40 ways to save a hell of a lot of time around the house every day

Less time cleaning, more time chilling on the couch.

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How much time do you spend looking for things around your home? For me, it’s at least a few minutes a day. What about tidying and cleaning small sections of the house? That’s probably a few more minutes. What about those big clean-up chores that I probably should do every day, but tend to space out a bit more than that? Yeah…You can probably see where this is going. Lots of little chores and tasks add up quickly, and before we know it, a half hour or an hour has gone by.

Thankfully, there are some quick and easy ways to save a hell of a lot of time around the house every day, and they come in the form of these clever home products that are readily available from Amazon. What you’ll find here are easy, useful, and versatile ideas to make your daily life feel simpler. I know that sounds like a big promise, but really, have you experienced the euphoria that is having exactly what you need, exactly where you need it? Like a whiteboard that attaches right to your fridge, or a charging station that has room for every device in your home and their cords? If not, then read on for some ideas to streamline your daily routine.


Making your own latte with this handheld milk frother in seconds

Not only can you save money by making coffee at home, but it can be faster too, since there’s a good chance you won’t have to stand in line to make your order. This handheld milk frother basically turns you into a barista. It’s a cinch to use since there’s only one button, and it’s battery-operated so you never have to deal with cords or plugs.


Streamline packing with these space-saving storage bags

Great for storage and travel, these vacuum storage bags streamline packing and organizing efforts by condensing your clothes, linens, blankets, and more into neat and tidy bags. With a 10-pack of bags, you get a variety of sizes, or you can opt for sets of specific sizes to suit your needs, too.


Reach for these easy-to-clean mats to capture messes

You can use these multipurpose silicone sheets in a variety of ways; as craft mats, place mats, food prep stations, and more. When you’re done, they’re super easy to roll or fold for storage. You can even cut them down and trim to your ideal shape and size, too.


Make the bed with luxury sheets that are a breeze to take care of

You might be asking, how might sheets save you time? This elegant sheet set is not only comfy and cozy, but it’s easy to take care of — the sheets are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant. Plus, the bamboo and microfiber blend material is machine-washable. There are 12 colors available, and they come in five sizes.


Use this popper for stovetop-like popcorn with the microwave

This silicone popcorn popper gives you the convenience of microwave popcorn, but with far more flexibility to control portions and flavors, so you can have delicious custom popcorn in minutes. Plus, it’s BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and it folds down in between uses so it won’t take up a ton of cupboard space like traditional poppers do.


Jot down notes on this reusable whiteboard

Not only is it convenient to have a reusable writing surface at the ready, but it’s eco-friendly too; just think of all the scrap paper you’ll save. This 11 by 17-inch magnetic dry erase whiteboard sheet can hang on your fridge or surface of choice, and it comes with a set of six dry erase markers, too.


Store bags & purses in one place with this hanging organizer

If you — or someone you know — has a robust purse collection, this hanging handbag organizer could be an absolute game-changer. It has eight clear pockets for eight purses, all on a swiveling hanger so you can turn the display and easily find and grab what you need. It’s offered in four different colors.


Keep your essentials within easy reach with this clever corner shelf

This two-tiered floating corner shelf literally creates space out of thin air, and it’s great for strategic storage, decorative displays, or a combo of the two. All necessary hardware for installation is included, and most buyers agree that it’s an easy process to hang. There are three colors to choose from (espresso, natural, or grey).


Don’t waste time rummaging for spices — they’re all accessible on this tiered lazy Susan

Whether you need to sort your spices or corral your condiments, this lazy Susan turntable will be a clutch addition to your cupboard. It gives you an easy view of your belongings, so you’ll be able to spot what you need in seconds. Plus, with two tiers, it gives you extra shelf space to boot.


Forget fixing the rug with this non-slip pad

A wrinkled rug is, at best, an eyesore and at worst, a hazard. Keeping floor mats and rugs secure with a rug pad is not only a safe bet, but it also saves you from having to stop and realign your rug when you’re in the middle of something else. This non-slip option comes in two sizes and can be cut to size with scissors, too.


Quit looking for chargers with this all-in-one station for powering up

With this USB charging station, you can charge up to seven devices at once — without lengthy cords snaking all over the place. It comes with seven short cables (three AP USB, three micro USB, and one USB type C), and it’s compatible with a range of phones, tablets, and devices.


