40 weird mistakes you don't realize you're making that make your life harder

Life’s hard enough as it is, don’t make silly mistakes.

ByVeronika Kero
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Do you overcook your steaks often? Are you the sort who hits snooze too many times? Or maybe you lose your keys every time you come home, as many do. There’s a solution for it all of those weird mistakes — and it’s called Amazon. Well actually, they’re called a digital meat thermometer, an smart alarm clock, and a Bluetooth tracker, but they can all be found on the site to make your day a little easier.

While mistakes are inevitable, these genius inventions keep them from occurring as often and making your life harder than it has to be. So if you’re in the market for some helpful gadgets and gizmos, keep scrolling.


Mistake: You use tiny brushes to dust your car

Solution: Clean every nook & cranny with this easy-to-use cleaning gel

It’s nearly impossible to truly clean all the dust out of your car without this cleaning gel. The moldable putty can take on any shape so that it can squeeze into even the tiniest of spaces and pull away with lint, crumbs, and other debris. It can be used for car vents, dashboards, and even keyboards for some at-home cleaning as well. This best-selling duster can be stored in the original tub and used multiple times.


Mistake: You never clean your dryer, making it inefficient & dangerous

Solution: Use this popular vacuum attachment for a fresh start

Before dishing out a ton of cash for a new dryer, you may want to use this vent cleaner first. The flexible hose can bend to reach every corner of the machine’s vent so that all lint and dust is collected, and you guide it with the included brush, which further traps lint. The vacuum adapter that comes in the kit allows the hose to be attached to most models. This can prevent dangerous dryer fires and have it working as good as new.


Mistake: You strain your wrist to put on jewelry

Solution: Put on your bracelets with this closure tool

The next time you’re struggling to clip on your bracelet by yourself, reach for this jewelry closure tool that makes it a breeze. The sturdy metal piece is extremely lightweight and thin enough to keep in any purse so you can switch up your look no matter where you are. It clips onto one end of your jewelry so you can attach the other end in just seconds instead of fussing around forever.


Mistake: You have half-dried laundry you need to hang everywhere

Solution: Make your dryer more efficient with these wool dryer balls

Doing as something as simple as adding in a few of these dryer balls can shorten drying time up to 25%. Each of the balls in this pack of six are made of 100% natural wool that works lift and separate laundry for better air circulation during the cycle. They also help reduce static cling and can even minimize wrinkles. You’ll be saving energy and cash that would usually be spent on one-time-use dryer sheets.


Mistake: You use the back of your knife & fingers to peel garlic

Solution: Get clean cloves by rolling this garlic peeler

This garlic peeler takes away the need for knives and time spent picking away at the bits that just refused to come off. It’s easy. All you have to do is press and roll. This pack comes with two silicone tubes that are easy to use and store. They’ll also prevent your fingers from having that lingering smell that takes multiple washes to shake. Just shake the peels into the garbage once getting out the clean cloves for an easy clean-up, too.


Mistake: You clean yourself into a corner

Solution: Put on these mop slippers to dust while you walk around

No matter which side of the room you start on, you can make sure every last inch is left spotless by wearing these mop slippers. Their microfiber strands absorb liquid and easily pick up dust, dirt and pet hair, and no streaks will be left behind. Just stretch the elastic pair over your feet and walk to clean. However, these slippers can also be put on over mops.


Mistake: You spend tons of time prepping ingredients

Solution: Use this viral veggie chopper that cuts 2 cups at a time

Instead of dicing onions by hand (and crying while you do), place all the ingredients you need in this food chopper. Its sharp blades can cut up to 2 cups of nuts or vegetables at a time, and all you need to do is pull a string. It can even be used to make guacamole or mix together delicious fruits for a smoothie. Just five seconds using this chopper leaves you with a rustic cut for roasting and soups, 10 seconds is great for finely diced onion or garlic, and 15 seconds will leave you with a smooth, delicious dip.


Mistake: You put dirty dishes in a clean dishwasher

Solution: Slap on this flippable dishwasher magnet for a reminder

To avoid the confusion and guessing game, start labeling loads with this dishwasher magnet. With its dual-sided design, you’ll always know whether the dishes inside are ready to be put away or if they haven’t even been washed yet. It can even stick to non-magnetic dishwashers thanks to the magnetic adhesive backing. Nothing will slide or slip, and the label is completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about dripping over it.


Mistake: Your fitted sheet always comes untucked

Solution: Clip on these sheet straps to keep your bed looking & feeling crisp

For that pesky fitted sheet that just won’t stay still, these bed sheet straps will do the trick. The fasteners attach to each corner to pull the sheet inwards so that they can’t pop out from the sides and come loose. The elastic nylon bands are adjustable so you can choose the level of tension that is applied and make them fit your mattress exactly. No matter how much of a pull you desire, each has a clenching system that protects fabrics from being damaged by the clamps.


