Weird, cheap things that'll make spending time outside more enjoyable

You’ll never want to come indoors again.

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Turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis with these weird, cheap things that’ll make being outside a much more enjouable thing. Whether your outdoor space consists of a large yard with lots of trees or a tiny patio in the middle of the city, this list includes a little bit of everything. From clever products that make entertaining outside easier — like mesh food covers and shatterproof wine tumblers — to adorable garden decor that creates instant magic, these wallet-friendly items from Amazon will make you want to lounge outside all day, every day.


These stainless steel tumblers that won’t break when you’re outdoors

Enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of rosé on your patio without worrying about shattered glass all over the place, thanks to these stainless steel wine tumblers. The sturdy stemless tumblers come with sliding lids to keep bugs and other pests out, and the triple-insulated construction keeps hot beverages piping for up to six hours and cold ones nice and chilled for up to 12 hours.


A 2-in-1 garden bench & kneeler that makes yardwork more comfortable

Prevent back strain and knee discomfort while weeding and planting by using this handy kneeler and bench. The two-in-one gardening tool is light enough to carry around the backyard, and comes with an organizational pouch that clips onto the side to hold your essentials like gloves, a spade, and seeds. The bench features a sturdy steel frame for durability, and it folds up for compact storage.


A portable neck fan that provides 360-degree cooling power

This portable neck fan is like your own personal AC unit to keep you cool outside, even on the hottest of days. The sleek design allows for 360-degree air movement without it blowing directly in your face, and the soft silicone material makes for comfortable wear. The fan is rechargeable and features three adjustable speeds.

  • Available colors: 5


These genius beach coasters that prop your drink up & keep it away from the sand

Use these adorable starfish sand coasters to keep your drink from tipping over while you catch some zzz’s lying on the beach. They have a clever design that secures them in place when you stake them in the ground, and they elevate your beverage just a bit to keep sand from getting inside. They nest easily for space-saving storage and a mesh bag is included for portability.


A running belt that’ll hold all your essentials without getting in the way

Place your phone, money, and other essentials in this running belt and they’ll stay put while you go out for a run. The slim, no-bounce pack has a flexible, moisture-wicking design and an adjustable belt strap to make it comfortable, as well as a reflective band for extra safety. It has a large zippered pocket and a sealed headphone hole, as well as a small water bottle holster, so you can stay hydrated.


This cold clay pack that’ll keep you cool for up to 45 minutes

Cool down and on a hot day outdoors (and get relief from neck and back discomfort) with this cold clay pack that has a soft cover for a comfy feel. The extra-long pack releases a cooling sensation that lasts for up to 45 minutes. To prepare it for use, place the pack in the freezer for at least four hours, insert it into the fabric sleeve, and place it directly onto the target area.


This waterproof picnic blanket with a handle for portability

Make the most of the summer and take this waterproof picnic blanket along with you to the beach or the park. Unlike a regular blanket, this one has a three-layer construction featuring waterproof backing, nice cushy foam, and a fleece top for ultimate comfort. Plus, it’s got a handle for easy carrying. It’s machine-washable for maintenance, and at this price, it’s a small investment that you’ll use over and over all summer long.


A mosquito repeller so you can sit outside without being covered in bug bites

Enjoy the outdoors without sustaining too many bug bites thanks to this mosquito repeller that provides a scent-free alternative to candles and sprays. It creates a 15-foot no-mosquito zone and offers up to 12 hours of protection. EPA-reviewed for safety and effectiveness, it comes with four small repellent mats that are heat-activated for easy use.


This UV protection spray that stops outdoor furniture from fading & cracking

Outdoor furniture can be quite the investment, which is why keeping it in good shape is important. This UV protection spray does just that — it prevents fading, cracking, and staining, while also restoring lost color and shine. It doesn’t leave an oily residue but has a matte finish that also helps repel dust and lint. Apply every three to five weeks for best results.


A bubble machine for hours of summer fun

Create hours of fun and a whimsical atmosphere with this bubble machine. Just pour the included solution into the reservoir, then push a button and you’ll have tons of bubbles within seconds. The machine is battery-operated and a great way to enjoy a magical time outside without spending a whole lot of money.


These mesh screen covers that protect your picnic food from pesky bugs

Keep your picnic food safe from pesky bugs and flies by placing these pop-up mesh screen covers over it. They’re made with reinforced metal poles and strong clips so they don’t lose their shape and collapse, and have a fine mesh surface that allows for good airflow while keeping pests out. The set includes three covers — one of which is extra-large and two that are a standard-size to accommodate a variety of dishes.


