These genius things under $35 make your backyard & patio so much nicer

Because spending more time outside is a good thing.

ByAlexandra Elizabeth
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Spending time outdoors has lots of benefits, like increasing vitamin D levels and even just elevating your mood. It makes sense, then, that being out in nature is a big priority for some. To make the most of your time outdoors, investing a bit of effort in your backyard or patio can make a huge difference.

But making big changes doesn’t have to mean spending big bucks. This list is full of simple, genius solutions to make your outdoor space so much nicer. Whether you’re looking for affordable lighting ideas, entertaining lawn games, or even seating and decor, there’s something for you below. Better yet, every item is positively reviewed and less than $35, so you can revamp your green spaces without burning through your dough. When nature calls, get shopping.


A set of chic, spill-resistant glass pitchers

Take your outdoor entertaining to new, sophisticated heights with these glass pitchers. They look equally sleek whether serving cocktails at a party or lemonade at a barbecue. Plus, you can expect to cut back on spills thanks to the easy-to-grip neck which makes pouring a breeze. The lids help keep things fresh when not in use, too.


The remote-controlled umbrella light that brightens your outdoor gatherings

Don’t let nightfall push the party indoors, just install this LED umbrella light instead. You don’t need any tools for installation, as it clamps directly onto your patio umbrella’s pole. Use the remote control to adjust the brightness or even set the 12 bulbs on a timer from up to 50 feet away.


These rope lights that add a twinkle to your space

Try thinking outside the patio lighting box with these colorful LED rope lights. Offering up over 66 feet of lights, this rope is encased in waterproof tubing that helps keep it safe from the elements. Using the remote, you can change the lights to 16 different shades, or set them to blink and switch colors for a twinkling effect.

  • Available colors: 6


This frisbee game set that’ll challenge & delight your guests

Shake up your lawn games with this frisbee yard set. The kit comes with two easy-to-assemble poles, plus a frisbee and a convenient travel bag. Simply set a target of your choice on top of the pole’s platform, take aim, and try to hit it with your frisbee. Everything breaks down easily, too, meaning you can take this game on the road as well.


The extra-tough grill cover that stays put

You can keep your grilling investment protected with this barbeque grill cover. This cover fits lots of typical grill models and features ultra-secure hook and loop straps to ensure a tight fit, which is great for both weatherproofing and ensuring it doesn’t blow away. Plus, it’s really easy to clean. Just spray it down with water and let it dry.

  • Available colors: 4


A bit of tropical decor that doubles as a lawn game

If you’re looking to spice up your yard decor while also entertaining guests, try this tiki ring toss game. With its fun surfboard shape and colorful accents, it looks sharp while also delivering a fun skill game. Try and toss the metal ring, attached with string, onto the affixed hook. It comes with all the hardware you need to install.


These bright grill lights with a flexible, repositionable head

You’ll be glad to have a pack of these grill lights on hand if you need to grill in the dark. They put out an exceptional amount of light — each one has nine LED bulbs in it — and the flexible neck can be repositioned as needed. The powerful magnets allow you to attach the light right onto the grill (or any magnetic surface), keeping your hands free to work. Each light is powered by the three included AAA batteries.


These curtain lights to add ambience to your patio

Bring light and ambiance to your outdoor space with the help of these curtain lights. The strand is 105 feet in length with 300 warm white LED lights that can be set to eight different modes, including twinkling, waves, and more. There is also a timer option for up to eight hours.


A clip-on bird bath that brings nature to your front door

Make your space a haven for the local fauna with this mounted bird bath. The clamp makes it easy to install on any railing up to 2 inches thick, and the bowl is made of durable, easy-to-clean plastic. The bowl is easily removable from the base, too, meaning changing out the water is a breeze.


A set of planter caddies with convenient wheels

Banish the inconvenience of heavy platers for good with these planter caddies. Made from wood and featuring an attractive cross-hatch design for drainage, the caddies are on wheels so watering and re-organizing your yard can be stress-free. The wheels rotate 360 degrees and lock in place, too.


These flower pot baskets that turn any fence into a garden

Grab a set of these iron hanging baskets and you’ll have flowers anywhere you can place a hook. There are three baskets in a pack — and according to many reviewers, they work well with 6-inch plants. The hooks fit on rails that are 2.5 inches wide, and the bottoms are perforated to allow for drainage, too.

  • Available colors: 2


This rechargeable lighter with an extra-long wand for fire pits, outdoor candles, & more

This rechargeable lighter is the best choice for outdoor use. For one, it has an extra-long wand to make it easier and safer to light BBQs, fire pits, outdoor candles, and more. And because it’s totally flameless (with plasma technology), rain, wind, and other inclement weather won’t blow it out. The lighter lasts multiple days on a single charge, and it takes just 60 minutes to get fully recharged.


