the deadline.

42. The 2-sided nano sponge that scrubs and cleans with just water

This two-in-one nano sponge requires nothing more than water to activate its cleaning powers. It cuts through grease and dirt on tough surfaces like ovens, cookware, and counters. One side of the sponge is perfect for scrubbing away messes, while the other absorbs water and wipes it away. And these sponges will last a lot longer than conventional sponges, saving you money in the long run. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Mic's editorial and sales departments.