Weird things under $20 on Amazon that are legitimately amazing

Weird but so, so genius.

Weird things under $20 on Amazon that are legitimately amazing
ByChristina Wood
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Ready for some strange, bizarre, and totally useful gear? How about tool for getting toast out of the toaster or a helmet that cures headaches? Could you use a rubber broom that specializes in pet hair? A lighter that plugs in? A bar of black soap that gets your skin super clean? These are just a few of the weird things under $20 on Amazon that are legitimately amazing.


This hack for disposing of cooking oil

Letting grease go down the drain is an absolute no unless you want to deal with an expensive drain clog. So how do you get rid of it? Use this cooking oil solidifier to turn it into a solid you can put into the trash. Sprinkle some into your hot oil, wait for it to cool down and turn solid, and toss it into the trash. It’s so easy.


A tiny desktop vacuum cleaner

This mini desktop vacuum cleaner will help you keep your desk, dining table, or counters spiffy clean. When you spill cookie crumbs, eraser dust, or other debris, pull it out, push the start button, and zip around vacuuming it all up. Then empty it into the trash. It comes in five colors.


A duck-billed spatula

Next time you need to slather peanut butter on bread, frosting on a cake, or mayo on your sandwich, get help from the adorable splatypus jar spatula. Its duck bill reaches deep into the jar to grab every last morsel and then spreads it effectively over your snack. The platypus-shaped handle is ergonomically designed, too.


These cooking mats that make for zero cleanup

These silicone baking mats are a terrific, reusable alternative to baking grease or parchment paper. Line a baking sheet with them and your baked goods will not stick to the pan. And these are easy to clean, since baked-on yuck slides right off them. No more cleaning dirty baking pans? Yes, please. They come in five size and color options.


A cold cure for headaches & stress

When a headache looms, pull this migraine relief cap out of the freezer and deliver everything that will stop that pain, all at once. The cold reduces inflammation while the pressure relieves tension. And, since it completely covers your eyes, it blocks out light. There is a ponytail hole so you can get your hair out of the scene. Pull it on, lie down, and find relief. It comes in two sizes and five colors.


This cute fridge deoderizer

Replace that box of baking soda in the fridge with this adorable fridge deodorizer that looks like a cheerful mushroom. Pop the mushroom cap off and fill the body with baking soda. The vents allow the baking soda to absorb and neutralize the bad smells created by leftovers and vegetables.


A small & effective fabric shaver

When a sweater looks ready for the donation bin or your couch starts to pill, pull out this fabric shaver and give it a once over. It removes fuzz, pills, and lint without damaging the fabric. It has three settings so you can dial in how close to shave and a large surface to get the job done fast. There are five colors and the option for a battery-operated or rechargeable design.


This solution for the kitchen sponge dilemma

This soap dispenser and sponge holder solves two kitchen sink problems at once. It gives you a tidy place to stash the sponge that won’t get the counters wet. And it makes it easy to get soap into that sponge. Fill the base with dish soap and, when washing dishes, pump the sponge a couple of times to load it.


A pair of tongs for toast

Don’t burn your fingers getting toast out of the toaster. Keep these bamboo toast tongs nearby so you can grab the hot toast with them. They are decorative and easy to use. “I bought these for getting English muffins out of the toaster,” said one reviewer. “They are [also] great for those deep-fried projects — onion rings, donuts, potatoes, etc. They don’t conduct the heat and won’t scratch your cookware.” This is a two-pack.


A lighter that won’t blow out

This slender candle lighter is a better tool for most lighting chores than a butane lighter. It won’t run out of fuel and require a replacement or refill. Just plug it into a USB charging cord and charge it up. And it won’t blow out in the rain or wind since it uses an arc of electricity to ignite wicks and other flammables. It comes in lots of pretty colors and fits easily into a pocket.


These dishcloths that are better than paper towels

If you are looking for a more affordable, less wasteful way to clean up spills, counters, and dishes, these Swedish dishcloths are it. They are made from cellulose and cotton, which makes them as absorbent as a sponge and as flexible as a cloth. They come in nine colors.


A better tool for putting on bracelets

Putting on a bracelet can often require cornering someone else to help you do it. But if you have this bracelet helper tool on hand, that’s no longer the case. It holds one end while you maneuver the other into place, allowing you to wear what you want without getting anyone else involved.


