These cheap, clever things work so well it'll seem like your dog had expensive training

Fool your guests.

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Training your dog to behave is one of the most important parts of pet ownership. And while some dogs take quickly to learning tricks, others can be a little stubborn when it comes to adopting good behavior. Luckily, there are tons of cheap and clever pet products on Amazon that work so well it’ll seem like your dog had expensive training. From anti-chew sprays to no-pull harnesses, there’s something in here that every dog parent can use — even if your dog is already well-behaved.


These bells that can help your dog communicate with you

Having trouble figuring out when your dog needs to go outside? Hang these bells on your door knob, then train them to nuzzle them whenever they need to go. The strap is adjustable so that it doesn’t drag on the floor — and since the bells are made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about them becoming rusty.


This water bowl that won’t spill onto your floors & create puddles

Unlike regular water bowls, this one features a floating disc that your dog will have to press their mouth into in order to lap up water. The result? It’s nearly impossible for them to spill everywhere and also slows them down. Choose from two colors: grey or white.


A harness that can help encourage good behavior on walks

Some dogs can have a tendency to pull when out on walks. Luckily, this harness has a front clip that helps curb that behavior, as well as a back clip for when they’ve finally learned not to yank. Plus, its bright, reflective design helps keep your dog visible when out at night.


The buttons that can let your dog “talk”

Record simple words like “outside,” “play,” or “treat” on these buttons, then teach your dog to press them whenever they want something. Upgraded sound quality makes it easy to hear what each button is saying — and each one only needs four AAA batteries (which are not included) to provide hours’ worth of playback.


A blanket that helps keep your furniture clean

Lay this blanket on top of your couch, and your dog will be able to lounge alongside you without getting hair all over the upholstery. The waterproof backing is perfect for preventing accidents from soaking through — all while a faux fur top helps keep your dog comfortable as they kick back and relax.


This licking mat that can help calm anxiety during bath time

If your dog has trouble sitting still during bath time, try adding some peanut butter to this lick mat, then stick it to your shower wall. They’ll have to work to lick between the grooves in order to get all the peanut butter out, which in turn helps keep their mind busy so that they’re less stressed. Choose from two colors: orange or green.


A sprayer that’ll make bathtime less stressful for your dog

Not only does this sprayer feature massage nodules that can make bath time enjoyable for your dog, but it can also help cut down on mess. The long hose attaches to your tub’s faucet, making it easier to get your dog clean from every angle — and each order even includes an adapter so that you can use it with outdoor spigots.


The jacket that can help calm your pup during thunderstorms

Sometimes, thunderstorms and fireworks can stress out your dog, making this jacket a smart investment. The tight fit squeezes your dog in a way that feels similar to a hug, which can help keep them calm in stressful situations — and the manufacturer even boasts an 80% success rate.

  • Available sizes: XXS — XXL


These mats that help keep your floor clean from kibble

Some dogs can be very messy eaters, so if kibble always winds up on your floors? Try placing one of these waterproof mats underneath the food bowls. The raised lip around the sides helps prevent kibble from winding up on your floors, while a nonslip surface works to keep water bowl spills to a minimum. Choose from five colors.


A bowl that helps your dog eat slowly

Not only does the slow-feeder bowl encourage your dog to take their time, but the nonslip base also helps keep it in place, as well as prevents kibble from scattering onto your floors. Plus, the lip around the edge allows it to fit neatly inside raised feeders.


This snuffle mat that helps keep your dog entertained & distracted

Bored dogs can quickly become destructive, so why not keep yours entertained with this snuffle mat? Simply hide some treats down inside the soft flaps, and your dog will be kept busy as they sniff, flip, and nuzzle around in order to find them. Or, if your dog has a habit of eating too fast, you can also use it as a fun alternative to slow feeder bowls.


A water additive that can help with your dog’s dental care

You brush your teeth every day, but how often does your dog get their mouth cleaned? Luckily, this dog breath freshener can be added to your pup’s water to reduce plaque buildup and odor-causing bacteria. The formula is tasteless and dye-free, and it promotes fresher breath within 14 days.


The spray that can dissuade your dog from chewing on furniture

If your dog prefers chewing your sofa instead of their toys, consider giving the upholstery a few spritzes of this anti-chew spray. While completely harmless as well as stain-free, it does give your furniture an unpleasant taste that can help dissuade your dog from gnawing on it — and many reviewers even raved about how it worked “like a charm.”


A pet brush that can help keep your floors clean

There’s nothing wrong with having pet hair on your floors — but if you’d like to keep it to a minimum, try using this brush on your dog at least once every week. The bristles are flexible enough that they won’t irritate your dog’s skin, yet stiff enough that they’ll still remove stubborn mats and tangles. Plus, the button on the handle retracts the bristles so that all the collected hair is easy to throw out.


This short leash that trains your dog to stay close on walks

It’s always a good idea to teach your dog to stay close to you when out on walks, so why not grab this leash? Not only does it give you added control over your dog, but the padded handle also helps keep your hand comfortable — especially if your dog likes to pull. Choose from four sizes: 12, 18, 24, or 30 inches.


