Weird things under $25 for your home that are so damn clever

Funky finds for a cozy and functional space.

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Your home is your place to recharge, so you want it to feel cozy yet functional. Surprisingly, some of the weirdly clever products on Amazon are actually the ones that will give you the coziest and most functional space. To help get you there, I rounded up 60 products that can create the oasis you want. From clever cleaning products to time-saving kitchen items, these items are guaranteed to make your home a place you’ll want to be. And best of all? Everything on this list is under 25 bucks.


A stackable ice cube tray that comes with its own collection bin

Your next glass of iced tea is calling — keep this clever, stackable ice cube kit in the freezer, and you can have frosty drinks anytime you want. The kit comes with two 32-count trays, a waterproof lid, and a device that helps release the cubes from the tray. And the trays also come with a mini scooper and a bin that can hold over 100 cubes.


This clever device to prevent linens from getting tangled on laundry day

If you’re tired of fighting with tangled bed sheets and damp clothes, this detangling device can prevent hassles and keep items tumbling. Pop it onto the four corners of a flat or fitted sheet, and it will keep it from getting tangled and trapping other clothes inside. It’s designed to be safe for both the washer and dryer, so you can use it throughout the whole wash process.


This roll-up dish drying rack that’s perfect for small spaces

This space-saving rack is ideal for small homes and does triple duty as a trivet for hot pans, a colander for washing produce, and a spot for drying dishes. The durable stainless steel and silicone construction are rustproof, and the nonslip edges keep everything in place. And when you’re finished using it, it rolls up for easy storage.


This fun & easy-to-clean egg holder that looks like a school bus

This whimsical bus-shaped egg holder adds a dose of fun to your morning omelets. The bright yellow bus features spots for a dozen eggs, and it also has a sturdy cover to protect what’s inside. Plus, the bus is made of BPA-free, food-grade material that can be tossed in the dishwasher when it needs a cleaning.


These silky smooth pillowcases that come in a ton of colors

These satin pillowcases are designed to be gentle on hair and skin and can protect you from creases, scratches, and split ends. The 100% polyester satin pillowcases come in over three dozen colors and multiple pillow sizes, and they’re machine washable for easy care. Plus, they just look and feel nice, giving your bedroom a fancy hotel vibe.


A silicone crab utensil holder that perches on the side of pots

Give your spoon a place to rest with this adorable silicone crab holder. This little BPA-free crab perches atop pots to release steam and can also keep utensils from getting the counter dirty. It’s not only adorable, but it’s made of food-grade silicone designed to hold your utensils, and it can go right in the dishwasher.


These microfiber gloves that make dusting a breeze

These microfiber gloves can make dusting feel a little less like a chore. The gloves are made of a breathable yet thick microfiber material that can protect your hands as you clean. The material also traps dust, preventing it from being pushed around or falling to the floor. Choose from either the medium or large size to get the perfect fit.


This detergent drip catcher that cleverly prevents messes

Add this drip catcher to your bottle of detergent or fabric softener to eliminate spills and keep your laundry room tidy. The sturdy drip catcher has a universal fit, and it will work on all jugs that have a round dispenser button. Plus, the drip tray is removable, so you can clean it without removing the entire device.


A game-changing jar opener that cleverly hangs out under your cabinet

The zinc-coated teeth of this jar opener grip and remove all types of lids, saving your hands (and preventing frustration!). The nonslip jar opener can be installed with the included adhesive or screws, and since it’s mounted under the cabinet, it frees up the countertop from unnecessary clutter.


A shockingly budget-friendly wireless doorbell with 50 chimes

This wireless doorbell kit is incredibly easy to install and has a ton of customization options. The doorbell utilizes microchip technology, so Bluetooth or Wi-Fi isn’t necessary for the transmitter to work up to 1,000 feet. The LED lights make it easy for guests to find the bell and, with more than 50 chimes, there are plenty of fun sound options.