This heating pad that’s so soft & cozy

Pull out this soft and cozy electric heating pad when cramps, muscle pain, or icy cold feet strike. The plush cover feels so delicious against your skin while the heat penetrates to kill pain and warm you up. It has three heat levels, warms up quickly, and turns itself off after two hours.


A weird head massager that feels amazing

Ready for a moment of exquisite bliss? This head massager feels so much better than it has any right to do. All it does is gently scratch and massage your scalp. Who knew that felt so good? “It feels absolutely amazing. Like really amazing,” said one reviewer. “Seriously I hit that sweet spot on my head and my eyes close and my mouth drops open and my whole body relaxes. It’s wonderful.”


This duster for difficult places

There is always a spot — under the fridge, beneath a shelving unit, at the top of the windows — that you can’t reach with a duster or cleaning cloth. That place gets filthy, right? This cleaning tool will get it. It is slim enough to fit under the fridge and has a retractable handle that reaches nearly 40 inches.


A wall-mounted can crusher

Don’t let cans and bottles eat up the recycling bin space. Use this metal can crusher to make them small before you toss them. It crushes cans and bottles quickly and easily, reducing their volume by 80%. And that means you don’t have to take the recycling out as often. It comes in eight colors and you can mount it to a wall, counter, or table.


The wine aerator that improves your wine

Replace the cork on that cheap bottle of with this wine aerator and you will find yourself drinking wine that’s better than its price tag. It infuses the vino with the right amount of oxygen to bring out the flavors and improve the taste of any wine. It comes with a stopper.


This shelf that attaches to an outlet

No place in the bathroom or kitchen to set a speaker or charge your phone? Replace the outlet cover with this outlet shelf and that’s fixed. It takes only a minute to unscrew the current cover, replace it with this one, and plug in your device. There is even a channel in the back for the wire. It comes in white or black.


The purple toothpaste that turns teeth white

Brush your teeth with this purple toothpaste and to restore the whiteness and brightness of your teeth. Purple is a color corrector that neutralizes yellow and brings out white. It’s not a bleach or a trick and, since it isn’t bleaching, it is safe for sensitive teeth.


These charcoal filled bags that clean the air

Hang these charcoal air purifying bags in troublesome areas of your home — near the litter box, in the bathroom, in a musty attic — and the activated bamboo charcoal in them will refresh the air and eliminate odors. “Two weeks after we put them up in the room with the worst cat litter boxes, the smell is gone. Not masked, but gone,” said one reviewer. This is a pack of eight. They come in nine colors and styles.


These silky soft bamboo pillowcases

These bamboo pillowcases are made from a rayon that is derived from bamboo. That’s a fabric that’s known for its silky softness and cooling effect. So when you rest your head on these, you will relax into a soft, coolness that will put you right to sleep. They come in six sizes and 24 colors.


The measuring spoons that stack magnetically

If you find it irritating to use and store measuring spoons that are connected by a ring, meet this set of magnetic measuring spoons. They stack neatly, nesting into each other, and pull apart easily when you want to use them. One side is shaped to fit into spice jars. The other side is round to better handle liquids. There is a level so you don’t have to dirty a knife to get the right quantity.


The smart way to store purses

Storing a collection of handbags is not easy. They can take up too much space, get lost in the closet, and get dusty. This purse organizer solves all of that. It will hold eight purses, hanging in the closet where you can see them. They are easy to grab and use, too. “Awesome!” said one reviewer. “The pouches are clear, so you can see what's in each one. They're also pretty big, so they hold large purses well.”


These scissors for cutting herbs

Chopping herbs is a surprisingly annoying kitchen chore, if you do it with a knife. But with the right tool, it’s fast and easy. These herb scissors are the right tool. They snip quickly through herbs and leafy greens with the five sharp blades. They come with a cleaning brush and comb for quick cleanups.


A tiny book light for reading anywhere

When a thriller has you in its grip but the room you are in is about to go dark, pull out this rechargeable book light and snap it to the page. It has five brightness levels and is designed to effectively illuminate the page without lighting the room. It comes in five colors and is sized for travel.


