These clever, cheap products on Amazon work shockingly well — & have pictures to prove it

See for yourself.

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Yes, the trick to shopping online is almost always to check customer reviews — but taking a close look at product pictures will help, too. They’ll usually display the item in motion so that you can see exactly what you’re ordering, and the products on this list are backed with those kinds of images.

In fact, I’ve ensured that each item has a before-and-after picture that proves what the product can accomplish. That way, you can rest assured that you’re spending your hard-earned money on something worthwhile.

But if you want to see more? You’ll just have to keep scrolling.


This hair treatment that transforms strands in just 8 seconds

Whether your hair feels dry or you’re experiencing unwanted frizziness, this treatment might be able to help. It’s formulated with a blend of amino acids and vitamin E, helping nourish your strands from the inside out — and results are noticeable after just eight seconds. It also has a light floral scent, leaving you smelling oh-so-fresh.


A pair of pumice stones that are easier to grip

Not only do the built-in handles on these pumice stones make them easier to scrub with, but they’re also perfect for all sorts of grimy jobs. You can use them to get rid of limescale, hard water stains, and other stubborn types of build-up — and while tough on stains, they won’t leave behind any scratches.


These acne patches that help blemishes heal fast

This pack of acne patches guarantees results within just 12 hours, as each one is packed with a patented serum that absorbs pus to help flatten unwanted blemishes fast. And since they’re waterproof, there’s no need to worry about them washing off in the shower.


The plastic bins that help you sort out messy drawers

From office supplies to makeup, these plastic bins can be used to organize all sorts of items. You can arrange them however you like, making it easy to fit them in drawers of nearly any shape or size — many reviewers appreciated how they “fit perfectly.” They’re also completely BPA-free.


This subtle box that helps you conceal cable clutter

Got a mess of cables sitting out in plain sight? Hide them inside this box. Multiple slats in the back allow you to thread your cables through if needed, while ventilation holes on the top help keep the inside from overheating. Choose from two colors: black or white.


These magic hangers that help you open up space in cramped closets

Cramped closets are no match for these magic hangers, as their vertical orientation allows them to open up even more space for you to use. Each one can hold up to five garments — and they’re heavy-duty enough to support up to 8 pounds, making them suitable for bulky pairs of jeans.


A makeup organizer with space for 8 palettes

Palettes, compacts, lipstick — this organizer is versatile enough to hold all of your makeup necessities. The dividers are removable, allowing you to adjust them to fit larger palettes if needed. Plus, the thick acrylic is incredibly durable.


A bed skirt that’s resistant to fading & shrinking

There’s no need to worry about how this bed skirt will hold up in the wash, as it’s made from soft polyester that’s both fade- and shrink-resistant. At 16 inches in length, it’s suitable for nearly any bed frame — and the quadruple pleating at the corners gives it a crisp look.


The clothes steamer that you can take with you

Your packed clothes are almost guaranteed to come out looking wrinkled after just a few hours, so why not bring this handheld steamer with you on your next trip? It’s small enough to fit in a suitcase and can produce up to 15 minutes of continuous steam. Plus, the 9-foot power cable makes it easy to use with awkward outlets.


The cleaning kit that breathes new life into tired shoes

Whether you like to rock sneakers or strut around in boots, this cleaning kit can help get your footwear looking clean as new. Each order comes with enough cleaning solution for up to 100 pairs of shoes, while the stiff brush makes it easy to get rid of everything from dirt to grime. Reviewers also appreciated how “a little goes a long way.”


A fabric shaver that can help old clothes look good

If your sweaters and leggings have started to pill, consider using this fabric shaver to give them a quick refresh. Stainless steel blades easily slice through fuzz without yanking at the fabric — and you can even adjust the shaving height up to three levels, making it suitable for nearly any type of fabric.


This sleek power strip that blends into your wall

Unlike the bulky power strips you’ve probably been using, this one has a flat plug that blends into your wall, making it way less noticeable. Six outlets give you tons of room for all your devices — and you have the choice of two lengths: 3 or 8 feet. From personal experience, I’ve also found that you can paint it the same color as your wall for an ultra-subtle look.


A hold repair kit that even the most novice DIYers can use

You don’t have to be an experienced DIYer to fix the holes in your drywall — just use this kit. It’s suitable for holes up to 3 inches in diameter, and the proprietary repairing solution shouldn’t shrink, crack, or sag over time. The best part? Each order also includes a small sanding pad to help you buff away any clumps.


These gap covers that help protect the sides of your stove from mess

Pulling out your stove to wipe down the sides can be a real pain, making this pack of gap covers a smart investment. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone, making it safe to use them on gas as well as electric stoves — and you can even trim them to fit if necessary. Choose from three colors: black, white, or clear.


A spray that delivers a streak-free shine on stainless steel

Using regular cleaning sprays on stainless steel can make it look cloudy — instead, use this spray. It’s effective on all sorts of grime, and easily erases fingerprints with a single swipe. Plus, the lavender scent leaves your kitchen smelling oh-so-fresh.


This heavy-duty cleanser that’s tough on hard water stains

If you’re struggling to get rid of rust or hard water stains, this cleanser might be the solution you’ve been looking for. While hard on tough stains, it’s completely nontoxic — and if your bathroom is already looking good, you can even use it on dirty glass stovetops — it’s that versatile.


A stainless steel scrubber that’s safe to use on cast iron

Scrubbing cast iron with soap can strip away the seasoning, but you can make the switch to this chainmail scrubber instead. This one is made from stainless steel, making it resistant to rust — and the edges of each ring are smooth so that you don’t have to worry about them raking against the layer of seasoning you’ve built up.


