These clever home hacks will make it look like you hired an interior designer

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You’ve probably seen them on social media feeds everywhere, taking up the bulk of your future home Pinterest boards and somehow seeming wildly out of reach. I'm talking about spaces — more specifically, spaces that look like they came straight out of a home catalog. While these all-marble kitchens and picturesque living rooms are likely put together by an interior designer, sometimes it's easier to do it on your own (and for half the price). That, my friend, is the beauty of the Amazon essentials listed here.

Hint: It's actually possible to design your home with a curation of online finds, from vegan leather pillow covers and flameless candles to sleek record holders and TV backlights. There's something for the DIY aficionado (peep: peel-and-stick wallpaper), as well as the novelty item enthusiast (the spilled wine holder, of course). All you have to do is add these items to cart and put them together. Then, you've got yourself a pad that's both photo-worthy and delivered to your mailbox in two to five business days (shipping times may vary, of course).

The best part? There are more unique home additions than you probably thought possible. If there’s anything I know to be true, it’s that endless choices are Amazon’s specialty. So if you're looking to spruce up the living quarters, worry not. The options here can help.


These handwoven, magnetic curtain tiebacks for fancy-ing up your window sitch

There are curtains, and then there are curtains with tiebacks. These stylish and shiny drape ties are designed with magnets so that pulling your drapes together takes virtually zero effort (while still looking utterly brilliant). They also come in 15 colors from rich coffee brown to lustrous gold, so you can customize like it’s nobody’s business.


This modern round end table for all the small spaces

An aesthetically pleasing end table with a stunning minimalist design has just entered the chat, so let’s pay attention. This three-legged accent piece is both functional and decorative with its waterproof surface and modern round top that’s perfectly fitting for a cup of tea and your favorite coffee table book. There’s also non-slip rubber on the feet of each leg so table toppling is officially ancient history.


The throw pillow covers that are made with vegan leather

In my opinion, top-notch design means healthy amounts of contrast and pairing the look of leather with the softness of a classic throw pillow. Just slide these cognac-colored covers over your living room pillows and rest easy knowing the zipper is practically invisible. There’s also a decent selection of sizes so you can sprinkle vegan leather all over your home. Happy for you.


These adjustable LED bulbs for your Hollywood-esque vanity mirror

You can kiss unbalanced bathroom lighting goodbye, because these adjustable mirror light bulbs are about to take your makeup application experience to next-level heights. These bulbs are a comfortable mix of bright and natural, so you can get the most optimal lighting without tiring out your newly glammed-up eyes. Plus, lots of brownie points for the smart-touch dimmer.


This adhesive marble granite paper to instantly upgrade your furniture

Are you over the same old solid countertops? Spiff the place up with none other than this adhesive marble wallpaper. It's made of mega-smooth vinyl material and has a realistic glossy finish so your guests will have to do a double-take. This versatile liner can also cover anything from drawers and desks to shelves and nightstands, so you can really milk it for what it's worth.


These round mirrors that come in all sorts of sizes

This set of seven round mirrors is here to make your walls seriously pop. With an assortment of sizes ranging from small to large, these durable glass mirrors also make for stunning table centerpieces. Plus, they come with foam stands just in case you decide to forego the wall route. Everyone wins here.


A spiral-shaped LED lamp with multiple color settings

Looking like it's fresh out of a museum, this super unique spiral table lamp — which might as well be a work of art — will give your desk just the touch of bright it needs. Standing at a solid 13 inches tall, this minimalistic piece comes in metallic gold and silver. Plus, it allows you to adjust its light with a simple touch remote. If that's not enough, it's energy-saving. I know.


These flameless flickering candles that can be controlled with a remote

These gray glass flameless candles are pretty perfect if you're in the camp of no-candle households. These warm LED candles from Amazon are made with real wax and flicker while in use, so the ambiance is 100% there (minus the flames). You can also set a timer and control both the brightness and flicker with the touch of a button. One reviewer even said they were, and I quote, "A winner." Agreed.


The whimsical ceramic vases to brighten up your home

If you ask me, you can never go wrong with a room full of neutrals — but a few bold pops of color via these ceramic vases will add a major element of fun to your space. This three-piece set comes with an assorted mix of tangerine, olive, and turquoise vases for a little contrast in height and hue. Throw in some very aesthetically pleasing pampas grass and you'll even impress yourself.


These voice-controlled colorful light bulbs that are actually the future

Smart light bulbs are the move if you want more ease with your lighting system (and 16 million colors to go along with it). I can't make this stuff up: These Kasa smart bulbs are Alexa- and Google Home-compatible as well as dimmable, so you can go from cool to warm in a literal instant. All you need to do is download the Kasa app to get these little geniuses working.


The floating wall shelves that come in tons of fun colors

You can display your picture frames on top of a dresser, or you can implement some newfound design skills with this five-tier shelf set. These shelves are made to fit cozily into corners and are ultra-durable so they can hold up to 11 pounds of your photos, plants, and latest reads. They also come in a wide range of colors from rich espresso to rustic blue, so you can match them to your room's color palette. So many options.


