These 50 gifts are selling out on Amazon because they're so damn clever

Grab ‘em while you can.

gifts are selling out on Amazon because they're so damn clever
ByChristina X. Wood
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Sometimes, shopping is easy. Other times, it’s a mystery so unsolvable that Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t know what to get. When you’re faced with a baffling shopping challenge, you need help from the experts. But who are the shopping experts, you ask? That’s easy. They’re the people buying up all the most clever items on Amazon. Whether you’re shopping for a grandmother who has everything or a co-worker you don’t know well, there will be something on this list of 50 popular, on-point products to solve the various gift-giving challenges in your life.


A pair of pumice stones for soft & supple feet

Most all rough and shoe-weary feet enjoy a good scrub with a pumice stone once in a while, and keeping one in the shower is key to accomplishing this. This pair of pumice stones are cut into a compact and appealing shape and strung from a rope so they look great hanging in the shower. They will also drip dry so they don’t mildew and will always be ready.


These handy flashlight gloves that illuminate any job

Pull on this pair of flashlight gloves and tap into your new superpower. You can now point beams of light from your thumb and forefinger. Whether you are wearing them to walk the dog, go fishing before dawn, run through the neighborhood, or LARP through the woods (or all of the above), point and they will light the way. A button on the back of the hand turns them on and off.


A gel that gets your car clean & is like playing with modeling clay

This cleaning gel is a quick and fun way to remove all the dust and crud from the nooks and crannies in a car without powering up a vacuum. Just press it into the cup holder, bitty crevices, and air vents and it will absorb the detritus and remove it. It’s like playing with clay except the end result is a clean car and anyone with a car will have fun taking it for a spin.

“I ordered this to use in the car but found it practical at my desk as well,” said one reviewer. “Makes the perfect gift for only [eight] dollars.”


A 5-Pack of durable iPhone chargers

Everyone with a phone needs a spare charging cable. So this five-pack of fast-charging, copper wire iPhone chargers with overcharge protection will let you gift one of those to everyone you know who sports an Apple phone. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or office gift and it will be greatly appreciated and used often.


These individually-wrapped sneaker cleaning wipes

Give the gift of clean kicks. Everyone who wears shoes wonders how to get them clean again after a romp through the rain or mud. And these sneaker-cleaning wipes are an easy way to do that. This 12-pack of individually wrapped wipes makes keeping a few in the car, backpack, and sock drawer easy. Cleaning shoes with them is a matter of wiping them clean and tossing the wipe.


A magnetic phone mount that’s small & easy to install

This simple, low-key magnetic car phone mount is such an easy gift. Even people who already have a phone mount in their car will love having something small and portable to drop in a travel kit and use in a rental car. It snaps into the car vent and grabs your phone magnetically. It comes with two metal plates (round and rectangular) you can stick to your phone or slip into the phone case.

“It’s so easy to install and fits any phone!!!” said one reviewer. “Makes a great gift!!!”


A set of 14 makeup brushes in a handy travel case

Anyone who wears makeup will love this complete collection of 14 soft, synthetic makeup brushes in a case. There is almost every kind of brush, they don’t shed, and they have beefy and easy-to-grip handles. They are thick and fluffy and ideal for applying everything from foundation to eyeliner, and the container is perfect for storing them and for travel.


A pair of clip-on reading lights for when others are asleep

Anyone who reads, knits, or draws has been asked to turn the lights out at a crucial stage of their activity. Give them the ability to keep going no matter what anyone else needs with these two clip-on reading lights that are lightweight, rechargeable, and easy to pack along. The gooseneck points the light where it’s needed, and the color of the light is adjustable from daylight or white to amber so it’s easy on the eyes and sleep patterns.


The wine aerator that makes budget wine taste expensive

Pour your wine through this wine aerator and turn an inexpensive bottle into something much more delicious as it infuses the vino with the optimal amount of oxygen to enhance the subtle flavors of the grape. You can cork the bottle with the companion stopper for a more elegant way to store the wine, too. There are two in this package and each one makes a terrific gift for anyone who enjoys wine and lives on a budget.


