These clever things make your home so much more comfortable, you'll never want to leave it

Products that will seriously upgrade your space.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’ve ever found yourself leaving your abode in search of more amenable surroundings, that’s all about to change. Clever things such as seat cushions made of memory foam, smart plugs that control your appliances, and mug warmers that keep your daily cup steaming hot make your home so much more comfortable — you’ll never want to leave it. So, go ahead and hunker down because these delightful items are about to transform you into a seriously satisfied homebody.


This memory foam knee pillow that helps relieve pressure on joints

If hip, knee, or back pain is making you feel 100 years old come morning, turn to this knee pillow to help provide cushioned relief. It’s constructed of high-density memory foam, as well as cooling gel, and is encased in a removable, washable cover. The curved design allows for it to be placed between the thighs, the calves, or even used to prop up one leg, thereby preserving the spine’s natural shape and helping you to hop out of bed refreshed (if you can manage to coax yourself out of said bed).


A door draft stopper that keeps your home the ideal temperature

Maintain either cozy temperatures come winter or a blissfully cool climate during summer by using this clever door draft stopper that will make you hard-pressed to leave your home. Simply trim the thick foam tubes to your desired dimensions, slip them into the provided cover, and slide them under your door. In addition to preventing drafts — which can create an uncomfortable environment — the stopper also blocks dust, light, and noise. Use it on all types of flooring, from tile to hardwood to even carpet.


These LED puck lights that create a relaxed atmosphere

There’s nothing like a bit of indirect lighting to set a relaxed mood while highlighting certain areas of the home. These LED puck lights — coming in three to a pack — are the perfect choice for doing just this as they easily mount using either self-adhesive or hardware and give off an inviting, warm white glow. Place them underneath cabinets, in closets, or along stairways to both bring light to dim spaces and create a warm ambiance. A simple tap of the included remote is all that’s required for turning them on or off.


An outlet shelf that helps make floors & counters more spacious

Whatever is currently cluttering your counter and floor — be it a smart device, toothbrush, or wireless speaker — can be placed in a special designated spot with the help of this ingenious outlet shelf. With a few twists of the screwdriver, it installs easily once you’ve removed the existing outlet cover and provides you with a small shelf that can hold up to 10 pounds. Available in both black and white, the water-resistant shelf works great in any room of the house, from the kitchen to bathroom.


This gooseneck tablet holder that sets up your screen wherever you need it

Have your recipes comfortably on hand in the kitchen or your favorite show streaming from bed with this handy gooseneck tablet holder. It attaches securely to counters, bed frames, desks, and more using a sturdy clamp and features a flexible gooseneck that accommodates the smallest of phones to the largest of tablets. The gooseneck is perfect for watching content or reading and is made of material that’s designed not to start drooping over time.


A desk chair cushion that relieves tailbone discomfort

If work requires you to plunk down in front of a computer for hours on end, let the tears of joy flow once you implement one of these desk chair cushions into your setup. Made of a memory foam that forms to your specific shape, the design features open space for your coccyx to relax, thus giving your tailbone some pressure relief. A nonslip bottom keeps it firmly in place and a washable cover makes this cushion a cinch to keep clean. Go ahead and watch the hours fly by as you’re finally able to work in comfort.


The sheepskin rug made of incredibly soft faux fur

Once feet land on this soft and cozy faux sheepskin rug, good luck moving forward from there. Place it in any room for a sumptuously textured touch while a nonslip suede backing keeps it from sliding around your floors. Available in 16 sizes, you have a choice of over 20 colors, from neutrals like beige and dark coffee to vibrant shades like purple and blush pink. You can even conveniently machine wash it on the gentle cycle to keep it in great shape over the years.


A rainfall showerhead that provides a high-pressure flow

A daily shower reminiscent of being romantically caught in the rain, yet with enough water pressure to get the actual job of showering done? It’s all possible with this rainfall showerhead that’s sleekly designed with a gleaming chrome finish. It installs easily and features tiny air bubbles infused into every water droplet for a silky feel. An included flow restrictor is a cinch to install or remove and will even help you lower your water usage, thus saving on bills down the line (helpful, since those showers are about to get a bit longer).


