These 43 cheap things cut the time it takes to do chores in half

Genius products that’ll save the day.

ByNina Bradley
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Performing household chores can take up a lot of your time and energy. Coupled with the hustle and bustle of work, family, and everyday adulting, it can often seem impossible to manage it all. However, there are so many products that help you save time while doing chores. Thanks to them, you can focus on things you really want to spend time doing.

For example, there's a microwave oven cleaner that loosens dirt and grime so you don't have to scrub, along with a mop and broom mount for easy access while cleaning the house. Not to mention, there are things like dry-erase sticky notes and pet-feeding reminders to help ensure that your home stays organized and chores are met efficiently. Having those products (and many others) on hand will make chores feel like effortless activities — and completing daily household tasks won't take forever.

Whether you're feeling inundated with laundry piles, sluggish drain pipes, or organization mishaps, these genius products are here to do the trick. Each one is affordable and simple to use, allowing you more time to kick back and enjoy the things you love.


A putty that repairs holes & cracks with ease

This putty applicator is great for DIY home repairs, working amazingly to fill in holes, cracks, and other wall imperfections. It's filled with a heavy-weight material that works great on drywall, plaster, and wood. The handheld tool is small enough to fit in any bag or toolbox for quick and accessible use.


The broom & mop holder that mounts onto your wall

Install this broom and mop holder on any wall for simple access to your everyday cleaning tools. It's easy to use, spring-loaded with rollers that allow you to push and remove brooms in one motion. Use it to organize your laundry room, garage, basement, and more.


This unique plunger that removes clogs & cleans pipes

Use this unique plunger to clear your toilet when needed. Made of high-grade materials, it's durable and rustproof, doubling as a squeegee to clean your basin as you unclog it. It comes with a caddy holder that keeps it concealed and sanitary in between uses.


A lint brush that removes debris from your dryer gap

This laundry brush removes trapped lint from your dryer gap for more efficient and safe use of your home’s dryer. It’s made with a durable wood handle and features a flexible stainless steel wand that bends to reach hard places. This device can alternatively be used to dust under furniture and other areas.


The plug-in sanitizer & deodorizer that cleans the air in your home

Plug this sanitizer into any outlet to instantly clean air and reduce unwanted odors. The compact sizing makes it perfectly discreet for any room while the addition of UV-C light helps remove various airborne viruses. It’s super easy to use by simply plugging in and comes with a permanent filter and bulb that only needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 months depending on use.


A drain cleaner that's safe for the environment

This waste-eliminating formula uses natural bacteria and enzymes to clear waste and debris in your drain pipes. Use it in your sinks, disposal systems, bathtubs, septic tanks, and more to alleviate expensive clogging issues. It is non-hazardous for the environment, so use it as much as you'd like.


These cellulose dishcloths that are super absorbent

You'll get the drying power of a towel and the absorbency of a sponge with these reusable dishcloths. Offered in a pack of 10 assorted colors, these biodegradable towels wash, clean, and wipe up spills with little to no effort. They're dishwasher and washing machine safe, making them a great option for long-term use.


A set of space-saving shoe slots for your closet

These double-decker shoe slots save tons of storage space, stacking shoes by pair. Each comes with four adjustable height levels to accommodate different types of footwear. Made of high-quality materials, they are durable and suitable for frequent use in any home or setting.


This garage ceiling light for the perfect amount of brightness

This garage ceiling light helps you see everything you need. Designed with four LED light panels, it produces amazing 360-degree brightness without straining the eye. Durable and sturdy, it fits onto your ceiling like screwing in a light bulb — and it provides over 50,000 hours of light. Use these lights also in workshops, sheds, laundry rooms, or other utility rooms in your home.


A lightweight vacuum cleaner that doesn't require bags

This lightweight vacuum offers powerful suction and use. It serves as a stick vacuum, handle vacuum, and stair vacuum. Plus, the included crevice tool helps navigate hard-to-reach places and it can also be used on hard floors as needed.


An absorbent mop that you don't need to wring

Save time and stress on your back with this super-absorbent mop. It comes with a dual-sided head that flips, so you don't have to wring or change it out as often while using. The spray feature allows you to simply fill the bottle with water and your favorite cleaning solution and you're all set.


