These cheap & awesome things on Amazon get SO much praise on Reddit

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Money certainly doesn’t grow on trees, that’s why I always try to be as smart as possible with it. Sometimes I’ll sit out expensive vacations with friends, or even — gasp — cook food at home instead of ordering delivery. But when it comes to buying stuff just for the sake of fun, I like to get recommendations from friends on what’s actually worth the money. Or, if no friends are available, I’ll head to Reddit and check out all the cheap and awesome things that get so much praise.

With so many different subreddits to choose from, the sky is nearly the limit when it comes to the cool things you can find. Case in point? A visit to Reddit’s skincare page is filled with people recommending their favorite products — like this protective sun gel made with hyaluronic acid. Or, if you’re really into the latest and greatest electronics, you might also want to check out their gadget page. From dash cams to extra-long lightning cables, there’s a little something for everybody — both on Reddit and in this list.

Being smart with your money is never a bad idea — and when it comes to all these cheap and awesome things that Reddit adores, you can’t go wrong in grabbing more than a few. Keep scrolling for more.

A garlic peeler that does all the work for you

The hardest part about preparing garlic is removing the outer shell, so why not grab this peeler? Simply add your cloves inside, then gently roll them underneath your palm. The silicone ridges will gradually pull away the peel — all while your hands stay clean.

These nail clippers with splashguards & built-in files

These clippers are made with splashguards which collect your trimmed nails so that you can easily dispose of them once you’re done. Plus, the blades are made from sharp stainless steel. The clippers even feature built-in nail files and have a collective 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

A flexible tablet stand that makes it easier to watch videos

Whether you’re watching videos or reading a recipe in the kitchen, this tablet stand is a must-have. The flexible gooseneck lets you adjust the viewing angle however you like — and it’s even compatible with smartphones, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

This elevated monitor stand that helps take strain off your neck

If you’re always leaning down to look at your monitor or laptop, putting it on this stand can help take the strain off your neck. It’s made from tough steel that can handle up to 44 pounds, and the perforated holes help facilitate airflow to keep your hard drive from overheating.

The thermal underwear to keep you warm on chilly nights

Made from soft polyester with a touch of spandex for stretch, these thermal long johns are a must-have for when temperatures dip down low. They also work great as a base layer when you’re outside in the cold, and the color-fast dye is even fade-resistant.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large

A sunscreen formulated with moisturizing hyaluronic acid

Not only does this water-based, moisturizing sun gel feature SPF 50+ protection against UVA and UVB rays, but it’s also made with hyaluronic acid to help keep your skin from dehydrating. And unlike some gels, this one is also safe for coral reefs.

These 10-foot lightning cables made with tough braided nylon

Tired of your charging cables fraying after a few months of use? Switch over to these reinforced lightning cables made with braided nylon. They’re less likely to fray, and each one is 10 feet long so that it’s easy to use them with distant outlets.

A set of stormproof matches that should work in poor weather

Both windproof as well as waterproof, these matches are designed to work in poor weather conditions — and they’ll even burn for up to 15 seconds. You can even relight them after getting them wet, and the protective case also helps keep them high and dry.

The freezer bags you can use over & over again

Instead of wasting your money on disposable plastic baggies, why not make the change to these reusable ones? They’re made from thick silicone that’s both leakproof as well as freezer-safe — and each order comes with 10 in varying sizes.

A pack of highlighters with clear tips so you can see the text underneath

Can’t quite see the line of text under your marker? These Sharpies feature see-through tips so that you can see exactly what you’re highlighting — and the fine chisel tips can be used to draw thick stripes, as well as thinner lines. Plus, the pack has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

This phone ring stand that’s made from tough metal

Whereas some ring stands are made from plastic, this one is made from a tough zinc alloy that’s resistant to fading, as well as polished for a sleek look. You can rotate it a full 360 degrees so that your hand is comfortable when holding your phone, and it also works great for propping your phone up when watching videos.

A universal socket you can use on nearly any bolt

With tough steel rods on the inside that automatically adjust to fit nearly any nut or bolt, this universal socket is a must-have for any toolbox. “Instead of having to go through my whole set to find the right one, I was able to seat this perfectly on the screw and extract it,” raved one reviewer. “What a time saver and it worked really well!”

