Weird things you didn't know about that make your dog behave so much better

Pup-calming finds so you can focus on cuddles.

Weird things you didn't know about that make your dog behave so much better
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From destroying expensive furniture to unwanted territory marking, your adorable little pup can cause serious stress. But some products for dogs, like these 35 weird Amazon finds, can actually help — and a ton of dog owners attest to their quality. These offerings include items you probably never thought about but will wish you owned eons ago. Grab one or a few to focus on the best parts of pet parenthood (AKA — the cuddles).

Editor’s note: Always consult with your trusted pet professional about longterm behavioral issues.


A taste deterrent spray designed to keep your dog from chewing furniture

Spray some of this no-chew spray on furniture, rugs, and other items your dog keeps trying to gnaw on. It’s designed to be pet-safe, and the nontoxic formula makes the treated area taste bad to your dog, so they’ll stop destructive chewing. You can also spray it on their fur if your dog is chewing their fur or a hot spot.


A popsicle treat attachment that keeps your pup happy during crate training

Crate training may leave your dog whining, but this clip-on treat attachment for dog crates will keep them preoccupied. Use the treat-freezing shell to make a frozen popsicle or slather peanut butter on the pet-safe rubber’s surface so they’ll associate crate time with a sweet treat.


These clip-on pet training clickers with over 24,000 5-star ratings

These pet-training clickers are designed to make your dog more responsive to commands, which can help correct unwanted behaviors over time. Use these easy-to-use gadgets to teach your dog commands like sit, stay, come, quiet, and fun tricks. Each clicker comes with a bungee strap you can clip anywhere, and they’ve earned over 24,000 five-star ratings.


A training leash for keeping your dog controlled on walks

If your dog pulls in highly trafficked areas, use this traffic handler leash to train your dog to walk in the heel position. Its short length keeps your dog by your side, and a comfortable foam handle prevents hand fatigue. Plus, its swivel clip prevents the leash from tangling or catching.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 3


These calming treats that help dogs relax during storms & fireworks

If your dog often suffers from anxiety during storms, fireworks, or travel, these calming treats may help them relax. Ingredients like L-theanine and melatonin may help lessen hyperactivity and stress and promote relaxation. Meanwhile, a blend of peppermint, kelp, and rosemary is designed to support their periodontal health.


This waterproof dog blanket that’ll keep your pup from messing up your couch

Your dog always tries jumping on your couch, even when dirty or wet. Train Fido to stay on their designated section with this waterproof dog blanket. Reversible layers of soft fleece and sherpa will keep your dog comfortable, while an inner waterproof layer keeps your couch protected from wet paws, accidents, and slobber.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors: 10


This hissing pet corrector spray that’ll upgrade your dog’s training sessions

Correcting your dog’s poor behaviors, such as barking, food stealing, and jumping, takes time, but this clever dog training spray has your back. Its sprayer emits a hiss of air (like a hissing goose or snake) that dogs don’t like. Use it in short spurts to distract your dog and correct bad behaviors over time.


A suction cup licking mat that distracts your dog during bathtime

If your dog whines or jumps out of the tub during bathtime, try this silicone licking mat, which suction cups to smooth surfaces. Slather it with peanut butter, yogurt, or wet dog food, and it’ll keep your pup preoccupied while you groom. Its soft nubs make it harder for them to lick up food fast.


This adjustable dog doorbell strap that prevents pet accidents

Stop pet accidents by training your dog to ring this easy-to-setup dog doorbell. It features a durable nylon strap with three snaps (so you can adjust it to the correct length) and three sets of bells. Hang it on a doorknob and train your dog to paw at the strap when they need to go outside. One reviewer wrote, “We’ve kept it on the door leading into our backyard because it takes the guesswork out of knowing when the puppy or our adult dog needs to go out.”


This stuffing-free dog toy that keeps aggressive chewers from eating stuffing

Have a dog that loves to eat stuffing? Thanks to reinforced stitching and zero stuffing, this dog toy will give you peace of mind. No matter how hard they chew, there’s no stuffing to ingest (or get all over the floor). Instead, this cute duck’s built-in squeaker and crinkle interior makes a satisfying sound dogs love.


These unscented grooming wipes to stop pups from getting mud in the house

These unscented dog wipes are a go-to if you can’t seem to keep the floors clean (thanks to a dog who tracks mud inside). Their gentle, hypoallergenic formula is designed to be safe for your dog’s whole body and features soothing add-ins like aloe vera and shea butter. And since they’re large and thick, they’re great for large or small dogs.


