65 weird, cheap things on Amazon that are insanely smart

Truly brilliant buys for a steal.

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Amazon is chock-full of weird products. Though, not all of them are necessarily smart. You know — the sorts of items that you’ll get a ton of use out of, yet didn’t cost a whole lot of money. If you aren’t sure where to find such cheap, insanely smart products, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve rounded up some of my favorites to share with you. And since everything here is oh-so-affordable, feel free to add more than a few to your smart cart.


This snail-shaped soap dispenser that comes in 3 colors

If you’re still using the crummy plastic bottle your hand soap came in, consider this dispenser a much-needed upgrade. Not only is it shaped like a cute snail, but a gentle press on its shell is all it needs in order to squirt out the ideal amount of soap into your hands. Choose from three colors: brown, black, or white.


These magnetic hooks that can hold up to 22 pounds

Oven mitts, scrubbers, keys — these magnetic hooks are great for holding all sorts of items around your home. The magnets are so strong that they can hold up to 22 pounds, making it easy to stick them to your fridge, workbenches, and more. You also have the choice of two finishes: silver or black.


This handheld bag sealer that helps keep snacks fresh

Cereal, chips, cookies — this sealer is great for closing all sorts of snack bags. You can use it on bags made from foil as well as PVC, creating an airtight seal that helps keep everything inside fresh. Plus, the small size makes it easy to stash in a kitchen drawer when not in use.


A microwaveable bag that cooks potatoes *fast*

Cooking a potato in the oven can take 45 minutes or longer. If you’re feeling impatient, this bag lets you cook one in the microwave in just four minutes. And if you aren’t into potatoes, you can also use it to cook corn on the cob, heat up corn tortillas, and even refresh old pieces of bread.


This hydrating cream that helps strengthen nails

Whether your nails are chipping, splitting, or even peeling, this cream is formulated to help. Shea butter and jojoba oil help hydrate dry fingertips, while a nourishing dose of calcium works to strengthen nails. The best part? Unlike some creams, this one doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue.


A car scratch remover kit that can help you save *so* much money

Avoid shelling out for a fresh paint job for your car — instead, use this scratch remover to help get rid of all those little dings in the paint. It helps remove scratches and swirls, and even helps restore gloss and shine so that your car is left looking totally refreshed. Each order also includes a buffer pad for easy application.


These tiny rubber spatulas that help you get every last drop out of bottles

Ketchup, conditioner, laundry detergent — these mini spatulas are great for getting every last bit out of all sorts of bottles. Their flexible silicone heads contour to the insides, making it easy to scrape them clean. The best part? Each order comes with a variety of sizes, making them suitable for bottles both big and small.


A neat plastic bag holder that keeps them held open

Whether you’re filling a plastic bag with compost, leftovers, or marinades (or using it as a quick trash receptacle), this holder is here to help you out. It holds your bags open, making it easy to fill them up. Or, if you’ve made the switch to reusable baggies, you can also use it as a stand to dry them out after washing. This trick also works for drying bottles and tall glasses.


These scrubber brushes that reach deep into tight spaces

With extra-long bristles that make it easy to clean deep into grout, sliding door tracks, and other tight spaces, these brushes deserve a spot in any cleaning tool arsenal. One of the two brushes features a sturdy wiper blade at the other end of the handle, which is great for scraping away at stubborn bits of crud. Plus, the nonslip handles help you keep a firm grip when cleaning.


The silicone coils that help keep cables from fraying

Micro-USBs, HDMIs, Macbook chargers — these silicone coils are designed to help keep all sorts of cables from fraying. Simply slide it towards the connector port on the cable and it’ll do the rest of the work for you. And since they’re flexible, there’s no need to worry about them impeding the way your cables bend and twist to reach your devices.


This foldable funnel shaped like a cute mushroom

Whereas traditional funnels can take up a ton of storage space, this particular funnel can fold up, making it great for cramped kitchens. The mushroom design makes it just as fun as it is useful, and the silicone frame is 100% BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe.


This adhesive kit that helps you repair broken leather

Whether the strap on your purse is torn or your shoes have a small rip, this kit is comes with everything you’ll need to repair leather as well as regular fabric. The adhesive creates a durable, long-lasting bond that’s waterproof and flexible, as well as resistant to UV rays. Each order comes with enough adhesive to make up to 50 repairs.