A genius light-up clock that tells time using words

In my opinion, the only thing better than a unique clock is a unique clock that tells time with words. This Sharper Image light-up clock is a must-have if you're into novelty items that are also super functional. FYI, it clocks time in five-minute intervals and also comes in either a jet black or clean copper finish. Needless to say, this gem deserves all the attention it attracts.


This 12-inch snake plant that’s super low-maintenance

Most plants take a good amount of maintenance, but this Costa Farms snake plant is by far the easiest to keep alive. It has a contemporary, fresh look with its upright leaves, and you only have to water once every few weeks. Full transparency, this plant kind of reigns supreme.


A mid-century plant stand with adjustable width

If you're going to become a devoted plant parent, you're more than likely going to need a plant stand. This mid-century, four-legged plant stand is the epitome of modern design, and comes in both matte black and gold finishes so you can customize away. It's also anti-slip with sticky pads on each foot for extra stability. PSA: You’ll definitely want to add more than one to your cart.


The nonslip area rug that’s unbelievably fluffy

Add some sizable fluff to your living room with this super soft area rug that comes in basically any color you can think of. Designed with a spongy middle layer and available in eight different sizes so you can cozy up any part of your home, this nonslip shag rug is just what the interior designer ordered for more warmth in your humble abode.


These fairy lights that can be shaped for every DIY project

These bendable, decorative LED string lights come in nine vibrant colors, and they’re waterproof as well as battery operated. These are even made with a flexible wire so you can shape them for any DIY project. They're also available in lengths ranging from 10 feet to 32 feet, so you'll have superior decorating freedom.


The stick-on wallpaper to spruce up your humble abode

Give your painted walls a makeover with this peel-and-stick geometric wallpaper that's a dream to apply. Made of smooth vinyl and available in black, gold, and teal metallics, this adhesive wallpaper takes virtually zero effort to install and shouldn’t damage your walls upon removal. I doubt you'll want to do that, though.


The thermal-insulated blackout curtains that’ll dim the room during the day

These blackout drapes are available in almost 40 shades (yes, pun intended), along with 13 sizes. The triple-weave polyester curtains are also thermal-insulated to help protect your room from outdoor heat and chill. They’ll also help block out a whopping 85-99% of light to dim the space.


These felt furniture pads for scratch-free floors

What's the point of buying all this gorgeous furniture if your floors are getting scratched in the process, right? These felt furniture pads are a must for any home or apartment, and they come in tons of sizes and thicknesses for all your floor-protecting needs. There are also brown- and beige-colored options to match your hardwood flooring.


This peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like real wood

The look of rustic wood is hard to top, especially when it's as effortless as this faux wood vinyl wallpaper. Peel-and-stick paper has made a name for itself, and this wood design is no exception with its even texture and up-close grainy effect. With a 4.5-star rating and tons of positive customer feedback, this waterproof paper makes for a rustic accent wall and adds a woodsy dimension to any part of your home.


A state-of-the-art floor lamp with major flexibility

For late-night couch reading and room-brightening, this industrial metal floor lamp is the ideal blend of practical and sleek. It comes in matte black, muted teal, and crisp white with gold accents so you can keep your space neutral or give it a touch of color. It can also be adjusted to fit as a desk lamp and easily swivels for light in all kinds of directions. Have I mentioned the best home decor is versatile?


These silky-soft bed sheets that also keep you cool

Everyone reading this deserves premium sleep and I stand by that. These Mellanni bed sheets are a direct line to a comfy sleep with their extremely breathable, cooling microfiber makeup that is all-around luxurious. BTW, there are over 30 colors to fit all kinds of styles. Don’t you love them already?


This abstract art to add some spice to your walls

Abstract wall art has a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will, that takes an average wall to a sophisticated one. Believe it or not, it's easier than it looks with this three-piece canvas wall art set that comes in several sizes and design options for optimal customization. They also come with screws, a level, and a few more tools you'll need to hang so it's a one-and-done deal.


A super crisp vinyl rack to display your favorite records

Put your super retro records on display with this slanted metal vinyl holder that's just really neat. Ready to order in true black and gold, this easy-to-assemble stand can hold up to 100 records so you're pretty much set. The cherry on top is the silicone padding at the bottom of each leg that makes this essential scratch-proof. You’re welcome.


A quirky bottle holder that really looks like spilled wine

For those who appreciate quirky knickknacks, this spilled wine bottle holder is truly the only way to showcase your wine from here on out. Available in a two-piece set of deep wine and clear gold, these partially translucent holders are fun for parties and decor alike. I’d mention how great of a conversation starter they are, but you already knew that.


This solid outlet cover that will make your space immaculate

Awarded for being the "small item that makes a big difference" by one Amazon customer, this Sleek Socket outlet cover is a little bit of magic for your walls. Bundles of plugs and wires take away from the cleanliness of a space and now that you’re in interior-designer territory, there’s just no time for that. With a simple plug-in of this ultra-thin cover and the attached three-outlet power strip, visible tangled cords are a non-issue. A miracle, I have to say.