The foot peels that help soften dry, flaking feet

Don’t have time for a pedicure? These peels can help exfoliate away all that dry, flaking skin for a fraction of the price. They’re fortified with aloe vera to help keep your feet from drying out while they peel — all while their peppermint and lavender scents help relax your mind after a long day.


These tongue scrapers made with smooth stainless steel

Made from rustproof stainless steel, these scrapers have rounded edges that allow them to easily glide across your tongue, minimizing the risk of irritation. They’re designed to help remove odor-causing bacteria from the surface of your tongue.


This jewelry cleaner that gets your silver shining bright

If your silver jewelry has started to tarnish, this cleaning solution can help get it back to its original shiny state. While tough on tarnish, it’s 100% nontoxic as well as biodegradable. And since there’s zero ammonia, there’s no need to worry about it irritating the skin.


A pots & pans organizer with customizable shelves

Since the shelves on this organizer are adjustable, you can easily fit everything from tall pots to slim frying pans. The heavy-duty shelves won’t warp under the weight of hearty cast iron — and there’s enough space for up to eight pieces of cookware. Or, if your pans are already organized, you can also orient the structure horizontally and use it for lids.


These boot clips that help keep your jeans from riding up

Tired of your jeans or leggings riding up in your boots? Try adding a pair of these boot clips to your leg openings. They keep your pants from inching upwards, and they can be adjusted to be as tight or loose as you like. The clips are also padded, making it unlikely that they’ll damage fabrics.


The mug organizers that help open up space in cramped cabinets

Coffee mugs can take up a ton of room in your cabinets, making these organizers a must-have if you’re running out of storage space. They let you stack your cups on top of each other so that they take up half as much space, and they can even be expanded to fit larger mugs as needed.


This cleaning spray that helps you get tired leather looking good as new

Whether the leather in your car or on your couch is looking a little worse for wear, this spray might be able to help. It gently lifts away dirt without leaving behind any greasy residues — and it’s even versatile enough to use on everything from bird poop to tree sap. The best part? Each order includes a microfiber cleaning cloth.


These grippers that help keep your rug corners from curling up

Curled rugs can be a big tripping hazard, so why not secure them down flat with these grippers to help prevent it? They’re suitable for use on nearly any floor, from stone to carpet — and since the adhesive backing is weatherproof, you can even use them on outdoor rugs.


A kit that can help brighten cloudy headlights

Headlights can become cloudy over time, which is why it’s always a good idea to have this restoration kit on hand. Simply pop one of the abrasive buffing discs into your power drill, then use it to buff away any yellowing or cloudiness so that your headlights are left looking crystal clear.


The splashguard that helps keep your sink top clean

Place this splashguard around the base of your sink faucet, and it’ll catch any stray drips or splashes that fall its way. The silicone material easily rinses clean once dirty, and you can even make the faucet opening larger by trimming it with scissors if needed. Choose from two colors: black or grey.


These organizers that help keep items from falling between car seats

Tired of stuff falling between your car seats? Pop one of these organizers inside to close up the gap. They’re large enough to hold money, phones, sunglasses, or even a small flashlight — and they’ll automatically adjust to fit between the seats of nearly any vehicle.


A set of fridge bins that can help reduce food waste

It’s almost too easy to lose ingredients in the back of a disorganized fridge, so why not grab these bins? They’re made from clear plastic, making it easy to see where everything is located without needing to unpack anything. Plus, each one has a handle in the front and back to help you pull them out.


This brush that gently detangles knotted hair

Instead of trying to brush through knotted hair, use this detangling brush to gently separate your strands. It works particularly well with naturally curly hair, removing knots with minimal pain so that you walk away with up to 80% less damage to your strands. Choose from five colors.


The hangers that can help open up space in cramped closets

Running out of space in your closet? These hangers are extra-slim, allowing them to take up less space than those chunky ones you’ve probably been using. Despite their slim profile, they can still hold up to 11 pounds — so there’s no need to worry about them warping under heavy loads.


A polish that leaves hardwood looking sleek & shiny

Whether your floors or your furniture are looking a little dull, this polish can help get all sorts of wood surfaces to look sleek and shiny. A blend of conditioning oils works to restore the wood’s natural beauty, while carnauba and beeswax create a protective layer to help lock in some much-needed moisture. The best part? It also has a refreshing orange scent that isn’t overpowering.


This carpet shampoo that removes stains as it deodorizes

You wash your clothes all the time, but when was the last time you washed your carpet? Enter: this carpet shampoo that removes stains and deodorizes. It’s extremely potent, which means a little goes a long way. And despite how powerful it is, the formula is still biodegradable and nontoxic.


A paint pen that makes it easy to refresh dirty grout

When no amount of scrubbing will get your grout looking clean, try using this paint pen instead. The long-lasting formula won’t wash away in the shower, while the narrow tip makes it easy to color directly onto your grout lines. Plus, there’s enough paint inside to cover up to 150 feet of grout.


The grooming comb that helps you remove stubborn matting

Whether your pet has long or short hair, this grooming comb is designed to gently remove any matting so that their hair is left feeling soft and smooth. The teeth are made from rust-resistant stainless steel — and its ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in both hands.


A cleanser that powers through hard water marks

Hard water marks are no match for this cleanser, as it’s able to power through everything from limescale to rust stains on surfaces including pools, shower doors, glass, and more. You also don’t need to do a ton of scrubbing in order to get a thorough clean, as the formula is strong enough that it does most of the work for you.


This privacy screen that hides your laptop from prying eyes

Not a fan of people peering at your laptop over your shoulder? Use this privacy screen to help conceal what you’re looking at. It’s designed to fit laptops ranging from 13 to 16 inches, and also helps filter out glare so that your screen is easier to read in bright sunlight.