This viral furniture brand just debuted its newest collection — and some pieces are already selling out

The convertible Transformer Table just got a serious update.

Woman adjusting piece from new Transformer Table 4.0 collection
Transformer Table
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If your dreams of hosting friends and family for sophisticated (or debaucherous) gatherings is seriously at odds with the size of your space, Transformer Table is a brand you should probably know about. That is, if you haven’t already seen one of its viral videos on TikTok or Instagram. Transformer Table has won over fans for its modern pieces that expand to accommodate just about any occasion or activity. Now, just in time for fall, the award-winning furniture brand has unveiled an updated collection that includes new solid wood finishes in stunning hues. And some pieces are already selling out.

The small Canadian company first launched — and, soon after, first went viral — back in 2016 with its namesake star product. Ever since, the Transformer Table has continued to gain attention for its surprising combination of functionality and good looks. The table can be modified six different ways, allowing you to seamlessly take it from seating two to a party of 12 in less time than it takes to cue up your party playlist. But even more impressive is that it manages to remain elegant in every configuration (unlike some adaptable furniture that can be a bit awkward in its “converted” form — shout out to anyone who’s ever smashed their kneecap on a drop-leaf table).

Transformer Table’s 4.0 collection introduces six natural wood finishes to the classic design: Scandinavian Oak, Aged Elm, Brazilian Sequoia, Canadian Birch, American Walnut, and Smoked Hickory. That means, chances are, you’ll find an option that matches the look of your space (whether the vibe you’re going for is beachy and bright, dark and gothic, or something in between).

Since Transformer Table’s launch, its offerings have grown to include other brilliant innovations, like an expandable bench (which goes perfectly with the dining table), a modular couch, and even convertible patio sets. The latest addition to the lineup is a lift-top coffee table that moonlights as a tray table or work station.

So, how exactly does the table’s design work? It uses a combination of telescoping framework and removable panels (which can be conveniently stored in the brand’s coffee table). And, while it’d be fair to assume a table that adjusts from 18 inches to 10 feet long without any tools might be a bit wobbly, the Transformer Table doesn’t sacrifice stability. In fact, it can support up to 750 pounds, according to the brand. So, theoretically, you could move the party onto the table, if you wanted — but it’s probably best not to test this.