These gold eye masks that are so cooling & hydrating

Bask in a few moments of luxury pampering by putting your feet up, applying these gold eye masks under your eyes, and relaxing. The delicate skin under your eyes will soak up the collagen, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, gold, and vitamins infused in the serum. The 15 pairs are individually wrapped so you can tuck a few into gift baskets and give the gift of self-care.


This lantern that charges via the sun & converts to a flashlight

Tuck this hockey puck-sized solar lantern into your pack. Then, when you’ve hiked in and the sun is going down, pull it out, pop it up to lantern shape, and hang it in your tent or from a tree. It works as a hanging lantern, table lamp, or flashlight and will soak up the sun while you are camping to recharge itself. It has a flashing mode, too, so when you aren’t camping, it makes a great addition to your car safety kit.


A phone & tablet stand that elevates the video call experience

Perfect for Zoom meetings, classes, or following a recipe or music lesson, this cell phone stand puts the screen at a height and angle that’s ideal for what you are doing. The sturdy, weighted base eliminates wobble and can hold a big tablet just as well as a phone.

“This is the best gift idea under $20,” said one reviewer. “I never knew how [badly] I needed this until I had it.”


A pair of wireless over-ear headphones in great colors

If you are assuming that gifting a nice pair of over-ear headphones to someone who loves music and style (or so you don’t have to listen to what they are watching) is too expensive, these Bluetooth headphones from iJoy will prove you wrong. Wireless (or wired), rechargeable, foldable, and with cushy soft earcups, they are also beautiful, come in seven colors, and get 42,000 five-star ratings.


A set of brush pens for coloring, journaling, or art projects

This set of 20 brush pens is perfect for anyone who relaxes with a coloring book, enjoys their journal, or likes creating art. The tips are fine brushes so the experience is as close as you can get to painting without getting out an easel and washing brushes. And the colors are vibrant and varied. There is even a water brush pen for blending.


This luxurious bath pillow for soaking in self-care

If you are gifting self-care to someone who needs it, this bath pillow is a great place to start. What better pampering is there than soaking in a tub, comfortable on a soft pillow that cradles your head and shoulders? The fabric surface is soft on the skin and the six suction cups hold it to the tub.

“This would make a great gift for someone who likes a good soak in the tub,” said one reviewer. “Mine is hanging up, dried, waiting for my next bath experience.”


A 3-pack of quick-drying towels for the gym or camping

Anyone who hits the gym or beach on a regular basis is faced with the dilemma of what to do about towels. The same goes for camping. These quick-dry towels solve all the eternal towel problems. They pack small. They absorb a lot of water quickly. They dry out quickly. And they come with a carrying bag so it’s easy to toss them in the car or gym bag. They come in eight colors, too, so you can mix it up.


A set of beer mugs for an upgraded beverage experience

Whether you want to kick back on a weekend afternoon or bring some fun to a cookout, this set of beer tankards will elevate your next brew. The steins are made of durable Italian glass and feature a unique pattern on the bottom. Each tankard holds over 17 ounces, so you can pour that pint with confidence. When you’re finished, the glass goes in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A flying disc that lights up for night games

When the sun goes down on your Frisbee golf game, pull out this light-up flying disc and keep on playing. The battery-powered disc flies long and true and it does it while flashing a fiber optic display that illuminates without dragging it down. It will probably lead to more than one spaceship sighting in the neighborhood but everyone will be having fun.

“Love this disk,” reported one reviewer. “[Flies] great. Well balanced disk. Bought a couple for my friends as gifts.”


A charging stand for the phone, the watch, & earbuds

As everyone’s digital collection proliferates, the bedside table begs for more compact ways to charge it all. And this three-in-one wireless charger station is answering that request. The wireless deck features a stand for the phone, a hanger for the watch, and a dedicated resting spot for the earbuds. It’s pretty universal, too, since it uses the watch's own charger and the wireless pads are compatible with most devices.