A portable wine & cheese table that’s ready in minutes

Take your wine and cheese night outdoors with this portable table. This wooden table comes with everything you need to serve tempting appetizers, including six slots for wine glasses and four cheese knives, which snap into place magnetically on the underside of the table. Just drive the stake into the ground to set it all up.


The scent-free outdoor mosquito shield your yard needs

This mosquito repeller comes in a compact cylinder shape and repels bugs without sprays or scents. It works by placing a fuel pod and a repellant mat inside the chamber, then powering it on. Each repellant mat lasts for four hours, and each fuel pod lasts for 12 hours. Snag it in multiple colors to match your decor.

  • Available colors: 19


These floating flamingo lights that add a touch of whimsy

Whether you have a pool or a pond, these floating flamingo lights add character and fun to any space. They inflate via a valve and pump just like a beach ball, and charge up with solar power during the day. Once they’re fully charged, they’ll glow at night for six to eight hours and turn off automatically.


The sun sail that creates shade & privacy with ease

Install this sun shade in your outdoor space to cool down. It’s attachable via D-rings and ropes, so you can customize its placement. Made from high-density polyethylene fabric, the canopy blocks out 95% of UV rays, offering you protection and breathability. Snag one in a range of sizes.

  • Available colors: 6


An umbrella weight you can fill up and empty on the spot

If your backyard is sandy, this umbrella base is the perfect tool to keep patio umbrellas in place. Just place it where you want it, fill it with sand to make it sturdy, insert your umbrella, and empty it when you’re done. Once it’s empty, it becomes lightweight again. The base itself is made from water-resistant PVC, so it will stand up to the elements, too.


This bird feeder that doubles as a lantern

This attractive bird feeder features an abstract, floral design and can hold up to 2 pounds of bird seed. It also doubles as a solar lantern, charging by day and glowing by night. The birdhouse style top protects birds from the elements as they feed, and the included S-hook makes hanging a breeze.


This hanger that will keep your garden hose all wrapped up

You can install this hose hanger to keep your expandable garden hose from becoming a tangled mess. The heavy-duty metal hanger is made from painted steel and is conveniently rustproof. All the mounting hardware you need to install comes included in the package.


A pack of colorful solar lights to illuminate your walkways & more

Light up your garden or pathways with these colorful solar lights. They come 12 to a pack and stick directly into the earth for super easy installation. They soak up sunlight and charge during the day and automatically turn on in the evening. They also turn off at dawn to preserve battery life.

  • Available colors: 4


A flexible hose that expands & won’t kink

This flexible hose expands up to three times its original length (when standard water pressure is turned on), allowing you to easily water all of the different areas of your garden and backyard. The elastic outer fabric is stretchy, while the quadruple interior latex layers are durable enough to not puncture during use. The 3/4-inch brass connectors will fit securely on most outdoor garden faucets.


A pair of ground aerators that conveniently attach to any shoes

Aerating your lawn and garden can help make it greener and healthier overall, but it can be expensive to have a professional routinely do it. Luckily, these aerator shoes can handle the job — plus, they cost under $20, and can be used again and again. To use, simply attach the aerators to your shoes with the adjustable straps and buckles, then walk the entire length of your outdoor space to aerate it with the metal spikes on the bottom.


This 2-in-1 kneeler & seat for more comfortable gardening

All gardeners (both beginners and pros alike) will find this two-in-one kneeler and seat an absolute necessity — you can comfortably sit on the seat when working in your elevated beds or pruning your plants, and when on the ground, you’ll appreciate having the thick padded kneeler beneath you. At the end of the day, the product folds up nearly flat for compact storage. The weight limit for this pick is 330 pounds.


These mini grilling baskets for when you don’t need the entire grill

If you don’t want to clean your entire grill after use, try these mini grilling baskets. Each kit comes with three items: a grill pan, a circular basket, and a square basket. Made from durable stainless steel, these baskets have great airflow and deliver even cooking results.


The unbreakable wine glasses your outdoor party needs

These wine glasses come in a set of four and unlike traditional glasses, won’t shatter because they’re made with 18/8-gauge stainless steel. They retain your beverage’s temperature and are also super easy to grip. These glasses are easy to care for, too, since you can toss them in the dishwasher to clean.

  • Available colors: 14


A stress-free magnetic screen door that installs in a snap

No need for costly renovations when you can add this magnetic screen door in minutes. It fits doors up to 38 by 82 inches and snaps in place with magnets. Along the center seam, 26 more magnets create a seal that’s easily opened and closed whenever you need access, and the breathable mesh keeps bugs out while letting air in.


