These genius things fix annoying problems around your house

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We all have those annoying things around the house that drive us nuts. Maybe it’s the non-existent closet space, a funky fridge odor that you can’t get rid of or perhaps it’s the lack of lighting that forces you to stumble around in the dark every night.

This handy Amazon list of genius products is here to take care of these issues and more. If you’re sick and tired of cleaning a grease-covered stove after every time you use your frying pan, you’re gonna want one of these silicone splatter pan covers. Maybe it’s the gap between the stove and the countertops and all the junk that falls in between them that seriously annoys you — just put in these gap covers.

There are furniture fixes such as these cushions to plump up a sagging sofa if it’s not quite in the budget to get a brand new one, or these risers to lift your bed and give you a little extra storage space — you can even fill it with out-of-season clothes vacuum sealed in these amazing storage bags. Scroll down for even more genius things that’ll take care of all those annoying problems around your house.


A Silicone Splash Guard To Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clean & Dry

If you’re tired of constantly wiping down your kitchen sink area, get this durable silicone splash guard that’ll keep it clean and dry. It fits most kitchen faucets, drains well and dries quickly so there’s no need to worry about mildew or odors forming. The mat is flexible and easily washable, provides enough space to hold a sponge, and can also be used as a dish drying spot if needed.


These Stove Gap Covers To Prevent Impossible-To-Clean Splatters

Keep the sides of your stove clean and splatter-free thanks to these heat-resistant silicone stove gap covers. Instead of trying to pull your stove out to clean all the dirt that’s stuck between the stove and the countertop, install these universal gap covers. They are 21 inches long but can be cut down to any size, are non-slip so they’ll stay in place, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance.


This Corner Tool Tower To Keep Your Garage Neat & Organized

Get your garage organized and store mops, brooms and other tools in this nifty corner tool tower. It’s a great way to maximize space and make use of an otherwise empty corner. The triangular base makes it super sturdy and there is enough room to store up to 30 tools.


A Soft, Stretchy Sofa Slipcover To Protect Your Furniture

Protect your sofa from stains and damage with this stretchy and super soft slipcover. It comes in seven sizes and 28 different colors, giving you tons of options to fit with your style and decor. The cover is machine-washable for easy care, and unlike other covers, it comes with anti-slip foam that ensures it always stays in place.


A Portable Mini Fan That Stays Charged For Up To 12 Hours

Whether you’re on the treadmill or sitting at your desk, use this portable mini fan to stay cool. It has three speeds, from soft to strong wind, and uses a USB charger that allows it to work for up to 12 hours. The flexible tripod design means you can set it on your desk or nightstand, wrap it around fitness equipment or carry it around to stay sweat-free all day long.


A Drill Brush Scrubber Attachment To Easily Deep Clean Your Bathroom

If you’re tired of getting an arm workout every time you scrub the tub, it’s time to get this drill brush cleaning kit that’ll cut your cleaning time in half. It includes three different sized and shaped brushes that you can use on various bathroom surfaces, from the tub to floor tile, without the danger of scratching. Goodbye dirty grout and mildew-stained tub.


This 100% Bamboo Blanket To Keep You Cool If You’re A Hot Sleeper

Stay cool on hot summer nights with this cooling 100% bamboo blanket. The diamond patterned blanket is lightweight and has a soft, silky feel that’s comfortable on your skin and promotes good sleep. It is washer- and dryer-safe and available in eight colors and five sizes.


A Weighted Stopper If Your House Has A Serious Draft Problem

Use this weighted door stopper to keep drafts and noise out. It is filled with glass beads that give it enough weight to keep it in place, as does the hook and loop backing that secures it and allows you to hang it when it’s not being used. Keep cold air out in the winter and heat out in the summer, saving you money in the long run.


A Seat Cushion To Plump Up That Sagging Sofa

Make your old, sagging couch cushions look new again with this curved seat cushion. The curved shape repairs the sagging crater that forms in the center and the sturdy foam ensures comfort, so it never feels like you’re sitting on hard padding. Use one seat cushion under each couch cushion for an instant lift.


