Weird things you don't know about that make the eyesores in your home so much better

Say goodbye to sore eyes.

ByChristina Wood and Amy Biggart
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That table covered in clutter, the drawer full of junk, and the ugly counters and floors make your home feel incomplete and dirty. Fortunately, all of these problems are easier to solve than you think. You don’t have to wait until you win the lottery and have money for a remodel. You can fix most of those problems for very little money — if you know how. To get started, check out these weird things you don’t know about that make the eyesores in your home so much better.


This trick for moving an ugly outlet

When the only outlet is in the wrong place, you can easily move it with this outlet concealer. Plug the plate into the wall and run the cord where you want power. Done! “Previously, the socket where we had our wifi router and modem plugged in was kind of an eyesore,” said one reviewer. “This allows us to [...] hide the ugly plugs behind the bookshelf.”


A slick hack for fixing chipped paint

If you prepare for it, keeping your painted walls and trim is super easy. Fill these brush pens with the colors you used and keep them in a handy place. When the paint chips or gets marked up, pull out a pen and color right over that blemish. This is a pack of five so you can keep plenty of color on hand.


This kit that repairs damaged wood furniture

That mark on your favorite piece of wood furniture does not have to be a disaster. This furniture repair kit makes it so easy to color right over it. The crayons fill deep scratches. The markers write right over discoloration. Accidents happen, so keep these in-house.


The vent covers that fix your AC

Sometimes an air vent is in the wrong place. It blows freezing air at you while you are working or bakes you while you are trying to sleep. These magnetic vent covers let you block that one vent to balance the way the heat and air conditioning arrive in your home. This three-pack comes in every imaginable size and two colors.


This grass paint for an instantly green lawn

That patch of dead or dormant grass doesn’t have to ruin your lawn or get you into trouble with your overzealous HOA. Paint it green! This grass paint is easy to use and super effective. Load it into a sprayer and end that blemished lawn for months. “It did a great job,” said one reviewer. “Better than looking at the eyesore.”


A pumice stone that gets rid of that toilet stain

A stained toilet is a bad look, but getting rid of some stains seems nearly impossible. Enter this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner. It will remove that mineral deposit, hard-water stain, and more in seconds. “The rust ring build-up in the toilet bowl was an eyesore,” said one reviewer. “Nothing worked until this.”


This box to hide cords and power supplies

A messy snarl of plugs, cords, and power bricks is not only ugly but it can also be a hazard. Pack it all into the large cable management box and put it out of sight. The dog won’t chew it. The baby won’t touch it. And no one will notice it. You get a nice box to set a plant or decorative item on. And it’s easy to open up and access the cords when you need to. It comes in four finishes.


A beautiful cover for the doorbell chime

Turn that ugly door chime into a pretty bit of décor by covering it with this doorbell chime cover. “It looks so much nicer than the standard chime housing,” said one reviewer. “Such an easy simple change to make your house look a little nicer.” It comes in two sizes.


These gap covers for the counters

The place where the stove meets the counter is an ongoing kitchen hazard. Spills slide down there. It looks ugly. And who knows how many items it has eaten over the years. Cover it in seconds with this silicone stove gap cover. Just cut it to fit and press it in. No more hazard. No more eyesore. Choose from four sizes and five color options.


A quick privacy screen

When you want more privacy than your fence can offer and don’t have the patience to grow plants over that fence, jump right to the look you want by attaching this artificial ivy privacy screen. It won’t die in a drought or make you wait years for greenery to grow. Unroll it, attach it, and enjoy. Bonus: This covers that ugly fence you’ve been meaning to replace.


These floor tiles that are fast & easy to install

You don’t have to live with that ugly floor until you can afford an expensive remodel. These peel-and-stick floor tiles look terrific and require no special tools or skills to install right over your existing floor. “Upgraded the nasty old floor in the bathroom,” said one reviewer. “We lease so didn't want to spend much. It looks great.”


A cover for the radiators

When you have radiators and don’t like the way they look, these Ready Covers are the fast, easy, decorative solution. They snap together, cover the radiator, and allow heat through so the radiators function. “My goal was just to protect children from physically touching the radiator,” said one reviewer. “And I must say it looks pretty good.”


These stickers that stop light pollution

When the light emitted from the various electronics in your home creates so much light pollution that you can’t sleep, it’s time to start covering those indicator lights with these light-blocking stickers. They dim the light just enough to let your rooms get dark. They come in a variety of precut sizes and a full-page sheet is easy to cut to fit.


These scrub brushes that attach to your power drill

Forget elbow grease. The next time you have a tough cleaning job, bring your power drill and this brush drill attachment kit to the job. The four brushes will get into any space and tap your drill's boundless energy to get the job done fast. “My tub has never looked so bright white,” said one reviewer. “The brushes and drill do the heavy lifting, not your elbow.”


