These 40 weird grooming hacks are so genius, you'll wish you knew about them sooner

Affordable & innovative products to keep you looking fresh.

These 40 weird grooming hacks are so genius, you'll wish you knew about them sooner
ByVeronika Kero
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Believe it or not, you don’t have to run to the salon or spend a ton of money to keep yourself feeling great. Between expensive trips to the professionals (or instead of them), you can maintain your hair, skin, and nails by picking up a few innovative and surprisingly affordable products on Amazon. Based on the thousands of rave reviews, Amazon shoppers have already caught onto these genius hacks that keep skin smooth and moisturized, beard trimmings out of the sink, and hair looking fresh. For all of the clever grooming secrets you’ll wish you knew about sooner, keep scrolling.


Avoiding chapped lips with this exfoliator reviewers say “is like magic”

This lip exfoliator is so good that one reviewer raved that it works “like magic.” All you have to do is gently rub in circular motions and wipe away dead skin with a cotton pad when you’re done. The formula is 100% free from phthalates and parabens, and it comes in six different yummy flavors.


Filing your nails with this glass emery board for a mini manicure

Using this glass nail file ensures smooth and gentle shaping that won’t damage nails, allowing for more precise filing without worrying about ragged or chipped edges. The sleek board comes with a case to keep it protected while traveling and it won’t dull over time. To keep it smooth and clean, all you have to do is rinse it with soap.


Hydrating & softening with these coconut oil hand masks

The mix of coconut oil, milk extract, and hyaluronic acid in these this six-pack of hand masks work together to deeply nourish the cracks in your hands so that you're left with baby-soft skin. Because they’re shaped like gloves, it’s simple to wear them for 20 minutes and go about your day (they’re even touchscreen compatible).


Getting rid of cracked heels with these moisturizing socks

Made with a soft and squishy gel that locks in moisture, these heel socks are the perfect thing to put on after applying lotion. The breathable fabric and open-toe design allow for airflow so that your feet won’t overheat — they’re so comfortable that many reviewers reported wearing them to bed.


Removing calluses with this fast-acting gel

Your feet deserve to be taken care of just as well as the rest of your body; keep them baby-soft with this callus remover gel. Leaving it on for just five minutes can remove rough layers, corns, and calluses. Use it also with a pumice stone or foot file for even better results. With a solid 4.4-star rating, one reviewer wrote: “This stuff is amazing. My feet are so smooth and stay that way for a long time.”


Staying protected from the sun with this tinted sunscreen

Not only does this sheer tinted sunscreen protect your skin from sun damage, but it also adds some light coverage with its universal tint that offsets the white cast that is typically left behind by similar products. The lightweight formula seamlessly blends in without leaving behind a greasy residue, and in addition to being SPF 30, it also contains niacinamide and three essential ceramides to moisturize skin.


Giving yourself an at-home pedicure with these toenail files

Save time and money with this convenient six-pack of toenail care tools that comes with everything you need to give yourself a salon-worthy pedicure. The kit includes tools to remove cuticles, clean edges, file, and more. They’re all made of 100% surgical-grade stainless steel that is durable enough to last through countless at-home spa days.


Deep conditioning with this hair mask that protects against heat damage

For shinier, easier-to-manage hair without a trip to the salon, apply this moisturizing hair mask. Made with argan oil, the nourishing blend (that contains no sulfates or parabens) can help detangle, hydrate, and even improve hair’s elasticity. It also protects hair from heat styling-related damage. After rinsing, you’ll be left with silky hair that feels as good as it looks.


Soothing puffiness — or headaches — with this cooling eye mask

Filled with soft gel beads, this comfortable eye mask can be used either hot or cold by microwaving it (instructions included for this) or popping it in the freezer. It acts as a gentle compress that can help with puffiness, irritation, headaches, sinus pressure, and more. The mask comes with a fabric cover for additional comfort and a drawstring storage bag.


Microneedling at home with this derma roller with over 18,000 5-star reviews

Try out at-home micro-needling with this derma roller with an ergonomic handle to instantly give your skin a radiant glow. Covered in tiny .25 mm needles, the compact tool can be used to gently exfoliate dead skin, revealing a smooth surface and boosting skincare product absorption. It can also help stimulate hair growth when rolled over the scalp or a beard.


Removing brassiness with this purple hair mask

To prevent an orange tint and to keep your locks icy blonde between salon visits, keep this purple hair mask on hand. The cruelty-free and vegan toner removes brassiness and yellow tones so that your cool color remains bright — in part by absorbing UV rays to keep your dye from fading. Coconut and marula oils moisturize to leave hair glossy.