A ring light for better photos & video calls

Want to look your best in video calls and photos? This selfie ring light is the trick to accomplishing that. Clip it over the monitor or phone and it corrects the light to eliminate shadows and backlighting that can appear harsh and stark to the camera. It evenly lights your face for that camera-ready glow and, at this price, it is so giftable you might need a few.


This set of 5 packing cubes that makes traveling more organized

Anyone who travels will love the way this set of packing cubes turns the mess inside their suitcase into an ordered place that’s easy to live out of for days — or even weeks. The large cubes are perfect for sweaters or pants. The middle two hold plenty of tops and T-shirts. And the small one keeps underwear and small items orderly. As you wear things transfer them to the laundry bag (or use it for shoes). Almost 16,000 people say, “Five stars!” And they come in 10 colors.


The hammer that’s like a Swiss Army knife but for tools

Everyone with a car, bike, or home needs some tools. And what’s a better tool than a multitool hammer that’s also a wire cutter, pliers, screwdriver, saw, bottle opener, and more? It has a total of 12 tools that all open up out of the hammer like a Swiss Army knife. It tosses easily into a kitchen drawer, bike pack, or car so you always have a tool handy.

“This was a hit for a sub $25 white elephant gift,” said one reviewer. “If you have a handyman or a tinkerer in the family they’ll be sure to end the game with this product.”


A cocktail shaker & recipe book for any level of mixologist

Every bar needs a cocktail shaker so that making mixed drinks is easy and fast. This cocktail shaker with a strainer lets you make martinis and similar strained drinks and comes with a jigger for accuracy. Reviewers report that it doesn’t leak, seems more expensive than it is, and the pieces fit together nicely. It even comes with an ebook of drink recipes to get a novice drinker started on mixology.


These little bookmarks that sprout out of the pages

These six little green bookmarks hold your place in all the books in the currently-reading pile while making the bedside table look like a forest fantasy for readers. The flat stems won’t hurt the book’s binding but the leaves sprout out of the top informing you of just how far into each story you are.

“I gave these out as a gift for one of the book clubs I’m in and they all LOVED them!” reports one reviewer.


A cordless water flosser that makes daily flossing more fun

Flossing is one of those habits most people struggle with — but this cordless water flosser will make it fun and easy. It uses a jet of water to clean the gumline and between teeth quickly and comes with six tips for different flossing effects. It runs for 10 to 15 day on a charge and has a small footprint on the vanity.

“This is third battery-powered flosser I've had, and by far the best,” says one reviewer.


The electric makeup brush cleaner that makes this chore fast & easy

For any makeup enthusiast, cleaning makeup brushes is a necessary chore because dirty makeup brushes spread bacteria and are less effective. This electric makeup brush cleaner makes it easy to whip through cleaning an entire set of brushes in minutes. And, at the end of the process, those brushes are dry and ready to use again because it spins them clean and then dry.

“You do not realize how dirty your make-up brushes are until you use this,” said one reviewer. “I liked it so much, I bought a second one as a gift!”


A sushi-making kit so you can have sushi whenever you want

Going out for sushi is so expensive and making it at home is both easy and fun, though it requires some tools and know-how. Help someone enjoy sushi at home by giving them all the tools they need in this 10-piece sushi-making kit. It comes with all the basic tools, the know-how, and even some snazzy chopsticks and a cotton storage bag.


This phone ring holder that doubles as a kickstand

This 3-finger phone ring holder makes it so much easier to hold your phone, you won’t drop it when you attempt a one-handed texting feat while walking down the street. Stick it to the back of the phone or case. It also acts as a kickstand and has two holes in it you can use to attach it to a wrist strap or lanyard, add charms, or attach whatever you like. And it works beautifully with a magnetic car phone mount, too.


The reusable fur roller that’ll make it seem like you don’t even have pets

Cleaning up after furry friends can feel like a never-ending chore, but this genius pet hair remover uses electrostatic charge to make the job a little easier. Unlike most lint rollers, it’s reusable, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing sticky tape. To use, just roll it over carpets, upholstery, or furniture and when the container is full, push the button to empty.