Tidy up drawers with these bamboo dividers

What if you could just see the entire contents of your drawer when you opened it? That dream can be a reality with this set of bamboo drawer dividers, which can be used everywhere from the kitchen to your office to the bathroom to your bedroom dresser. They come in three colors and are adjustable and expandable to suit most drawers.


Never wonder where important documents are with these file storage boxes

Whether you’re looking for a place to hold bank files and tax info or kid art and report cards (or all of the above), these file boxes have you covered. They accommodate legal- and letter-sized documents, snap together, and come with sturdy lids to keep everything secure. They even have handles, so they’re easy to carry, too.


Hang your pants & you can skip ironing them

Not only does storing your clothes properly make it easy to find them, it can also cut down your need to iron, too. These wooden pants hangers have metal clips so slacks and skirts stay in place. The clips also adjust to give you 10-inch to 12.25-inch hanging space, and they’re available in three colors.


Never clean the stove gap again thanks to this clever cover

Unless your kitchen was built by magicians, there’s probably a small gap between your counter and your stove top that crumbs and debris have fallen down before. Enter these silicone stove gap covers, which are a sleek and simple way to save food from literally slipping through the cracks. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and they come in two sizes.


Streamline your meal prep with these glass food containers

Imagine opening up your fridge and seeing lunches or dinners perfectly prepped and ready for you. These glass meal-prep containers are perfect for meals, leftovers, snacks, and more. The durable glass is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave, and the lids are airtight, too.


Keep out-of-season shoes stored in these under-bed organizers

These under-bed shoe organizers are just 6 inches tall, making them ideal for shoes, boots, or even necessities that you might want to keep tucked away in between uses. With dividers spaced for boots and regular shoes, you can fit up to 16 pairs of shoes or 4 boots per organizer. And the best part? Handles make them easy to slide out.


Add greenery with plants that never need to be watered

No worries if you don’t have a green thumb; these mini potted plants only look like the real thing. Designed like faux eucalyptus and contained in paper pulp pots, they bring elegant and earthy vibes to your space — and they don’t even need to be watered. Three come in each set.


Store shoes in one spot: this over-the-door holder

This shoe organizer hooks over the top of any inside door, so no installation or hardware is needed. Once it’s up, you have room for 12 pairs of shoes, but that’s not even the best part — each shoe has its own pocket, so you can see your whole collection at once and grab what you need in a flash.


Spend less time cleaning with a pad that protects your mattress

A mattress pad cover protects — you guessed it — your mattress from spills and splashes and general wear and tear. This one is available in twin through California king sizes, and is machine-washable, too. Plus, it even promises to be breathable and to keep you cool.


Make your own cocktails with this sweet bartender kit

Whether you (or your guests) enjoy cocktails or mocktails, you’ll have fun with this bartending kit. It features six tools, including a shaker and strainer, plus a stand and recipe cards, so everything you need is within reach. You can also choose between shiny silver or sleek black tools, and wood or black for the stand.


Have snacks at the ready with these reusable food storage bags

When you have a set of these reusable food storage bags, you’ll never run out. Unlike their single-use plastic counterparts, each bag can be washed and reused, so not only are they convenient and cost-efficient, they’re eco-friendly, too. The 12-pack includes a mix of three sizes, from snack- up to gallon-sized.


Streamline your cords with this super-sleek outlet cover & power strip

Finally, someone came up with a clever solution to bulky plugs. This ultra-thin outlet cover rests flush against your wall to give you more flexible space around your outlet, and the included power strip gives you an extra plug, too. You can choose cord lengths ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet long.


Organize the fridge with these transparent bins so you can see everything you have

This set of best-selling refrigerator organizer bins turns a cluttered, messy fridge into a thing of beauty. They’re completely clear to give you an easy view of their contents (and its condition), plus handles on the front make it easy to pull them out or adjust. Multiple sizes are available, and they come in sets of two, four, six, or eight.


Keep the stuff you need exactly where you need it with this rolling cart

This versatile storage cart can go anywhere you need it to thanks to it’s slim footprint and wheels. It’s less than 6 inches deep, so it’s a subtle yet functional addition to your space, while still offering enough shelf space to hold your entire stash of cleaning supplies, office supplies, beauty products, and more. It comes in white, black, or grey.


Store everything you need in the shower with these shelves that drain

Why cram all your products into one shelf when you can have the sleek and smart look of two? These stainless steel shower shelves are ideal for creating space and keeping you organized. Installation is a breeze since the necessary adhesive is included, and the four additional hooks are adjustable, so you can customize it to best suit your needs.


