This innovative ticketing platform is trying to tame resellers for good — so you can just enjoy the show

Ticket Fairy wants to make sure you never overpay for tickets again.

concert goers enjoying music
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ByAmanda Pellegrino
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Few are immune to ticket buying drama these days. From hours-long queues to overinflated and unregulated secondhand sellers, it seems like grabbing a seat to your favorite concert, event, or festival is harder than ever. In a landscape that frequently feels like it caters to lining the pockets of resellers, Ticket Fairy aims to put the concert-goer first, so you can focus on having fun at your event — not dwell on the effort it took to get there. Here’s everything you need to know about how the platform works.

Ticket Fairy fast facts

  • Ticket Fairy has events all over the world — from Australia to Mexico — as well as coast to coast in the United States.
  • When ticket prices are listed, it automatically includes fees so the ticket you click to purchase is the same price when it lands in your cart.
  • The most common tickets are for concerts, raves, festivals, and arts events. The site is jam-packed with EDM parties, nightlife experiences, culinary jaunts, local festivals, and more.
  • There’s a separate division of the platform specifically designed for event planners to host ticket sales and promote events accordingly.

No overpriced secondhand sales

If you’re tired of seeing tickets to your favorite act or an event you were really looking forward to resell for hundreds or even thousands more than they’re supposed to, the folks at Ticket Fairy hear you. By default, Ticket Fairy tickets are non-transferable. For the select events that do allow tickets to be transferred, they can only be resold for the face value price to avoid unregulated hikes.

If you do want to buy a ticket for an event that’s sold out, resales work two ways. With the first option, the original ticket holder can transfer the ticket directly to a specific person — whether it’s a friend or complete stranger. The transaction happens directly through the Ticket Fairy site with a new ticket issued to the buyer and the original ticket canceled, and it’s monitored to ensure no one’s overpaying or getting scammed.

The second option is to put yourself on an event’s waitlist. When select events sell out, you can opt into a waitlist that will match you with a seller should more tickets become available. You’ll give Ticket Fairy your name, contact information, and ticket requirements (including how many, which level, and the number of days, if it’s a festival), and when those specific details match a seller’s tickets, you’ll be given the option to purchase it from them through the site.

Tiered pricing system

Many of the events offered on Ticket Fairy work with a multi-tiered pricing system. Usually involving three tiers, the tickets get slightly more expensive as the former tiers sell out. This means you can get the best price when you buy your tickets early. (It also helps event planners get a better understanding of how popular their event is based on how quickly the tiers sell out).

Cash back for inviting friends

The perks don’t stop with regulated resales. When you purchase a ticket to an event with Ticket Fairy, you’re automatically given a unique link you can use to encourage friends and family to attend the concert or festival with you. As tickets are purchased through your unique link, you’ll receive a percentage rebate for the cost of your ticket, which will be automatically applied to the payment method you used after the event takes place.

Check out the Ticket Fairy site for the full list of upcoming events