37 gifts skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon that you've never heard of

Be a product pioneer before word gets out.

ByLisa Fogarty
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Ready to discover some products that are likely to change your life (or at least make your days easier and more fun)? You may not have heard of these 37 things skyrocketing in sales on Amazon. They run the gamut from beauty products to household cleaning items — and everything in between.

Even though they may be new to you, these genius products have already gained a cult following because they’ve proven themselves to be affordable items that are practical and useful. For almost every problem, there's a solution on this list — grab what you need and consider yourself a product pioneer before word gets out about them.


This butter spreading knife that makes for a smooth application

One of the great mysteries of food prep remains: how are you supposed to bread cold, hard butter onto toast? And the answer is: with this butter spreader knife, which is designed with a special 1-inch blade that grabs ahold of just enough butter. The knife curls butter perfectly and provides an even, smooth application.


This shampoo bar made with nourishing ingredients

There's absolutely no waste involved in this shampoo bar set, which comes in a three-pack with zero plastic, harsh detergents, or chemicals anywhere to be found. The bars include jojoba and peppermint, hemp and tea tree oil, and coconut and argan oil — all nourishing ingredients that keep hair feeling soft and shiny. Reviewers say this works great at getting rid of dandruff.


The dual-texturized facial cleansing sponge infused with hydrating oils

This multi-tasking facial cleansing sponge has two sides that you can use to clean your skin daily. Use the exfoliating side to slough away dead skin — and its smooth side to cleanse and provide hydration, courtesy of a blend of infused ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil. Just add water to release its lather and use the sponge 20 times before you need to replace it.


A 50-pack of disposable face masks for under $20

This value pack of 50 disposable face masks is a great purchase any day, since you can get them for less than $20. Made with a three-layer fabric for added protection and comfy elastic ear loops for a snug fit, these masks are available in a bunch of different colors, including white, purple, and blue. No wonder they have a 4.5-star overall rating.


A set of moisturizing sheet masks

With hydrating glycerine, nourishing Vitamin B3, and detoxifying bamboo charcoal, these sheet masks are designed to firm and hydrate your skin in just 15 minutes. The masks are made with mostly natural ingredients, and the brand promises you'll see visible results from just one use. If you'd rather focus on getting a deep clean rather than adding moisture, the brand also makes cleansing mud masks.


These hydrating facial masks made with hyaluronic acid

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, stem cell extracts, and peptides provide these facial sheet masks with major hydrating powers — and they're free of oil, parabens, alcohol, and sulfates, so sensitive skin types can indulge, too. One of more than 700 satisfied reviewers raved: "I do not ever go a single morning without one of these applied for 20 mins while I get ready for work."


An armrest tray table for drinks, snacks, and remote controls

This miniature tray table attaches to your sofa's armrest and provides the most convenient spot to rest drinks. snacks, remote controls, and your phone. It has sturdy spring arms that keep it in place and can be easily wiped down when it needs a cleaning.


An elegant egg cracker that removes shells and can be used for serving

It doesn't seem like there's an elegant way to crack hard-boiled eggs, but this egg cracker set comes along to prove that notion wrong. The set includes a cutter, egg cups, and spoons — and removing each shell is simple and mess free. Prep your eggs and serve at the same time with this set.


A miniature LED flashlight that fits in your pocket for emergencies

Tuck this mini LED flashlight into your pocket or purse — it's perfect for camping and hiking (or just finding your keys in the dark depths of your bag). The brighter pen light runs on battery and is designed with a clip that attaches to surfaces.


A 3-pack of oven rack shields that prevents burns

It's so easy to burn yourself when you're cooking, and it happens in a flash. Install these oven rack guards, which come three in a pack, and you'll protect your hands and arms from accidents when you're taking out that roast or attempting to stir your potatoes. The guards are made from quality, heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone.


The texturized grooming gloves that remove stray hair and massage your pet

Grooming your cat or dog shouldn't be torture — for either you or your pet. These grooming gloves, which come with one left and one right hand pair, feature an adjustable wrist strap and gentle bristles that massage your pet while skillfully removing and trapping stray fur and hair. They can be used dry or wet.


An organizer for car trunks that folds down when you're not using it

Turn your car trunk into usable space with the help of this car trunk organizer, which has two roomy compartments for cleaning supplies and other items, and smaller mesh pockets for tools, maps, and accessories. The fabric organizer folds down for flat storage when you aren't using it.


The heated scarf to keep your neck warm on chilly days

When temperatures drop and winds pick up, sometimes a regular scarf doesn't seem to cut it — that's where this heated scarf comes in. It features a pocket on the inside where you can store the USB power bank it runs on. (The power bank itself isn't included, but it's compatible with ones you might use for phones.) Like a heating pad, the scarf immediately begins to warm up — plus, the fabric is soft and comfortable, according to reviewers.