The colorful utensil rest that catches drips from multiple utensils

Always use this utensil rest to stow spoons and spatulas because the raised edge of the holder helps keep your counter clean. It’s designed with food-grade silicone that’s heat resistant, so it’s perfect for holding onto a pair of hot tongs. And you can cleverly pop it right in the dishwasher with your utensils.


This discreet little drain protector that can prevent clogs

Pop this mushroom-shaped drain protector into your tub, and it’ll go to work collecting hair around its base. The drain protector features large holes that allow water to flow through and feet that keep it firmly in place. Best of all, the drain protector keeps caught hair out of sight until you’re ready to empty.


These door draft stoppers that help rooms stay the ideal temp

These silicone draft stoppers are easy to install and help keep warm or cold air from seeping through the space between the door and the floor. The draft stoppers can be cut to size, so they fit almost any type of door and are heat- and cold-resistant. In addition to temperature regulation, the draft stoppers also work great for soundproofing.


These unique dusting sponges that work on almost any surface

These U-shaped sponges can clean almost any surface, wiping away grime and dust easily. The sponge only needs water to start working and acts like a magnet for dust, hair, and other debris. And the high-density sponge has 23 grooves that help clean the nooks and crannies of surfaces.


These colorful nonstick mats that can keep your fridge ultra-tidy

These rainbow-hued mats keep fridge shelves clean and have a textured surface that keeps items from rolling around. The mats are designed to be safe to put produce on top of and can be cut to size to fit any shelf. Their nonslip design also has a use beyond the fridge — consider using them on bookshelves or inside drawers.


A rolling tray that makes it easy to pull out & access appliances

This rolling appliance tray makes it easier to utilize (and stow away) things like stand mixers, coffee makers, and toasters. The tray has a nonslip surface that keeps items stable and an easy-to-use button that allows you to move things back and forth. And you can choose from three different size trays depending on your needs.


This shower scrubber with an expandable handle for scrubbing

Clean all the nooks and crannies of your shower or tub with this handled scrubber. The replaceable brush head is made of antimicrobial material and features a unique shape that’s perfect for getting in tight corners. And the lightweight steel handle expands from 26 to 42 inches, giving you plenty of leverage for scrubbing.


A paper towel holder that has a spray bottle to clean your counters

This incredibly convenient paper towel holder has a storage spot for a spray bottle, keeping everything you need to clean close at hand. The towel holder can be mounted under a cabinet or on a wall, and all the necessary hardware is included. And it can hold multiple sizes of paper towels — like your favorite double roll.


A magnet to help remember if your dishwasher is dirty or clean

There’s nothing worse than realizing you stuck a dirty dish in a clean dishwasher, but this double-sided magnet helps you remember your dishwasher’s status. The magnet sticks to all metal appliances and comes with an adhesive option for plastic surfaces. It’s also waterproof and made of a durable material that won’t peel.


This over-the-door organizer that can hold all your pantry ingredients

This over-the-door pocket organizer gives your spices, condiments, and pantry ingredients a place to live. The 24 transparent pockets are also ideal for organizing small items like toiletries or craft supplies. And the organizer hangs over the door with adjustable hooks, saving you counter and shelf space.


These battery-operated puck lights that illuminate dim spots

These long-lasting LED puck lights brighten up spaces like closets, stairways, and under kitchen cabinets. The lights use AA batteries and have 100 hours of run time, depending on usage. Plus the lights come with a remote control that allows you to turn the lights on and off, set timers, and adjust brightness from across the room.


A slim drink pitcher that’s sized perfectly for fridge doors

This slim drink pitcher is perfect for entertaining, and since it’s unbreakable, it’s ideal for the patio or the pool. The pitcher features a stable base, sturdy handle, and a push lid that makes it easy to pour. The pitcher is also BPA-free and resistant to heat, so you can use it for both hot and cold drinks.