A condiment fork that lets you keep your fingers clean

Instead of getting your fingers wet with pickle juice when you’re in the mood for a snack, consider using this condiment fork. An elastic band lets you secure it around jars of nearly any size, while the caddy catches any stray drips that fall off the fork when you’re done snacking.


These blackout stickers that cover annoying lights

Alarm clocks, stereo equipment, televisions — these blackout stickers are ideal for all those little electronics lights that aren’t dimmable. They dim the lights by up to 80%, though extra-bright lights will typically dim by about 50%. And if you need them to be completely blacked out? Simply layer multiple stickers on top of each other until you can’t see the light anymore.


A microwaveable pasta cooker that won’t boil over

Whether you’re short on time or don’t feel like dirtying up your stove, this microwaveable pasta cooker is a clever way to whip up a quick meal. Vents on the lid help keep it from boiling over so that your microwave stays clean, and it only takes about 10 minutes to cook your pasta to a perfect al dente.


A glass foot file that’s gentle on skin

Whereas metal foot rasps can leave your feet feeling raw, this glass file is designed to be gentle on skin, yet just as effective at buffing away flakes. It’s suitable for use on wet as well as dry feet, and each order includes a cover to help keep it clean when not in use.


The wearable blanket lined with soft fleece sherpa

Few things feel as good as snuggling up inside of this wearable blanket. It’s lined with soft fleece sherpa, and features a large kangaroo pocket in the front where you can stash phones, remotes, or nearly any other item you’d like to keep nearby when relaxing. And with 11 colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.


A fridge deodorizer that looks like a friendly mushroom

Got a funky odor coming from your fridge? Then this deodorizer is worth a look. Not only is it shaped like a cute mushroom, but a little baking soda is all it needs in order to keep your fridge smelling fresh. It’s also BPA-free, safe to keep around food, and takes up hardly any space.


The reusable Keurig cups that help you save cash

Always having to buy new K-cups quickly adds up, so why not save some money and switch over to these reusable ones? You can fill them up with any coffee grounds you like — and they’re suitable for use with nearly any Keurig machine. Plus, they sidestep needing to constantly toss the single-use plastic pods.


These shoe stretchers that expand in 4 directions

If you’ve got a pair of shoes that feels a little too tight on your feet, these stretchers are a simple solution. They expand in four directions to help loosen up tight shoes, while eight bunion plugs work to make even more space for your feet. “My feet are very narrow in the back and wide across the toes, so it's hard for me to find a good fit in a pair of shoes,” wrote one reviewer. “But these stretchers are just the trick. They are easy to use and the attachments for bunions are very handy.”


A magnetic pickup tool that extends out to 22 inches

Can’t quite reach that bolt you dropped? Then it’s time to reach for this magnetic pickup tool. The telescopic neck extends out to 22 inches, making it easy to grab items that have fallen out of reach. And, conveniently, am LED flashlight built into the head helps you see into dark crevices.


A can strainer with *thousands* of positive reviews

Tuna, olives, green beans — this strainer makes it easier than ever to empty the water out of cans without losing any food down the sink. It’s designed to fit most standard-sized cans, and features small handles on either side to help you keep a firm grip. “This works very well straining cans so that you do not have to worry about pressing the lid and be concerned with cutting yourself,” wrote one reviewer. “It works wonderfully and is super easy to clean.”


This skillet scrubber that’s suitable for use on cast iron

Not all scrubbers are created equal. This one is suitable for use on cast iron, stainless steel, and every pan in between, as its tough nylon bristles power through baked-on crud without scratching away the seasoning on your pans. Plus, the handle is even made from real bamboo — not plastic.


A rapid egg cooker that gets breakfast made fast

You don’t have to go hungry when rushing out the door on busy mornings — just use this egg cooker to whip up a quick meal. It can do hard, soft, and medium boiled eggs, poach, and cook scrambled eggs and omelettes. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to stash in a cabinet when not in use.


These LED gloves that light up DIY projects

Instead of attempting to hold a flashlight when tackling DIY projects, wear these LED gloves. One size is made to fit most, as the soft material stretches to fit hands both large and small. And since two lithium batteries come included, you can start using them right out of the box.


