These things for your backyard under $30 are legitimately amazing

Turn your outdoor space into everyone’s favorite hangout spot.

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Turn your backyard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams with these legitimately amazing products that are under $30. We’re talking decorative solar lights, fun outdoor games for the whole fam, a huge projection screen to host summer movie nights, and other incredible Amazon finds to make your backyard summer-ready. As this list proves, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to turn your outdoor space into everyone’s favorite hangout spot.


These solar lights to illuminate your backyard pathway

Line a backyard pathway or driveway with these solar garden lights that turn on at dusk and automatically shut off at dawn. The six-piece light set is solar-powered, so you don’t need to worry about long extension cords distracting from your flower beds, and it’s weatherproof to withstand the harsh elements. The lights’ sleek and simple design make them versatile enough for a modern new build, as well as a traditional colonial. Not only are they a great way to illuminate a walkway, they add an extra layer of visual interest to your outdoor landscaping.


These insulated wine tumblers that are a cheap-but-amazing outdoor entertaining essential

If you’re tired of worrying about glasses shattering all over the place every time you have dinner out on the patio, get this four-piece set of insulated wine tumblers. The stainless steel tumblers have three layers of insulation in order to maintain temperature, which means they work just as well for a chilled rose in the summer as they do for a hot mulled wine in the fall. Each has a 12-ounce capacity and comes with a clear spill-proof sliding seal lid.


A pair of Himalayan tea lights to create a relaxing ambience

Create a chill ambience and bring in a soft glow with these beautiful Himalayan tea lights. They are hand-crafted from salt crystals, giving them a unique look with slight variations in color and weight. The salt crystals that comprise these candles infuse your outdoor space with a romantic atmosphere and a cozy amber glow.


A can cooler so you can enjoy a sunny day outside with a perfectly chilled drink

Keep your favorite canned beverage nice and chilled no matter how hot it gets outside by inserting it in this stylish can cooler. It fits slim 12-ounce cans, keeps them 20 times cooler (according to the brand), and prevents condensation from forming. The koozie has a nonslip base so it doesn’t slide off a surface or damage it, and it features a push-lock gasket that makes it easy to insert and remove cans.


A heavy-duty cover to protect your outdoor grill

An outdoor grill can be a pricey investment, which is why it’s important to protect it to ensure it lasts for years to come. This heavy-duty cover comes with a 4.5-star rating from more than 50,000 shoppers who highly recommend it due to its quality and sleek look. The cover is waterproof and features adjustable velcro straps, so you can tightly wrap it around your appliance to protect it and prolong its life, no matter the season.


This amazing pressurized sprayer bottle that’ll make yard work so much easier

Make yard work easier on yourself by getting this pressurized sprayer bottle that has a one-hand operating mechanism for ultimate convenience. Its adjustable design allows you to choose between a fine mist or a steady stream, and the lightweight plastic bottle is easy to carry around whether you’re using it in the backyard or on your balcony.


A magnetic screen door that allows fresh air in, but keeps annoying pests out

Install this mesh magnetic screen door in your home so you can enjoy the fresh breeze without letting in mosquitos and other annoying pests. The super-popular product — as in, has garnered 46,000+ perfect ratings— can either be attached using hook-and-loop tape or thumbtacks. It also features 26 strong magnets for hands-free opening and an automatic seal. The fine mesh acts as a heavy-duty barrier that prevents unwanted pests from entering, but doesn’t stop fresh air from breezing in.


A giant inflatable pretzel float for the most adorable pool accessory

Get ready for everyone in your household to fight over this adorable pool accessory — a giant inflatable pretzel float. The whimsical float is made from durable PVC and comes with a repair patch just in case it gets punctured. It’s easy to inflate and deflate, is suitable for both kids and adults, and is also available in other cute designs such as a watermelon slice or sprinkle donut.


These mesh food covers to keep your favorite picnic foods safe

Set these mesh food covers over a bowl of fruit salad or a sandwich tray to keep flies and dirt from ruining your picnic favorites. The set includes one extra-large and two standard size covers that come with a carrying bag for easy storage and a way to transport them to a park or family get-together. The food domes are designed with reinforced metal poles to ensure they don’t collapse and double flaps to prevent pests from getting in.