A giant inflatable water wheel that takes your pool party to the next level

Bring the fun to your next pool party with this giant inflatable water wheel that can be twisted and turned in the pool. It’s easy to inflate and deflate, and since it’s made from heavy-duty vinyl, it’s durable enough to hold up for hours of outdoor water fun. The float comes with a patch repair kit just in case it’s needed, and is also available in a ton of other cool designs, like a swan, pretzel, and giant slice of pizza.

  • Available designs: 11


These clever metal stakes to hold beverages outside

Stick these metal stakes in the ground to hold your beverage, whether you’re chilling in the hammock or sitting by the pool. The heavy duty steel stakes come in a set of four different colors and are easy to “install” by simply stepping them into a grassy surface. The top is large enough to hold a variety of drinks, from bottles and cans to insulated tumblers and even wine bottles.


A portable dog paw washer to give your pup a quick clean on the go

Take this portable dog paw washer on trips or keep it by the door to give your pup’s paws a quick clean before they head indoors. It’s basically a cup that has soft silicone bristles on the interior that gently remove dirt, mud, and debris. You just add water, place your dog’s paw inside and twist around, then voilà — clean paws in minutes.


This scoop ball game that’s fun for the whole fam

Add this scoop ball set to your collection of outdoor games, and you’ll never get bored hanging out in the backyard. The set consists of two scoops that double as launchers, as well as a softball — and everything is super lightweight yet durable. Besides providing hours of entertainment, the game is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination and improve fine motor skills.


A slim can cooler that keeps your drink 20 times colder

Sip on an ice-cold beverage all afternoon long, thanks to this slim can cooler that keeps drinks 20 times colder than similar products. It’s available in a variety of cute colors, from rose gold to a glitter rainbow version, and it’s designed to fit a slim 12-ounce can. The push-lock gasket keeps the can in place while a rubber base gives the cooler stability, whether it’s sitting on an outdoor table or inside the cupholder in your car.


This magnetic screen door so you can enjoy the fresh breeze while keeping the mosquitos out

Attach this magnetic screen to your door and enjoy the fresh summer breeze while keeping the mosquitos and other pests out. It’s made from a durable fine mesh that allows for good air ventilation, and features extra-strong magnets down the middle for a hands-free opening and closing. To install the screen door, just tack it onto your door frame — no complicated drilling necessary.


A rechargeable bug zapper racket that’s more effective than a fly swatter

Keep annoying bugs at bay with this rechargeable bug zapper racket that’s a modern update on an old-school fly swatter. This cheap little tool instantly gets rid of bugs with a quick zap, and works day and night thanks to a built-in LED light. It delivers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge and has a switch-off button on the handle to ensure safe storage.

  • Available sizes: 3


This 6-pack of beverage can lids to prevent spills & extend freshness

Cheap and functional, these multipurpose silicone soda can lids keep drinks fresher for longer, prevent spills, and block dirt, sand, or bugs from getting inside. The six-pack includes different colors, making it easy for everyone to keep track of which drink is theirs. They’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


A mosquito net that’s designed to work with your hammock

Want to hang in your hammock without bugs, well, bugging you the whole time? Just set up this hammock bug net and you can take a relaxing nap without any unwanted visitors buzzing around you. The mesh netting has a double-sided zipper and provides 360-degree protection to block mosquitos, flies, and other pests from entering. It fits a standard single or double-sized hammock and includes a handy bag, so you can easily pack it for a camping trip or safely store it away.


A rip-resistant hammock that only takes a minute to set up

Get this rip-resistant hammock and set it up in just 60 seconds, whether you’re away camping or just wanting to chill in the backyard. Boasting a 4.8-star overall rating after 47,000 reviews, it’s available in a single or double size as well as multiple color options. The hammock has a built-in pocket that’s perfect for a book or drink, and it doubles as a storage pouch for the hammock when it’s all folded up.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 15


This grown-up game of ridiculous scenarios that’ll bring all the laughs

This grown-up game of ridiculous scenarios is bound to be a hit at your next gathering around the patio table. Each of the 150 cards has a goofy situation with blank spaces — each player fills those spaces in with the names of other players most likely to find themselves in the given predicament. Persuade the group that your scenario is the most plausible (or most hilarious) — and they’ll give you a thumbs up or thumbs down.


A solid brass scraper to keep your grill in pristine condition

Clean your grill quickly — and keep it in pristine condition — with this solid brass scraper. It’s bristle-free and easy to use on a number of different grills, from porcelain to Teflon-covered grates. The scraper can be hung from your grill using the provided S-hook, and it’s dishwasher-safe for ultimate convenience.


