Want to sleep better? Try out these things ASAP

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We’ve all been there. Those long nights when no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get comfortable. When counting sheep and drinking warm milk and any other old wives’ tales you fall back on just isn’t getting the job done. The good news? It doesn’t have to be like that. There are a number of ways you can make your bedroom the most comfortable place ever, and ways that you can make your nighttime routine the most relaxing part of your day, so it’s easy to settle in and get to snoozing. The items listed here will help you do all this, and they’re readily available on Amazon so you can try them out ASAP. And don’t fret, none of them will break the bank either.

There are a quite a few suggestions to consider here, but speaking from personal experience, weighted blankets are worth their weight in gold. I would never tell anyone how to live but if you haven’t tried one yet, I recommend starting there. I also suggest stashing your phone further than arm’s length away while you sleep, and if you’re used to scrolling or skimming before bed, try reading a book or magazine by book light instead. Need a few more suggestions? Just stay awake long enough to keep scrolling.


A memory foam pillow that’s ventilated & supportive

This ventilated memory foam pillow is the best of both worlds — comfy and cooling. It’s available with both a soft cover or a gel cover, and each option includes tiny interior air holes that prevent overheating while snoozing. Plus, the cover is removable and machine washable, so it’s easy to keep fresh and clean.


This cozy sonic sleep mask with removable headphones

This rechargeable headphone sleep mask is two clever products in one — a light-blocking eye mask, and a cozy pair of headphones for music, white noise, or other slumber-inducing audio. They use Bluetooth technology so they’re wireless, plus the control module is removable for washing. It comes in black or grey.


A sleek & subtle cool mist humidifier with adjustable settings

A cool mist humidifer is a great way to moisten the air in your home, which can offer a whole host of benefits, especially in winter. This version is super quiet when it’s running, has a knob control for easy adjustments, and there’s an auto shut-off feature when it’s out of water. Plus, the slim design gives you flexibility with placement — it can go right on your bedside table.


These blackout curtains that keep out natural light & insulate your space

If you’ve ever tried to sleep past sunrise or nap on a sunny afternoon, you know the struggle. A pair of blackout curtains can be a game-changer, allowing you to dim almost any room, almost any time. This set comes in 13 different sizes, and in a rainbow of 24 different colors, giving you plenty of options.


The elegant white noise machine you can use anywhere

This white noise machine goes beyond the basics, offering over 30 non-looping sounds for you to choose from, including ocean waves, campfire, rain, heartbeat, and more. You can power it with a standard AC or USB cord, and the wood finish makes it practical and pretty in just about any room.


A bamboo blanket that helps you stay cool all night long

If you love snuggling under a blanket but hate sweating, then I have good news for you. This lightweight and breathable bamboo blanket is soft and cozy, but won’t overheat you. It’s great for warm rooms and hot sleepers, and comes in three different sizes, with eight colors to choose from.


These satin pillowcases that are gentle on skin & hair

Whether you’re already a fan of satin pillowcases or you want to see what the hype is about, this set will be a welcome addition to your bedscape. They reduce those pesky facial sleep creases and are kinder on hair. They come in three sizes (standard, Queen, and King), and there are 26 different colors and patterns available so you can easily complement or contrast your bedroom decor.


A pack of nose dilators that open nasal passages to help with snoring

Allergy sufferers (and their partners), assemble. These reusable nasal dilators open nasal passages and increase airflow in the nose, ultimately cutting down on snoring. They’re latex-free, drug-free, and subtle in appearance, too. They insert directly into the schnoz of the snorer, and they’re made with transparent, medical grade polymer.


This neck massager that helps you relax after a long day

Whether you use this heated neck massage pillow after work, at bedtime, or you bring it in your car for a stress-free (or less-stress) morning commute, you’ll appreciate the warmth, the rotating nodes, and the kneading motion they mimic. This pillow is versatile, too — it works with both an AC and a car adapter, and comes in four colors.


An Epsom salt soak that will help you wind down and get ready for sleep

This Epsom salt bath soak includes relaxing Epsom salts and soothing lavender essential oil, so adding it to your evening bath will be a double whammy of calm. Plus, any product that recommends use with a 20-minute bath, as this one does, is almost certainly a good idea, especially if your next destination is dreamland.


This bath foam for a fully luxurious nighttime soak

If Epsom salts aren’t enough to give you a satisfying soak, then you may want to up the ante with this foaming bath. It includes the same benefits as the salts, but with added aloe vera to moisturize your ski. Also, bubbles are fun and soothing. Even better, the brand is cruelty-free and vegan friendly, too.