This bug zapper racket for an updated version of a classic fly swatter

Swap out your old fly swatter for this cool-looking bug zapper racket that instantly gets rid of flies, mosquitos, and other annoying pests that keep *bugging* you when all you want to do is take a nap in your hammock. The racket is rechargeable, with a single charge lasting for up to 10,000 zaps while its triple-protection mesh design protects you from getting zapped. It also has a handy LED light to illuminate bugs at night, whether you’re away camping or hosting a backyard bbq.


These shatterproof string lights to add a cafe vibe to your patio

Light up your patio and add a charming cafe vibe with a set of these shatterproof string lights. The energy-saving bulbs are built for durability, designed to be wind- and rain-proof. They are connectable, which means that you can connect up to 28 strands of these 15-bulb strands to illuminate your backyard, and they are compatible with most outdoor dimmers to allow you to adjust their brightness.


A liquid kelp fertilizer that you mix with water for cheap-but-effective plant food

This liquid kelp fertilizer is made from a seaweed plant to provide natural plant food for a luscious backyard. It’s incredibly cost-effective, since you only need a teaspoon of the seaweed extract per gallon of water, which means it covers a large surface area for a budget price. It has multiple benefits, such as helping plants adapt to excessive heat, wind, or drought, and increasing their chlorophyll levels for greener leaves.


A spray nozzle with eight settings to cover all your outdoor needs

Water the lawn, clean the patio, or wash your car using this spray nozzle that features eight different spray settings and has an ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled use. The heavy-duty nozzle fits all standard hoses, and its rubber insulation means it works with both cold and hot water. To use it, simply connect it to a hose, choose a sprayer setting, and press down the cushioned handle.


This gardening tool set so you can turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis

Get every basic tool you need when you purchase this gardening set that comes with a cute washable bag to carry everything in. It includes a soil scoop, small trowel, cultivators, pruning shears, a weeder, a spray bottle, and gardening gloves, all of which have a matching design. The set comes highly rated, and its budget price makes it a great gift for a *budding* gardener or addition to your own outdoor tool collection.


A hanging bird feeder with an expandable design to fit extra food for the birds in your backyard

Add a decorative touch to your backyard and feed the birds with this expandable feeder that features a hexagonal roof to shield birds from the sun and rain. Its latch feature makes it easy to refill with various seeds, and the closing prevents squirrels and other animals from opening the feeder. The structure extends vertically and can hold over two pounds of feed that’s automatically dispensed as the birds eat it.


A cedar bat house to give bats a place to roost

Give bats a place to roost while keeping them away from your home thanks to this cedar wood bat house. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem, and this two-chamber box gives them a safe and dry place to sleep away from any potential predators. The handcrafted box comes fully assembled and is varnished with a waterproof solution for durability. Install it off the ground, or on a tree or side of the house, with the provided hook for best results.


This ladder toss game for hours of outdoor fun

For loads of outdoor fun for the whole family, get this interactive ladder toss game. It’s a game that’s easy to learn and play that’s designed for up to four players who are age 14 and older. The PVC pipe framework is easy to set up and break down, and the game includes a zippered case for convenient storage and carrying.


An outdoor canopy to shield you from the sun as you lounge in your backyard

Install this curved-edge shade sail, and stay shielded from the sun and rain while you relax outside. Its high-density polyethylene construction gives it a 95% UV-blocking feature to protect you from potentially harmful rays and to reduce heat underneath it — while still allowing a cool breeze to pass through. The canopy is available in a huge variety of colors and has stainless steel D-rings in each corner to keep it securely fastened and prevent tears in the fabric.


These lawn shoes that aerate the grass while you get your steps in

These clever lawn shoes serve a dual purpose of helping you get those 10,000 daily steps while you aerate the lawn soil in your backyard. The spike-covered sandals have adjustable straps with metal buckles to securely attach them to your shoes, so they stay on as you walk around the yard. With each step, the two-inch nails dig into the soil as you mow, rake leaves, or take an evening stroll.