Mistake: You constantly drop your phone

Solution: Get a more secure hold with a grip that doubles as a wallet

Not only does this Pop Socket act as an extra handy grip for your phone, but it also gives you a sturdy place to keep your cards. The adhesive piece is made of a soft plastic that’s comfortable to hold while taking photos, scrolling through TikTok, or talking to someone. The elevated button can also be used to prop up your device when watching a video. Underneath all that, the wallet can hold up to three cards so you can have all your essentials right in your hand.

  • Available colors: 6


Mistake: You have an unorganized fridge

Solution: Separate everything with these clear storage bins

Keep your fridge free of sticky messes and your food easy to find with these storage bins. The clear containers can be used to organize products by category so you always have a clear view of what you have in stock. This can prevent a great amount of digging through the fridge to find the mustard you need as well as unnecessary food waste and ordering out. Stack them to maximize space or lay them side by side.


Mistake: You misplace keys often

Solution: Hang them on this magnetic key holder

You don’t even have to hook your keys onto anything, just touch them to this key holder, and you’re good to go. This adorable cloud can stick onto tile, wood, glass, and more, so place it wherever is most convenient so that you never have to go searching around for your set again. It has the strength and space to hold about three key rings at a time.


Mistake: Your cables & chargers are all tangled

Solution: Use these cable clips to keep them in place

With 16 cable clips in this pack, you’ll have enough to completely transform the look of every outlet in your home. These simple cord holders prevent tangled messes and keep chargers and adapters in one place and protected from fraying. The strong adhesive back can be applied to various surfaces and won’t leave behind a residue. There are a ton of different sizes so that they can fit wherever is most convenient for you.


Mistake: You stand on hard floors, hurting your back & legs

Solution: Place a supportive anti-fatigue mat wherever you spend the most time

If you’re constantly on your feet even when you’re at home — whether you wash a lot of dishes, cook every day, or use a standing desk — this anti-fatigue mat will do just as its name suggests. The padded foam has a 3/4-inch thick density that can relieve feet of tension and even help with back pain. The non-slip surface is completely stain-resistant as well so if will look as good as it first did even after many months on the floor.


Mistake: You just guess when your food is cooked

Solution: Know the exact temperature with a best-selling digital thermometer

Instead of undercooking steak or just guessing that your water is at the right temperature for activating yeast, prepare food like a pro with this digital meat thermometer. The best-selling cooking tool displays the temperature clearly on its large LED screen — and in only two to three seconds, which is just as fast as much more expensive models. When not using, hang it from the hole at the top or mount to any metal surface, making use of its internal magnet.


Mistake: You spend too much time sorting dirty laundry

Solution: Separate clothes as you wear them with this double hamper

The obvious difference between this bamboo double hamper and others is most definitely its two convenient interior compartments that can be used to separate clothes as you wear them. But it also has a removable flip-top lid and washable lining that keeps it from having an unpleasant odor. It’s also completely foldable so that it’s easy to store when not in use. When you are using it, however, grab onto the side handles for a sturdy grip.


Mistake: You struggle to get out of bed in the morning

Solution: Force yourself to chase this alarm clock on wheels

Even the heaviest of sleepers won’t be able to ignore this alarm clock on wheels. Only one snooze is allowed before the extra loud sound begins, and the clock itself rolls off your nightstand (up to 3 feet high), forcing you to get out of bed in order to find it and turn it off. It’s easy to set up and durably built so that you’ll always have the morning assistance you need.


Mistake: You can never find the spatula you need

Solution: Keep everything in this oversized, rotating utensil holder

This utensil holder will not only make it easier to find the exact tool you need exactly when you need it but it’s stainless steel construction will add a sleek touch to your kitchen counter. The entire caddy spins 360 degrees but still remains stable on any surface thanks to its foam base. Inside, the divider creates three different sections for you to organize your spatulas and ladles in. Plus, it has a 7-inch wide diameter, which allows it to hold way more than a typical utensil crock.


Mistake: You don't keep track of to-do lists & grocery needs

Solution: Keep your events & groceries visible with these dry-erase calendars

With this three-pack of dry-erase calendars, you’ll receive a monthly layout, a weekly layout, and a list panel. The set also comes with six fine-tip markers (with erasers on each end) so you have everything you need to stay on top of appointments, plan a grocery trip, and check things off your to-do list. Its large size gives you more than enough room to write down all the reminders you need, and the magnet means you can stick it on the fridge, where it’s highly visible.


Mistake: You always lose your remotes

Solution: Keep this chic remote caddy handy on the coffee table

This remote control holder has five different sections so you can organize all your electronics in its chic faux leather body. The smooth piece of decor is actually completely waterproof and available in over 20 different colors so it can match your aesthetic and keep things safe from spills. If you’re not too much of a TV-lover, use the caddy to hold art tools, cosmetics, or office supplies. It’ll look just as good on a vanity as it would on a coffee table.