Reducing redness with these long-lasting eye drops

To appear a lot more awake than you may feel, these Bausch + Lomb eye drops will do just the trick. They can magically make your tired and red eyes look brighter in just one minute — lasting for up to eight hours.


Using this this lipstick-sized electric razor that has 80,000-plus 5-star reviews

With an 18-karat gold-plated tip and a built-in LED light, quick touch-ups couldn’t be easier, thanks to this electric hair remover. This tiny tool is as small as a tube of lipstick but it gives you the power to instantly get rid of unwanted hair. The stainless steel blade gently and precisely shaves as you move the device in circular motions.


Keeping your nails in tip-top shape with this cuticle trimmer

Whether you plan to polish them or not, one of the easiest ways to make your nails camera-ready is to keep your cuticles looking clean with this steel cuticle trimmer. Because the handle is covered in non-slip padding, the tool is easy to control for a salon-quality manicure — without the cost.


Keeping your nails healthy & whole with this strengthener

Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, this nail strengthener works to fortify fragile nails, diminish ridges, and prevent peeling. It’s made with soy and omega-3 vitamins for lots of nourishment and shine. It can be used as a standalone treatment or as a base for your regular polish.


Sharpening your beard line with this shaping tool

For clean lines that are easy to maintain, grab this genius beard-shaping tool. Just strap the elastic around your head and place the V-shaped guide where you’d like to create a line, then shave. The guide goes all the way up to the ears for full coverage, allowing you to get a polished-looking beard that doesn’t fade into your neck.


Promoting hair growth with castor oil

High in omegas and ricinoleic fatty acids, this cold-pressed castor oil can help to stimulate the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows for optimal growth and thickness when used regularly. The formula is also vegan and cruelty-free.


Keeping your gums & teeth clean 90% faster than traditional floss

This water flosser is a no-brainer; it is two times more effective than traditional floss and takes 90% less time. It gets rid of food particles in hard-to-reach areas like the plaque between teeth. One charge will give you weeks of use and its water tank can hold five ounces at a time. Four jet tips are included so you won’t need a refill any time soon.


Healing acne overnight with these pimple patches

The hydrocolloid that these vegan-friendly pimple patches are made of absorbs all the gunk in blemishes without popping the surface. Simply stick it on before going to sleep for six to eight hours and wake up with a smaller spot — or no spot at all.


Removing polish with these nail clips

Contain mess with these nail clips that you can use when soaking your polish in acetone. The protective covers will prevent cotton pads from shifting around or falling off. Reviewer Samantha B. wrote, “I don’t know why it took me so long to buy but glad I did!”


Taming flyaways with this hair wax stick

For a smooth and sleek finish that will make you look effortlessly put together, keep this hair wax stick in your bag. Made of beeswax, it offers a frizz-free and matte finish with great holding power so that your hair doesn’t move throughout the day. The soothing lavender scent keeps you smelling fresh too.


Creating beautiful curls with these bendy foam hair rollers

Made of soft foam, these heatless hair rollers are easy to bend around themselves, eliminating the need for velcro or clips to keep them in place. They’re so gentle that you can even sleep on them, ensuring you get the long-lasting curls you want. This pack of 42 rollers comes in a convenient carrying case with six different thicknesses so you can switch up your hairstyles with ease.


Keeping your sink hair-free with this genius beard bib

To avoid spending just as much time cleaning up as you did shaving, wear this beard bib the next time you need some shaping. The lightweight collar attaches around your neck and suctions onto the mirror to create a barrier between the stray hairs and the sink below. When you’re done, you can easily empty it directly into the trash.


Moisturizing your nail beds with this nourishing cuticle cream

Packed full of nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe, this cuticle cream quickly replenishes lost minerals so that your skin is softened and your nails are left shining. The formula sinks in without leaving behind any stickiness and comes in a 15-milliliter tube that will last a month with everyday use to create a healthy base for manicures.


Healing dry skin with this multi-purpose ointment

This healing ointment has such a gentle formula that it can be used on your lips, body, face, and even wounds. Because it’s water-free, it soothes the skin while creating a protective barrier that doesn’t block oxygen from getting to the skin for healing. It’s made without preservatives, dyes, or fragrances, making it a good option for those with sensitive skin as well.


Defining (and filling in) your brows with this precise pencil

Over 37,000 customers have left this eyebrow pencil a five-star review, citing its low price point and long-lasting finish. The tip is retractable so you don’t have to worry about sharpening and it’s ultra-slim for precise lines to define your brow shape or fill in sparse spots. It comes in 13 different shades so you can find a good match.