A foldable pool so your furry pal can enjoy a refreshing splash

Give your four-legged household member a spot to enjoy a refreshing splash on hot summer days with this foldable pool. It has a nonslip base to keep it from sliding around the lawn, and unlike inflatable pools, you don’t have to worry about it getting punctured and flooding your entire backyard. The pool is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl and has two drain caps for quick and convenient drainage.


This brush & scraper combo tool to clean your grill

This no-scratch brush and scraper tool has stainless steel bristles and a wooden handle for an effortless way to clean a grill. It easily removes burnt-on messes and stuck-on residue without causing damage, and the 15-inch long acacia wood handle protects you from the heat of the grill. You can easily replace the brush head, the cleaning tool is dishwasher-safe for ultimate convenience, and it’s a small investment to prolong the life of your outdoor grill, saving you money in the long run.


These solar lights to dress up your backyard steps

Add a safety feature and dress up your backyard steps simultaneously with these solar lights that’ll illuminate the staircase from dusk till dawn. They’re not motion-activated, so you don’t have to worry about them constantly turning on and off when someone walks by, and they also won’t add to your electric bill since they’re solar-powered. Place one of these lights on each end of your stairs, along the deck, or to highlight your fence; they’re a cheap-but-amazing outdoor accessory you can use in a number of ways.


A 120-inch projection screen for the ultimate outdoor movie night

Throw some memorable movie night parties by turning your backyard into an outdoor theater with this 120-inch projection screen. The set-up is quick and easy; the screen’s thickness allows for clear and vivid imagery, and it’s double-sided for added viewing options. Secure it in place with hooks, strong tape, or nails, and make sure that it’s stretched flat so there aren’t any wrinkles or creases to distract from the movie. For less than $30, it’s a great way to enjoy movies in your outdoor space throughout the warmer months.


An inflatable pouf for stylish (yet cheap) backyard seating

Outdoor furniture can be a serious investment, and if you need extra seating but don’t want to blow through your budget, get this inflatable pouf. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and pattern, and it provides an extra seat — or spot to put up your feet — at a cheap price, and it barely takes up any storage space since you can deflate and fold it. The pouf has a zippered design, features a sewn-on handle for easy carrying, and a pump is included so you can immediately inflate it.


This programmable sprinkler timer so you never forget to water the yard

Never worry about forgetting to water the backyard thanks to this programmable sprinkler timer. You can choose the watering frequency and duration, and the clever timer also has a rain delay function that helps avoid excessive watering. It’s designed for outdoor use and can withstand harsh weather, and it has an HD screen so you can easily schedule a timer or check a setting.


These growing bags so you can grow your own veggies

Grow your own potatoes, onions, or peppers in these breathable 10-gallon planting pots that have large roll-up “windows” so you can watch your produce grow. To plant veggies, simply fill the fabric pots with soil and compost, evenly spread out the seeds, and add soil and compost as needed, watering your plants according to instructions. The bags can easily be stored and reused, as well as moved around thanks to the reinforced handles.


An umbrella light to illuminate your patio

Enjoy evenings in the backyard and illuminate your patio with this battery-operated umbrella light that comes with a remote for easy use — no messy cords posing a tripping hazard and dampening the vibe. It slides onto the pole and has built-in clamps so you can adjust its width to fit any umbrella. The included remote allows you to control the brightness level and gives you the option to set a timer for the lights, all from as far as 50 feet away.


These drink holder stakes to avoid messy spills

Avoid spills and messes by placing drinks in these durable beverage stakes. They’re made from stainless steel and have two spikes on the bottom that you press into the ground with your foot — the spikes are what prevents the stakes from tipping over. The set includes four different-colored stakes to make it easy to keep track of which drink belongs to whom, and the beverage holder is large enough to fit a bottle, can, or tumbler.


This burger press to make the perfect six-inch patty

Nothing beats a great burger, and this Cuisinart burger press is a great little tool to help you form the perfect six-inch patty every time. To use it, form a ball shape with your ground meat, place a piece of parchment paper on top of it (this is optional but makes cleanup easier), then place the heavy cast iron press on it and smash it down. You’ll get just the right amount of surface area to grill up a burger that’s deliciously juicy on the inside with nice charred edges for added flavor.