These mint-flavored puzzle toys to help out with boredom

End destructive chewing driven by your dog’s boredom with these fillable balls. Each ball has a mint flavor and specially designed treat compartments. One ball features rubber spikes to lock in treats and help clean your dog’s teeth, while the other has a bottom treat compartment dogs have to work at.


This best-selling spray that keeps your dog from marking in your house

Whether your dog is marking or had an accident, this urine prevention spray will train them not to pee in the same spot. After a marking incident — simply spray it on the spot, and the nontoxic formula will prevent your pup from peeing there again. It’s designed to be safe for furniture, carpeting, baseboards, outdoor planters, and more.


A bright LED collar that makes your dog easier to spot when they run off at night

Keep your dog visible during nighttime outings with this USB-rechargeable safety collar that gives you 1,000 feet of visibility. So, if your pup runs off or goes far at the dog park, you can still keep an eye on them with this easy-to-recharge gadget. It features 360 degrees of LED light, which lasts up to eight hours. Plus, it’s waterproof.


This warming heartbeat stuffed animal that calms nervous behaviors

If your pup is prone to nervousness, this stuffed dog with a simulated heartbeat can help keep them calm. When you heat the reusable heating pack and stick it inside the stuffed dog along with the heartbeat simulator, it serves as a life-like, comforting companion that can stop whining, shaking, and other nervous behaviors.


The silicone pet feeding mat that keeps your dog from messing up your floor

Place this pet-safe silicone feeding mat on your floor, and you can stop worrying about your dog’s habit of playing in their food bowls. It features a nonslip, diamond-textured surface that keeps bowls secure and an over-half-an-inch edge to catch water drips and spills, so messy eating habits no longer equal a messy floor.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 5


A head covering that reviewers call a “game-changer” for grooming & beyond

Made by groomers, this clever hoodie covers your dog’s ears to keep them calm while using a blow dryer on their fur, clipping nails, and more. It’s designed to block the noise for them so they don’t feel as nervous, and keeps them calm during other loud events like fireworks. One reviewer wrote, “My dogs are scared of the blow dryer so I bought the Happy Hoodie [... ] It is a GAME CHANGER! My poodle used to try to get away from the dryer, but with the hoodie, she sat still and let me dry her!”


A protective backseat cover that keeps your pup from damaging upholstery

Your dog might scratch up your car’s upholstery on car rides due to restlessness or long nails. To stop this, secure this dog seat cover with its headrest buckles and seat anchors. Its durable, waterproof cotton protects from hairs, wet fur, and scratches, while additional zippered panels protect your car’s doors.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 4


This shoe-shaped toy that distracts your dog from chewing your shoes

This treat dispenser toy may keep your dog from ruining your favorite trainers. Its food-safe rubber is milk-flavored, tough enough for heavy chewers, and can also clean their teeth as they chew. When you hide treats inside it, it’ll give your dog more incentive to keep chewing (and stay away from actual shoes).


A portable water bowl with a super impressive no-spill design

If your dog is a messy drinker, this silicone water bowl with a splash-free design will be a game-changer. Its food-grade silicone holds its shape so it won’t accidentally leak in your car, and can store up to 40 ounces of water. But the main event is the tapered lip, which prevents splashes and spills.


A sleek belt bag that makes training & outings a lot easier

Training your dog isn’t always easy, but this trainer bag will make outings streamlined. It secures around your waist with an adjustable strap and features five pockets, including a mesh treat storage pocket, a pocket for dispensing poop bags, and a main compartment for toys, clickers, and treats. There’s even a rear pocket for your phone.


This pet brush that massages your pet to keep them calm during grooming

If your pet hates grooming, this silicone pet brush might solve those grooming woes. Its long silicone bristles provide a gentle massage while removing copious amounts of fur. And, you can use it wet or dry. It’s easy to clean, too — remove the cleaning screen, and the fur comes out in a large clump. One reviewer wrote, “This brush does a great job of taking out all the loose hair from his coat and undercoat. Doggo also seems to enjoy this more than any apparatus I have used on him before.”


A genius car organizer that keeps your pup in the backseat & holds your bag

This car organizer serves a dual purpose — hold your essentials and keep your pup in the backseat. Secure it to your car’s console and headrests, adjust the straps to fit, and you’ve got a handy barrier that prevents your pet from jumping or climbing into the front seat. You can also use it to secure and hold your bag while you drive.