Exfoliating calluses with these foot peel masks

Shaped like socks, these foot peel masks are easy to wear underneath your socks as you go about your day. In the time that you have it on (at least one hour), the blend of fruit acids and extracts will work to slough away dead skin and repair cracks. Within six to 11 days, you’ll be left with soft heels. This pack comes with two pairs.


Taming facial hair with this beard straightener

With the ability to comb through even the thickest facial hair, this beard straightener will save you plenty of time during your daily routine. This handy gadget has three temperature settings to choose from, and uses ionic technology and a ceramic plate to help prevent damage to hair. Plus, the 360-degree swiveling cord makes maneuvering easy.


Hydrating your hands with this sugar scrub

For a better-looking manicure and improved results from your lotion, apply this hand scrub as soon as you feel your skin beginning to get dry. Made with real sugar, it exfoliates away flakes so that you’re left with a smooth finish. It also contains moisturizing vitamin E and coconut oil, sinks in quickly, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. It’s available in several different scents and an unscented version as well.


Making your eyes stand out with this eyelash curler

Using this eyelash curler before putting on your mascara (or on its own) will make a world of difference to how awake you look. The durable stainless steel body presses the soft silicone pad against your lashes to create lift. It comes with two pad refills and a sleek velvet bag to keep everything together, clean, and protected.


Treating body acne with this tea tree oil body wash

This tea tree oil body wash offers a solution for acne, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and more. In addition to its cleansing ingredients, it also contains aloe vera and peppermint oil to moisturize and leave behind a fresh scent. The blend will help calm irritation and is free of parabens, preservatives, and silicone.


Refreshing your hair color with this semi-permanent dye

If you don’t want to fully commit to a certain color just yet or are just looking for a quick refresh, reach for this semi-permanent hair dye. It comes in 21 different shades ranging from natural colors like black, copper, and mocha to fun, vibrant colors like blue, mint, and light pink.


Removing knots gently with this detangling brush

With cone-shaped plastic bristles, this detangler brush gently glides through knots and tangles instead of ripping straight through like an ordinary brush. The durable tines won’t lose their shape and the brush can be used on any hair type, wet or dry. Plus, the ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, making it the perfect tool for scalp massages as well, and it’s available in several colors.


Smoothing skin with this body scrub

Made with 10% glycolic and lactic acids, this body scrub works quickly to smooth skin by getting rid of rough bumps. Because it’s made with buffing beads that are not microplastic, the environmentally-friendly formula won’t clog your pores or damage the top layer of your skin. It’s free of drying alcohol so that your skin won’t feel stripped after being exfoliated and it’s fragrance-free.


Protecting your hairstyle with these no-crease hair clips

Keep these hair clips around at all times to keep your hairstyle fresh while you keep your face free of strands to wash your face, apply makeup, and more. They’re designed without teeth so that hair stays crease-free, even after long periods of time. The set comes with eight pieces and is available in an array of different colors.


Conditioning with this beard oil set

Say goodbye to itchy facial hair by using this beard oil set. It comes with three different scents (sage, cedar pine, and sandalwood), and the set is made with argan and jojoba oil to moisturize and soften even the driest and thickest of beards for a tamed and itch-free style in seconds.


Preventing blisters with this handy protective balm

When you have a long day of walking ahead of you or just know that those gorgeous pumps are going to end up costing you, reach for this pocket-sized anti-blister balm that has almost 8,000 five-star reviews. It’s infused with vitamins A and C to restore moisture and minimize inflammation, and won’t clog pores.


Calming your skin with this cult-favorite thermal spring water spray

Misting this spring water spray over your face reduces visible redness and calms skin. It’s a powerful tool for those with sensitive skin thanks to its mineral composition that can help rebalance pH levels. Use it after cleansing, sun exposure, or anytime you need its soothing, ultra-fine mist.


Avoiding nail biting with this deterrent polish

This nail-biting deterrent is a two-in-one. It has a bitter taste that acts as a reminder to take your hands out of your mouth but is also made to stimulate nail growth. And because it easily brushes on like polish, there’s no excuse to not apply it every day.


Giving yourself a trim with these stainless steel scissors

When you're not quite in need of a full haircut — or maybe even when you are — reach for these hair-cutting scissors to get the job done yourself. The pair is made with durable stainless steel that is held together with a built-in tension screw. The ergonomic grip makes the razor edges easy to control, so you get the perfect look every time.