A corner shower candy that can tuck away all your toiletries

Keep your shower looking tidy with this L-shaped toiletry caddy. The caddy is made of rust-resistant stainless steel and features plenty of rack space and hooks for all your products. To install, just use the included adhesive (no drilling required), and the caddy can hold up to 40 pounds.


A mini grill machine that you can pull out anywhere

This portable grill takes up virtually no space and is ideal for making paninis, grilled fruit, or even burgers in small spaces. It comes with a 4-inch cooking surface that heats up quickly and can be easily wiped down for cleaning. Plus, this clever grill comes with a recipe book to inspire your next meal.


A low-profile splash guard that can keep your sink area dry

These absorbent microfiber mats soak up water around the faucet, preventing hard water stains and saving you from wiping up the counter all the time. The mat has a large center hole that fits around faucets of varying sizes, and its compact size is ideal for small spaces.


This lid caddy for organized food storage containers

Get your food storage lids in order with this adjustable organizer. The organizing bin assembles in seconds, and the dividers can be adjusted according to your food container needs. It also has a center channel that prevents round lids from rolling around and handles in the base make it easy to move it around.


A hanging mirror that stays impressively fog-free in the shower

This portable mirror stays fog-free even in the steamiest of showers, and the included razor hook makes it easy to stay organized. The mirror is small enough that you can toss it in your overnight bag, while the included stick-on hook gives it a sturdy place to hang when you’re at home.


These Swedish dishcloths that help reduce paper towel usage

Use these biodegradable Swedish dishcloths every time you think you need to reach for a paper towel. They’re designed to be safe to use on all surfaces (including stainless steel, wood, and marble), and they have a textured surface that can scrub away grime. One cloth lasts for up to a year and lets you swap out up to 15 rolls of paper towels.


This odor eliminator that’s made with fresh orange oil

This game-changing spray can eliminate pet odors and other yucky smells. It’s made from fresh orange oil and doesn’t contain potentially irritating things like sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. To use, just spray the cleanser on any surface and allow it to dry.


This expandable organizer that truly fits under your sink

Use this expandable under-sink organizer to corral cleaning supplies and other items. The height, width, and even depth can be adjusted around pipes, and the nonslip surface keeps bottles from moving around. Plus, the organizer can be rotated 360 degrees so you can get the best configuration for your space.


These timeless drawer dividers that can keep utensils tidy

Tidy junk drawers, utensils, clothes, and more with these adjustable dividers. The dividers have a universal fit and can adjust to work with almost any size drawer. The 100% bamboo construction is durable and easy to clean and the rubber end pads won’t scratch surfaces or slip in the drawer.


A battery organizer that comes with its own power tester

With space for 93 batteries of various sizes, this storage case makes it easy to see what you have on hand. The waterproof and shockproof case features a transparent cover and it can be stowed in a drawer or mounted on the wall for easy access. Plus, it comes with a power tester that lets you know if the batteries are still good.


A mini spiralizer that creates quick (but impressive) veggies

This produce spiralizer creates noodles for all types of vegetable-forward dishes. It comes with four easy-to-use stainless steel blades and a food holder that can protect your hands. The spiralizer’s compact size means it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the whole device can go in the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze.


This mold-resistant soap dispenser that also has a spot for a sponge

This sturdy resin soap holder features a special caddy for your sponge, helping to keep your sink space tidy. The resin material is resistant to rust or any gross mold, and the bottom of the holder features four nonslip pads. Plus, with a 13.5-ounce capacity, this soap holder won’t need frequent refilling.


The adorable rolling kitchen tool that chops garlic in a flash

This funky little garlic chopper quickly processes cloves while keeping hands from absorbing odors. To use, add unpeeled cloves to the garlic chopper and wheel it back and forth on a smooth surface. And when it’s time to clean — the device opens fully to keep hands and fingers away from the blade.


An adjustable rack for sleek pot & pan storage in your cabinet

This adjustable rack provides pot and pan storage while saving serious space in your cabinets. It’s made of cast iron with a smooth painted finish that looks sleek in any cabinet. And the racks feature 14 dividers that can be configured in multiple ways, including horizontally or vertically, to tuck away in a cabinet.