The digital tape measure that’s weather-resistant

If you have trouble figuring out the exact measurements when looking at a tape measure, consider this digital version a must-have. The LCD screen on top tells you the exact measurement in big, bold numbers, while the weather-resistant design helps keep it in good working condition. It can also convert that measurement from US to metric at the simple press of a button.


A pet hair remover you can use over & over again

Unlike lint rollers that use wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover is infinitely reusable, relying on hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto hair. It’s suitable for use on furniture, rugs, pillows, and everything in between. Plus, all the collected hair gets shuffled into an attached dustbin that’s easily emptied out by pressing a button on the handle.


This plant-based gel that helps absorb funky odors

When no amount of sprays seem to leave your home smelling fresh, it may be time to give this odor-removing gel a try. Each container lasts for up to 30 days depending on how strong the odors in your home are. Plus, the formula is suitable for use around kids, as it uses plant oils like cedarwood, anise, and lemon instead of harsh chemicals.


The window feeder that gives you an up-close look at birds

Attach this bird feeder to a window, and you’ll be able to get an up-close and personal look at any feathery friends who stop by for a snack. Four suction cups make it easy to stick to nearly any window — no tools necessary — and they’re so strong that they can easily support up to 15 pounds.


These RFID-blocking cards that help protect you from digital pickpockets

Digital pickpockets can access your sensitive credit card information simply by scanning your pocket — but that’s where these cards come in handy. They block incoming RFID signals to help shield your cards from pickpockets, and their slim design makes it easy to slip them into your wallet without adding much bulk. Each order comes with four.


The reusable cotton rounds that last for up to 1,000 washes

Instead of dirtying up that nice hand towel washing your face, use these reusable cotton rounds. They’re made from a blend of bamboo, cotton, and polyester, making them just as soft as they are eco-friendly. And since each order includes a drawstring wash bag, giving them a quick clean once they’re all dirty is so breezy.


A glass container that helps keep herbs fresh

Throwing out wilted bunches of cilantro is a weekly occurrence in my home — which is why I decided to invest in this container. It helps keep everything from parsley to asparagus fresh for up to three weeks, making it a money-saving addition to any kitchen. Plus, the compact base is narrow enough to fit in most refrigerator doors.


This collapsible cover that helps prevent microwave splatter

Few things are as annoying as having to clean out your microwave — avoid that chore by keeping it clean in the first place. This cover does the trick. Ventilation holes on the top allow steam to escape so that your meals don’t come out soggy, and since it’s collapsible, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to store it. Choose from three colors: charcoal, red, or blue.


The smart plugs that are compatible with Alexa & Google Home

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be expensive, and these smart plugs are proof. Once you’ve plugged your lights into them, you’ll be able to turn them on and off remotely, as well as put them on schedules, all using the downloadable Kasa smartphone app. If you pair them with Alexa or Google Home, you’ll also be able to control them using convenient voice commands.


An egg container that’s designed to look like a yellow school bus

Consider this egg holder an adorable addition to any kitchen. It looks just like the yellow bus you used to take to school — and the detachable lid helps keep all your eggs safe from damage. It’s also BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe for convenience.


This virtually indestructible dog toy for aggressive chewers

If your dog is always shredding through their toys, consider giving this nearly indestructible one a try. It’s designed for aggressive chewers, as the heavy-duty rubber is much, much harder to bite through than the usual fare. Plus, each one is made without any lead, phthalates, or BPAs.


A biodegradable cleaner that works on all sorts of jewelry

From sparkling silver to delicate pearls, this cleanser is formulated so that it’s safe to use on all kinds of jewelry. It’s biodegradable as well as made without any harsh ammonia, so there’s no need to worry about it irritating your skin post-cleanse. You only need to let your jewelry soak in it for new minutes for best results.


The toothpaste-booster whitening gel that helops lifts stains from coffee, wine, & more

A professional teeth whitening session can cost hundreds of dollars — instead, give this at-home version a try for less than $40. The formula is suitable for daily use, yet potent enough that it can power through stains created by coffee, wine, smoking, and more. “I have been using this whitener for a few days now and swear it really works!” raved one reviewer. “I don't know how many shades- but my teeth are definitely getting whiter.”