An adjustable tripod & ring light for a professional-style photo & video setup

Whether you shoot videos, take photos, or spend time in video meetings, this ring light kit will make all your subjects look terrific on camera, where lighting is everything. Mount your phone inside the ring and it will fix all the lighting problems in your space. The tripod holds the phone at any height from 17 to 60 inches and it comes with a remote. This is like a studio lighting kit that makes all your images better.


The soothing, microwavable heating pad that smells like lavender

Pop this flax-filled, fleece aromatherapy heat pad in the microwave for a few minutes and wrap it around your neck — or whatever is tense — for a relaxing heat treatment. Put it in the freezer and use it as a cold compress to chill sore muscles or aches and pains. It smells deliciously of lavender when heated and is long enough to wrap around your neck or shoulders.


A handy phone mount for your bike or motorcycle

This bike phone mount makes it possible to not only bring your phone with you biking but to use it for navigation, video calls, and managing your music while you pedal. It clamps securely to the handlebars and holds the phone in a firm grip using both a side clamp and a wrap-around silicone net that won’t break or degrade. Over 38,000 reviewers gave it five stars.


The beard straightener that tames wild whiskers

In just a few seconds, this heated beard straightener will tame a wild-man beard and make it date-night-ready. It quickly removes kinks and frizz, turning those whiskers smooth and suave. It has three heat levels and protection against scalding. It also comes with a travel bag and comb so it’s a complete beard care kit.

“Gave [it] as a gift,” said one reviewer. “He loved it so much he was recommending it to friends, coworkers, and to clients.”


This clever floor chair that supports your back

Create comfortable extra seating anywhere with this portable floor chair with back support. Set it on the bench seat at a sports event and lean back. Sit on the floor to play a game with the kids in comfort, or create extra seating around your coffee table at a party. The back adjusts to any of 180 degrees and it lies flat for storage. It comes in five colors.


A pizza cutter that gets it right

For anyone who loves to make pizza — or even heat up frozen pizzas — this pizza cutter will let you cut it into even and straight pieces quickly and easily. It cuts right through all the toppings, too, without dragging any of them off. Just rock the curved blade back and forth for a straight cut that slices right through even crispy crust.

“This is the best pizza cutter I have ever owned,” said one reviewer. “Easy to use and great for cutting tavern-style slices.”


The lighter that never needs more fuel

Who on your list would not appreciate a lighter that won’t blow out, reaches deep into a candle, and — the best part — never needs to be tossed out or refueled with butane? This rechargeable lighter is both useful and sci-fi cool. It recharges via USB so it never runs out of fuel and lights with an arc of electricity that withstands wind and even a bit of rain.


A big, flat-bottomed wok that works on all cooktops

Cooking in a wok is a fun way to create stir fries and many other dishes quickly on the stove. The traditional round-bottomed ones require a stand — and sometimes don’t make enough contact with the heating element to work on induction or electric stoves. This large, nonstick wok pan will work just fine on any stovetop and it has handles on both sides as well as a matching dome lid to make it so easy to use — and an amazing gift. It even comes with a spatula.


The bonsai kit that can cultivate a new hobby

Giving someone a potential new hobby is both a gift and an experience. And this bonsai tree kit will help send them down the road to growing a beautiful living art, which is the kind of hobby that is calming, fun, and productive. The kit includes everything to start three bonsai varieties, including pots, soil, labels, seeds, and instructions.


A digital meat thermometer for perfectly-cooked steaks & roasts

There is only one way to be sure a steak is cooked the way you want it before you cut it open, and that’s to use a meat thermometer. This digital meat thermometer makes this so simple you will use it for everything from steaks to roasts to even your hot tea. Flip open the probe. Insert it. Read the LED screen. There is a chart that tells you how well done your meat is, right on the handle.


The clever way to carry water & phone while running or hiking

Every runner knows the challenge of carrying a water bottle and phone on a run. This running water bottle solves it. Slide your phone into the sleeve, your hand into the handle, fill the water bottle, and go. There’s room for a set of keys and a credit card, and it holds 23 ounces of water. You can even operate the phone through the clear cover.


