These cheap things that you may not know existed make life so much easier & better

What’s better than a shortcut?

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Life can be challenging, and I’m not even talking about the big stuff. I mean the countless never-ending little chores and inconveniences that can stack up. Finding the right products to make life easier can feel like a never-ending pursuit — not to mention a pricey one. But when it comes to dealing with life’s little day-to-day trials and tribulations, there are many affordable and clever Amazon products out there that make it easier.

Whether it’s accessories that keep your car clean and organized, self-care products that make you feel like a million bucks, or a new gadget that improves your snacking, there’s something on this list for you.


A stain-busting laundry spray that’s gentle & effective

Life gets messy — stop stains in their tracks with this stain remover. This professional-grade cleaner works fast to life up so many different types of stains from fabrics, whether they’re caused by juice, grass, mud, wine, coffee, grease, or anything in between. It’s also safer-choice certified and free from nasty chemicals like formaldehyde and sulfates, making it tough on stains, not on your clothes or the environment.


This trunk organizer that keeps your car clutter-free

Having literal junk rolling around in your car’s trunk is a nuisance and an eyesore. Keep your vehicle from getting cluttered with this trunk organizer. Durable and water-resistant, it has multiple compartments for holding everything from tools to jumper cables to groceries. It features a tie-down strap system that keeps belongings in place while you’re on the road and folds away conveniently when not in use.


A purse holder that keeps your handbag upright in the car

This convenient bag holder keeps your purse exactly where you need it — suspended between the two front seats of your car, so it’s nearby and upright but out of the way. It prevents your purse from tipping over or falling to the floor when you brake and has an extra pocket for added storage. As a bonus, if you have a furry friend, the car cache can act as a barrier, preventing them from climbing through to the front seat.


This pet hair remover that went viral on TikTok

Just because you love to cuddle your dog or cat doesn’t mean your clothing has to advertise it: clean all loose fur and hair off your clothes and upholstery with this pet hair remover. It quickly and effectively removes pet hair without snagging fabric and can be used over and over again. With over 100,000 happy online reviews, you won’t be disappointed.


A foot peel mask that makes your feet so smooth

Treat your tough and tired feet to a total makeover with this foot peel mask. A blend of fruit acids and botanical extracts exfoliates your feet, sloughing away dry skin cells and leaving your soles soft and supple. Great for calluses and cracked heels, these masks fit sizes up to 11.


This lantern that is powered by the sun

This solar-powered lantern offers up to 10 hours of bright LED light, perfect for camping or to have around the house in case of emergencies. Not only does it provide illumination in the dark, but it can also be used as a portable power bank to charge your phone. Waterproof and versatile, it collapses to the size of a hockey puck for easy storage.


These invisible pimple patches that heal zits

These acne patches are ultra-thin, translucent, and target your blemishes without calling attention to them. They’re free of fragrances and alcohol and are designed with hydrocolloid, which absorbs pus from whiteheads. They have the added benefit of discouraging you from picking, scratching, and popping that zit, making matters worse.


A car seat cover that protects your back seat from muddy paws

Four layers of comfy and easy-to-clean materials make this car seat cover a durable and waterproof barrier that will protect your car from the muddiest paws. A nonslip rubber backing, two seat anchors, and four adjustable buckle straps ensure it will stay in place, keeping your pet safe and comfortable. Choose from four colors.


These touch-sensitive puck lights for easy illumination anywhere in your home

These battery-operated wireless lights are great for any room in your house. Whether it’s shelves, your closet, or under cabinets that require a little extra illumination, these puck lights project a warm, white glow and have a run time of 100 hours. The included remote works up to 15 feet away and controls up to 12 lights simultaneously. They come with everything you need to install them quickly and easily.


This nourishing balm that helps remove makeup

The number one rule of skincare is never to go to sleep without taking off your makeup — but sometimes, that waterproof eyeliner is a little too long-lasting. So save yourself the strife by using this makeup remover. Formulated with nourishing plant-based active ingredients like bilberry and moringa seed extracts, it gently removes makeup and cleanses dirt and oil from your pores while leaving your skin soft and moisturized.


A mirror that stays clear no matter how steamy it gets

No more beard trimmings scattered around the sink vanity — this fogless mirror adheres to any flat, clean surface with a strong suction cup, so you can shave in the shower, cutting down on mess. An anti-fog film prevents water vapor from sticking to the mirror’s surface, and there is a handy razor hook built into the front that keeps it stored within easy reach.


This armband that holds your cellphone while you run

You don’t want a cell phone bouncing and flopping around in your pocket while you run. This versatile armband is made of a breathable, sweat-wicking material that is stretchy enough to hold any size cell phone. 100% water-resistant and sweat-proof, it has a convenient headphone cord opening so you can easily run to your favorite jams or podcast.