This aluminum-free deodorant that helps moisturize skin

If you’re looking for a gentler alternative to that harsh deodorant you’ve been using, search no further than this vegan deodorant from PiperWai. It’s made without any aluminum, instead relying on activated charcoal to help keep you smelling fresh and feeling dry. And unlike some deodorants, this one also contains coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, all of which work together to help keep skin hydrated.


This chilling container that cools drinks without diluting the flavor

Adding ice cubes to hot coffee will dilute its flavor as they melt — instead, pour that coffee into this chilling container. It cools down all sorts of drinks within 60 seconds or less, and there’s no need to worry about the flavor diluting. Just keep it in your freezer and it’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.


These affordable drain snakes that power through stubborn clogs

Avoid spending money having a plumber stop by your house, and opt to use these drain snakes to get rid of stubborn clogs. Not only is a pack of three available for less than $10, but their flexible design also allows them to bend to the shape of curved pipes.


This cold brew coffee maker with a precision-cut filter

Buying pre-made cold brew from the store quickly adds up, but it’s so easy to whip up a tasty batch at home using this cold brew maker. It’s made from tough borosilicate glass that’s designed to withstand sudden temperature changes, and the precision-cut filter is made from durable stainless steel. Plus, the airtight lid helps keep your cold brew fresh until it’s time to pour yourself a glass.


The washing machine tablets that help remove odor-causing grime

If you’ve noticed an odd odor coming from your washing machine, it may be time to send one of these tablets through a wash cycle. They’re formulated to get rid of odor-causing residues and grime inside your pump, valve, tub, drum, and more, leaving your machine smelling refreshed. “Works great, easy to use instructions and my washer looks and smells much better,” wrote one reviewer.


A wind-resistant umbrella that won’t drip all over your floors

Made with nine tough fiberglass ribs, this umbrella is much, much less likely to flip inside-out if you get caught in a strong gust of wind. It also features an inverted design that helps keep drips from falling onto your floors when shut, and the C-shaped handle makes it easy to carry around.


These silicone food huggers that help you easily save produce for later

Tomatoes, apples, grapefruits — these food huggers are great for helping keep all sorts of halved produce fresh for later. They stretch to fit all sorts of veggies, creating a super-tight seal that helps keep air out. And since they’re made from tough silicone, feel free to wash and reuse them as many times as you like.


A kid-friendly karaoke machine that’s easy to take with you

Any kid (and most any adult) is sure to appreciate this portable karaoke machine, as the built-in shoulder straps and cute panda bear cover make it a fun addition to any toy collection. It only needs three AA batteries (which are not included) to deliver hours’ worth of fun. And if pandas aren’t the vibe, you can also grab it as a T-Rex or unicorn.


Some microfiber towels that help wet hair dry quickly

Not only are the microfiber towels in this four-pack incredibly absorbent, but if you use it to dry wet hair, it can also help cut down the amount of time you spend underneath a harsh blow dryer. A stretchy loop in the back lets you wrap it into a turban so that you can wear it around the house after your shower.


This smart bulb that can light up in more than 15 million colors

Swapping out your current light bulbs with this smart bulb is one of the easiest home upgrades you can make. The downloadable Kasa app lets you put it on schedules so that it’s on when you come home — and with more than 15 million colors to choose from, setting a relaxing vibe is no trouble at all. And, it can also be paired with Alexa or Google Home so you can control it using voice commands.


The sliding shelves that add *so* much storage to cabinets

It’s almost too easy for the cabinets underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks to become a jumbled mess — but that’s where these shelves come in handy. Both tiers slide out so that it’s easy to grab whatever you need, while hooks around the top shelf give you somewhere to hang items. Choose from three colors: gray, white, or black.


An 8-in-1 kitchen tool that helps you save space

Not only is this eight-in-one kitchen tool great for measuring liquids, but it also features an egg separator, spice grater, juicer, as well as a variety of other commonly used tools. The best part? All pieces stack inside of each other to help save space.


This silicone mat that helps you get makeup brushes extra-clean

Rinsing dirty makeup brushes in the sink does an OK job at cleaning them off, but if you really want fresh bristles, this mat is worth a look. Simply scrub your brush into it, and its variety of raised nubs will work to cleanse away foundation, powder, and more. Plus, a suction cup on the back keeps it held in place as you scrub.


