40 weird-but-genius home design hacks you'll wish you knew about sooner

Making your life easier one weird product at a time.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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Sometimes you’re faced with organizational or design conundrums at home. Perhaps you’re tired of the state of your chaotic wrapping paper storage or you’re wondering if there’s a better way to deal with that messy but delicious bacon grease post-Sunday brunch making. Well, you’re in luck: Your solution can be found below amongst these 40 weird-but-genius home design hacks you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

If you’re contemplating design upgrades but are realizing you need to think outside the box, there are faux leather pillow covers or small wooden plant pedestals that immediately give your living room much-needed style. Or feast your eyes on an organizer made specifically for wrapping paper and a container designed precisely for bacon grease that will preserve it until you’re ready to use it again.

From seemingly strange but effective products like laser temperature devices or plant watering globes, these design hacks will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


Prevent shower leaks with this shower door bottom seal

You don’t have to experience an ever-present and annoyingly wet floor post-shower. This odd-but-effective shower door bottom seal attaches quickly to frameless glass shower doors and creates a barrier to prevent water from leaking to the floor. No adhesive is required and you can cut it to whatever dimensions you require.


Keep your sofa from sliding around using these nonslip furniture pads

If every time you crash land on the sofa you slide about five feet, grab these ingenious non-slip furniture pads that keep your furniture in place. They come pre-scored for easy installation but can also be cut for a custom fit. They use no adhesive to stay in place and are made with a felt core and rubber padding that keeps floors scuff-free.


Open any stubborn jar instantly

This seemingly strange but super useful jar opener installs underneath your cabinet and assists you to open any jar, no matter how firmly stuck. It comes with all the necessary hardware that includes screws and self-adhesives for easy installation. It can open jars of all sizes from your favorite nail polish bottle to beloved pickles, and, best of all, it’s hidden away to be virtually invisible.


Store & hide items under your bed to maximize space

Open up tons of closet and drawer storage possibilities by using every available inch – which includes that empty space under the bed. This under-bed storage bag allows you to pack away tons of seasonal items and large bed linens away and out of sight. It has a sturdy handle and a transparent plastic cover that lets you see exactly what’s contained inside.


Have a designated place for organizing your wrapping paper

Instead of the usual haphazard birthday and holiday wrapping storage, feast your eyes on this wrapping paper storage container. Though not something you might automatically think to even look for, it’s clearly popular with over 18,000 reviews and effectively stores tons of wrapping paper plus has compartments for ribbons, bows, tape, and scissors. It zips up into a slim profile that can conveniently be stored under the bed or on top of closet shelves.


Maximize closet space by barely taking up any room on the closet rod

If your closet is close to bursting, this design hack of using a hanging closet organizer has you thinking slightly outside the box. It gives you five ample and sturdy shelves for clothing storage, yet barely takes up any room on the closet rod. Additionally use the shelves to store bags or hats while six mesh pockets on either side offer perfect space for accessories.


Suss out the temperatures of your appliances & areas of your home to help with DIY projects

Though this laser temperature tool may seem pretty niche, once you have one you’ll see how useful it can be. It accurately measures the temperature of different surfaces in your home, including your oven or outdoor grill. It gives you an immediate reading within a range of -58 degrees to 896 degrees Fahrenheit and operates best about 14 inches away from its target.


Light up your patio with charming string lights

Transform your patio from pleasant to “relaxing at a bistro in the South of France” pleasant with these string lights. They’re made with chic Edison-style globe lights that add a vintage flair and are conveniently waterproof to withstand any weather. Easily hang them using cable ties or hooks and feel the charm overtake you.


Stage your plants on interesting pedestals

Give your plants that extra bit of visual interest by placing them on this rustic wooden pedestal. It can be used for many other decorative objects besides planters, such as vases, bowls, or any other home decor. The pedestal also has a unique handle design that offers a warm and delightful farmhouse vibe.


Swap out boring pillow covers for upscale faux leather ones

Give your living room that instant vintage vibe with these ingenious faux leather pillow covers. They come in earthy brown, fit standard 18-by-18-inch pillows, and feature an extremely realistic leather texture. Unlike real leather, this material is conveniently waterproof and can even be cleaned in the washing machine without colors fading.


Organize your countertop with a chic sink caddy

You’ll be shocked to see how much better your countertop looks when you take all those wandering dish brushes, sponges, and soaps and organize them with this sink caddy. It’s designed in fingerprint-proof stainless steel for a sharp look and comes with special compartments for your soap and dish brush. A separate space for sponges allows them to dry out after each use and the base even sits at an angle to help water drain away.


Upgrade drawers with new cabinet handles

Simply swapping out old drawer pulls with these cabinet handles is an ingenious way to add a little extra flair and updated design to your kitchen. They’re made of sturdy stainless steel tough enough to withstand lots of use and come in a large size for a comfy grip. Their sleek design offers a warm yet modern vibe and they even come in three different finishes to suit your style: matte black, brushed brass, and satin nickel.