A reminder that keeps track of your pet's feeding time

Take the guesswork out of figuring out who fed the dog with this feeding reminder. Simple to operate without the use of batteries, you merely move the slider over to note that the task has been completed. It comes with adhesive backing and magnets so you can place it anywhere in the home.


An upright broom & dustpan set for less stress on your back

This upright broom and dustpan set save space while providing an easy way to tidy up your floors. The standing dustpan and long-handle broom allow you to clean without bending over, working effortlessly on tile, wood, and laminate. A scraper built into the pan helps remove pet hair — and human hair — from the broom. Just snap the broom and pan together after using for compact storage.


These durable non-scratch dish scrubbers

How cool are these non-scratch dish scrubbers? Designed in the shape of various fruits, they feature two-layered construction for maximum durability. Each piece in this five-piece set is a dishwasher and washing machine safe to prevent odor or smells.


A soap dispenser that makes dishwashing simple

This easy-squeeze dish soap dispenser makes after-dinner cleanup a total breeze. Made of silicone, this dispenser offers quick access that's easy to handle and use. It can store up to 8.5 ounces of liquid at a time and is also a viable option for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and more.


The dry-erase sticky notes that you can use over & over again

These dry-erase sticky notes allow you to post, re-stick it, and erase messages as many times as you want. Each is made of a dry-erase whiteboard surface and comes with a smudge-free marker that writes smoothly and easily. Use them on glass, refrigerator surfaces, mirrors, and more.


This magnet that shows when dishes are dirty or clean

Great for families and roommates alike, this sliding dishwasher reminder lets you know when dishes are dirty or clean. It's made with silicone backing to prevent scratching, sticking to your dishwasher with strong magnetic force. Sleek and modern in design, it comes in two metallic shades to complement your kitchen appliances.


An easy-to-use kabob skewer set for simple & delicious meal prep

Make quick and easy snacks for your next barbecue or family gathering with this set of 150 bamboo skewers. They work with nearly any type of meat, threading hotdogs, hamburgers, and more in minutes. Use them also for baking or arts and crafts. Each set comes with skewers of six different sizes, ranging from six inches to 16 inches.


This rapid egg cooker that makes breakfast fast

Cook eggs to perfection with this rapid egg maker. It can prepare up to six eggs, making them soft, medium, or hard boiled as desired. The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to use and store as needed.


The microwave cleaner that saves time & effort

Unique and useful, this creative microwave cleaner offers a quick and easy way to clean your microwave oven. Designed in the shape of an "angry mama," it works with just a few drops of cleaning solution to loosen spots and residue before scrubbing. Place into your microwave and watch it go to work while saving you time and effort.


This gap brush that cleans the crevices of windows

Remove dirt and debris from the crevices of windows, sliding doors, shower tracks, and more with this two-piece cleaner and scraper. This handheld brush sweeps dirt away while the scraper works on harder areas. It's additionally designed with a curved handle and built-in finger grips for more comfortable use.


A paw cleaner that stops pets from tracking mud inside

Prevent your pets from tracking mud and dirt into the house with this paw cleaner. It features silicone bristles on the inside that wipe and cleanse gently. Sized for large and extra-large sized dogs, you simply add water, insert your pup's paw, twist, and dry.


A durable putty that makes repairs a breeze

This epoxy putty takes the hassle out of repairing small imperfections throughout the house. The hand mixable formula is great for repairs on plastics, vinyl, fiberglass, and beyond. Durable and strong, it can be molded, shaped, sanded, and cut to conform to any shape you like.


The mini brush that keeps small devices clean

Use this double-sided mini brush to clean laptops, tablets, and other small devices. It features a soft pad to remove smudges and a retractable brush to whisk away dust and dirt. The added storage cover helps to keep ends protected while in storage.


The extendable windshield cleaner with a long reach

Clean your car's windows without little to no issue with this windshield wiper. The long extension handle and pivoting head help you reach difficult areas without hurting your back, removing dirt, fog, and more with simplicity. Safe to use on nearly all surfaces, this device shouldn't scratch or cause damage.


A trio of plumbing snakes to keep drain pipes clear

These plumbing snakes will save you tons when it comes to fixing clogged drains. Each piece in this three-pack comes with a flexible barbed wand that reached into your drain to remove hair, garbage, and other debris. Use it for your shower or sink drains as needed.