An essential oil pillow spray with skincare benefits

If the thought of a bedtime pillow ritual strikes a calming cord with you (or the thought of a bad complexion keeps you awake), this anti-acne pillow spray may be just the thing to soothe your woes, and your skin. In addition to calming essential oils like lavender and peppermint, it also features tea tree oil and clary sage oil. It’s great for home use, and at 4 ounces per bottle, is easy to travel with, too.


A classic, staple comforter that looks as good as it feels

A basic, solid comforter is like a wardrobe staple for your linen closet — it goes with everything, and is super comfortable, too. This microfiber option also doubles as a duvet, and in addition to plain white, there are six reversible choices too. It’s offered in Twin, Queen, and King sizes.


This knee pillow that assists with spinal alignment

Side sleepers, this one’s for you. This orthopedic knee pillow addresses a myriad of joint issues, as well as sciatica, back and hip pain, pregnancy discomfort, and more. It’s made out of sturdy memory foam, shaped as a comfortably contoured wedge, and includes a zippered cover that can be easily removed for washing.


This dreamy bath oil that’s made with essential oils & hops(!)

Kneipp’s herbal bath oil not only has essential oils that make your tub feel like a spa, but it adds a tranquil, plant-based blue color to the water, too. Overall, it encourages a bath experience that feels exceedingly indulgent and immersive. It’s easy to use, too, and a single capful can be used for your entire bath.


An elegant silk sleep mask that blocks light & protects skin

With this silk sleep mask you can block out distracting sunlight and look and feel luxurious while you sleep. It’s lightweight with an ergonomic shape and comfortable band. This smooth mulberry silk mask comes in 19 different patterns and colors, and even the band is silk so hair won’t get knotted or tangled.


A sunrise clock for a gentle wake-up that beats a blaring alarm

In the history of time, no one has enjoyed the sensation of being awakened by a screeching alarm clock. Thankfully, there’s a better way. This sunrise clock simulates — you guessed it — a peaceful sunrise, and gradually wakes up even heavy sleepers slowly and smoothly. There are also color-changing features and audio alarm options, too, and it works as a bedside lamp.


This memory foam pillow that adjusts to suit your desired soft (or firm)ness

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? An extra bag of stuffing comes with this adjustable memory foam pillow, so you can easily add or remove filling based on your loftiness preference. It comes in both Queen and King sizes. Nearly 50,000 sound sleepers rate it 4.5 stars and describe it as the “most comfortable pillow ever.”


A weighted blanket that hugs you during your sleep

If you’ve never tried the magic that is a weighted blanket, now’s your chance. They can serve as the ultimate security blanket, with pockets of tiny glass beads that gently apply weight so you ultimately stay cozier for longer. This one comes in four different sizes, and with seven choices for the weight.


A clip-on book light for soft lighting anywhere you need it

A book light can be essential for anyone who likes to read in bed without the glare of overhead lights (or the risk of disturbing a partner). This clip-on version comes in both a battery-powered and a rechargeable option, and it has three brightness settings to help encourage the doze. Plus, there’s a flexible neck so you can perfectly adjust the angle of your light.


This tried & true pajama shirt that feels comfy all night long

Why wear bulky pajama pants when you don’t have to? Enter this cotton nightshirt, which is meant to be loose, roomy, and ridiculously comfortable. Reviewers sing its praises as an excellent night shirt, and beyond. There are 17 colors and patterns to choose from, with each boasting a v-neck collar and short sleeves.

  • Available sizes: Large — 3X-Large


A sophisticated nightshirt for feeling both fancy & cozy

Yes, people wear this kind of nightshirt in real life and not just in movies. If you like your pajamas to be inspired by classic menswear, look no further than this piped nightshirt. It’s made of lightweight jersey and has a button-up front, plus a chest pocket for extra charm.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 6X-Large


An electric blanket so you never have to climb into cold sheets

Sometimes, all you want is a(n already) balmy bed. This electric blanket makes it easy, with six heat settings that warm up in minutes. The versatile 50-by-60 inch size is also great on the couch or at your desk, and it has an auto-off setting for an extra layer of safety. Toasty reviewers give it 4.7 stars.


These LED night lights that provide just the right amount of glow

What’s better than a regular plug-in nightlight? A pack of six plug-in LED night lights that come on automatically. This set comes in both a cool white or a warm white option, but that’s not even the best part — which might be that they’re slim and compact, and won’t block the other plugs in your outlets.


A fan to circulate air & add subtle white noise to your room

This best-selling table fan is compact enough to sit on a nightstand or dresser, yet still effective enough to be felt up to 25 feet away. The head can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, so you can always set it at a comfortable angle. Plus, that gentle whirr, it’s just divine. It’s offered in both black and white.