Mistake: You spill heavy jugs of milk & juice

Solution: Avoid ever lifting again with this automatic drink dispenser

Whether you’re getting ready for a large party you’re hosting or just want to avoid everyday spills, this automatic drink dispenser will allow even the largest juice containers to be enjoyed without even being lifted. The universal top fits most bottlenecks and has a trigger lock for one-handed pours. It’ll help everyone between those who experience hand pain like arthritis to children who are typically told not to lift any drink themselves.


Mistake: You make a mess while doing the dishes

Solution: Use this soap-dispensing brush to avoid reaching over your counter

Reaching over your sink to replenish your sponge with soap always creates a bit of a mess. This soap-dispensing brush avoids covering your counter in water and makes the entire process a little less tedious. The brush’s durable nylon bristles are filled with soap as soon as you press the button to release some of the amount that you filled in through the handle, making washing the dishes a one-step process. It also has a built-in scraper on top for those tough burns and stains.


Mistake: You struggle to strain your water

Solution: Keep everything in the same pot or pan with this clip-on strainer

With this clip-on strainer, draining can be done with just one hand. The silicone piece flexes to fit any pot or pan and has sturdy clamps for it to let water out while still keeping all the pasta or veggies in. The nonstick material is BPA-free and can handle temperatures up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. And the best part is that, since it’s half the size of a typical colander, you’ll be using only half the amount of cabinet space you typically would.


Mistake: You sweep up spilled pet food every day

Solution: Place food & water bowls on a waterproof mat

If your pet’s food always seems to end up more on your floor than actually in their mouth, combat the inevitable mess with this feeding mat. The silicone is molded with high borders that reach nearly an inch off the ground and keep any crumbs and water off your tiles or carpet (and keep pests away from your pricey food). The silicone is completely non-toxic and can easily be rolled up for storage or rinsed off.


Mistake: You forget where you put your keys, wallet & phone

Solution: Attach these Bluetooth trackers to everything

This tiny Bluetooth tracker has the capability to find your keys, wallet, bag, and just about anything else within a 250-foot range, and it rings to help you find it. If your keys are farther away than that, it’ll show you an items last known location on the app. Plus, if you’ve lost your phone, simply click on the center button to have your phone sound off, even when it’s on silent. The gadget is water-resistant so it can still sound off even if accidentally left out in gloomy weather and has a battery that lasts three years.


Mistake: You ruin clothes by not pre-treating stains

Solution: Spray on this stain remover immediately after an accident

Before throwing that shirt that you accidentally spilled coffee on in the wash, treat it with this stain remover. The spray works lightning-fast to immediately erase stains from grease, dirt, food, and more on a variety of fabrics. It can also be used on upholstery and carpets. Its formula is free of peroxide, chlorine, phosphates, sulphates, perfumes, and dyes, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets.


Mistake: You carry a dozen plastic grocery bags at once

Solution: Pack everything in these reusable bags that can hold 5 loads in one

These reusable bags will make your household a bit more eco-friendly while also giving you the power to carry the equivalent of five bags of groceries at once. Each bag is reinforced with strong metal rivets that prevent tearing and can support up to 65 pounds. Keep the long straps on your shoulder or use the side handles to carry extra heavy loads. The reinforced bottom and stiff walls will keep their shape so even delicate products, like eggs, will be safe when transporting.


Mistake: You use the same spatula for everything

Solution: Have these differently-shaped spatulas on hand

If you find yourself using the same spatula for pancakes as you do when it’s time to flip a fish, it’s time for a few new kitchen additions. This set comes with three utensils that have a strong stainless steel core but are coated in soft silicone that doesn’t stick to food. Each has a unique shape and size for wide quesadillas, long pieces of fish, or compact cookies, but all three are equipped with ergonomic thumb placement so you can have a safe and comfortable hold while cooking.


Mistake: Your shoulders & back get strained after staring at a laptop

Solution: Lift your screen to eye level with this sleek laptop stand

This adjustable laptop stand prevents work from becoming a burden on your body by elevating your screen to eye level so you can keep your upright posture while typing away, which helps to prevent neck and shoulder pain. Each of the arms have rubber padding to prevent any scratching, and the open bottom also give your computer a chance to breathe and ventilate air properly. A 360-degree swivel base lets you view your screen at any angle, and it can be folded and taken on-the-go to coffee shops or the office.


Mistake: You use a cloth (or teeth!) to open jars & bottles

Solution: Use this jar opener that works with any size container

Get that jelly jar or hot sauce bottle open in a jiffy with this jar opener so you can move on to the actual fun parts of cooking. The gripper can be hidden under any cabinet and used with various size jars or bottles, even tiny water bottle caps. It clutches each lid with a firm grip without you having to exert much energy. It can be set up with the included screws or adhesive backing.