End the search for the right lid — once and for all — with this container organizer

This food container lid organizer holds and stores — you guessed it — lids to your storage containers, so you never have to waste time digging for a match. Each holder comes with adjustable dividers, so you determine how big each section is, and it’s made with built-in handles so it’s easy to move when necessary. Five different sizes and styles are available.


Keep supplies or ingredients in one are with this tiered organizer

What if you could open up your cupboard and be able to see everything inside? Instead of sifting and sorting through your spices, consider a tiered organizer. The three levels of shelves ensure that nothing’s hiding behind something else. Plus, it comes in 17 colors and combinations so you can even opt for a version to match your decor.


Take stock of all your underwear & socks with these divided bins

These drawer organizers are perfect for socks, underwear, ties, and other small accessories. They’re 12.5 by 12.5 inches, and each set comes with two organizers with 24 slots, and one with 16. Plus, they’re lightweight, foldable, and are a cinch to set up. Six different colors are available.


Keep bulky cutting boards within reach with this holder

This over-the-cabinet door organizer is perfect for awkward kitchen items like cutting boards, silicone mats, baking pans, and more. It’s versatile, too; you can hang it over your cupboard, or use the included hardware to mount it. Buyers attest to how useful it is, how much space it saves, and how sturdy it is, too.


Save time looking for what you need when in bed by storing it all in this hanging pocket caddy

Unlike a cluttered nightstand table, this bedside organizer has just the right amount of pockets for your necessities. It can comfortably hold reading material, phones, remotes, glasses, and more, and since it’s held by a panel that slides under your mattress, your necessities are never more than an arm’s reach away.


Give your sponge a home with this sink caddy — it’ll last longer here, too

With more adhesive strength than a standard suction cup sponge holder, this 2-in-1 sink caddy is a strong and simple addition to your kitchen. It has room for two standard sponges and a dish cloth, so you’ll never be stuck searching for what you need. The stainless steel material is also durable, and guaranteed not to rust.


Spend less time wiping down the sink area with this absorbent splash guard

If you’re constantly wiping up puddles around your sink, then you’ll love the convenience of this best-selling splash guard. It absorbs water, preventing it from pooling on your counter tops. The rubber bottom stops moisture from seeping through to your surfaces, and it dries quickly and easily, too.


Skip digging around for the right cord and install these cable clips

Never again find yourself struggling to reach a cord that slipped behind your desk or counter. These cable clips come with adhesive already applied, so you simply peel the protective backing and apply them like a sticker to your surface of choice. With 16 in each pack, you’ll find plenty of uses for them.


Give all your devices & cords a travel-friendly home in this storage case

Keep all your tech gear in one secure spot with a zip-up electronic organizer pouch. The nylon holder has multiple straps, pockets, loops, and more to hold cables, cords, devices, and accessories. The nylon material is water-resistant too, for an extra layer of protection. Plus, it’s portable and easy to pop into a bag or backpack.


Keep all your toiletries & makeup within reach with this rotating organizer

This adjustable, rotating makeup organizer has a secure base plate and top tray, but the rest of the shelves are adjustable across seven different layers, so you can create the exact setup you need. It’s easy to assemble, and you’ll be able to see your entire stash with a quick spin. There are six colors to choose from, too.


Spend less time scrubbing with this angled grout cleaning brush

This angled grout cleaner and scrub brush is the perfect shape for the grout lines in between your tiles, so you’ll be able to save time and energy by cleaning the exact area you intend to. The angled front promises “optimal cleaning precision”, plus the bristles are strong and sturdy, lasting through heavy scrubbing.


Let this electric opener do the work of opening cans

This best-selling electric can opener gets the job done with a simple press of a button — you don’t even have to hold it while it works. Even better, it cuts from the inside of the can, so you won’t have sharp edges to worry about either. It’s battery-operated, and comes in 10 different colors and styles.


Picking up everyday messes is easy with this handheld vacuum

When you’re spot-cleaning, a cordless handheld vacuum can be an easy, efficient choice. Along with the built-in nozzle, a crevice tool and brush tool are included, and it runs for up to 20 minutes per charge. There’s even an LED light feature that you can use while cleaning corners or dark spaces, too.


Elevate your plants with this bamboo stand that’s super easy to set up

Not only are these indoor plant stands both simple and sophisticated, but they’re a breeze to put together. They keep plants elevated so they’re easy to reach, and it’s easy to clean the area around them, too. They come in 8-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes, and you can opt for a single or pack of two.