A farmhouse-inspired shelf to hold your miscellaneous items

One of the telltale signs of a put-together home is one of these ultra-convenient key hanging racks by the front door. Long gone are the days of tossing your belongings on the couch only to misplace them, because this farmhouse-style doorway shelf is the ideal hub for mail and car keys alike. Made of sturdy pine wood, this rack comes with everything you'll need to install and will keep your home a little more clutter-free.


These mini lifelike succulents that will make your place so cheery

If your dream is to be a plant owner but you have a bit of trouble in the upkeep department, artificial succulents are about to be your best friend. These mini faux plants come in a set of six and have a lifelike texture so no one will know they’re fake unless you tell them. They also come with these super cute ceramic holders that go well on a desk or shelf. P.S. there's no mess, so cheers to that.


The backlights that make your TV pop in 16 different colors

Make your home entertainment system stand out with these Amazon-trending LED backlights. They're remote-controlled, so you can switch through 16 poppy colors and eight levels of brightness with a simple click. All you need to do is remove the adhesive from the strip, attach to your soon-to-be-lit surface, and there you have it — instant decor.


These clear jars with wooden lids for a little pizzazz

Replace your paper containers with these souped-up apothecary jars, because why not? The easiest way to store your cotton balls and swabs, these clear jars with light bamboo lids sit pretty on your countertop and don't take up a whole lot of space so you can keep your essentials composed and cute.


A hypoallergenic comforter that’s incredibly plush

I present to you: the fluffiest hypoallergenic down comforter I've ever seen. This billowy microfiber comforter from Linenspa has a wide box-stitch design and includes eight corner and side loops to hold in your duvet cover as opposed to the traditional four. It's also washer machine-friendly, so maintenance is a breeze.


These Turkish cotton towels that are the textbook definition of luxurious

Plush towels after a really good shower (you know, the kind where you remember to exfoliate) are one of those things that should never be compromised. Not only do these 100% Turkish cotton towels make your bathroom look full, but they're soft to the touch and extra absorbent. There are also loads of colors available from pistachio green to Malibu peach, so you can dry up with whichever floats your boat. To top it off, you can find them in all the towel sizes.


This fuzzy sherpa blanket that won’t shed all over your couch

If you have a standalone chair, I guarantee it will look infinitely cozier with this plush faux fur throw blanket. This decorative shag comes in several sizes and colors, so you can play around with where it fits best. Shed-free and made of 100% polyester, this comfy addition to your home will be both posh and perfect for cuddling. I’m sold.


A linen runner so even your table looks dapper

Complete your table with this handcrafted 100% linen runner from Solinio Home that's so lightweight you'll want one in every color. Made in colors ranging from butter yellow to forest green, this runner is super crisp and easy to switch out if you do opt for multiple shades. Switch out with the season or mix and match for a Pinterest-esque set-up to make you feel fancy.


This projector lamp that delivers a sunset to your bedroom

Yes, a sunset from the comfort of your room is now a thing because of course it is. Revolutionary and life-changing, this 16-color LED light projector is a must for indoor photoshoots with its gradual color change feature and adjustable base. It's also portable-size so you can easily take it to and fro with no hassle, just in case you want to share the [projected] sunset with your friends.


This powerful mounting putty to hold everything together

Now that you're an all-star home decorator, you need to have all the necessary tools. This non-damaging museum putty is the way to go with its ability to hold over 40 items — I couldn't believe it either. It takes little to no effort to use, twists off for no-residue removal, and works well on all kinds of surfaces from wood to glass.


The assorted picture frames to give your pad a personal touch

Personalize your space with this 10-piece set of shatter-resistant glass frames that come in quite a few styles from light-wash driftwood to yellow-gold. They can be displayed horizontally or vertically and even come equipped with easel stands in case you want to pop them on your desk instead. Oh, and there's a movable hanger so you can seamlessly adjust the position of your frame.


These nonslip velvet hangers so even your closet has finesse

Even your closet deserves a little TLC from time to time, and these nonslip velvet hangers will most definitely do the trick. This set of 50 — I repeat, 50 — comes with space-saving, nonslip hangers with chrome hooks that can hold up to 10 pounds each. The shoulders are also indented so your band tees will stay safe and secure. It’s all in the details.


The vinyl placemats that have a stunning sheen to them

Level up your kitchen table game with these washable, nonslip placemats that have a 10/10 sheen to them. Made of vinyl and available in sets of six, these placemats will pull together the overall look of your dining area. They also come in a myriad of colors from peacock blue to wine red so you can make it fit with your kitchen flawlessly.


This polished serving tray that works well for both food and decor

Whether you're serving up breakfast in bed or in the market for a polished table tray, this rectangular serving tray is both adaptable and decorative. Available in a few fun color combos like cream/gold and silver croc/metal, this staple piece can serve cocktails in style or simply be the base for your remote lineup. It will look impressive either way, promise.


A magical mat that feels like walking on marshmallows

Whether you work from home or you just really like pressure-relieving products, this anti-fatigue cushioned mat is genuinely like walking on marshmallows and/or fluffy clouds. Made of memory foam and designed to relieve back pain, this nonslip mat will work well by a desk or in front of the kitchen sink so washing dishes can now be an experience. There are also tons of color options available, which is 100% always a plus.