The easy way to shave without pesky cleanup

No one who shaves a beard enjoys getting the vacuum cleaner or bunches of paper towels out afterward. But not doing so can lead to a huge mess, both in the bathroom — and in relationships. This beard bib apron makes everyone happy. Don it and suction the corners to the mirror. When you shave, the whiskers will be caught by the bib, leaving no mess. All you have to do is empty it into the trash.

“Bought it partly as a joke,” reported one reviewer. “But ... my husband loves it and I love that his beard hair is no longer all over the bathroom.”


These under cabinet lights you can control from 15 feet away

These ultra thin LED lights are an easy way to brighten up dim spaces. The lights offer up 100 hours of run time on a single set of AAA batteries and are super easy to install. The lights can be tapped on and off with your hand, but also come with a remote control for more customization. With over 11,000 five-star reviews, these are in a ton of Amazon carts.


This silicone popcorn maker that’s so much better than prepackaged

Sure, those bags of microwavable popcorn are easy. But making popcorn in this microwavable popcorn popper is just as easy — and more delicious. You can use your own kernels, oil, and spices while skipping the chemicals and saving a lot of money. Just put oil and kernels in the bowl and microwave for a couple of minutes. You’ll get perfect popcorn every time. Everyone needs quick, healthy snacks so it’s an awesome gift.


A clip-on pot strainer because colanders are so yesterday

If you have a small kitchen, it’s hard to find room for a colander. Unfortunately, you need one to get the pasta water out of your spaghetti. This clip-on pot strainer is the modern answer to the colander. It snaps to the side of any pan because it’s flexible. Then you can pour the water off, one-handed, without aiming for a target in the sink. It comes in five colors and stores easily.


This clever knife block that fits right in a kitchen drawer

Keep the knife collection safely in a kitchen drawer by setting this bamboo knife block in there. It holds 14 knives and has a slot for the knife sharpener so there’s room for your entire collection. It looks nice and the knives won’t fly around when you open the drawer or raise the risk of cutting you when you reach for one.


A big, insulated water bottle with 3 different lid styles

Having enough cold water with you when you go camping or on a road trip or hike is a lot easier if you have this big, insulated water bottle. It holds 64 ounces and keeps that water chilled for 24 hours. There’s a flip-top lid, a straw lid, and a sealed lid that clips to a pack. Two of the lids have built-in handles to make carrying or clipping it easy. All this also comes at a giftable price — maybe that’s why over 21,000 people gave it five stars.


This simple hack for improving your TV-watching experience

Transform the look of movies on your TV with this easy and effective hack: Stick this bias lighting to the back of the TV and plug it into a USB port on the TV. It throws light behind the TV so there is less contrast when you are watching. This helps make everything look better, including the room the TV is in.


A magnetized LED light that’ll illuminate hard-to-reach spaces

This two-in-one tool works as both a flashlight and a magnetic pick-up device. The three LED bulbs can be focused on tight spaces so you can alway see what you’re doing and the strong magnets on both the head and base are useful for picking up dropped nuts, bolts, and screws. Since it’s so compact, this is tool is perfect for keeping in a toolbox or trunk of the car.


The multi-tool pen that does half a dozen jobs

This two-pack of multi-tool pens means you’ll always be prepared. Whether you need an LED light, a bubble level, or a Phillips head screwdriver bit, this pen tool comes in so handy. It also works as a ruler, stylus, retractable pen, and flathead screwdriver, and the pen comes with ink refills and batteries, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


This hook for ripening bananas with less bruising

This clever hook mounts underneath cabinets and ripens bananas with less bruising and more air circulation. It can also be used for other types of produce like bunches of grapes, bags of onions, or herbs. Installation is simple; just use the included adhesive or mount with screws. And when not in use, it folds up and out of the way.


The cleaning brush that’ll make electronics look like new

With soft bristles on one end and a silicone wiper on the other, this handy cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning all the nooks and crannies in your electronics. It’s gentle on delicate surfaces like camera lenses while still getting rid of stubborn dust and debris. Use it on cell phones, computer keyboards, or any device that needs a little TLC. The cleaning bristles retract and the wiper has its own cap for easy storage.