This weird rubber broom

This strange rubber broom is the cleaning tool you didn’t know you needed. It will pull pet fur out of carpets, sweep dust, hair, and dirt off any surface, and rinse clean. It has a built-in squeegee so you can go from cleaning floors to washing windows. And it has a clip to attach a microfiber cloth to it and turn it into a mop. The handle goes from duster length to broom size. It comes in two colors.


The stain remover people swear by

The coffee stain down the front of your shirt is not a garment killer. The wine disaster of last night can be erased. Pull out this emergency stain remover spray and eliminate the stain in seconds. It works on everything from ketchup to grass. Just spray it on, blot it off, and watch the magic happen. “Amazed at how quickly it can remove even the toughest stains,” said one reviewer.


This over-the-sink colander that’s so handy

This simple over-the-sink colander is so useful as to be nearly transformative for the kitchen. Rest it over the sink and you have a place to drop fruit and vegetables to rinse them, set a cup or spoon after washing it, and pour the hot pasta water without cleaning the sink first. It comes in lots of colors.


A big collection of bottle brushes

This complete set of bottle brush cleaners will set your kitchen up with all the tools you need to clean every bottle you have or are ever likely to own. There are fat, tall, thin, long, and extra-long brushes to get into any bottle’s neck and scrub out every difficult-to-access interior. “These brushes work so well that I am amazed, my bottles are clean and clear deep inside in a matter of minutes,” said one reviewer.


The apple corer that works

Make fast work of turning apples and pears into fruit salad, pie, or charcuterie board treats with this apple corer tool. It cuts right through the center of the apple with one movement and removes the core and seeds. “What a game changer,” said one reviewer. “Easy to use and only took a little strength to push it through the apple.”


This mat for messy pets

If your pet is a messy eater, set this splash mat under the food dishes and save yourself from constantly cleaning up after them. It looks decorative and keeps kibble and water from messing up the floors. You can pick it up, empty the mess into the trash, give it a rinse, and put it back. It comes in five colors and five sizes.


The Shop of Horrors tea infuser

Bring some fun and whimsy to tea time by grabbing the loose tea leaves with this tea steeper that looks like a carnivorous plant. Squeeze the handle to open it and it snaps closed around the tea. “If you're a tea drinker, a fan of Little Shop of Horrors, or both, you need one or more,” said one reviewer.


This black soap that gets skin super clean

Give your outer layer a deep clean with this activated charcoal black bar soap that cleans deep into pores and removes dead skin cells from your epidermis, leaving behind only clear and luminous skin. The peppermint oil gives you a fresh, tingly clean feeling and smells terrific. This is three bars.


The pot strainer that’s better than a colander

Toss that bulky and awkward colander that wants you to empty the sink before you can use it and opt for this strainer that clips onto the pan. You can pour the water out of the pan without making production out of it. The strainer is flexible so it fits any pan and the clips are firm so you can pour without worry. It comes in six colors.


This clever storage solution for plastic bags

You don’t have to give up an entire kitchen drawer to bulky boxes of plastic bags. This bag storage organizer moves them all to the inside of a cupboard door and makes them easy to access. Each compartment is labeled. Zip open the one you want and grab a bag. It comes in four colors.


A simple but effective charging station

Set this clever charging station on a counter or side table and provide everyone in the house — and visitors — with an easy place to plug in and power up. It has five USB plugs and one USB-C plug so it can charge any gadget in the house without hunting down a plug. It comes in seven colors.


This one-handed lettuce chopper

Turning a head of lettuce into a chopped salad is so easy with this lettuce chopper. The big handle is easy on your hands and you can chop your leafy greens in a bowl or on a board for a fast salad. “Cuts quickly and easily, cleans up easily,” said one reviewer. “Love that I can do it with one hand and there [are] no metal parts that would affect the greens.”


A clock that’s also a mirror

This big digital LED clock is not only a decorative, glanceable timekeeper but it also doubles as a mirror. It’s perfect for the vanity or an entryway, allowing you to check your hair and the time in one place. You can set it on a table or hang it on the wall and it has two USB ports to charge your gadgets or power an appliance. It comes in 18 colors.


A clever way to stash your bag in the car

One feature missing from cars is a place to drop your bag so it’s within reach while driving but not in danger of flying around emptying its contents all over the car’s interior. This car organizer solves that. Mount it between the front seats, creating a comfy hammock where your bag is safe. Or you can use it to stash your wallet, keys, and sunglasses.


