35 weird but genius organization hacks you'll wish you knew about sooner

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Let’s say you’re interested in organizing your space, but you don’t quite know where to start. Or, perhaps most of your home or workspace is under control, but there’s one particular area that’s giving you trouble (I’m looking at you, coat closet). Whatever your organizing goals, I’d wager that there’s a product on Amazon that will help you achieve them. In fact, there are a ton of weird but genius organization hacks that I’m about to share, and they’re so brilliant, you'll wish you knew about them sooner. Because whatever organizing problem you have, you’re not the first to have it. Luckily, some smart folks have come before us to solve it with a clever product that’s just a few clicks away.

It may seem counterintuitive to buy more things for your home when you’re trying to tidy up, but with a little extra effort, these products can make a big difference down the road. A number of items here are made with a specific purpose, like shelves that fit under your sink without bumping into pipes, or shoe racks that moonlight as benches, and even racks built precisely for pots and pans. With a bit of time and money invested now, you’ll be able to walk into your room (or open a closet door) and find exactly what you need. Yes, please.


Hang totes on these headrest hooks or prop up your phone to watch

Snap these headrest hooks onto — you guessed it — your headrest, and have a spot to hang totes, purses, shopping bags, and more. Or, rotate the hook and add a phone stand, and your backseat passengers have instant entertainment. They’re available in black or beige, and they hold up to 22 pounds of weight apiece.


Stop things from rolling around your trunk with this divided organizer for grocery bags, emergency supplies & more

Why don’t all cars come with a trunk organizer? With multiple compartments, pockets, and pouches, plus adjustable straps to hold it in just the right place, it’s a great way to stay organized for everything from errands to road trips. You can use it fully expanded or open halfway, and it can even sit on your passenger seat. It comes in three colors.


Store laundry & easily move it around in these pop-up hampers

When you need to bring your laundry from room to room or carry other bulky items, these pop-up laundry hampers will help you get the job done. They even have pockets, and they can fold down to roughly the size of Frisbees for convenience. They come in single or double-packs, and there are five colors to choose from.


Store & test batteries with this one case

Let a junk drawer full of batteries be a thing of the past. This battery organizer and tester stores dozens of batteries, keeps them under a transparent hinged lid, and it has a tester so you can check how much power they do or don’t have. Plus, it’s versatile and you can hang it or store it horizontally.


Store water bottles in this stackable holder

Use these clever water bottle holders in the cupboard or the fridge to level up your hydration game. There are two sets to choose from that can can hold four or six bottles total, so whether you’re stocking for yourself or others, you have options. Plus, since they’re transparent, they’ll look subtle and sleek in any kitchen.


Go vertical with storage space for pots, pans & more

You’re no longer limited to cupboards and cabinets when you have this pot and pan organizer shelf. In addition to a roomy surface that’s roughly 25 inches long and 10 inches deep, it comes with 10 adjustable hooks that you can hang on any part of the lower bar. Even better, it holds up to 35 pounds — so your sturdiest cookware will stay put.


Charge all of your devices in this neat charging station

On the inside, this charging station can hold a power strip and keep excess cords and cables at bay, and on the outside, it has adjustable slots for up to five phones or tablets. Not only that, it’s made with sustainable bamboo, giving it a natural aesthetic that blends well into most spaces.


Never lose track of matching lids with this organizer

Yes, a food storage lid organizer might seem hyper specific — but think about how awesome it will feel to reach in and be able to grab the exact lid you need when you need it. You can even customize the set-up since the included dividers are adjustable.


Keep cans tidy in the pantry or cupboard with this stackable rack

If you store cans on top of each other (ahem, guilty), then you should know there’s a better way. This can organizer holds up to 36 cans or jars, and adjustable dividers are included so your rows stay in place. There are four colors to choose from, and it’s stackable if you need to store even more cans.