This insulated can that keeps beverages ice cold

Prevent warm drinks from ruining your outdoor gatherings with this insulated can cooler. Not only is it double-wall insulated, but it also has an additional layer of copper to keep your drink 20 times cooler than competing products. Plus, the exterior shouldn’t sweat, and the nonslip base keeps spills to a minimum. Just place your 12-ounce slim can inside and the rest is a breeze.

  • Available colors: 30


This tiny, ridged gadget that helps keep your grill clean

This grill cleaner strips your grill’s grates of gunk in a flash — and unlike traditional brushes, it won’t shed bristles into your grill in the process. Made from solid brass, it features four differently shaped ridges to reach difficult spaces. Just wait until your grill cools down to use.


A set of planters perfect for growing herbs on your windowsill

Take the stress out of gardening with these self-watering window planters. They come three to a pack and feature an interior chamber with drainage to help avoid rot. They also come with a watering reservoir and strips to help the plants take in only the water they need (and no more), allowing you to water them just every two weeks.


These grill mats that help cook your food evenly

This two-pack of grill mats is here to help save you from grill flare-ups and losing items below the grates. Made from toxin-free materials, these mats can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. They’re sturdy, but still thin enough to deliver tasty grill marks. Just toss them in the dishwasher to clean.


The outdoor pillow covers that will keep your space dry & stylish

Outdoor furniture can be tricky because of the elements, but these waterproof pillow covers help keep your patio pillows dry and protected. Available in tons of colors and sizes, these covers feature convenient zipper closures and are dust-resistant, too. Wash them on a cold, gentle cycle to clean.

  • Available colors: 21


A powerful leaf blower that weighs less than 4 pounds

Remove leaves, dirt, and other debris from your patio and other outdoor surfaces efficiently with this electric leaf blower. It blows air up to a whopping 155 mph, yet is incredibly lightweight (at less than four pounds) for easy maneuvering. This is a corded pick, so it will need to be plugged into an outlet for power.


A set of inflatable coolers that brings the party wherever you go

No need to lug around a heavy ice chest, because this lightweight inflatable serving bar comes together in minutes with a pump. It’s BPA-free and will even float in your swimming pool if you want a DIY swim-up bar. Just release the drain plug after use and you’re good to go.


This sleek braided rug that works indoors & outside

Toss this decorative braided rug on your patio and instantly add a touch of visual interest. Its low height means it won’t obstruct doorways or throw off the balance of your furniture. Because it’s made from durable polypropylene, it will stand up to wear and tear from the elements, pets, and more.

  • Available colors: 14


The drink holder stakes that prevent spills at outdoor parties

Imagine a garden party or BBQ where none of your guests have to hold their drinks between their feet so they don’t topple onto the grass. These genius drink holder stakes are made of durable steel and nestle firmly into the dirt, where they stay securely in place. The top consists of a beverage holder that fits bottles, cans, and insulated tumblers. These highly rated stakes have a 4.8-star rating and come with four colorful stakes in each set.


These self-watering hanging planters that make plant care a breeze

This set of two hanging planters takes the stress out of gardening. With each featuring a durable 17.7-inch chain and hook, you can hang them just about anywhere. Simply fill the water reservoir, and the self-watering feature will help ensure the plants get only as much moisture as they need, all while the drainage feature lets extra water leak through when you need it to.

  • Available colors: 4


A bird feeder that attaches to your window so you have a front row to nature

Sit back, relax, and watch adorable birds cavorting and enjoying a meal in this window bird feeder that attaches to your window via six strong, weatherproof suction cups. The feeder has a genius design with a tray that you can simply pull out and fill with seeds to give your bird friends a treat. It’s made of easy-to-clean acrylic and boasts more than 21,000 reviews.


An inflatable lounge with an ottoman for laidback vibes

Patio furniture is great and all, but when you want to relax in your yard with a set that you can move from here to there at your leisure, this inflatable lounge with ottoman is perfect. The two-piece set features a comfy waterproof lounge that easily inflates and deflates and is designed with a convenient cupholder, as well as an accompanying inflatable weatherproof ottoman to rest your feet.


This low-profile waterproof doormat for the patio

This doormat is made with waterproof material that’ll withstand the elements if left outside on the patio. Its textured design will help latch onto dirt before it’s taken inside, and the nonslip bottom will help keep it in place. Not to mention, the doormat’s available in six colors — so you can match it with the decor of your outdoor space.


An outdoor timer for patio & garden lights that saves you money

Outdoor lighting can create major ambiance, but it can also run up your electric bill if you’re not careful. Snag this water-resistant outdoor light timer that features three grounded outlets and a remote control and set it to schedule lights to one of five options: dusk-to-dawn, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours. The timer is especially ideal for patio and holiday lighting and boasts more than 13,000 reviews.