A waterproof holder that lets you bring your phone in the shower

This waterproof phone holder allows you to watch your favorite shows or answer text messages from the shower. It holds up to 4.5 pounds and fits a variety of phone sizes. It also cleverly swivels a full 360 degrees, so you can watch from any angle, and the device comes with three mounts so you can move it from room to room.


An easy-to-clean touchless trash can that looks so sleek

Quickly and easily open this trash can without using your hands, thanks to this battery-operated 2.2-gallon trash can. It cleverly uses infrared technology to open up when it senses movement nearby. And after five seconds, it automatically closes again. This sleek bin is also easy to clean and empty and has a tight seal that locks in odors.


These wavy hangers that save serious space in the closet

Use these unique hangers to keep your pants, jeans, skirts, and scarves tidy while also saving on space. The hangers can be used vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. Meanwhile, they feature a nonslip coating and a U-shaped design that prevents items from falling off. And the hangers are easy to use right away, with no installation required.


These wool dryer balls that cut down on clothing wrinkles

These 100% wool dryer balls are a genius way to cut down on drying time and reduce wrinkles in your clothes. As they move between the clothes, they help air circulate to reduce drying time. Plus, since the dryer balls are free from fragrances and dyes, they’re a gentle alternative to softeners and dryer sheets.


This coffee maker that steeps cold brew overnight

Save money and make a delicious cup of cold brew at home with this sleek and easy-to-pour coffee maker. It brews 37 ounces and stays fresh for weeks, so you can enjoy a cup of cold brew coffee anytime you want. The included funnel and scoop make it easy to measure, and the fine filter traps grounds while maximizing flavor.


A snap-on outlet plate with a motion-activated LED light

These convenient snap-on LED night-lights are a great alternative to plug-in or battery-operated versions. They snap onto existing outlets and can be installed without an electrician or special tools. Their clever design is also motion-activated, and there are plenty of color and configuration options to choose from.


These silicone baking mats that can withstand high oven temps

These clever reusable baking mats are made of heat-resistant silicone and fiberglass mesh, so they’re a super durable alternative to parchment paper or aluminum foil. They’re easy to clean, can go in the dishwasher, and are oven-safe to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they roll up for convenient storage between recipes.


A quick-drying mat that rinses off & absorbs water in seconds

This impressively absorbent mat is perfect for the bathroom, but it would also work well under pet food bowls, in the laundry room, or anywhere you need some nonslip stability. It features a non-skid rubber backing and multiple layers of sponge and permeable material to soak up spills. And since it’s not made of cloth, it won’t shed or pill, and you can just rinse it with water.


This impressively unbreakable coffee mug with a spill-resistant lid

Ideal for camping or mornings on the go, this brushed stainless steel mug is virtually unbreakable and resists smudges and fingerprints. It features double-wall insulation that keeps beverages cold or hot and an ergonomic handle that easily fits four fingers. Plus, you also get a spill-proof lid for mess-free sipping.


A wall-mounted caddy with a handy automatic toothpaste dispenser

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder keeps toiletries tidy and can be stuck on with a strong adhesive that works on a number of surfaces. There are a ton of storage options, including a shelf, drawer, and places for cups, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. There’s even a lever that will automatically squeeze out the perfect amount of toothpaste.


These easy-to-carry storage bins that are impressively shatter-resistant

This transparent bin is versatile and perfect for organizing the fridge, toiletries, stray craft supplies, or other kinds of clutter. It’s made of shatter-resistant and BPA-free plastic and features handles that make it easy to move around. Plus, the bins have feet on the bottom that allow you to stack them on top of each other.


An absorbent mat that can hide stains under the coffee maker

This quick-drying mat absorbs spills in seconds and can also muffle the noise from appliances like espresso machines. The mat has a rubber backing that is waterproof and nonslip, which helps keep the surface underneath dry. And the mat comes in a variety of colors and sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your home.