Add exciting wall accents with a modern set of mirrors

When you’re faced with an empty wall, see it as your canvas to create something extremely eye-catching with this clever set of seven mirrors. This set includes seven circular mirrors: three small, three medium, and one large, so you can create your wall art conversation piece in addition to bouncing light and making your space look bigger. The mirrors also come in oval, hexagonal, and square styles.


Put up your own vintage-looking molding

This peel-and-stick crown molding might seem strange but is a totally genius way of adding classic visual details to your home. The material is flexible and sticks well to many surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, or plastic. Cut it to your desired length and then simply peel off the adhesive backing to install. It has many uses and can even serve as a charming frame for your favorite print.


Whip your dresser into shape with bamboo drawer dividers

Searching again and again for that one sock that seems to roam your drawer unchecked? Keep clothing organized in its proper place with these bamboo drawer dividers that are completely adjustable for total customization. They feature a soft EVA foam padding at either end to prevent damage to interior surfaces and are easy to expand or retract depending on your specific dimensions. In addition to the bedroom, use them anywhere from the kitchen to the living room.


Decorate spaces creatively with peel & stick wallpaper

You may not have previously noticed, but that empty backsplash or plain white bookcase is ripe for design attention and this clever peel-and-stick wallpaper delivers just that. Made in a gorgeous and textural grass weave design it comes in cream, neutral, or steel blue. It’s extremely easy to put up and remove just as quickly with no annoying residue left behind.


Hide powerstrips & cables stylishly with a cable management box

You might wonder at the sight of this cable management box, but when you see your powerstrips and cords neatly and stylishly contained, you’ll be convinced. The box is made in a modern minimalist design with a wooden lid and has small outlet holes for USB and charging cables to be easily pulled through. It will protect your equipment from gathering dust, not to mention make storage look chic at the same time.


Have your lighting double as a charging station

It may seem weird to have your desk or bedside lamp do more than just light your space, but once you experience the functionality of this particular table lamp, you won’t go back. On top of casting a warm glow by virtue of its neutral linen shade, it also has an AC outlet, a USB port, a type-C port, and a wireless charger to boot. Two slots allow you to store your device for an all-over-organized look.


Elegantly display items on this mirrored tray

Channel your inner sleeping beauty and add a bit of enchantment to your perfume or jewelry storage with this mirrored tray. It’s made in an elegant oval shape with graceful design details that could feel at home in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir. It even has handles on either end for easy carrying of tea or champagne cocktails.


Dry your dishes on a roll-up dish drying rack that doesn’t take up space

Turns out there’s a much more efficient way of drying those dishes which doesn’t involve ruining your countertop or using mildewy drying pads. This clever and space-saving drying rack rolls out to sit over your sink, letting the water drip down and air circulate for fast drying. It’s made of stainless steel with silicone ends to keep it in place. Use it additionally to dry vegetables, thaw frozen food, or even function as a trivet for hot pans. Then, simply roll it up and store it to gain back valuable counter space.


Store your groceries tidily with organizer bins

Bins in the refrigerator, you may wonder? Oh yes, these organizer bins will immediately tidy up all those scattered groceries so that you can more easily see (and therefore use) what you have on hand. Each set comes with eight bins that are made from BPA-free and shatterproof clear plastic. They can be stacked for convenient storage and have handles on the side, making them easy to pull out to grab ingredients.


Keep your entryway clutter-free with a tree coat rack

This tree coat rack makes it simple to turn that mess of an entryway into a place of calm right as you walk in the door. It features three cleverly adjustable heights and it installs in minutes without requiring a single tool. Choose from six finishes to match your home’s decor, from natural wood to vintage brass or a minimalist white.


Help plants thrive with plant watering globes

Trying to plan a getaway but nervous all your plants will perish in the heat while you’re gone? Enter these strange yet totally effective plant watering globes that can self-water your plants for up to 10 days. Fill them with water, then flip and press them into the soil. They will slowly release water, not providing more than is required at any time. Plus, the hand-blown globes come in gorgeous colors that add a touch of decoration to your planters.


Control devices remotely with this smart plug

This small but mighty smart plug takes up no space but allows you to use either an app or the sound of your voice to control your devices remotely. It connects to your smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home via your wifi and enables you to turn connected devices or appliances on and off as well as set handy schedules. It’s easy to set up and has tons of extra features such as an away mode in addition to an auto-off timer.


Add this live snake plant to your decor

Who knew a large and thriving plant could be delivered to your doorstep with no fuss? This sansevieria (otherwise known as a snake plant) will show up with minimum maintenance required and is already planted in its own stylish planter. Choose from several different sizes as well as different planter options that range from mod styles to those in a simple grower pot.


Put items in aesthetically pleasing wicker storage baskets

Store literally anything in these wicker storage baskets that will make those pantry items look as beautifully displayed as your favorite lotion. The material imitates a rattan-like texture and is fully waterproof as well as recyclable. They come in a set of four consisting of three small and one large basket and are available in three different colors – brown, beige, and gray. The liners are both removable and washable.


