These weird things for your shower & bathroom are so damn clever

Unexpected things for a fresh, spa-like space.

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Your bathroom might be an afterthought when it comes to upgrades, but it's time to give it a little extra TLC with these seriously clever bathroom solutions from Amazon. Whether you want to fight unwanted odors or add more storage space, you'll want to grab these bathroom finds ASAP. Some of these things might seem downright weird at first — but I guarantee they'll make your space comfier and more functional.


This suction cup foot scrubber that massages tired feet

This nonslip foot scrubber helps you deep clean your feet without bending over or stooping down. It features soft bristles and acupressure points to exfoliate and massage your feet, making it easy to give your soles some TLC. Plus, the bottom has drainage holes and over 100 suction cups to keep things stable.


This clever toilet brush that’s incredibly discreet

Keep your toilet brush close at hand — discreetly. This cleverly compact brush tucks away behind the tank, so it’s accessible (but out of sight for guests). The hook fits most tank rims, and the holder can be adjusted based on your toilet. And when it’s time to scrub, the brush’s angled handle makes sure you can reach every spot.


This loofah-like bath mat that exfoliates your feet

This bath mat combines functionality and comfort with a nonslip bottom, drainage holes, and an exfoliating loofah-like surface. The lattice design on the bottom of the mat helps drain water, avoiding moisture buildup between showers. When it’s time to clean, simply rinse the mat with a showerhead and hang it up to dry.


A colorful toilet night-light to avoid the bright bathroom light

This motion-activated toilet night-light looks super aesthetic and can make midnight bathroom visits way easier. This color-changing LED has a hook designed to attach to most toilet rims. It will automatically turn off two minutes after you leave the bathroom, and you can choose from eight different light colors to mix things up.


These stylish waterproof holders to extend the life of your soap

Extend the life of your soap while keeping it accessible with these stylish little wall-mounted holders. They’re waterproof and feature drainage holes as well as a drip tray to encourage drying. You can also install these super sturdy soap holders on your bathroom wall or in the shower with the included adhesive.


A clever toilet handle that makes putting the seat down more hygienic

Encourage good bathroom etiquette by making it easier (and more hygienic) to lift and lower the toilet seat. This toilet seat handle is made of recycled plastic and features a strong adhesive that’s built to last. Plus, it’s easy to install and fits both flat and curved lids.


A shower footrest that makes shaving & foot care a breeze

If you prefer to shave, this clever little footrest is designed to make shaving and foot care easier. Its sturdy design features an angled top and nonslip grip that massage your feet and prevent slippage. Plus, it has a pocket with drainage holes that’s perfect for storing razors, shaving cream, or pumice stones.


This hair catcher to prevent sink clogs & lost jewelry

This drain protector pops right into all standard sink drains and catches hair before it can create clogs. Loose hairs wrap around the cylinder of the drain protector and stay hidden out of sight until you’re ready to clean. Bonus — its clever design can also prevent small items like jewelry from falling down the drain.


A clever drain cover to fill your spa-like bath all the way up

Fill your relaxing baths all the way up and prevent water from escaping with this overflow drain cover. It’s designed to fit almost all standard overflow drains, including flat, snap, and toggle styles. Plus, you simply attach it to the tub with the built-in suction cups, ensuring a secure fit.


This best-selling caulking tape that’s so easy to wrap around tubs or toilets

This waterproof caulking tape is a mess-free solution to caulking sinks, tubs, or even around the toilet. This durable tape features a seam that makes it easy to bend to create tight seal. You can also simply cut it with scissors to fit around the tub. Plus, it’s designed to stick to a ton of surfaces, like marble, tile, plastic, metal, and wood.


This colorful LED showerhead to give your water an aesthetic glow

This super aesthetic showerhead is designed to fit any standard hose and features integrated LED lights that are powered by running water. It cycles through seven fun colors automatically, so you can also keep up with how long you’ve been in the shower. It also has a built-in filter, and the silicone water jets are hard water deposit- and lime scale-resistant. And it installs quickly — no special tools or plumber needed.


A mini power scrubber to make your bathroom look new again

This battery-operated power scrubber can save time and energy when it comes to cleaning tight spots, grout lines, and grubby surfaces. The oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second for a powerful clean that can remove dirt and grime. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so you can use it with water or cleaning products.


A pumice stone cleaner that can scrub away layers of grime

Scrub away grime and hard water deposits with this chemical-free pumice stick. Just by adding water, its durable pumice stone design can efficiently clean bathroom surfaces like tubs and toilets (without scratching them). The attached handle keeps your hands clean, while the vented carrying case makes for easy storage.


This foldable sink cover that adds serious space to your bathroom

This foldable bathroom sink mat adds serious space to your bathroom by providing a flat surface for all your toiletries. It’s heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, so it’s a great spot to rest your styling tools, and it can hold up to 7 pounds. Bonus — the textured spots are perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes.