Finally — a spot for storing cutting boards & baking sheets

For a spot that holds baking sheets, cutting boards, muffin pans, and more, consider this coated steel over-cabinet door organizer. You can —yep, you guessed it — hang it over the door, mount it to the door, or even attach it to a wall with included hardware. It’s offered in both brown and silver.


Store bulky linens & out-of-season clothes in these space-saving bags

You can use these vacuum storage bags to pack away bulky linens and clothes you won’t need for a while; you’ll love how much space they don’t take up. The vacuum mechanism lets you compress the bags so items take up way less room. Multiple sizes are available, and a travel pump is included too, making them a great antidote to overstuffed suitcases.


Dry clothes over a closet or bathroom door using this rack

This drying rack hangs on your door of choice with two hooks (which are included), and it folds down when not in use so it won’t take up any extra space when your door is open or closed. It’s designed so that you can lay garments right on the mesh platforms to dry.


Store cleaning supplies in this under-the-sink shelf system

It makes sense to keep your cleaning products clean and tidy, right? This under-the-sink organizer can expand from 15 to 25 inches, and the height can be adjusted, so it easily fits under multiple styles of sinks and cabinetry. It’s available in silver, black, or white, and a slim tray version is an option, too.


Keep knives sharp & off the counter with this drawer organizer

Unlike a bulky knife block, this knife drawer organizer won’t take up precious counter space. With slots, blades are secure and protected, too. There’s room for up to 16 knives, plus a sharpener, and it measures just under 12 inches wide and 17 inches long, so it’ll comfortably fit in most kitchen drawers.


Hide bathroom necessities in this narrow cabinet

No matter the size of your bathroom, you’ll be able to make good use of this popular storage cabinet thanks to its slim footprint. The cabinet door covers toilet paper, tissues, plungers, and other personal items you might not want to display. It’s available in black and white.


Store extra blankets or magazines in this velvet ottoman

Who says storage can’t be stylish? This round storage ottoman is delightfully retro, with a mid-century modern design. There are nine colors to choose from for the velvet material, and the best part? The lid can be flipped over to reveal a wooden tray that you can use like a small side table.


Storing your mail & keys in the same holder

Hang this key and mail holder by your front door, and you’ll have an easy spot for everyday essentials. Made with wood and featuring vintage-style metal hooks, it comes with all necessary hardware for mounting, which is super easy according to buyers. Four colors are available: white, grey, brown, and black.


Create more room for shoes in your closet with this hanging organizer

Is there a pile of shoes in your closet? No judgment, but you might want to consider a hanging shoe organizer. With 10 separate slots, plus mesh side pockets, you can store shoes, handbags, accessories, and more. The included hooks hang right onto your closet bar, so no installation is required. It comes in four colors.


Bring order to a kitchen drawer with this expandable bamboo tray

Whether you need three slots or 10 to accommodate your utensils, there’s a version of this expandable drawer organizer that will work for you. It comes in four different styles, and you can slide the outer trays apart to reveal additional compartments and create more space. Plus, since it’s made with bamboo, it promises to be durable and long-lasting.


Sort recycling from trash easily with this double-sided bin

With this set of 17.5-inch waste bins that share a holder, you can separate recycling from regular trash without the clutter and eyesore of extra bins. A foot pedal lifts the lid for hands-free tossing. Or, if you need a simpler option, you can go with a single bin in your choice of color.


These stackable storage bins that will transform your fridge

Imagine opening up your fridge and seeing everything neatly organized in rows and bins. With this set of storage containers, the dream can be a reality. Eight bins come in each set with four each of two different sizes. They have built-in handles for easy sliding and handling, and they’re transparent so you can keep an eye on your food and its freshness.


Divide your drawers for clothes that remain neatly folded

These expandable bamboo drawer dividers come four to a set, so you can customize your drawers and storage space in countless ways. And since they’re spring-loaded, they’re easy to install and adjust without tools or hardware. They’re available in grey, white, or natural bamboo.


This lazy Susan turntable that keeps everything within reach

Great for displays or storage, this lazy Susan turntable rotates a full 360 degrees so everything you need is just a quick turn away. The smooth bamboo looks great on a table or counter top but works just as well inside a cabinet, cupboard, or even a fridge.