The chopsticks that light up like lightsabers

Not only do batteries come included, but these lightsaber chopsticks are also an easy way to add fun to any meal. And if you aren’t into blue? Not a problem — you can also grab them in more than 10 colors, including green, purple, orange, and more.

A coffee mug that does the stirring for you

Hot chocolate, tea, coffee — regardless of what you’re sipping on, this self-stirring mug can help make sure that mixing powders don’t wind up collecting on the bottom. It only requires two AAA batteries (not included), while the insulated walls help keep cold drinks chilled or hot beverages toasty.

These portable chargers that are shockingly slim

Some portable chargers are large and bulky, whereas these ones are shockingly slim. Not only do they take up little space in your bag, but each one can power an iPhone X more than two times. Plus, there are also two USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

A clothing steamer that helps erase stubborn wrinkles

Wrinkled clothes are no match for this steamer, as the extra-large water tank provides up to 15 minutes of continuous steam. It’s small enough to take with you when traveling, and it works just as well on curtains and upholstery as it does clothing.

This pull-up bar that fits right over your doorframe

You can do a few reps every time you walk underneath this steel pull-up bar, since it’s designed to fit onto any standard doorway. “This product was easy to install, looks nice, and feels very strong and secure during use,” wrote one reviewer. “It came with all of the hardware needed to build it, as well as the tool used to tighten the nuts/screws.” The grips are often cushioned to help ensure comfortable workouts.

A toner made without any alcohol

Some toners are made with alcohol — but this one, on the other hand, is free from any alcohol, essential oils, or synthetic fragrances. The pH-balancing formula is also lightweight as well as moisturizing, and it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

The remote control made to work with nearly any television

Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Panasonic — no matter what brand your television is, this universal remote is likely compatible. The best part? You can also program it to work with up to three different devices, including DVD players, satellite receivers, and more.

A back scratcher made from eco-friendly bamboo

Got an itch you can’t reach? This back scratcher is long enough that you can easily reach every spot on your back — and since it’s made from bamboo, it’s also eco-friendly. One reviewer even wrote, “These bamboo back scratchers are the best!!! I have had many before but nothing as good as these!”

This clip-on ring light that illuminates photos & video calls

By putting this ring light on your phone, you can easily brighten your photos, video calls, and selfies. Three different modes — low, normal, or high — let you adjust just how bright it is, and the silicone gel on the clamp helps keep your phone safe from scratches.

The dancing cats that hold onto AirPods, pencils & more

AirPods, pencils, pens — these cute cats are a fun way to tidy up your desk without taking up a ton of space. And if you don’t own AirPods? Not a problem, as they’ll also work with wired earbuds. Each pack comes with five cat figurines, and one customer wrote, “Best purchase I’ve ever made.”

A pack of erasable pens with retractable tips

Keep this pack of pens on your desk, and you’ll always have something to write with when inspiration strikes. Unlike some pens, these ones are also erasable — so don’t even worry about making mistakes. Choose from three colors: blue, multi, or black/red/blue.

The cupholders you can attach to nearly any pole

Tired of holding onto that cold can? Just pop it into this portable cup holder. The tough clamp in the center attaches onto all sorts of poles, ranging from fishing rods to wheelchair frames — and you even have the choice of more than 10 colors.

A gadget that makes sure you’ve closed your doors

If you’re always forgetting to close the door behind you, this little gadget can help. Simply attach it to the door frame or wall, then secure the rope to your door. The built-in sensor can tell when you’ve walked by, and will pull the rope tight so that the door shuts.

This electric toothbrush with a powerful, long-lasting battery

Not only can this electric toothbrush hold its charge for up to two months, but each order also includes six extra brush heads. It also features five brushing modes to help clean, polish, and whiten your teeth — and the handle will vibrate every 30 seconds to help you keep track of how long you’ve been brushing.