A pack of spa-like shower steamers with options for every mood

Whether you want to relax or get energized, these easy-to-use shower steamers will help set the mood with aromatherapy. They’re made with expensive-smelling essential oils, and they won’t leave marks in your shower. They also come in a resealable and waterproof bag to keep them dry in the bathroom.


These incense matches that make your bathroom smell amazing

These incense matchbooks come in handy when you have to go to the bathroom, on-the-go or at home. They light like a match but burn like incense, neutralizing odors and creating a pleasant fragrance wherever you are. This clever bathroom fragrance comes in a variety of scents, and they’re small enough to toss in your bag or pocket.


This sleek bathroom shelf with an adjustable toilet paper holder

This wall-mounted toilet paper holder features a shelf with two distinct areas, so you have a spot for your phone, some air freshener, wipes, or other essentials. It also has a clever rotating rod so you can adjust the height to fit larger rolls. The matte black stainless steel is rust- and corrosion-resistant and comes in more than five colors to fit your bathroom.


A pre-bathroom essential oil spray that neutralizes odors

This genius essential oil spray traps odor in toilet water, keeping the air smelling fresh after you use the bathroom. All you have to do is spritz a few times on the surface of the toilet water and do your business. This clever eucalyptus and spearmint spray will get to work neutralizing odors and releasing a sweet scent.


A shampoo brush that gives an at-home scalp massage

This scalp brush features two interchangeable scrubber heads for massaging the scalp and removing dandruff or dead skin. You can use it wet or dry and with or without shampoo — whenever you need a relaxing head scratch. The bristles are also designed to help with blood flow and even hair growth.


This odor-resistant bamboo bath mat to freshen up your bathroom

This fast-drying, foldable bamboo mat will be way more functional than a soggy fabric mat. Use it alone as a chic mat, or place your usual fabric mat to give it extra airflow and prevent musty odors. The top layer is water-resistant, while the bottom layer features nonslip rubber grips to keep things from sliding.


A hair catcher that makes beard trimming neat & simple

Keep your bathroom and body mess-free with this clever beard apron. It’s made of clever, static-free material, and it attaches around the neck with a simple-to-use hook-and-loop closure. Then, simply attach the suction cups to the mirror, creating a hammock for catching hair. And when you’re done, it creates a pocket to carry trimmings to the trash.


This outlet shelf to easily charge electric toothbrushes & more

This clever outlet shelf is the perfect spot for electronic toothbrushes, electric razors, a speaker for music while you get ready, and more. You can install it above your bathroom counter in a few seconds, and it can hold up to 10 pounds. Plus, it has a small hole in the back to tuck away power cords.


A handheld bidet you could also set up as a pet-bathing hose by the shower

This easy-to-install handheld bidet has maximum flexibility, whether you want to use it as a classic bidet or need help giving a pet a bath. You can easily mount it on the toilet or on the wall near the shower as a pet-bathing or houseplant-watering hose. It doesn’t require any tools to install, and you can adjust the water pressure from a soft spray to a stronger jet.


This chic soap dispenser with a spot for sponges, small skin care, or perfume

Keep your sink essentials handy with this expensive-looking soap dispenser and sponge caddy. This dispenser has a built-in spot for storing a cleaning sponge, perfume, small skin care products, and more. Plus, the durable resin material has a stylish marble design and is mold- and rust-resistant.


This organizer & toothbrush dispenser that frees up counter space

This space-saving toothbrush holder keeps your toothbrush, paste, and cup in one convenient spot. The clamp makes it easy to squeeze out toothpaste, and the cup fits neatly over the toothbrushes or other items. It’s a breeze to mount to the wall with the included adhesive, and you can combine two or more for extra storage.


This game-changing toothbrush organizer with bonus skin care storage

Instantly add a ton of storage space to your bathroom with this wall-mounted organizer with a drawer and slots for skin care, hair brushes, and more. It also has toothbrushing essentials, like space for six toothbrushes, a toothpaste dispenser, and two cups for rinsing. Plus, you simply stick it over your bathroom counter with the adhesive.


These stick-on silicone hooks that can hold practically anything

These silicone holders have a clever design with four legs that hold onto a variety of items, like toothbrushes, combs, loofahs, or even hand towels. These quirky hooks are compact enough to stick all over the bathroom to add extra storage space. Plus, you simply attach them to the wall with the strong, waterproof adhesive.


A sleek toilet paper holder that can hold up to 12 rolls

This chic storage basket is perfect for holding (and discreetly hiding) up to 12 rolls of toilet paper. It has a bamboo lid to keep your extra toilet paper dry and clean, and it’s compact enough to tuck away next to the toilet. And it comes in your choice of five colors.


A best-selling Squatty Potty that actually looks nice in your bathroom

This clever plastic stool is designed to make going a little easier, and its low-profile design will look nice in your bathroom. It slides right around your toilet, so you’ll barely notice it when you’re not using it. Plus, it’s easy to clean on cleaning day.