Mistake: You stand on your tip-toes to reach stuff (or avoid higher shelves)

Solution: Use this foldable step stool to reach everything, everywhere

This step stool can make use of parts of your home you may not have been able to enjoy beforehand. Instead of avoiding that top shelf, you’ll now be able to reach it. The step will give you 11 inches of extra height and can support up to 300 pounds, so you can feel safe bringing down that heavy box. When you’re not using it, fold it down flat so that it can slide in next to the fridge, under the couch, or anywhere else where it can be at easy-reach but still hidden.


Mistake: You defrost food by putting it in the microwave

Solution: Lay meat on these genius defrosting trays

Your meat’s taste and texture can be ruined if you try to take a shortcut and defrost it in the microwave. Instead, you can cut down on waiting time but still preserve its great flavor with these defrosting trays. Their aluminum core is what works to transfer heat, while the silicone coating assures that nothing sticks. Your meat can go from frozen solid to pan-ready in 30 minutes to an hour — no power or pots of water needed.


Mistake: Your car's a mess

Solution: Strap this car organizer to the back of your seat

If the glove compartment just doesn’t give you enough space to store all your essentials, grab this car organizer. The bag can be slid right over a headrest so that you have everything at just an arm’s length away. It has side mesh pockets perfect for holding water bottles, phone pockets, pencil holders, and even a padded tablet section in case you’re using this to keep kiddos amused. And because it has that adjustable strap, you can slide it right off and carry everything with you once you’ve reached your destination.


Mistake: Your eggs & fish stick to the pan, making cleanup hard

Solution: Cook with a nonstick frying pan that can handle high heats

Say goodbye to the days of letting things soak and scrubbing for what feels like hours and say hello to this nonstick frying pan. Its hard body is made of three scratch-resistant layers in addition to a diamond-reinforced coating on top. It can be used on the stovetop or in the oven and broiler with a temperature of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it’s completely free of PFAS and PFOA, so you don’t have to worry about your dinner being tainted.


Mistake: Your drains get clogged

Solution: Stop all the hair from flowing down with this fan-favorite drain protector

The more hair that flows into your drain during a shower, the more likely your pipes are going to need serious fixing. Avoid plumber costs with this drain protector that catches all hair before it can create serious problems. Once caught, the hair is wrapped around the silicone cylinder neatly for an easy clean-up — all you have to do is wipe it away with a tissue.


Mistake: You peel potatoes & apples by hand

Solution: Use this electric peeler that gets it done in just 10 seconds

When the preparation takes longer than the actual cooking, it’s okay to get help from handy dandy gadgets like this electric peeler. It can peel carrots, apples, potatoes, and a lot more in short time. Its sharp blades are meant to be long-lasting but, just in case, two spare blades are included in the built-in storage drawer. It also comes with a thumb knife to pare potatoes. “I can do mashed potatoes every night of the week now if I want to!” one reviewer raved. “Cuts the prep time by at least half!”


Mistake: You clean on your hands & knees

Solution: Fight grime efficiently with this electric scrubber

This power scrubber works twice as fast as a manual scrubber so you can spend less time trying to rid your tiles of scum or your grill of rust. There are two different settings in which the oscillating head can scrub 60 times per second. But while being hard on grout lines, it’ll be soft on your hands thanks to its soft handle that gives you an ergonomic grip. It even comes with the batteries that are needed so you can use it right out of the box.


Mistake: You can never find the spices you need

Solution: Get a clear view after placing them all on this rotating spice rack

Instead of pushing things around to try to see every seasoning you have available, store your most used ingredients on this rotating spice rack. The spinning holder comes with 12 glass jars so everything can have a more uniform look. Each will keep your spices more fresh and is equipped with an inner sifter for a more even sprinkle. Your kitchen will look better than it ever did, and you’ll be getting through recipes quicker than ever before.


Mistake: Your pet wakes you up at 3 a.m. for food

Solution: Set the timer on this automatic feeder

Set up this automatic pet feeder so you can begin enjoying some extra time in bed as soon as possible. The sleek-looking gadget has a 3-liter capacity, which can amount to a 15-day run for an adult cat. You can pre-program a schedule so that a meal is released whenever they usually crave it. And don’t worry about your furry friend not getting used to it — you can use the built-in mic to record a personalized clip for them to hear each time.


Mistake: You have to really scrub a grimy microwave

Solution: Use this steam-releasing microwave cleaner to soften spills

By releasing a heated mist, this microwave cleaner can soften any stubborn crud from the corners of your machine. All you have to do is add vinegar and water to the lines that are indicated under the character’s hair and stick the tool inside for seven minutes. The steam will get any stains to soften and disaemble so you can just wipe it clean afterwords.