These rug corner grippers to help carpet lay safely flat

There’s something so frustrating about a pesky rug whose corners keep curling, causing anxiety about possibly tripping. That’s where these genius v-shaped rug corner grippers come in. They come in a pack of four and stick to each rug corner, helping rugs to lay flat and stay in place. The rubber material works safely on all types of flooring such as hardwood, vinyl, or stone, and is even weatherproof for using with outdoor rugs.


A wine aerator that boosts flavor with every pour

This clever wine aerator couldn’t be easier to use and works magic as it infuses every pour with oxygen, making every glass taste its best. Simply insert the aerator directly into the top of the wine bottle and pour as normal. Oxygen bubbles enter the stream, opening up the wine, while the tapered design prevents any annoying drips. Choose from three available colors — noir, chardonnay, and rosé — and, as two are included in every pack, you can pay it forward by gifting one to your bud (a gift you’ll be sure to benefit from).


This sofa arm tray table for comfortable couch hangs

You may have to update your address to “c/o The Couch” once you upgrade your life with this sofa arm tray table. Made of organic bamboo, it drapes over your couch arm and provides you with a completely flat and nonslip platform on which to place hot beverages, glasses of wine, or your nightly charcuterie aperitivo. It works on any sized arm and is available in an assortment of finishes such as black, brown, and gray.


A monitor stand with additional places for your phone & tablet

Not only does this versatile monitor stand help improve posture and prevent strain, but it also provides you with two miniature, built-in stands for both your phone and tablet. The stand has the option of sitting at two available heights and three widths to offer more surface area for storage. Available in black or white, the phone stand slides out easily, as does the tablet stand, with the additional benefit of an attached drawer, perfect for storing pens and Post-it Notes.


This privacy window film that blocks UV light

If the sun makes your bedroom feel like an oven, install some of this privacy window film that blocks 96% of UV rays. It requires no glue, simply install using water and a bit of soap, and can even be reused if needed. The matte, frosted finish allows light to filter in while offering you all the freedom that privacy provides. One roll is included, in addition to a film cutter, ruler, and cleaning cloth.


An anti-fatigue mat that’ll make doing the dishes more comfortable

Imagine standing at the sink and actually enjoying doing the dishes. The memory foam cushioning in this anti-fatigue mat will provide that kind of bliss by tricking your feet into thinking they’re resting on clouds instead of hardwood or vinyl flooring. A nonslip bottom keeps it securely in place and the water-repellent PVC material means this mat is seriously easy to keep clean. Durable enough to last through lots of standing, the mat also comes in a charming tile pattern that’s available in nine shades.


This programmable thermostat to keep your home at the most comfortable temperature

It couldn’t be easier to set up this programmable thermostat and consequently dial up your perfect temperature at home. Set schedules that range from one day up to a week to feel constantly in comfort while conserving energy at the same time. The backlit display gives you all the information you need, such as the time, cooling or heating mode, current temperature, and set point temperature. Once you’ve set your schedule, the thermostat learns how much time is required to achieve that temperature and will then run automatically to get it there at the time you need it.


A portable humidifier that provides moisture right where you need it

Plug in this portable humidifier via USB to make your environment — no matter how small — that much more comfortable. Whether your plants require more humidity to thrive or you want to make your work area less of a desert, this little humidifier can run up to eight hours while making minimum noise. It offers a continuous, intermittent mist mode, as well as an auto-shutoff feature, and if you’re using it by your bedside, it can even operate as a soothing night-light.


This quilted mattress pad that’s soft & breathable

Sometimes all it takes is one extra layer to take your bed from “eh” to “I’m never leaving it.” This quilted mattress pad fits the bill as it provides both softness, due to a polyester bamboo blend, as well as breathability for a cool night’s sleep. It’s available in all standard sizes ranging from twin to California king and features a light water resistance that will keep your mattress looking great through the years. Toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.


A bamboo breakfast tray for days spent luxuriating in bed

Enjoy mornings sipping coffee, indulging in a pastry, and reading, directly from bed with the help of this bamboo breakfast tray. It features handles on either side for easy maneuvering, high edges to prevent spills, and foldable legs that allow it to double as a tray on flat surfaces. Easily keep it clean with some warm water and soap.


This charging station that keeps up to 5 devices neatly organized & powered up

Always have your phones and tablets charged and ready to go when you use this charging station with five USB ports. It features universal compatibility and provides you with seven cables that include three lightning cables, two micro-USB cables, and two USB-C cables. The station detects which device is charging, automatically providing a safe voltage for the least amount of charging time while removable dividers keep devices neat and tidy.