An over-the-sink rack that saves lots of counter space

Make the most of your kitchen space with this over-the-sink rack. Great for food prep and dishwashing, it saves tons of counter space while working around the kitchen. Crafted of high-quality stainless steel, it's durable and heat-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


The collapsible dish basin that's great for indoor & outdoor use

This collapsible basin is perfect for indoor or outdoor use while camping, tailgating, and more. It features a plug and drainer to hold and remove water as needed and can be used to wash dishes, prepare food, and beyond. The freestanding design allows the tub to stand on its own and collapses to one-third of its original height for compact storage.


A garbage disposal brush that removes gunk from your sink

This garbage disposal brush helps remove debris from any sink as needed. The stiff design makes it durable enough to handle larger jobs while the sturdy grip offers easy maneuverability. After use, this brush can be cleaned by rinding or sticking it in the dishwasher.


This window blind duster that cuts cleaning time down

Made of high-quality materials, this blind duster is great for cleaning window blinds, air conditioner vents, and more. It comes with three blades that clean the top and bottom at the same time, cutting the time it takes to dust your windows. Each set comes with five microfiber cloths that can be washed and reused.


The pet hair roller that keeps furniture lint free

Eliminate residual pet hair from your furniture with this pet hair roller. It works effortlessly on couches, bedding, and more and can be used over and over again. To use, simply glide the item back and forth as it collects stray hair inside the container.


A hanging laundry bag with a zippered bottom

This hanging laundry bag makes sorting laundry simple. It's made of woven fabrics and is lightweight as well as easy to install. The wide-open design allows for easy access while the bottom zipper helps you quickly unload contents.


These oven rack protectors that help prevent burns

Help protect your skin from burns with these oven rack shields. Place these silicone shields on every shelf inside your oven to alleviate accidental burning while taking things in and out of the oven. They can withstand up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and are easy to clean by hand-washing or placing them in the dishwasher.


A convenient magnetic shelf that sits over your stove

Place this magnetic shelf on your stove for easy access to your condiments and cooking needs. it features two silicone encased magnets that attach it quickly and easily and can fit most stoves. Made of stainless steel, it's resistant to both rust and stains.


These grippers that prevent rugs from slipping & curling

These grippers help prevent rugs from slipping, sliding, and curling. They adhere to the underside of your rug by simply peeling off the protective film and pressing firmly. These work well with all types of flooring, sticking easily to tile, hardwood, laminate, and more.


A stackable can organizer that holds up to 36 jars & cans

This stackable can organizer can store up to 36 cans or jars at a time using three tiers of shelving, and they stack together for compact storage. Use them to organize the pantry or cabinet area in your kitchen.


A pan & lid holder that saves space in your cabinet

Eliminate clutter and get organized with this pan rack. Slide it into your cabinet vertically or horizontally as desired and fix it with screws for added security. It has five compartments to hold several pans at a time.


This sturdy pet-feeding mat that helps prevent messes

Place this pet feeding mat under your pet's feeding bowls to eliminate mess. The waterproof, silicone design protects floors while the raised edges keep spills and crumbs within reach. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors.


These zip pull extenders that fix broken zippers in minutes

Save money by using these zipper pull extenders to fix broken zipper tabs. Great for use on clothing, backpacks, suitcases, and more, this set of four zippers is made of durable zinc alloy. Simply snap them on and they're ready to use.


A marker & wax set that quickly retouches wooden furniture

Repair nicks, scratches, and dings with this furniture retouching set. It comes with a collection of markers and wax sticks that quickly cover imperfections. Offered the shades of cherry, mahogany, walnut, black, maple, and oak, they're perfect for any patch job.


The moldable silicone that turns into glue

This moldable silicone is a great solution for any DIY home project, because it hardens into glue. Use it for home improvement jobs, crafts, or repair as needed. The non-messy formula works effortlessly on glass, plastic, wood, metal, and just about any other material you can think of.


A high-pressure cleaning wand that attaches to your hose

Turn your garden hose into a power-washing tool with this attachment. The high-pressure wand comes with two spray tips, a magic water jet, and a scrubbing mitt for easy use. Use it to wash your car or clean the house as desired.


A set of eraser sponges that remove scuffs & dirt from walls

These eraser sponges clean scuffs, scratches, and other imperfections from walls, furniture, and more. Made of quality durafoam, they're super effective around the home wherever there’s grime to scrub — use them to clean bathtubs, oven doors, and more. Simply add water and watch them erase with the addition of cleaning products or chemicals.