This tray table & drink holder that fits perfectly over couch arms

Keep remote controls, snacks, and drinks close at hand with this adjustable couch arm tray table. The tray is made of durable bamboo with a waterproof coating, and it features stainless steel hinges that can stand up to frequent use. Everything about the tray is thoughtfully designed, from the cup holder to the slot for your phone or tablet.


This stylized toilet seat handle that keeps your hands clean

Put the toilet seat where it belongs, and keep your hands clean with this convenient adhesive handle. This discreet toilet seat handle is made of recycled plastic and features a fun Mediterranean tile design. It’s super easy to apply and comes with two types of adhesive, so it can fit a variety of seat designs.


This game-changing outlet concealer that can instantly transform a room

This outlet concealer can hide messy cords and make your home look more streamlined. The kit comes with a socket plate, a 3-foot extension cord, and a power strip with three outlets. There are zero tools required, and you can use the included clips and adhesive strips to conceal the cord — giving your home a tidy look.


A portable sound machine that remembers your favorite cozy settings

Drift off to sleep with this lightweight, portable sound machine that actually looks sleek. Choose from up to 45 soothing sounds, and you can leave them on all night or utilize the 30-, 60-, or 120-minute timers. Plus, it can recall the last sound and volume setting so that you can listen to your favorites night after night.


A clever rice cooker that can go in the microwave to save dishes

Use this microwave cooker to measure, wash, and cook rice in the microwave (AKA — it’s super low effort). It features a 2-liter cooking pot, colander, measuring cup, and paddle to keep your other dishes clean. You can insert the paddle into the lid to lock it and create carrying handles, and all the components are dishwasher safe.


This tidy coffee pod storage rack you can stick almost anywhere

These coffee pod holders are an aesthetic way to store your java collection and keep counters tidy. The vertical rows hold five coffee pods each, and you can install as many rows as needed on the side of your coffee maker, refrigerator, or even wall. These holders attach via the included 3M adhesive, and they’re easy to remove when needed.


This microfiber duster that flexes around ceiling fans & more

This microfiber duster features a telescoping stainless steel pole and a flexible head that makes cleaning things like ceiling fans way easier. You can extend it up to 100 inches and it can even be disassembled to save space on storage. Plus, the microfiber cleaning head can be removed and washed after dusting off a gross fan.


A waterproof speaker that’s a breeze to set up in the shower

Take this waterproof speaker on the go or in the shower to listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are. You can fully submerge it in water, and it’s shockproof, so it’s a go-to option for camping, boating, or outdoor parties. You also get an adjustable lanyard and suction cup for easy listening in the shower.


These mesh produce bags with tare tags for easy scanning

These mesh bags come with three different sizes and are a convenient way to corral produce while you shop. They’re made of food-safe material and are transparent enough that produce codes can be scanned easily. They even come with a tare weight written on a tag, making accurate weighing a breeze.


This tiered shelf that’s *actually* made to work in corner spaces

This uniquely shaped floating shelf is a super easy way to take advantage of unused space in the corners of rooms. It features five tiers in a zigzag design that’s ideal for displaying knickknacks or storing toiletries. Assembly is also easy, and it holds up to 11 pounds, giving you a decent amount of storage.


This loose-leaf tea infuser that looks like a floating monster

This Loch Ness monster-shaped infuser is a fun way to add personality (and functionality) to tea time. This long-necked monster has a compartment that’s perfect for brewing loose-leaf tea or herbal infusions. Plus, this monster gadget is made of BPA-free food-grade material and is safe to go in the dishwasher


This impressive (but also sturdy) rack that holds up to five bottles of wine

Display your bottles in style with this compact geometric wine rack. It’s made of durable iron material to keep bottles secure and is painted an on-trend golden color. The honeycomb design allows you to display up to five bottles at once, and the nonslip silicone feet on the bottom keep everything stable.