A waterproof sofa cover to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements

Help the outdoor furniture you just splurged on last longer than one season by protecting it with this waterproof cover. Its durable polyester construction is coated with UV protection and features straps and cords to tightly wrap the windproof cover around an outdoor sofa. To allow for proper air circulation so that mold and foul smells don’t form, the cover is designed with hidden air vents that add breathability.


A grill wok that helps minimize messes

Minimize your grill cleanup and keep food from falling through the grates, thanks to this grill wok that opens up a whole world of cooking possibilities. Use it to grill veggies, kabobs, or small foods that would otherwise fall through the grates. The wok’s non-stick coating creates a nice char on the food without any burnt-on messes, which you’ll be oh-so-happy about when it’s time to clean up.


This window screen repair tape to stop mosquitos from getting inside your house

Keep mosquitos and other pests out of your house by repairing any holes in your window screens with this mesh repair tape. It literally takes five seconds to “install”; just cut the size that you need and stick it on the screen spot that has a tear. The tape’s heavy-duty construction will instantly seal the hole, and since it’s designed with a strong adhesive, it sticks by itself — no additional tools or supplies required.


These reusable water balloons for oodles of backyard fun

For less than $25, get these reusable water balloons that’ll bring in so much fun for the whole family. Instead of repurchasing thin and easy-to-puncture balloons, get this reusable set that can be used over and over again. The silicone balloons keep their shape and are leakproof, and a mesh bag is included for convenient storage and carrying if you want to take them to the beach or pool.


A picnic blanket that’s both practical & stylish

A chic plaid pattern and a practical waterproof design make this picnic blanket a must-have outdoor accessory. It features a three-layer structure that consists of a soft fleece surface, a sponge-like middle that adds comfort so you don’t feel every stick and stone, and a waterproof PEVA lining on the bottom. And as an added bonus, this amazing blanket comes with a PU leather holder with a handle for easy carrying.


These grill lights so you can actually see the grill if you’re cooking up a late-night dinner

Attach these battery-operated lights to your grill to make it easier to cook outside in the evening. The LED lights rotate 360 degrees, so you can point them exactly where you need using the adjustable C-clamp. Each light includes 10 super-bright bulbs that provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination.


A white melamine plate set so you don’t have to worry about dishes shattering all over the patio

Make outdoor entertaining easy on yourself and get a set of these white melamine plates that look elegant while being durable. They have a nice weight to them to ensure they don’t blow away like a paper plate would, yet they are break-, crack-, and stain-resistant for ultimate durability. They’re also dishwasher-safe, which you’ll seriously appreciate when it’s time to clean up and you’re not stuck hand-washing all the dishes.


This plastic caddy so you don’t have to make a gazillion trips back to the kitchen

Organize everything you need for a backyard bbq in this handy plastic caddy, so you don’t have to keep running back to the kitchen because you forgot the forks. It has four compartments that can be used for everything from cutlery and napkins to condiments and serving utensils. The handle makes it easy to grab and go, and the compact design allows for space-saving storage on a pantry shelf or inside a kitchen cabinet.


These large hand rakes to scoop up piles of leaves faster

Upgrade a classic rake with these large hand rakes that allow you to scoop up leaf piles so much faster. They are ergonomically designed for comfortable use and a controlled grip, and have a universal fit. The garden set includes two green hand rakes, a reusable bag, gloves, and protective padding.


A striped hammock for the ultimate outdoor relaxation

Is there anything more relaxing than taking an afternoon nap in a hammock while the birds chirp and a gentle breeze blows? The answer is a resounding no. Get this striped hammock, and it’ll be the cheapest yet comfiest lounging spot in your backyard. The striped design adds a nice pop of color and pattern, and the tightly woven knots on each end offer comfort and durability.


This cute drink dispenser for mess-free outdoor parties

Let everyone serve themselves with this gallon-sized drink dispenser that has a non-drip spigot and sits in a sturdy metal stand that prevents messes while adding a cute decorative touch to your picnic table. The glass dispenser is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, and is perfect for holding all kinds of cold beverages, from homemade lemonade to fruity sangria. It has a screw-off lid to make cleaning and refills easier and features a simple embossed design on the front for added charm.