An easy-to-clean dog bowl that prevents your pup from scarfing

If your dog eats too fast, this slow-feed dog bowl prevents speed-eating with an innovative star-shaped design that forces your dog to work for their kibble. It also has a nonslip rubber bottom, so food won’t spill out. Plus, it’s top-rack safe for easier cleanup after your pup’s meals.


These towel mitts that prevent your dog from rubbing wet fur all over your couch

After a bath or run through sprinklers, your dog rubs against your couch to dry off. If this sounds familiar, use these absorbent towel mitts to stop the behavior. Their thick, absorbent chenille soaks up seven times their weight, and their elastic wristbands secure them onto your hands so you can quickly dry your dog. One reviewer wrote, “These gloves make short work of drying my German Shepherd when he comes in out of the rain. Even better, he LOVES it when I use them.”


An entertaining enrichment mat that’s adjustable for your pup

This adjustable snuffle mat is the perfect way to serve up treats and treat your dog to a puzzle if they’re seeming a bit bored. Use the drawstrings to adjust it to the right size for your pup, then sprinkle treats into the mat. It’s designed for your dog to sniff and hunt for treats, keeping them occupied and challenged.


A breath freshener for dogs who won’t sit still for teeth brushing

This breath freshener is a seriously clever alternative for dogs who won’t let you brush their teeth because it’s designed to help prevent plaque and tartar. Just add some to your dog’s water, and the odorless, tasteless formula will go to work, freshening your pup’s breath in 14 days or less.


A clever little leash attachment that minimizes pulling on walks

This clever bungee leash attachment will help if your dog pulls on walks. Clip your dog’s leash on the loop, attach the clip end to your dog’s collar, and you’re ready to walk. When your dog tugs, the bungee cable will absorb the shock, so it can protect your wrists, arms, and shoulders and your dog from repetitive tug-of-war.


This clever harness that makes your dog feel secure on car rides

If your dog nervously treads back and forth in the backseat, this durable dog seatbelt allows your dog some freedom while keeping them strapped in and feeling secure. Installation is also easy — buckle one end into a seatbelt buckle and clip the other to your dog’s harness or collar.

  • Available colors: 3


A doggie doorbell that’ll keep your dog from whining at the door

This smart bell is designed to stop any annoying or destructive door behaviors. Install the receiver by plugging it into an outlet, then adhere the doorbell to a wall or door, and teach your pup to push the doorbell when they want to go outside instead of scratching. The bell has three volume levels, so you’ll always hear when they’re at the door.


A fluffy doughnut dog bed that keeps your fur baby calm

If your dog struggles to relax, this calming doughnut-shaped dog bed may help them feel more secure. Features like soft faux fur, a donut shape, and a ton of plush filling keep your pup comfortable and relaxed. Plus, it has a raised edge for better head and neck support.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 17


This calming jacket designed to comfort & prevent anxiety

Dogs with car ride anxiety and other anxiety might benefit from this anxiety jacket made of breathable, washable fabric. It applies gentle, constant pressure to their torsos, which the brand says may help them feel cozy and calm. Just put it on your dog’s back and velcro the neck section, then the torso. One reviewer wrote, “Usually during thunderstorms, our Great Pyrenees is shaking, whimpering, and trying to crawl on top of you and drooling everywhere! We had our first big thunderstorm since buying the jacket, and she is so calm. She just crawled up on the couch next to me and is now sleeping like nothing is happening outside.”

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 2


An agility training kit that’ll keep hyper dogs occupied indoors

If it’s bad weather outside, hyperactive dogs still need exercise, so grab this agility training kit. It features four weave poles, a collapsible tunnel, and an adjustable hurdle for getting out energy. It also comes with a training guide, so your pup will be on their way to a mental and physical workout.


These super relaxing pet grooming gloves with 40,000 5-star ratings

These pet grooming gloves might make brushing easier for dogs who hate when you brush them. Made of gentle silicone with raised nubs, they’ll easily catch hair as you smooth them over your dog’s fur. The hair is easy to remove with a quick pull, and you can also use the gloves during bathtime.


A tennis ball selfie stick to stop your dog from looking away from the camera

It’s completely natural that your pup gets distracted when you are trying to take a photo. But this selfie stick will end the frustration. Its clever tennis ball shape will get your dog’s attention and keep their gaze directed where you want it. Simply clip it onto your phone and snap away.