Spruce up your couch with fresh pillow inserts

Though seemingly a small change, updating your potentially tired sofa with some new pillow inserts can make a difference – not to mention a more relaxing place to land. This pick has over 51,000 reviews on Amazon and comes in nine sizes. They’re filled with down alternative microfiber polyester (which is great for people with allergies) and offer medium support. They can also be cleaned on the gentle cycle of your washing machine.


Reduce energy costs by using blackout curtains

Blackout curtains aren’t only great for getting some sound sleep (looking at you, night shifters!) but also act as great thermal insulators. These blackout curtains are made of a heavy material that can help keep your home warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The curtains come in tons of different sizes and colors and can conveniently be machine washed to keep them in good shape throughout the seasons.


Get cleaning tools off floors and organized in one space

You can beautify your home with wallpaper or modern hardware, but if your cleaning supplies are still hanging out on the floor your home will never look its best. The simplest solution is to use this affordable mop and broom holder to keep supplies up, up, and away in an organized spot. The holder has five slots that can hold up to 7.5 pounds each and six foldable hooks for smaller accessories. It boasts more than 36,000 reviews and mounts to the wall with included hardware.


Elevate book storage with this unique tree bookshelf

Turn that chaotic pile of books into an eye-catching display with this inventive and beautiful tree bookshelf. It’s constructed of bamboo and features four shelves set at an angle representing branches of a tree. Perfect for saving space, it also allows you easy access to those favorite books or anything else you’d like stored such as photo albums or magazine collections.


Create a relaxing bedroom with an essential oil diffuser that doubles as a sound machine

If sleep evades you on the regular, this hack will get you soundly snoozing. All you need is this essential oil diffuser that works in combination with your choice of either white noise or nature sounds to lull you to slumber. It features several different mist options and a timer, along with six sound picks and seven LED night light colors.


Add soft textures to your furniture with faux sheepskin

Lay this faux sheepskin across your sofa, your floor, or your chair for a deliciously soft landing pad. Its high pile and fuzzy texture instantly transform even the most rigid of seating surfaces into such a cozy experience that you’ll be thanking yourself for your home design ingeniousness. It comes in several sizes and over 10 different shades such as khaki, white, or burgundy.


Revitalize your living room with this sofa slipcover

Made with a high 15% spandex blend, this sofa slipcover hugs your couch’s contours to cleverly upgrade your upholstery with barely having to spend any money. The material has a soft, velvety texture that feels great on the skin and, as a bonus, won’t wrinkle. Available in several shapes including loveseats, armchairs, and sofas, it also comes in 12 neutral and jewel-toned colors like ivory, peacock blue, and burgundy.


Enhance cocktail hour with handmade copper coasters

Hammered copper isn’t just for Moscow mule mugs, it also serves as a visually striking material on which to place your cocktail. These hammered copper coasters are handmade with a beautiful gold rim and come in a set of four. They feature cork padding underneath that both protects surfaces and helps the coaster (and that delicious drink) stay put.


Stylishly store bathroom supplies & personal items at the same time

For those who contend with a small bathroom, this clever and surprisingly chic freestanding toilet paper holder will answer many prayers. Not only does it hold one roll, but it also stores two extra rolls below and even has a small shelf above for your phone or other personal items you’d like nearby. It’s available in several finishes such as rose gold (pictured above), satin, and bronze.


Increase living room storage & seating with a fabric ottoman

This fabric ottoman is a multitasker that serves as both seating and storage all in one go. Crafted with a tufted design, the top comes off to reveal a storage area inside, perfect for blankets, books, toys, and other living room clutter. Flip the lid to reveal an elegant wooden tray, great for displaying decor or serving as a place to set drinks. When not in use, the ottoman folds flat to be stored away with ease.


Make DIY projects easier & less time-consuming by wearing a tool bracelet

You won’t be regretting snagging this ingenious magnetic tool bracelet when you’re at the top of your ladder and requiring that one essential screw to get the job done. The bracelet uses 10 strong magnets to hold anything from drill bits and washers to nails and screws. It’s made of nylon with a breathable mesh and wraps around your wrist securely with an adjustable strap to provide you with all the tools you need to get that home fix done pronto.


Save precious & flavorful cooking fat with a bacon grease container

Make reusing that delicious cooking fat that much easier with this strange but clever bacon grease container. After you’ve cooked your bacon, pour the leftover oil through the mesh strainer into the container. The spout makes it easy to use the grease to cook up any number of foods with that special added flavor. Pop the whole container into the dishwasher for effortless clean-up.


Silence washers & dryers with non-vibration pads

Dampen the shake, rattle, and roll of a washer’s spin cycle with these admittedly specific but useful non-vibration pads. They’re made of durable rubber that contains a stainless steel plate so they won’t wear out no matter how much movement is generated by your washer or dryer. They come in a universal size designed to fit most feet and can even be used underneath other large appliances like stoves or fridges.


Maintain the taste of your daily brew using charcoal water filters

That daily cup of coffee can completely save the day if it hits the mark, flavor-wise. Install these charcoal water filters into any Cuisinart or Braun BrewSense coffee maker to keep that cup as restorative as possible. It uses fine-grain charcoal granules contained in a micromesh material to filter out minerals and other impurities such as chlorine and odors for delicious tasting coffee.