This Mini Smart Security Camera That Allows You To See, Hear & Speak To People In Your Home

Peace of mind is priceless, especially when it comes to your home’s safety, and this plug-in security camera will help you feel at ease whether you’re at home or away. The camera has two-way audio that allows you to hear and speak to people inside your home through your smartphone. It also has a live view and an option to receive notifications when motion is detected.


A Fridge Deodorizer To Keep Funky Odors Out For Months

Keep your fridge free from funky odors with this fragrance-free deodorizer that lasts for up to six months, which is six times longer than a box of baking soda. It uses activated charcoal to absorb and eliminate unwanted smells and is safe to keep around food products in your fridge or freezer. It also works to deodorize other spaces and items such as shoes or a litter box.


A Knife Sharpening Stone With Over 15,000 5-Star Reviews

Get your knives razor sharp using this sharpening stone with a nonslip base for steady use. Over 15,000 shoppers give it five stars and love it for how well it restores dull knives and how easy it is to use for beginners. The bamboo base on the whetstone makes it easy to hold while sharpening and the two sides provide two different grits — 1000 grit for sharpening the blade and 600 grit for honing the blade.


This Double-Sided Dishwasher Magnet That Takes The Guessing Away

This double-sided dishwasher magnet, which says “dirty” on one side and “clean” on the other, will help you bypass the annoying question: “Are these dishes washed?” Since it’s magnetic, it should stick right onto the dishwasher door — but it also includes an adhesive in case the magnet doesn’t work with your setup. You can choose from two color combinations: gray and white along with gray and blue.


A Bedside Storage Organizer To Hold Electronics & More

Use this handy little organizer to hold your phone, book, cords and other items and keep your surfaces clutter-free. The caddy has one cloth pocket that’s large enough to hold a magazine and three mesh pockets for smaller items. It easily tucks under a mattress or sofa cushions and has a nonslip base to ensure it stays in place, so that your belongings are always within reach.


An Expandable Lid Organizer With Pre-Printed Labels

If storage container lids are the bane of your existence, you need this expandable organizer in your life (and kitchen cabinets). It has six adjustable dividers, an expandable length and can accommodate more than 40 lids. The organizer also comes with 30 pre-printed and blank labels so you always know what lids belong where.


This Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Space-Saving Storage

This roll-up stainless steel drying rack is a great little kitchen accessory that you can place over your sink to dry dishes. The stainless steel tubes have silicone ends that help keep it in place and lay flat. You can simply roll it up and store it away when it’s not being used, which is especially useful for a small apartment kitchen.


A Silicone Splatter Pan Cover To Prevent Grease From Splattering All Over Your Kitchen

Using your frying pan doesn’t have to be a messy ordeal if you have a splatter screen like this one. It’s a hand-held silicone cover that’s heatproof and keeps grease from splattering all over your counters while still allowing steam to escape. The stainless steel handle is covered with heatproof silicone and folds down for easy storage.


These Reusable Gallon Bags For Eco-Friendly Food Storage

Ditch the disposable storage bags for a set of these reusable gallon bags. The zipper closure ensures that they are leakproof and airtight so the bag’s contents stay fresh. Not only are these bags great for meal prepping, marinating and storing food, they’re also made from recycled materials that don’t contain any PVC or latex, making them great for the environment, too. Win-win.


A Set Of Classic Square Glass Jars To Use For Crafts, Favors Or Storage

Use a set of these classic square glass jars to store spices, give out party favors in or make fun crafts. The mini jars have easy seal cork tops and the set also includes chalkboard sticker labels as well as kraft paper and twine labels for two different looks. Made from thick glass, these jars are very durable and come highly rated with more than 4,000 shoppers giving the set five stars.


A Black Light Flashlight With A Wide Beam To Detect Stains

Detect stains, make invisible ink glow and find creepy crawlers like bed bugs (eep) with this wide-beam 100 LED UV black light flashlight. It lights up with a one-touch button and has an anti-slip grip handle for easy use, and it’s visible in all kinds of lighting, including daylight.