An elevated bed that lets your dog lounge outside

Many pet beds feature a soft underside that can easily get ruined when used outside — instead, give your dog this cot to relax on. The elevated design allows air to circulate throughout, helping keep them cool when temperatures rise high. It’s also weather-resistant and even has a weight limit of up to 75 pounds.


The scratchproof cover that helps keep your backseat clean

Scratchproof, waterproof, and easy to install — this cover hits all the right notes. It fits into the backseat of your car using a series of adjustable straps, making it easy to customize for SUVs, compacts, and every vehicle in between. Plus, it even features side flaps to help keep your backseat doors clean if your dog likes to stick their head out the window.


A roller that removes any trace of pet hair from furniture

Guests won’t be able to tell that your dog sleeps with you if you have this roller, as it removes nearly every trace of pet hair from the furniture with just a few quick swipes. It’s designed to work on practically any type of upholstery, including curtains and rugs. And once the built-in dustbin is full, simply press the button on the handle to empty it out.


These grippers that won’t let your dog move carpets out of place

My dog has a tendency to kick carpets out of place whenever he has the zoomies — that’s why I grabbed these grippers. They help keep your rugs from shifting out of place, even if your dog is running around at the speed of light. And if you ever need to clean underneath? The hook-and-loop closures allow you to pick the rug up and then place it right back down without affecting its grip.


A dry shampoo that helps keep your dog smelling clean between washes

It can be difficult to find time to wash your dog on a regular basis — but that’s where this dry shampoo comes into play. The plant-derived formula works to cleanse, condition, and detangle your dog’s hair, all without any rinsing necessary. Just give them a good wipe-down with a towel after rubbing it through their coat, and your dog is good to go.


This pouch that keeps treats accessible for training

Rewarding your pup with treats is one of the easiest ways to encourage good behavior, so why not grab this pouch? The drawstring closure keeps the treats conveniently within reach, yet prevents your dog from sneaking a few when you aren’t looking — and there’s even a hidden pocket where you can stash a few poop bags. Plus, the belt clip makes it easy to take with you on walks.


The Dentastix that can help freshen your dog’s breath

Clean teeth don’t always equate to fresh breath, which is why I’m a big fan of these Dentastix. Not only do they help freshen your dog’s breath, but they’re also clinically proven to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. The best part? They’re made without any added sugars or fillers, so you can rest assured that you’re giving your dog a high-quality treat.


These training clickers that are easy to take with you

Clicker training is an effective way to encourage good behavior in your dog — and these clickers even come with clips that let you attach them to your belt loops so that they’re easy to take with you. The clicking sound is loud, which means your dog shouldn’t have any trouble hearing it. And unlike some clickers, these ones also have an ergonomic design that allows them to fit comfortably in both hands.


A stuffed toy that can help ease separation anxiety

No matter how much effort you put into crate training, some pups will always be anxious when you leave — that’s where this stuffed animal comes in handy. It features a heartbeat simulator on the inside that can help ease your dog’s anxiety, as it’ll make them feel like they’re snuggled up against a cuddly friend. Just supply two of your own AAA batteries and it’ll be ready to go.


This paw washer that helps keep your floors clean

All the training in the world won’t always keep your dog from playing in the mud, making this paw washer a smart gadget to keep on hand. Simply fill it with water and soap, insert your dog’s paw, then give it a few twists — the soft silicone bristles on the inside will gently wash away dirt without irritating their skin.


A car seat that helps keep your dog from crawling all over

Instead of letting your dog crawl all over your car, why not keep them contained inside this car seat? It’s designed for dogs up to 30 pounds and features a waterproof base to help keep your upholstery safe from accidents. Choose from six colors.


The puzzle toy that can help curb destructive behavior

Oftentimes, a bored dog can quickly start destroying furniture, carpets, and more — so give them this puzzle toy to work with. Once filled with treats, your dog will have to figure out how to flip, lift, and slide the compartments in order to get their snack. And unlike some puzzle toys, this one comes in two difficulty levels: intermediate or easy.


A licking toy that can keep your pup focused & still

This licking toy can suction to nearly any surface, so you can keep your pup busy while you wash them or isolate them during training. It can make a huge difference in keeping your pup’s interests in one place, so they remain still — while you groom them, wash them, or sneak out of the room to practice leaving them on their own for awhile.


This barrier that keeps your dog from climbing into the front seat

If your dog is too big for that car seat, this barrier is another smart way to keep them from climbing out of the backseat while you’re driving. It’s designed to fit inside nearly any car — whether you drive a truck or a sporty convertible — and installation is as easy as clipping it to your headrests.


An automatic feeder that helps you establish a routine

Establishing a consistent routine is essential when training your dog, which is where this automatic feeder comes in handy. A built-in timer lets you customize how often and at what time your dog gets fed, while a twist-lock top helps keep them from accessing the kibble inside. Plus, the interior compartment is large enough to hold up to 12 days’ worth of food.