This pizza wheel for the perfect slice in one cut

Outdoor pizza night? Cut the perfect slice every time with this pizza wheel that goes through layers of cheese and crust with ease. The 4-inch wheel is made from durable stainless steel and features an ergonomic, protective handle for effortless slicing. Once pizza night is over, wash the cutter wheel in the dishwasher, then slip it inside its cover for safe storage.


These chamois towels that are super absorbent & fast drying

Use these super absorbent chamois towels to wipe down your patio furniture, car, boat, or camping gear. They are incredibly soft (so you don’t have to worry about them causing scratches) and they absorb and hold water well to deliver a quick dry. Plus, the towels leave surfaces spotless — no lint or streaks — and they’re machine-washable, making them a sustainable alternative to disposable cleaning wipes.


A folding side table that adds a decorative accent to your outdoor oasis

Add this stylish metal side table to your outdoor space for a pretty decorative accent as well as a spot to put down your drink or display a flowering plant. The tray top is removable and the table folds down for easy off-season storage. The legs have rubber bottoms to prevent shifting and scratching, and the whole piece has an anti-rust and water-resistant coating to ensure durability.

  • Available colors: 8


An adorable set of fairy garden accessories for a magical addition to your backyard

Get this collection of 100 fairy garden accessories to add a magical touch to your backyard. It includes all kinds of adorable pieces, such as miniature houses, ladybugs, and colorful mushrooms, all of which are made from durable resin that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. The tiny decorations can also be used to accessorize indoor greenery such as a terrarium or potted succulent garden.


This bug bite balm infused with soothing essential oils

Use this plant-based balm to soothe insect bites and get relief from itching and irritation. The pocket-size tin is perfect to throw in a backpack or keep in the garage, so you can quickly treat any new bites. The plant-based formula consists of beeswax, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils — and it’s free of petroleum, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. Just dab some on for an instant cooling sensation.


These solar lights that illuminate your yard in a beautiful way

Stake these solar lights around your yard or line a pathway with them to illuminate your outdoor space in a magical way. They sway in the breeze to create the illusion of fireflies, and since they’re powered by the sun, there are no bulky extension cords needed. The lights charge during the day, then automatically turn on at dusk, providing up to 14 hours of illumination when fully powered up.


A set of vinyl record coasters for a retro-style accessory

Protect your outdoor furniture from damage caused by beverage condensation with a set of these vinyl record coasters. They add a retro vibe and have nonslip rubber bottoms to prevent any shifting or potential scratching. The 4-inch size is perfect for a glass of iced tea or a nice big cappuccino, and if you’re looking for a fun little gift for a music lover, these wallet-friendly coasters are bound to be a number-one hit.


This whimsical tree decoration that doubles as a bird feeder

Feed the birds and install a whimsical backyard decoration in the form of this unique tree face feeder. The resin sculpture features two eyes and a mustache-topped mouth — which is right where the bird seed goes. The feeder is an Amazon fave with thousands of happy reviews, and it comes with all the necessary mounting screws, so you can quickly install it in your own outdoor space.


A solar garden gnome that’s the cutest thing you’ll ever buy for your backyard

There’s no doubt this solar garden gnome is the cutest piece of outdoor decor you’ll ever buy. Complete with a beehive hat, light-up bees, and a cheery sunflower, the resin statue stands at just over 1 foot tall and has a solar panel on the back for continual charging. Its durable construction ensures it’ll last for years to come and the beautiful craftsmanship and hand-painted details give it an extra special touch that make it well worth the price.


These ceramic mushrooms that give your yard a magical look

Insert these lovely ceramic mushrooms into a garden bed, a potted plant, or along a pathway to add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space. The stunning glazed finish gives them an artisanal quality and a one-of-a-kind look that makes them look way more expensive than their budget-friendly price tag. Each set includes four different-colored mushrooms that can withstand various weather conditions.


These fertilizer spikes that provide nutrients for trees & shrubs

If your trees and shrubs could use a little pick-me-up, use these fertilizer spikes that nourish them at the roots. The plant-based formula is made with ingredients like molasses, phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen to help promote all-around plant health. Each box contains six spikes that will feed your plants for up to three months — just hammer them into the soil.


These hangers that work with your vinyl siding

Decorate your deck or patio without drilling any holes into the exterior walls by using these vinyl siding hooks. Use them to hang seasonal wreaths, lights, and other outdoor decor without causing any permanent damage to the panels. The hooks are made from high-quality stainless steel for durability and rust resistance, and they can easily be removed or relocated as needed.


A set of metal bumblebees for a playful addition to your fence, patio or deck

Add a playful decoration with this four-piece metal bumblebee set that would look adorable on an outdoor fence, deck, or patio. It includes four pieces of different sizes, and each one has a hook on back for easy hanging. Not a fan of bees? Opt for birds or butterflies instead.

  • Available styles: 3