These yoga exercise cards that are perfect for beginners & advanced students alike

You’ve been saying you want to get into yoga for years now; it’s time you gave it a real shot with these yoga exercise cards. This deck comes with 70 sweat-proof exercise cards, each with detailed instructions and illustrations for you to build an at-home workout. “Just what I needed,” says one five-star reviewer. “Great set to teach us, beginners, how to do the poses correctly. Easy to read and large enough to have them out in front of you for reference during your session.”


A pumice stone that’s great for scrubbing toilets

Limescale, rust, calcium, and hard water causing unpleasant stains? There’s an easy solution: this toilet-cleaning pumice stone. No harsh chemicals or environment-hurting soaps are required — use water and a gentle scrubbing motion to remove stains. It leaves no residue behind and is great for toilets, sinks, tubs, tile, and more. In addition, it comes with a handy storage case for when it’s not in use.


This soup ladle that adds kitsch to your kitchen

Add some whimsy next time you cook with this adorable soup ladle modeled after the Loch Ness Monster. Made of BPA-free, heat-resistant silicone, it’s dishwasher safe and great for scooping everything from soup to gravy to fruit punch. You’ll love seeing his head sticking out of the bowl; if you have a sense of humor, this purchase is Nessie-sary.


A pack of reusable coffee pods that save you money & help the environment

This six-pack of reusable coffee pods allows you to save money, reduce waste, and enjoy fresher, tastier coffee. Made with BPA-free plastic and a durable, stainless steel mesh, they’re easy to fill with your very own freshly ground beans — so you’ll know they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for months going stale. They’re compatible with most Keurig devices.


A power bank that rapidly charges your devices

At only half an inch thick, this power bank is slim enough to slip into a pocket or bag. It boasts a USB-C IN&OUT port, so you can use it to fast-fuel three devices together. It can rapidly charge an iPhone up to 78% in just one hour, and a cool, light-up paw design indicates how much charge the device has left.


An extendable, flexible brush that keeps your dryer vent clean

Neglecting to clean out your dryer vent can be a potential fire hazard. With this dryer vent cleaning kit, ensure your home is safe — and keep your dryer efficient, thereby saving you money on your energy bill. This high-quality synthetic brush can be extended up to 40 feet and can be turned by hand or with the help of a power drill for even faster cleaning.


A microwavable popcorn maker that’s collapsible

Enjoy perfectly popped popcorn from the comfort of your own home with this microwave popcorn popper. It’s made of silicone, so it’s shatterproof, heat-resistant, nonstick, and can collapse to half its height to fit easily in a drawer. It comes in 20 different fun colors and can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn at once.


This magnetic meat thermometer that mounts easily to any metal surface

When it comes to pork and chicken, food poisoning is not worth the risk. So take the guesswork and anxiety out of cooking with this digital meat thermometer. It has a large backlit LED screen that’s easy to read and calls up temperatures in as quickly as 3 seconds. It’s waterproof, can quickly toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and — the cherry on top: it has a magnetic design so it adheres to appliances.


A milk frother that takes your java to the next level

Treat yourself to barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos from the comfort of your kitchen with this milk frother. Its small but powerful motor expertly aerates your milk to a frothy foam in seconds. An ergonomic silicone handle and stainless steel stand complete its quality design.


This hanging shoe organizer that makes space in your closet

If you’re tripping over a pile of sneakers and heels every time you open your closet door, you need this hanging shoe organizer. With 10 shoe shelves and additional mesh pockets on the sides for accessories, it’s a wonderful space-saving product. It has two metal hooks that provide firm support, and it’s constructed out of breathable polypropylene, allowing for airflow.


A water-repellent spray that protects your kicks

Even the cutest rain boots don’t go with every outfit. No worries: you can upgrade almost any shoe and make them waterproof with this protective spray. The spray coats your footwear in a clear protective coat that keeps water and dirt from sticking.


This rechargeable book light that won’t disturb your partner

Curling up with a book is a soothing bedtime ritual — but the blue light produced by your bedside lamp might be doing you a disservice and keeping you awake longer. This LED book light has a setting that filters out 99% of blue light, helping to promote melatonin production so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s rechargeable, has a sturdy clamp, a flexible 360-degree gooseneck, and three illumination levels.


A nail polish holder that you can wear on your hand

No more accidentally knocking over a bottle and spilling polish everywhere with this wearable nail polish holder. “This thing makes it possible to do your nails on the couch or in bed without a table,” says one reviewer. Its stretchy silicone design fits fingers of all sizes and comes in 22 fun colors.


An aerator that improves the flavor of wine

Immediately elevate the taste and smell of your wine by aerating it with the help of this wine aerator. Its clever design utilizes the Bernoulli effect (ooh, science!) to create large bubbles, infusing the optimal amount of oxygen into every glass. A tight rubber seal prevents drips and spills, and the long tapered wide mouth ensures a smooth pour.


These reusable cooler packs that are colder than ice

Some combination of science and magic makes the gel inside these reusable cooler packs denser than ice and sustains a temperature of 18 degrees Fahrenheit when frozen. They stay cold even as they thaw, so they can keep your favorite foods and drinks chilled for up to 48 hours. In addition, they’re nylon-reinforced, making them robust and resilient so they won’t leak.