This basket system for fruits & veggies

If your fruit bowls proliferate all over the house, try this stackable fruit basket instead. It holds everything from onions and potatoes to fruit and bread in a tidy footprint that is easy to access. You can mount them to the wall or stack them on a counter.


A clever storage place for the remotes

Instead of letting the remote controls create clutter on the coffee table or get lost in the couch, attach this adhesive remote control holder to a wall or the side of a table and drop them here. You will always be able to find the remote and your house will be tidier. It comes in three colors.


This contact paper that looks like wood

Transform your ugly desk, table, dresser, or cabinet fronts into a warm, rich wood look with this wood grain contact paper. It peels and sticks easily over most flat surfaces and is textured and realistic-looking. “We needed a quick and easy fix for our countertops and this was the perfect solution,” said one reviewer.


This storage solution for the router

Don’t like the eyesore your router and modem create in your living space? Give them a stylish retro look by housing them in this storage box that makes it look like an old-fashioned radio. It even has room to hide the power strip and to feed a phone charger into the room.


A clever way to create a room with curtains

Create a dressing room, home office, or private space with lush curtains and this bendable ceiling curtain track. It allows you to create exactly the size and shape you want. And you can easily open and close those curtains. “So easy to install! Runs so smoothly on the track. Perfect for blocking off an eyesore area,” said one reviewer.


This drying rack that mounts to the wall

Instead of draping your clothes over the back of chairs all over the house to dry them, hang this drying rack somewhere inconspicuous. It collapses flat. When you want to use it, pop it open and it can hang a few things or an entire wardrobe to air dry.


A pretty place to stash the keys

Keep your keys organized and easy to find while adding a beautiful vignette to your space by hanging this decorative key box on the wall. It will keep everyone’s keys, spare keys, and keys to bikes and tools handy without creating clutter. It comes in two colors.


This trick for wrangling clutter

Set this stair basket on the bottom step to help you keep your home clutter-free. As you move through the downstairs, pick up items that need to go back upstairs and toss them in the basket. When you are going upstairs, you can bring the whole thing with you or grab a few items.


These cord ties that solve messy storage drawers

Turn that messy junk drawer into an orderly storage place by transforming the mass of cords into neat packages of easy-to-identify and use chargers and power supplies with this set of 40 cable ties. The ties attach to the cord and wrap them up easily. There are two color options, rainbow or black.


This caulk strip that covers messy edges

Whether it’s for a messy paint job or a gap in your door frame, this caulk strip can hide the eyesore and create a more polished look around your house. It comes in five colors so you can match it to your project, and its flexible and trim-able so you can customize it to your space.


These stair stickers that can distract from a messy paint job or old wood

This set of 12 stair decals can outfit up to six stairs (two per stair riser), and adds visual intrigue or simply distracts from a poor paint job or uneven wood. They come in two different patterns you can choose from. One fan says, “I always admired risers that had a visual interest. Amazon has many to choose from. These are decals that come in halves so you mark your riser at the mid point. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. I love how it turned out.”


This trash can to keep small messes from accumulating

Nothing screams eyesore more than the small everyday messes that build up around your house. This mini trash can is perfect for your bedside table or desk, and has a small spot to fit tissues, trash, or anything else you need to dispose of. Tap the lid shut, and no one will ever know its a trash can.


A storage organizer that hides completely out of sight

Under bed storage is such a game-changer, especially if you have a lot of things you need to store. Clutter is the ultimate eyesore, but you can easily store clothes, extra blankets, or other items that you don’t need in this storage bag organizer. It has a clear top so you can see what’s inside when you pull it out, and it slips under your bed or under a bed skirt if you really want it to disappear from sight.


This ring holder that looks like a plant

Not only will this cute ring holder bring order to your pile of jewelry, but it resembles a plant on a quick look. Each of the aloe spikes will hold a few rings, and the base of the dish is perfect for earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Suddenly, your messy jewelry pile is organized and disguised as greenery.


These shelf dividers for closets & more

A stuffed closet is the kind of eyesore that you have to look at every single day. These acrylic shelf dividers are perfect for creating designated spaces in your closets for sweaters, bags, or shoes. Or bring it out to your bookshelf to separate piles of books from your plants or other knickknacks.


The cute way to store extra toilet paper

This toilet paper storage is designed in a modern wire material that makes something you’d otherwise hide away, easily accessible. It also has a rung for the roll you’re currently using, and a holder at the top for your phone. The black matte metal is chic, but you could also opt for white if you want it to blend in with your walls.


This weeder tool to clean up your garden

Weeds are an inevitable part of having any outdoor space, but this dandelion weeder tool makes it easy to remove them from your garden or yard. An unkempt yard can be the first “eyesore” that someone sees when they arrive at a house, but it doesn’t have to be. Use this tool to pull weeds from your garden quickly — the ergonomic handle is easy to wield.