This Reusable Pet Hair Remover That’s A Shopper Favorite With More Than 85,000 5-Star Reviews

Sure, you love your pet, but the dog hair-covered couch? Not so much. Get this lint roller to quickly and easily remove hair by rolling the remover over a surface and then pressing a button that removes the collected hair. Unlike a sticky lint roller that constantly needs refills, this remover will last you for years at no additional cost.


These Rechargeable Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights For Extra Lighting

Install these motion sensor lights under cabinets, in hallways, or closets for some extra light and a sleek look. They can be fully recharged in just three hours, and the charge will hold for up to four weeks when the lights are set to the motion sensor light setting. Thanks to the built-in magnets, you can easily attach the lights to any magnetic surface or use the provided double-sided adhesive tape to attach them to non-metal surfaces.


An Acrylic Organizer To Keep Your Makeup & Jewelry On Hand

If you have lipsticks, earrings and nail polish bottles all over your room, get this acrylic organizer to corral them neatly. The organizer has nine different sized compartments so you can store everything from makeup brushes and eye shadow palettes to bracelets and other jewelry without it all getting tangled or messy. Everything is visible and easily accessible and definitely beats rummaging through a jam-packed drawer every morning.


A Phone & Tablet Stand Holder That Swivels

Get this phone and tablet stand holder so you can use your devices hands-free and hassle-free. It can be mounted on vertical and horizontal surfaces with its suction system that holds it in place and it has a 360-degree swivel capacity so you never need to strain your neck. Use it at home or when traveling — you’ll love not having to hold your phone while you watch an entire season of your favorite show.


These Mini Glass Food Storage Containers For Fruits, Veggies & Dips

Upgrade your old plastic food containers with a set of these glass food storage containers that stack easily and keep food fresh and safe with leakproof locking lids. The mini size is perfect for individual portions of fruits and veggies, dips, or baby food. The containers are microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and are a great way to get rid of large half-empty containers that just take up space.


A Granite Mortar And Pestle Set For Better Mashing & Grinding

Mash and grind herbs and spices like a pro using this 6-inch mortar and pestle set made from a non-porous granite. The heavy-duty bowl can hold two cups of ingredients and has soft padding on the bottom to prevent denting or scratching your work surface. To clean it, simply run it under some water, give it a quick wipe and let it fully air dry.


This Battery Organizer & Tester So You Can Finally Clean Out That Junk Drawer

We all have that junk drawer that’s almost too scary to open, and if yours is filled with a bunch of old batteries, get this organizer and tester to store them in a safe and compact way. It holds up to 93 batteries and includes a battery tester that will tell you if the batteries still work. The organizer is both waterproof and shockproof and can either be stored away in a drawer or mounted on the wall for quick and easy access.


An Extendable Cat Litter Scooper So You Can Stop Straining Your Back

Stop straining your back every time you clean out your cat’s litter box thanks to this extendable stand up scooper. The adjustable scooper extends up to 34 inches and has an ergonomic grip handle for more comfortable use. It also has an extra-deep shovel that allows you to scoop more at a time, making cleaning the little box so much faster and easier.


These Chic Nonslip Velvet Hangers That’ll Save Space & Streamline Your Closet At The Same Time

Give your closet a makeover with a set of these nonslip velvet hangers. They are available in seven different colors and are ultra thin and lightweight, opening up to 50% more closet space. The soft velvet not only gives them a luxe look, it also grips clothes so they don’t slip off and get wrinkled. For $30, these will make a huge difference visually and practically, as more than 23,000 reviewers affirm with a near perfect overall 4.8-star rating.


A Portable Safe Box To Store & Transport Documents Or Valuables

Store important documents and valuables in this heavy-duty safe box that has removable dividers and individual compartments for storing various items. There is a mesh pocket on the inside of the lid and the cashbox is easily customizable to suit your needs. Give yourself peace of mind knowing the portable safe can be locked and all your valuables will be protected in this crush-proof box.