A pair of waterproof socks that are also breathable

Made from a waterproof nylon-polyester blend with a hint of spandex for stretch, these socks are a must-have for your next camping or ski trip. They’re also lined with breathable material that’s even antibacterial, and they have heels that are reinforced for durability.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large

The oversized hoodie that feels like a cozy blanket

Wrap yourself up in comfort and warmth with this oversized hoodie. It’s lined with soft fleece to help keep you warm on chilly days, and you can even wear it to outdoor sports games. Choose from dozens of colors, including a rich shade of purple.

  • One size fits all.

A knife made from high-carbon stainless steel

Still using those dull knives you’ve got kicking around your kitchen? It’s time to upgrade to this sleek blade made from high-carbon stainless steel. And not only is it sharp, but the handle is even made from real wood. It has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, and one customer wrote, “Recommend for any cooks, 5 stars!”

An eyelash curler that heats up for dramatic volume

When mascara isn’t doing enough to boost your lashes, try giving them some volume with this heated eyelash curler. Three temperature settings let you adjust how dramatic your results are, and a built-in comb make it easy to use, too. Plus, the included battery is rechargeable, and its slim enough to take with you on the go, too.

A drain protector that prevents clogs while letting water flow through

A visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this little drain protector is available for less than $20. Just pop it into your drain, and it’ll collect any bits of hair or debris before they can make their way down your pipes.

These menstrual cups that are leakproof

You can wear these menstrual cups for up to 12 hours without having to worry about leaks, and they’re made from soft, medical-grade silicone to help minimize any discomfort. Choose from two stem styles: rounded, or trimmable.

A tongue scraper made from rustproof stainless steel

Toothpaste not getting your breath as fresh as you’d like? Try using this scraper on your tongue. It’s made from smooth, rustproof stainless steel that shouldn’t nick your skin, and it works to help remove bacteria that might be causing unwanted odors.

This pack of resistance bands that help you get toned at home

If you don’t have time or money for an expensive gym membership, these resistance bands can help you exercise at home for less than $15. Each order comes with five bands in varying resistance levels, and they’re so versatile that you can use them for nearly every muscle group — from biceps to quadriceps.

A hydrating cream made without mineral oil

Not only is this cream made without any parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colors, or animal products, but the gentle formula is also hypoallergenic. It’s suitable for people with sensitive complexions, and the ceramide capsules penetrate deep into skin to help hydrate dry patches.

This mascara with thousands of positive reviews

Formulated with bamboo extract to help lengthen lashes to their fullest, this mascara is a must-have in any makeup collection. The best part? More than 30,000 people left four- and five-star reviews, with one writing, “I put it on in the morning (including bottom lashes) and wore it until 11:00pm and it still looked great.”

These floor-protecting chair socks that look like cat paws

Woven to look like cat paws, these socks are a fun way to help keep furniture legs from scratching up your hard-style floors. They’re stretchy, yet tight — which helps keep them from slipping down. Plus, each order comes with 36 in total.

A burrito blanket made from soft fleece

Ever wonder what it would feel like to wrap yourself up into a burrito? Now you can with this soft burrito blanket. It’s made from cozy fleece that’s perfect for snuggling up on the couch, and even comes in waffle and pizza prints — just in case you don’t like burritos.

This powder cleanser that helps tackle tough stains

Whether you’ve got discolored porcelain or stained metal, this powder cleanser can likely get it looking nearly good as new. It’s so versatile that you can even use it to clean dirty grills, and one reviewer wrote, “This stuff is like magic! Straight up wizardry. I love it! I initially bought it to clean my sink ... I'd say it took less than a minute after making a paste with Bar Keepers Friend to clean the sink up to a nearly new shine.”

The extension cable made for USB ports

Need a USB cable that’s longer than the rest? This one is 10 feet long, and even features a braided nylon cable that helps prevent fraying. Plus, the aluminum alloy connector is even corrosion-resistant. One reviewer wrote that the “cable is thicker than most I've seen and is a little stiff which is great as the cable doesn't tangle and coil up when I move the camera around.”

A snack dish set shaped like a cute dinosaur

Looking for fun ways to serve snacks to guests? Whip out this snack-o-saurus. You can use it for chips and dip, or you can even use it to hold your tacos while you fill them. Plus, both the dinosaur and bowl are BPA-free as well as dishwasher safe.