A set of shower shelves that declutter your bathroom floor

Make every shower that much more relaxing by getting bottles and dry brushes off the side of the bathtub and onto one of these beautiful shower shelves. They come in a set of two and use extremely strong self-adhesive that’s easy to mount. The shelves are made of waterproof stainless steel, feature slats at the bottom to let water drain through, and also include four hooks that are perfect for hanging razors, loofahs, and more.


These smart plugs for turning appliances on & off remotely

Arrive home to a pleasant environment when you start using these ingenious smart plugs that allow you to control home appliances remotely. With over 83,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating, these plugs are loved for the ability to turn on house lights, activate humidifiers or air conditioners, or start up your coffee pot — all on a schedule of your choosing. It connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and can even be connected to smart devices such as Alexa or Google Home and used via voice activation.


A bathtub pillow made of unbelievably soft mesh

You might as well set up shop, because once you incorporate this bathtub pillow into your bathing game, you’ll be conducting all business from there for the foreseeable future. It’s constructed of soft, quilted mesh that allows air to circulate freely, keeping you comfortable. Six suction cups keep it securely in place while your neck and shoulders are supported by ergonomically designed cushioning. Hang it up by the built-in hook to dry quickly.


This minimalist cable management box to keep floors looking serene

Instead of power strips and the accompanying tangle of cords and cables, place everything in one of these cable management boxes to give floors a tranquil, tidy look. The box is designed to hold strips up to 12 inches in length and features outlet holes along the side and the end as an exit point for charging cables and cords. Designed in white with a natural wood top, it has a decidedly minimalist look that will integrate seamlessly into your existing aesthetic.


A bidet attachment with adjustable water pressure

This bidet attachment offers an easy, affordable way to take your bathroom to a five-star spa level. It installs in mere minutes to any standard toilet and includes the ability to change the spray angle, as well as adjust the water pressure so you can get that flow just how you like it. As an added benefit, it can even help you use less toilet paper, saving you money down the road.


This laptop desk pillow that makes working from anywhere actually comfortable

Reply to emails from bed, work on projects from the couch, and complete classwork from the floor with the help of this laptop desk pillow. The cushioned pillow forms comfortably to your body, and the flat desk surface designed in a faux-wood grain includes a wrist-support cushion that’s also nonslip. Storage pockets at the back are perfect for having pens, pencils, and your phone easily accessible, and there’s even a tablet holder so you can take physical notes while reading from your iPad.


A set of bed sheet straps that ensure a good night’s sleep

If tossing and turning all night is being caused by a sneaky, shifting fitted sheet, utilize these bed sheet straps to solve the problem and sleep like a baby. The strap, which comes in a set of four, attaches to the corner of the bed sheet in three places using nickel-plated clamps. Made of elastic, the clamped straps are fully adjustable, generating the appropriate amount of tension to keep the sheet securely in place and give you a peaceful night ahead.


This foot rest made in a teardrop shape to support arches & relieve pressure

It’s shocking how easy it is to instantly make your work life more comfortable and, therefore, more efficient. Take the simple addition of this foot rest. It’s made of high-density memory foam and is designed in a teardrop shape to support your arches, lift your feet, and consequently relieve pressure on your entire lower body. Additionally, it can be flipped over and rocked, thereby stimulating both legs and feet when you start to feel too sedentary.


A hammock chair swing for instant relaxation indoors or outdoors

Mount this hammock chair swing in a bedroom or out on the porch for relaxing hours spent gently swaying away your worries. It’s made with a sturdy steel spread bar and durable hanging rope that can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. The chair itself is made of cotton material and comes in multiple colors and patterns such as off-white or blue and white stripes. Pop your book into the built-in side pocket, and fold the whole chair up into a small size for simple storage.


This storage ottoman that clears up clutter with style

For a decluttering solution that doesn’t act as an eyesore, turn to this storage ottoman that’s made with a chic faux-leather tufted lid. Use it to store toys, blankets, pillows, books, or other items that need a home, then just as easily use it as additional seating. You can even place trays of beverages or food on top, thereby creating another table surface as well. Not bad for an under-$25 investment. Choose from several colors in the listing.