An impressively stylish dish that keeps your soap dry

This expensive-looking ceramic soap dish has a 45-degree angle and a spout to allow water to drain right into the sink. This leaf-shaped dish is an elegant resting spot for your soap, and the gold-tone stand keeps your countertop dry. It’s also complete with a marble finish to really elevate your bar soap.


These puff ball towels that dry your hands impressively quickly

Add some whimsy to your bathroom with these surprisingly functional sphere-shaped hand towels. They’re made of a fuzzy, absorbent material that makes it super easy to dry between your fingers. They come with hanging loops, and you can toss these puff ball towels in the washing machine.


This easy-to-clean toothbrush holder that encourages airflow

This modern toothbrush holder features bamboo dividers and ventilation holes to speed up drying. It has a removable bottom and divider to wash off any spilled toothpaste. The holder is sized perfectly for all your dental supplies but also works well for other items like razors or makeup brushes.


A durable shower curtain that’s covered in useful storage pockets

This waterproof curtain with pockets does double-duty in the bathroom, working as both a shower liner and an organizer. It has nine mesh pockets to tuck away skin care, hair care, and other essentials (without needing a bulky shower caddy). It also has rustproof grommets to make it long-lasting.


This sink aerator that’s super gentle for your skin care routine

This rotating faucet aerator adds air into the water stream, so it will feel gentle and soft for your skin care routine. It comes with an adapter, so you can easily attach it to almost any faucet. Plus, you can choose from two settings to customize it: a regular water stream or a strong spray.


This toilet paper holder with a clever compartment & phone shelf

Made of matte black stainless steel, this toilet paper holder features an enclosed shelf that’s perfect for stowing away wet wipes, tissues, period products, and more. When the lid is closed, the shelf has a flat, rimmed surface to keep your phone or other small items secure. It’s also a breeze to install next to the toilet with the included screws or adhesive.


This toilet paper holder that has a shelf for your phone

This freestanding toilet paper holder features a shelf that can hold your phone and a U-shaped design that makes it easy to reload rolls. It assembles quickly (no tools required) and can store up to four extra rolls of toilet paper. Plus, it has nonslip grips on the bottom to keep everything stable.


This sleek soap dispenser to toss your bulky shower caddy

Reduce clutter and streamline your shower with this rust-resistant soap dispenser that neatly sits on your shower tiles. The three compartments are easy to fill with your favorite skin care or hair care products. You can use the waterproof adhesive to mount it on a flat surface or in the corner of the shower.


A suction-cup drink holder that’s perfect for a shower coffee or drink

Use this clever suction cup holder to bring your favorite beverage into the shower or bathtub. The circular design holds aluminum cans, wine glasses, or even a coffee mug for early morning shower. You could also use it to stash a favorite bottle of shampoo or body wash. Plus, the extra-strong suction cup attaches easily to flat surfaces and can hold up to 7 pounds.


A waterproof & anti-fog holder to use your phone in the shower

Attach this waterproof phone holder to your shower wall or mirror to watch your favorite show or multitask while you get ready for the day. It has an anti-fog finish that’s perfect for showers, and it simply sticks to the wall. It also features a highly sensitive touch screen, so you can watch videos, check emails, and more. Plus, this clever holder rotates 360 degrees and can be tilted in a number of ways.


A shower thermometer that tells you the perfect water temperature

This easy-to-install shower thermometer shows you the temperature of your water in real-time, helping to avoid burns or freezing cold sprays. The large LED display swivels and the entire thing is powered by water flow (no electricity or batteries necessary). It’s finished off with a super precise sensor for accurate shower temps.


An automatic mouthwash dispenser for a more efficient morning

This automatic mouthwash dispenser streamlines dental care and makes it easy to have fresher breath. It’s easy to pop it on your bathroom wall with the included screws or extra-easy adhesive, and you can customize how much mouthwash it dispenses at a time. Plus, the included cups attach to the dispenser magnetically, so they’re always close at hand.


The 360-degree mirror to check the back of your hair

This three-paneled mirror helps you see the back and sides of your head, which is crucial for at-home haircuts or checking the back of your hair when you’re styling it. This trifold mirror is easy to hang over mirrors or doors, and you can adjust the length for the perfect view.


A quick-drying pillow to seriously upgrade your next bath

This breathable pillow cradles the head and neck so you can make the most out of a relaxing bath. The mesh fabric is luxuriously soft (but also dries quickly). The back features four strong suction cups to keep it in place while you relax. Plus, the convenient hanging hook make storage convenient.


These toothpaste & skin care squeezers that can get every last drop

Pop these tube squeezer tools on toothpaste, liquid blush, under-eye cream, and more to help squeeze out the product. Simply slide them on, and these colorful tools can help save money and reduce product waste in your bathroom. It also features a hole for convenient hanging.


This reusable moisture absorber that soaks up musty odors

This DampRid kit absorbs excess moisture from the air and helps eliminate those annoying musty odors in the bathroom. Simply drop in the tablet, and when it completely dissolves, empty the liquid into the toilet. This clever container is reusable, so you can drop in refill tabs for continuous moisture control.