These Furniture Risers That’ll Create Extra Storage Space Under Your Bed

If you could use a little extra storage space under your bed, get a set of these heavy-duty 2-inch tall furniture risers. They have a foam top to prevent furniture from sliding and anti-slip pads on the bottom to protect your floors. If you need more height, simply stack the risers to gain more. Their solid construction makes them highly durable so they can hold up to 10,000 pounds per leg.


A Stainless Steel Coffee Canister To Keep Ground Beans Fresh

Keep light and moisture out and freshness in your ground coffee by storing it in this airtight stainless steel canister. It comes with a magnetic measuring scoop that attaches to the side of the canister and a date wheel you can use to keep track of when the beans were roasted. The more than 10,000 shoppers who gave it a positive review love it for how sleek it looks and how fresh it keeps their coffee — all for a reasonable price.


These LED Light Strips to Add Lighting Under Your Cabinets Without Any Wiring

Add sleek under-cabinet lighting with these battery-operated LED light strips that don’t require any electrical work. They are waterproof and can be installed anywhere using the provided adhesive. The light strips are thin enough so they’re easily hidden and can be turned on with the push of a button. Minimum effort, maximum impact.


A Storage Box To Hold All Your Prized Vinyls

Store all your prized vintage vinyl in this cool organizer that can hold up to 75 records. The box is available in 11 colors and is shipped flat, but it’s easy to assemble and has reinforced corners and industrial-sized snaps that make it super sturdy. If your record collection has been collecting dust on the floor, get one of these boxes and finally keep it all in one place.


A Memory Foam Bath Mat That’s Super Absorbent & Quick-Drying

Step out of the shower and feel like you’re walking on clouds with this incredibly plush memory foam bath mat. Unlike other mats, this 3/4-inch mat is highly absorbent and quick-drying with a PVC dot-lined base to prevent it from sliding. It’s available in various colors, patterns, and sizes to fit your bathroom size and style. And it’s machine-washable for easy care.


This Avocado Keeper So You don’t Have To Waste An Unused Half Ever Again

Never waste an uneaten avocado half again — just store it in this nifty little keeper for later. Take your avocado and place it inside the container cut side down then close it with the snap-on lid. It’s dishwasher-safe, stackable for easy fridge storage and eco-friendly since you don’t have to waste single-use plastic bags.


An Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer To Neatly Store Utensils

If your utensil drawer could use a little help, reorganize it using this expandable bamboo divider. The stylish organizer has deep compartments and wide slots to hold plenty of utensils and stretches from 13 to 20 inches to fit inside different sized drawers. It’s also a stylish kitchen accent, and the sturdy design ensures it’ll last well without breaking or cracking.


These Vacuum Seal Bags That Reduce Volume & Free Up Extra Storage Space

Store out of season clothing, heavy blankets and other bulky items that take up way too much space in these vacuum seal space saver bags. They reduce the original content by 80% and have a double zip seal to ensure no air gets back in. The five-pack of bags comes with a travel pump, which you’ll definitely appreciate if packing light isn’t exactly your thing.


A Set Of Floating Shelves For A Decorative Touch And Extra Shelf Space

Hang a set of these lightweight decorative floating shelves on your walls, whether it’s in the kitchen to hold spices or in the hallway to display family photos. The shelves are easy to assemble and mount on the wall, and the u-shape doubles as bookends if you’re using the shelves for books. They come in a cool gray, rustic wood and seven other finishes giving you lots of color and style options.


These Unbreakable Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That’ll Keep Your Drink Chilled For Longer

Keep your drink chilled in these stemless wine tumblers that are shatterproof and dent-proof, making them perfect for outdoor entertaining. The stainless steel will also help retain the temperature of your red or white. At the end of the night, just pop the tumblers in the dishwasher — definitely beats the hassle of handwashing thin-stemmed wine glasses.