A weighted blanket for a deeper, more restful sleep

Having earned a high 4.6-star rating and over 36,000 reviews, this weighted blanket is clearly popular for its ability to provide you with a deeper, satisfying sleep. It’s made of soft, breathable microfiber in a quilted design with small pockets that contain glass beads and weight that gives you the sensation of being gently embraced. Choose from five available sizes, as well as eight different weights ranging from two pounds to 25 pounds.


These throw pillow covers that add cozy style with their fluffy faux fur

Make your sofa that much more impossible to leave with these throw pillow covers made with supremely cozy faux fur. Available in four sizes and packs of one or two, the covers are made of polyester and are conveniently machine-washable on the delicate cycle. Dress up your sofa with a range of color options such as gray ombre, burgundy ombre, or a minimalist shade of cream.


A bedside storage organizer to keep your devices & reading material at arm’s length

Perfect for those who suffer a lack of side tables, this bedside storage organizer provides you with ample pockets to keep everything you need right at hand. Insert the flap between your mattress and bed frame and store anything including your phone, tablet, e-reader, magazine, TV remote, and even water bottle in the provided pockets. Made of Oxford fabric and leather, this organizer can just as easily be used on your couch as well.


These soft, glowing under-bed lights that are motion sensing

Make middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom or fridge (no judgment here) both safe and easy when you install these under-bed lights. It’s made of LED lights that turn on automatically when motion is detected and, based on your chosen settings, turn off anywhere from 30 seconds to six minutes. The lights emit a soft glow and can additionally be installed underneath cabinets, along stairways, or in the bathroom to provide effective accent lighting.


An automatic soap dispenser for hygienic hand washing

This automatic soap dispenser is pure genius in the way that it prevents the spread of germs that come from handling the soap bottle. It operates with the help of four AA batteries (not included) and includes a handy volume control switch so that you can decide how much soap is dispensed each time. The built-in infrared sensor detects motion at several distances, and the clear plastic reservoir allows you to see exactly how much soap you have within the 17-ounce container.


This set of floating shelves that bring charm to bare walls

Bring personality and visual interest to empty walls using this set of floating shelves that come in an assortment of finishes. Each set includes three U-shaped shelves in varying sizes all made of laminate and are easy to mount using the included hardware. Use them to display items such as pictures, plants, or art, and choose from colors ranging from espresso to rustic turquoise to white to perfectly match your existing decor.


A white noise machine that offers up to 45 different calming sounds

Dial up the relaxing sounds of a summer thunderstorm or a crackling fireplace using this white noise machine that will make you look forward to hitting the hay each night. In addition to delightful sounds of nature, it also provides you with background noise such as trains, crowds, or even a dryer, in addition to traditional white, brown, and pink noise, to help you get to sleep. Plug it in via the included cord or use batteries to make it supremely easy to move from room to room.


These scented candles that come in vibrant patterned tins

These enticing scented candles not only spread the smell of relaxation but also add a dose of vibrant charm wherever they’re placed. Each set includes four candles with the scents of lavender, lemon, Mediterranean fig, and a spring scent that features orchids. Made of soy wax and a strong fragrance, these candles will burn for up to 30 hours, and when they’ve burned fully, the tins can be transformed into planters or bowls for accessories.


An essential oil diffuser that doubles as a comforting night-light

On top of spreading the soothing smell of lavender or eucalyptus, this essential oil diffuser also acts as a calming night-light that features eight different color options as well as varying levels of brightness. It includes two misting options (a continuous and an intermittent mode) while adding healing humidity to the air at the same time. With over 115,000 reviews on Amazon, this diffuser is obviously a go-to choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere without taking up hardly any room.


These blackout curtains that maintain the ideal temperature of your space

When those months of peak weather hit (i.e. height of summer or depth of winter), it becomes very important to keep your space enjoyable and livable. That’s where these blackout curtains come in. They come in a set of two and are made of triple-woven fabric that blocks 85% to 99% of UV light, preserving heat in the winter and coolness during the summer. They’re machine-washable and are available in over 10 sizes and 40 colors.


An ingenious coffee mug warmer with adjustable temperature settings

There is nothing as disappointing as having prepared a hot beverage only to have it reduced to a cold cup in mere minutes. That’s why this coffee mug warmer is such a game-changing device; you’ll wonder how you survived any work-from-home morning without it. It offers three different temperature settings to dial in a customized heat level and shuts off automatically after four hours. Choose from five stylish colors such as deep blue or green and never again let cold coffee touch your lips.