Store spices — or other small items — in this mesh rack set

Whether you use these spice racks in your kitchen as intended, in your bathroom for personal care items, in your office for desk supplies, or for something else completely, you’ll appreciate their simplicity and functionality. The wire mesh material is durable and easy to clean, and the extra bar across the front keeps items from slipping out. All necessary hardware for hanging is included, too.


Organize your favorite teas in this wooden display box

This bamboo wooden tea box is both pretty and practical, and you’ll be reminded of your good taste every time you open the lid to select your tea of choice. It’s made of bamboo with a transparent lid to see the eight inner compartments at a glance. A drawer is built into the front for extra storage, too.


Travel practically & stylishly with this tote for your pup

When you’re on the go with a dog, it helps to be organized. This dog travel tote comes with two food storage containers and two foldable bowls, plus it has multiple zipper pockets (including ones meant for treats and baggies) and waterproof lining. The strap is adjustable, and it’s even sized to fit to airline specifications.


Make quick work of repairs with this brilliant magnetic wristband to hold nuts, bolts, screws, and more while you’re using them

If you (or someone you know) often works with your hands, this magnetic wristband could be a game changer. The fit is adjustable and the inner magnets are strong and durable so drill bits, nails, and more will stay right where you need them most.


Tidy up your entryway with this shoe rack that’s also a bench

Do you or your guests need a spot to sit to kick off your shoes? Look no further than this practical yet polished shoe rack bench. At just under 28 inches across, it’s roomy enough for adults to use but it won’t take up a ton of room by your busy front door. It’s made in three colors: black, brown, and natural bamboo.


Avoid crushed wrapping paper with this organizer that keeps everything at the ready

This wrapping paper and craft organizer has room for all of your rolls of gift wrap, ribbons, tape, bows, and more, in one neat and tidy zip-up holder. When laid flat, it’s roughly 6 inches tall, so it’s easy to store on a closet shelf or even under certain beds. It’s made of sturdy canvas and comes in three colors.


Give all your makeup & accessories a home with this organizer

Few things are as satisfying as a neatly organized, transparent makeup organizer (if you’re not a makeup person, please take my word for it). This versatile choice has nine slots in a variety of sizes so everything from bulky compacts to fluffy brushes to lipstick tubes all have a spot. Or, it can double as an office organizer or craft supply holder, too.


Keep laundry separated easily with this divided hamper

With this double hamper, clothes can be easily separated by color or type, so you can stay a step ahead when it comes to sorting your next load of laundry. Handles allow for easy carrying, and the removable liner is washable.


File documents, mail, magazines, and more in this mesh organizer

Not all mail holders are created equal. This wall-mounted, metal mesh choice is roomier than many other versions out there, so your magazines, file folders, and oversize envelopes will fit — all at the same time. It’s also a great addition to an office or desk space, or even a kitchen for display-worthy recipe books.


Display photos & small items on these easy-to-install floating shelves

These floating shelves have built-in ledges so photos, keepsakes, and other decorative items stay in place. And, since they’re two separate pieces, you can use them together or separately. Five versatile and neutral colors are available to match a variety of decor styles. All necessary hardware is included, and buyers confirm that they’re easy to install, too.


Store paper and supplies in this tiered metal desk organizer

If you want to save space on your desk top (don’t we all?), consider this mesh metal file organizer that gives you multiple slots for papers and documents, along with compartments for pens, sticky notes, and more. Buyers confirm that it’s easy to assemble, too, so you’ll have it out of the box and on your desk in a flash.


Jot down that reminder before you forget on this portable dry-erase board

Dry erase boards are conveniently reusable and easy to use but hanging one in your home isn’t always practical. Enter this tabletop dry erase board that can be displayed like an easel or folded up for simple storage. It comes with six markers and two erasers, and it’s magnetic so you can pop notes and magnets on it as well.