The snail mucus repair cream that makes dry and acne-prone skin glow

For nearly every skincare dilemma — acne, dry skin, an uneven, faded complexion — this snail mucus repair cream can be considered the amazing, affordable solution. This moisturizer contains a running list of effective ingredients: healing snail mucin extract, organic aloe, jojoba oil, and more. According to one reviewer: "This has been a life-saver moisturizer for me since I started using Retin-A...I put it on after my serums in the evening, and in the morning, my face felt soft, not dry. No tight feeling. It was great."


These reusable sous vide bags that come with a vacuum sealer

Whether you're knee-deep into trying on the sous vide cooking technique, or are trying to find better ways of keeping food fresh, these sous vide bags and vacuum sealer are perfect for both tasks. You'll get five medium and five large zippered bags, along with a vacuum sealer and pump that provide an air-tight closure to keep food locked in.


16. This meat injector for a marinade that really infuses your proteins

The secret to more delicious, juicier cuts of meat is marinading it well — and the secret to marinading it well is using this meat marinade injector kit, which comes with two needles (one small and one large). You can use this kit for both liquid and minced marinades and all of the parts are dishwasher-friendly. One reviewer wrote: "This injection pen worked great! Easy, kinda fun and made for a really moist turkey, just as if I brined it all night! Totally recommend!"


This insect trap with 58,000+ 5-star reviews

This insect trap is a triple threat that combines a sticky glue trap, UV lights, and a fan to rid your home of fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. One reviewer raved, “This morning I checked the sticky pad and was very surprised to find that, in the course of only about 8 hours, it trapped a small moth and four mosquitos! The Katchy will be a permanent fixture in our bedroom. It was definitely worth the price.”


This behind-the-door bag organizer with a 4.6-star overall rating

No more digging through piles to find a specific bag. This two-pack of handbag organizers features six see-through pockets that protect even large bags from dust and damage while keeping them at hand. The metal hooks at the top of the organizers should fit over most doors.


A protective & waterproof cover for the back seat of cars

Taking your dog to the beach or park is a guaranteed good time — but their messy paws dirtying up your backseat is a lot less fun. Luckily, there’s this durable seat cover for bench seats. Easy to install with buckles, nonslip backing, and seat anchors, this cover fits in most cars and SUVs. Plus, it’s waterproof and easy to wipe off, hose, and vacuum.


A 12-pack of lightweight hangers that fold for traveling

Hotels and AirBnBs rarely have enough hangers, but these foldable hangers allow you to keep your clothes visible and wrinkle-free when on the road. They weigh just about 1 ounce each and fold up to 2.92-by-5.11 inches, so they easily fit in pockets and small spaces in your luggage. When you arrive at your destination, they unfold to fit children’s clothes halfway or adult clothes when completely unfolded. Their non-skid design also ensures your clothes will stay secure.


These nail clips that remove gel polish without causing damage

Gel nail polish is convenient when you need to maintain your color for longer than a few days — but when it comes to removing it, it's a real pain. Prevent gel from damaging and weakening nails with these polish-removing wrap clips. Just add nail polish remover to the cotton pads and wear the clips while you stream your favorite shows to loosen up polish.


The magical cup that chills hot coffee into iced coffee in seconds

Pour hot coffee into this chiller glass and, less than 60 seconds later, it transforms your hot brew into delicious iced coffee. The cup is equally amazing at keeping wine, tea, and other beverages cold without the need for ice (which dilutes and changes the taste of drinks). It comes with a tight lid for no spills — just keep it in the freezer and it'll be ready whenever the mood strikes you.


These gel insoles for shoes that provide cushioned support

Slip these gel insoles into shoes to provide cushioned arch support that alleviates pain and discomfort if you're on your feet all day. These insoles provide excellent shock absorption and fit in a variety of shoes and shoe sizes — but you can cut them to fit. They even have cooling vents to keep feet dry and comfortable all day.


An endlessly reusable pet hair remover with 106,000 5-star reviews

With 106,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating overall, this pet hair remover is a best-seller for good reasons. It uses grippy material to collect hair from furniture and clothing — no need for sticky, single-use lint rollers here. This roller is easy to clean out, too, with a simple button that opens up to reveal an easy-to-wipe plastic canister.


A bottle cap that lets you squeeze out every last drop of product

It's frustrating to see a bottle that still contains product at the bottom that you just can't seem to get out — it's also a waste of product. Replace bottle caps with these flip-it caps, then flip your shampoo, syrup, or gel bottom over, give it a squeeze, and make good use of every last drop. These caps help you save major money in the long run.


This money-saving berry keeper box that makes fruit last longer

Buying berries usually also means having to discard those berries after a few days if they aren't eaten. But this special berry box, which comes with a colander and a lid, keeps fragile berries fresh and dry for longer periods of time, which means you save money on produce. The box holds 2 pints of berries and comes in six fun colors.