This tool for getting hair out of brushes

Have you ever completely given up on a hairbrush or your vacuum cleaner’s brush rollers because they were so tangled with hair that you couldn’t get them clean? This vacuum tool is the solution. It gets in between the bristles — and into the roller brush housing — and grabs the hair and cuts through it so you can easily get it all out. This is a pack of two.


A magnetic beer bottle opener

Here is a completely different way to open a beer bottle. Press this beer bottle opener onto the top of the bottle and magnets make the lid pop off. The cap won’t bend or be destroyed so you can use it in crafts or to add to your collection. “Amazing!” said more than one reviewer.


These clever covers for bowls

Skip the annoying plastic wrap and cover leftovers with these elastic food bowl storage covers. They can go into the microwave to keep food from making a mess. They are great for picnics since they keep bugs off, you can see what’s in the bowl, and they aren’t much of an impediment to getting food out. And they are easy. This is a pack of three in three sizes.


A better way to deal with bacon grease

Instead of looking for a way to safely dispose of bacon grease without destroying the plumbing, why not save it and reuse it? It’s great for frying an egg or popping popcorn and infuses that meal with a mild bacon flavor. This bacon grease container is the perfect tool for the job. It holds 5 cups, has a strainer to keep the meat bits out, and sports a lid that’s easy to remove.


These oven mitts made from silicone

Protect your hands — and your arms — when moving hot pans into and out of the oven by wearing these extra-long silicone oven mitts. Their grippy texture gives you excellent purchase on the pans and the heat-resistant silicone offers better insulation than standard quilted oven mitts. The long length prevents those nasty arm burns. They come in nine colors.


The soft muslin facecloths you need

These facecloths are made from the most delicious, soft muslin cotton. Super absorbent, soft to the touch, lightweight, and breathable, these are perfect for washing your face, or you can keep one in a pocket or bag as a handkerchief. This is a pack of six. They come in eight color options.


This plastic scraper for stuck stickers

When a price tag won’t come off a new item, stop cursing and pull out this razor scraper. Use it to remove glue, decals, wallpaper, paint, and anything else that’s difficult and sticky. The 10 double-edged plastic razors won’t harm your goods or cut you but are perfect for removing stuck things.


A back scratcher that can reach that spot

Instead of contorting your body or begging a friend to reach that spot you can’t reach, grab this extendable back scratcher. The rake-like ends provide a satisfying scratch and the handle extends to 27 inches to bring any itch within your grasp. “It felt so good on my back!” said one reviewer. “It felt like the nails of a human being.” This is a pack of two.


These bamboo toothbrushes

Do you know how long it takes for a plastic toothbrush to biodegrade after you throw it away? Too long. These bamboo toothbrushes, though, will quickly decompose. Even better, bamboo is a highly renewable resource. This set of five includes four toothbrushes with white medium bristles and one black charcoal brush.


This pasta-shaped pot holder

This pair of silicone pot holders look so convincingly like farfalloni pasta that people will do a double take. But they are also a handy kitchen tool. When you need to lift a hot lid, move a pan with hot handles, or pull out the rack in the oven, grab one, and use it to insulate your hands from the heat.


A clever dish drying rack

When wine night winds down, pull out this retractable cup drying rack and invert the just-washed wine glasses on it. It holds glasses, plates, mugs, or bottles securely on tree-shaped rods so dishes can drip dry on the included absorbent cloth. It folds up for storage.


A puck light for any dark place

Throw light on your collections, a dark closet, a dangerous staircase, or a dark work area in the kitchen by peeling and sticking this LED puck light in a strategic spot. It is battery powered so you don’t need to call an electrician and it turns itself off after an interval you determine. “I needed to add some under the cabinet lighting to my sink area and it was amazing how great a job this little light did!!” said one reviewer.


The jar opener that will not be defeated

You will never be defeated by a stubborn jar again. Mount this jar opener under a cupboard and it will always be there, ready to help, able to open any jar no matter how stuck or unwieldy. All you do is shove the lid into its jaws and turn. You can use both hands. No jar can resist this combination of grippy teeth and leverage. “Amazing,” said dozens of reviewers.