A garlic crusher that helps keep your hands clean

Crushing up garlic can leave your hands sticky with juice, making this crusher a smart addition to any kitchen. Simply place a clove inside, then give it a twist — teeth on the inside will press, crush, and mince the clove within just a few seconds. Plus, the Dracula design is a fun touch.


The half-gallon water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated

If you’d like an assist staying hydrated throughout the day, this water bottle makes it easier than ever. Time markings on the side remind you to take a sip every few hours, while the half-gallon size is large enough to last you all day long. Each order also includes two lids: one that’s 100% leakproof, as well as one straw top.


This universal phone mount that attaches your car’s air vents

Repeatedly lifting your phone to read the GPS while driving can be unsafe, so this mount is worth a close look. It attaches to the air vents on your dashboard, making it easy to read the screen when behind the wheel, and the universal design makes it suitable for use with nearly any phone.


The friendly ladle that can stand upright on its own

Not only is this ladle designed to look like an adorable version of the Loch Ness Monster, but it also contains zero BPAs. Small feet on the bottom allow it to stand upright in your pots, pans, or even out on your counters. Plus, many reviewers raved about how sturdy it is.


The storage bags that slide under your bed to save space

If you’ve got a closet that’s overflowing with stuff, consider transferring all those seasonal clothes and blankets into these storage bags. They slide underneath your bed to help save space — and since the handles are reinforced for durability, there’s no need to worry about them ripping when you pull them out.


A knife sharpener that works on nearly any blade

Whether your knives are serrated or smooth, this sharpener is designed to work on nearly any type of blade. A suction cup on the bottom keeps it held in place as you drag your knives through, and no electricity or batteries are necessary in order to use it. Plus, the small size makes it easy to stash in a drawer once you’ve finished honing your blades.


A cutlery scrubber that cleans from 2 directions at once

Don’t risk nicking yourself when cleaning knives — instead, use this cutlery scrubber. It works just as well on forks and spoons as it does knives, as bristles on the top and bottom clean your utensils from two directions at the same time. Plus, the textured exterior helps you keep a secure grip when wet.


This nighttime animal repeller that’s conveniently solar-powered

Coyotes, raccoons, skunks — this repeller is great for all those nighttime animals that like to stop by your home. Dual red LED lights mimic the appearance of a large predator, scaring away animals without any need for harsh chemical sprays. Plus, the built-in solar panel is cost-efficient and keeps it working throughout the night.


These unbreakable wine glasses that come in fun colors

Every kitchen needs at least a few wine glasses, and this four-pack is made from sleek, shatter- and dent-proof stainless steel for risk-free sips whether at home or further afield. With an impressive 4.6-star rating and nearly 7,000 reviews, it’s safe to say these are a true fan-favorite.


An electric fly swatter with a powerful rechargeable battery

I’m a huge fan when it comes to this electric fly swatter, and not just because of the satisfying zzzt! sound it makes when you hit a fly. The battery lasts for up to 10,000 zaps before it needs to be recharged — and it works just as well on mosquitoes, gnats, and other airborne pests as it does on flies.


A iPad screen protector made from tempered glass

Don’t risk scratching your iPad screen — cover it up with this protector. It’s made from tough tempered glass that’s thick enough to protect your screen, yet thin enough that it won’t affect your ability to swipe around using your finger. Plus, an oil-repellent coating helps keep greasy fingerprints to a minimum.


These extra-large storage bags with reinforced handles

Bedding, blankets, seasonal clothes — these storage bags are great for all sorts of bulky items. A transparent window on the front lets you see what’s inside without having to unpack anything. And since the handles are reinforced, there’s no need to worry about them tearing when the bag is filled to the brim.


A reusable wine stopper that helps keep open bottles fresh

You don’t have to finish that entire bottle of wine in one sitting — just use this stopper to save it for later. It creates an airtight seal that helps open bottles stay fresh for up to a full week, and the adorable elephant on the top works great as a conversation starter when guests are over. Though if you aren’t into elephants? You can also grab it in three other whimsical styles.


These antiperspirant wipes that block sweat for up to 7 days

These popular antiperspirant wipes are made with pure aluminum chloride that helps stop excessive sweating — and the manufacturer even states that they’re just as effective as clinical-strength deodorant. Plus, the individual packaging makes it easy to keep a few with you in your bag, or even take them with you when traveling.