This heated eyelash curler for your curliest lashes yet

Curlier, longer, and lusher lashes are about to become a reality — all it takes is a bit of heat action from this rechargeable heated eyelash curler. The tool heats up in 10 seconds and has a curved design that works on both upper and lower lashes. Apply mascara first, this heated wand second, and emerge with voluminous lashes.


A putting green you can keep in the house

If your head is constantly on the course, may as well bring the course to you with this handy indoor putting green. In addition to being fun, it helps improve your accuracy — there are two holes to play, and one is a reduced size to get your aim on point. The surface is made of a unique crystal velvet to mimic the texture of an outdoor green.


The handheld vacuum that is a treat to pet owners

You love your dog or cat with all of your heart, but wouldn't it be nice to have a home without all that hair everywhere? This handheld vacuum is designed especially for pesky pet hair and debris and makes cleaning up after your cuties a cinch. The device has a 16-foot power cord, a washable dirt cup, two nozzles that pull hair up and out from wherever it lurks, and it's ideal for stairs, upholstery, and car interiors. Bonus: This has over 4,000 perfect five-star reviews.


This light that illuminates inside your purse

If you’ve ever used a purse, chances are you’ve dug around blindly in there to the point of frustration. This clever handbag light does away with that problem by activating via motion sensor to illuminate all the goods. It’s small so easily slips into a purse and can also be used as a bedside nightlight when traveling.


A trunk organizer that streamlines your ride

Say goodbye to groceries, sports equipment, or clothing rolling all over the back of the trunk. This car trunk organizer straps securely to the backseat or anchor points in the trunk and has multiple compartments to hold just about anything you’d want to keep back there. The lining is waterproof and mesh pockets on the side let you stash small items safely.


This strap that lets you apply lotion and sunscreen to your own back

Relying on the kindness of strangers when it comes to applying lotion or sunscreen to your back isn't always an option. But this back lotion applicator is the solution: apply lotion to this long, soft velvet band and it allows you to reach every part of your back and neck for an even application. The band is machine-washable, so you can have this around for a long time.


A luggage scale that keeps you from having to pay more at the airport

Never be caught off guard with a too-heavy bag that requires you to pay extra at the airport. This luggage scale can weigh up to 110 pounds and flashes numbers on its easy-to-read digital monitor. It's accurate, portable, and will save you time and money.


This peeler for corn cobs that works instantly

Numerous recipes call for fresh corn peeled straight from the cob — and though you know it will taste better, you can't be blamed for cheating with frozen corn (because what a chore). But this corn peeler makes the job super fast. The dishwasher-safe tool has a Y-peeler shape and quality Japanese stainless steel blades that zip through cobs safely and speedily.


An air purifier that plugs in to eliminate germs and odors

If you've always been intimidated by air purifiers because most seem large and cumbersome, this compact, plug-in purifier is your dream come true. It takes up barely any space, but delivers a powerful UV C light that eliminates germs and odors and makes your environment cleaner and fresher. Use it in kitchens, bathrooms, pet areas, and anywhere else it will come in handy.


A relaxing bath pillow for DIY spa days

Indulge in a much-needed self-care treatment with a long, luxurious bath — and this comfortable bath pillow to protect and support your neck and head. The soft mesh pillow, which dries quickly, is designed with large suction cups that keep it in place on your tub and it even comes with a Konjac bath sponge.


A durable wallet that snaps onto MagSafe phone cases

Keep your cards, cash, and phone together with this snap-on wallet card holder that’s compatible with MagSafe phone cases. The durable hardshell case is water-resistant and has room for up to four cards and cash. It comes in three colors and is also super easy to install — just snap it right onto your phone case.


This stylish plant stand that adjusts to fit your pots

With mid-century modern style, this adjustable plant stand makes a chic addition to any room. It’s made from natural bamboo and extends to fit pots between 8 and 12 inches in diameter, so you can find the right fit for your plants. The stand also features nonslip pads to keep it in place and protect your floors.


This stick-on organizer that keeps your charging cable tidy

If you travel with your laptop, this collapsible charger organizer makes it easy to keep the cord tidy in your bag. The Side Kick sticks to any charger over 2.7 inches, allowing you to wrap and secure the cord so it stays in place. And when not in use, the Side Kick collapses down to create a slim profile.


This heavy-duty, weatherproof tape that works for so many different projects

With clear acrylic material and powerful adhesive, this double-sided Alientape is a secret weapon for thousands of Amazon shoppers (with more than 20,000 five-star ratings on the site). The versatile tape works on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal, and glass. It’s also durable (and waterproof) enough for outdoor projects — and, best of all, it’s reusable.