This trick for making veggie spirals

This handy little spiralizer lets you turn everything from carrots to cucumbers to beets into slim and tasty salad greens or noodles. Choose the blade that suits your mood, use the handle to turn the vegetable, and fill the jar with ingredients. There are three blades to choose from and the container comes with an airtight lid so you can use it for storage.


The towel holder you can put anywhere

Stick a towel holder on the fridge, the wall near the sink, or anywhere you want so you always have a way to dry your hands. You can use any towel with these units because you push a piece of the towel into the flexible opening and it holds onto the fabric. No loop is required. This is a four pack and they peel and stick to almost anything.


These gloves so you don’t cut your hands

Next time you shuck oysters or slice a slippery fish or unwieldy loaf, wear these cut-resistant gloves so you don’t end up in the emergency room. The strong, stretchy fabric is four times stronger than leather but allows you the dexterity of movement you need to complete your task. Nearly 29,000 people say “Five stars!”


A travel mug that makes coffee

Next time you travel, pack along this travel mug so you aren’t at the mercy of whatever liquid they are calling coffee out there. It comes with a steel mesh filter that fits it perfectly. All you need are coffee grounds and hot water to whip up your own delicious pour-over. And the tumbler will keep that brew hot for hours so you can sip it at your leisure.


This gel that dusts while you play

Dusting may not be your jam but how do you feel about playing with Play Doh? This universal cleaning gel is more like the latter. Squish it into the crevices of your keyboard, car dash, or anywhere else that’s annoying to get clean and it will grab all the dirt and dust it finds while it’s in there and hold onto it. You keep on playing until it’s too dirty to use, then throw it away. Clean fun!


These magnetic cable ties that you will use for everything

These silicone magnetic cable ties are the easiest way to turn unruly wires into tidy packages. But you will quickly run out of them because you will also be using them to pin notes to the fridge, bundle up pencils, and stick a pen to a bulletin board. You will probably find many other uses for them, too. This is a pack of six, each one a different color.


The little knife sharpener you need

When your best knife loses its edge, you don’t have to take it to a specialist. Pull out this tiny, cute, affordable knife sharpener and slide the blade through the appropriate slot. If it is very dull, start with the coarse slot. If you want to hone an already sharp blade, use the fine one. It comes in green, red, or black. Your knives will always be dangerously sharp.


This cleaning brush for weird places

This cleaning brush is the tool you never knew you needed but will come to rely on. Get into tiny crevices in your car, the itty bitty grooves in the window frame, among the keys on your keyboard, and more. The ultra-fine bristles grab all the dirt and dust and the ergonomic handle is easy to hold.


The under-desk foot rest that makes you comfy

When you elevate your feet on this under-desk foot rest, you take pressure off your back, alleviate stress on your legs, and find comfort. You can adjust the height by adding or removing the extension piece or flip it over and use it as a rocker when you need to add a bit of movement to your work. “This product is amazing and makes sitting for long hours easier!” said one reviewer.


These strange sponges that work so well

These weird and magic sponges work miracles on dusty and dirty fans, baseboards, mirrors, vents, and more. Soak them in water and wipe them over the surface. They remove an astonishing amount of dust and grime, hold onto hair and debris, and then rinse clean. This is a pack of four.


This cleaning kit for earbuds

When was the last time you cleaned your earbuds? Now that you have thought about that, you will have to do it. And this cleaner kit is the tool you need. Hidden in the handy pen shape, you will find a little microfiber scrub brush and a pointy grabber to help you scrub away dirt and oils and pry out debris. It comes in three colors.


A banana hook for happy fruit

Bananas prefer to hang as if they were still in the tree from whence they sprung. And this banana hook lets them do that. Mount it under a cabinet and hook your unripe bananas to it. They will ripen evenly without developing brown spots so that you can enjoy a more delicious fruit snack. It folds up against the cabinet when there are no bananas.


The soap that heals your skin

When your skin is rashy, itchy, or irritated, this body wash will soothe and heal it. The tea tree oil is naturally antifungal. The peppermint and rosemary oils eliminate odors. And the soothing coconut, aloe, jojoba, and olive oils hydrate and heal skin. Nearly 35,000 people give it five stars.