This AC cover for the window unit that you never use

If you have a window unit for the hottest days of the summer but don’t need to use it often, this AC cover can make it look more discreet. It easily slips on, sort of like a mattress cover, and will keep your old window air conditioner hidden from view. When you need to use it, simply pull the cover off.


A front cover for your baseboard heater

Baseboard heaters can work great, but they are super noticeable if they start to rust or get dirty. This front cover is 4 feet long and snaps over your baseboard heater. Best of all, you can trim it to size. One reviewer says, “Super easy way to replace old baseboard covers. I bought a small section for a bathroom and it was so easy to install and looks great! Planning to buy more to replace the rest of the old baseboard covers in my house.” Note: The manufacturer says this does not work with electric baseboard heat.


A way to easily repair broken window screens

The sad part about a hole in a window screen is that it doesn’t just look bad, it can also let bugs and critters inside. This window screen repair kit is easy to trim and adhere over any hole in a window screen. It comes in black and gray and in three different sizes to match your needs.


This waterproof blanket to prevent pet messes

When it comes to stains on your furniture, prevention is key. This waterproof dog blanket is easy to lay down on your pup’s favorite spot on the couch to prevent those drool spots, hair clusters, or other stains from transferring to your expensive furniture.


This holder that stores away your sponge

Made with a stone look, this modern soap dispenser has its own spot to hold your sponge. Store away your well-used sponge and nestle your favorite lotion or soap into the back canister. You’ll have dish soap, hand lotion, or hand soap at the ready, and your sponge hidden away in a safe place.


These clips for hanging plants or art over your old brick walls

If your brick walls have seen better days but you don’t have it in you to paint them or put in fresh mortar, these brick clips are perfect. They easily attach to the mortar section of your wall, and make it simple to hang plants, pictures, or string lights. It’s the perfect way to add intrigue to an otherwise uniform space — without losing your deposit or making any big design decisions.


This cute place for your laundry supplies

The surfaces of your laundry room are probably cluttered with all manner of cleaning supply. But this dryer sheet holder has a spot for everything, so you can store your dryer sheets and laundry soap pods without having to keep those big boxes or tubs displayed for everyone who walks by. The wood lid easily nestles on top and the drawer closes to hide all those bits away.


A bread shelf that keeps crumbs & breads in one corner

This bread shelf makes great use of a section of your kitchen counter you may not be using — the corner. It tucks easily into the corner of your space and has three slatted shelves for all of your bread needs. Store your loaves of bread from the store or the farmer’s market, or leave pastries out to snack on during the day. Best of all, it keeps your crumbs in a single place.


These wine bottle lights that will turn your bottle collection into a light show

If you have a habit of storing empties of the beautiful bottles you find on a high shelf or a window sill, invest in these lights which have a battery attached to the cork. Place these lights inside the bottle, turn on the battery with a switch on the cork, and then cork them. Instantly, your empty bottles will resemble a light show.


This all-in-one place to store your fresh eggs

It can be hard to sacrifice to precious kitchen counter space to something that takes up a lot of room like a carton of fresh eggs. This metal egg skelter makes it easy to store your fresh eggs in your kitchen, and looks really nice on your counter while doing it. One reviewer says, “It's functional and attractive. My eggs are secure, easy to access and look nice too. It is easy to clean. I love the shape and having my counters more organized.”


This sconce that redirects light away from any eyesores in the room

If the eyesore must stay, consider redirecting your light setup so it’s less noticeable. This wall-mounted sconce features an LED light and a remote, so you can control the brightness and the color whenever you want. It easily mounts to your wall and will hide that messy paint job in the top corner of your wall, or the wood doorframe that’s seen better days.


This rug corner gripper that will keep your rug from curling

It’s too easy to end up with curled rugs in your high-traffic rooms. A few stumbles and suddenly your rug is turned up to the ceiling. This gripper fits to the corner of your area rug and holds it down to prevent more curling (and tripping). One fan says, “These are easy to apply to the underside of the rug, and are the best thing for preventing corner-curl that I have ever found. Removable from nice area rugs with a woven backing, but not cheaper rugs with a rubber backing. I’ve used them for 3 rugs over 4 years and they are holding up great.”


This transition strip for evening & smoothing out messy floors

A messy or uneven floor is the kind of eyesore that you’ll think about it every time you enter the room. This transition tape comes in four different colors and three different sizes, and adheres easily to doorway transitions. One pro tip for application? Reviewers say that using a hair dryer to heat the adhesive makes it lay and stay flat.


A single place for all of those plastic bags that you plan to reuse

This plastic bag saver finally provides a place for you to store all of those plastic bags that you plan on reusing. Stick them in the opening in the side and they’ll be ready to pull one out whenever you need a plastic bag. The stainless steel container looks modern, despite what its holding, and this tucks easily into a pantry or hall closet, as well. You can even mount it.