This slim bra wallet that holds valuables securely against your body

This nifty bra wallet was designed with international travel in mind. The perfect size to hold your passport, cash, essential cards, and other valuables, it’s made of elastic fabric and can be worn securely underneath your clothing, out of reach of handsy pick-pockets. It comes with two global lost and found tags and you can snag one in pink or black.


These gloves that protect your hands against nasty cuts

If you think a paper cut hurts, you don’t want to know what a butcher’s knife could do. There’s no need to find out, especially if you have these cut-resistant gloves. Four times stronger than leather, they’re made of the highest level of cut-resistant material on the market. They’re machine washable and food safe, making them perfect for food prep.


An adjustable strainer that clips onto pots & pans

This clip-on strainer is the answer to my kitchen nightmares: no more awkwardly slopping hot water into the sink and spilling half my pasta in the process. Its brilliant design easily clips onto any pot, pan, or bowl and has a built-in spout to maximize water drainage. Made of FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, it’s heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher-safe.


A stainless steel splatter screen that protects against hot oil bursts

This splatter screen is made of durable stainless steel with an ultra-fine finish that blocks greasy oil splatter and it is large enough to work with most cookware. In addition, the dishwasher-safe screen is resistant to heat and rust and protects not only you from burns and blisters but your oven and stovetop from a greasy mess.


These strip lights that make the colors on your TV pop

This luminescent bias lighting is a winner; when placed behind your TV or computer monitor, the true white color of these strip lights helps prevent eye strain and allows you to enjoy richer colors and greater contrast. Powered by a USB that plugs easily into your device, they have 10 brightness modes and are easily installed with the included 3M tape.


A refrigerator deodorizer that lasts up to a decade

If that box of stale, hardened baking soda in the back of your fridge just isn’t cutting it, you need this refrigerator deodorizer. It doesn’t just absorb unpleasant odors, it also actively decomposes the harmful gases causing them, stopping the smell at its source. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel, so it’s non-toxic and rust-proof and can last up to 10 years.


These colorful & protective liners for your refrigerator & drawers

I cleaned my fridge recently. Learn from my mistake and spare yourself the horror of scraping and scrubbing built-up mysterious sticky spills off your fridge shelves by investing in these refrigerator mats. They’re waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof, plus they’re a cinch to wipe clean and can be cut to any size you need. This colorful pack comes in a set of nine.


An auto-drip coffee maker that does the pouring over for you

Fresh pour-over coffee is delicious, but taking the time to meticulously pour the hot water can be a little time-consuming if you’re in a hurry. This single-serve pour-over coffee maker has an auto-drip tank that does pouring-over work for you, saving you time and effort and leading to a consistent and flavorful brew. It has easy-to-read measurement markings and a lid that retains heat and doubles as a drip tray — and the whole thing is conveniently dishwasher-safe.


This cookware organizer with adjustable shelves

If you’ve ever looked at your spaghetti pot trapped at the bottom of a mountain of other cookware and decided that unearthing it from the stack isn’t worth it, then this pan organizer rack is precisely what you need. It has eight tiers and can be arranged in three different ways to keep your pots, pans, lids, trays, baking sheets, and cutting boards all well-organized and easy to reach.


These bendy reusable rubber twist ties for organizing electronics

Tame the rat's nest of tangled electronic cords on your desk or in your backpack with these rubber twist ties. The soft rubber exterior is UV-resistant and strong, with a stretchy loop that easily slips over the heads of your USB cords. A strong and bendy wire interior means they can be wrapped around cables without losing their shape, and they come in a variety of bright colors so you can quickly identify your electronics at a glance.


A sophisticated ice tray that makes large sphere cubes

Elevate your homemade cocktails and wow your guests with beautiful ice spheres using this ice tray mold. Made of sturdy food-grade plastic with a BPA-free silicone cover, its clever design has an integrated funnel in the lid that makes them leak-proof and mess-free. Not only do they create gorgeous spheres every time, but they’re also proven to melt slower, so your drinks don’t dilute as quickly.


This magnet that lets everyone know if the dishes are dirty or clean

Did someone run the dishwasher already? Make sure everyone in your household is on the same page with this handy dishwasher magnet. The waterproof magnet can be flipped to say “dirty” after you’ve unloaded the machine, and then switch it to “clean” when you hit the start button on a fresh cycle. It even works on stainless steel dishwashers that are not magnet-receptive.


These multi-purpose scrubbing brushes that get to the bottom of things

This BPA-free bottle-cleaning brush set comes with five brushes of varying heights and widths so you can give any water bottle, coffee tumbler, drinking glass, or mason jar — even the inside of drinking straws — a thorough scrubbing. Each dishwasher-safe brush features a sturdy handle and neck, stiff nylon bristles, and a core of rust-resistant stainless steel.