The weirdest, most clever things for your home under $35 on Amazon

Genius home products that won’t break the bank.

ByLauren Moison
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Often, the things you never knew you needed prove to be some of the most useful and fun items in your home. Whether it’s a quirky take on a practical item or an accessory that makes mundane tasks so much more interesting, there are a bunch of inexpensive things on Amazon that’ll have your guests saying, “Where did you get that?”

To spice up your everyday life with a few strange yet genius finds, scroll on for this list of the weirdest and most clever things for your home.


A set of bottle caps that help you get every last drop

Don’t let any of your shampoo, skin-care products, or kitchen condiments go to waste with these Flip-It! bottle caps that feature a tripod design so it’s easier to store bottles upside down. The two-pack of caps comes with six adapters in three sizes to accommodate most bottles and has easy-open valves so you can keep using them until the last drop.


An adhesive putty with a ton of uses

This moldable glue is great to have on hand for small home repairs and crafts, with one fan on Amazon writing, “Suguru is indispensable to our household. From small hooks for [USB ]cables to repairing a tea strainer to making beads, [...] Suguru is amazing stuff.” The nontoxic silicone putty can adhere to everything from wood to glass and metal, and it’s waterproof and temperature-resistant.

Colors: 5


These compact laundry detergent sheets that dissolve in the washer

Swap your giant plastic jug for a pack of these dissolving laundry detergent sheets that save so much time, energy, and space. They’re great for both top and front-loading washing machines, and it only takes half a sheet to clean a standard-sized load. The sheets are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, and you can choose from scented and unscented options.


This sturdy clip-on tray for your bedtime essentials

Whether you don’t have room for a side table or you’re embracing a more minimalist style, this clip-on bed shelf is a space-saving pick. It attaches securely to your bedframe using a set of strong clips, holds up to 35 pounds, and has slots on the side to accommodate charging cables. Plus, a raised edge around the outside keeps things from sliding off and it’s available in white and black.

Colors: 2


This extendable duster for ceiling fans, window ledges, & corners

Complete with an oval head and a long, extendable handle, this duster makes easy work of cleaning ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach areas. The hollow microfiber duster wraps around fan blades to clean all sides at once and capture lint, dust, and dirt. Plus, the microfiber head is removable and washable so you never need to buy refills.


A hair catcher for your sink to prevent clogs

This hair catcher helps prevent clogs and slow-draining sinks with a unique mushroom design that reviewers write is super-effective. “It seems to catch everything,” wrote one shopper, “and once you pull it out, all the hair that it's caught comes with it.” A perforated design traps hair and large debris while still letting water pass through easily, and it fits most standard sink drains.

Colors: 4


These collapsible hangers that save so much space in your closet

To get the most out of your closet space, consider using these collapsible clothing organizers that can store up to six pieces in half the space. Sold in a four-pack, each beech wood hanger features six enclosed hooks for your individual hangers and has 360-degree swiveling hooks on each end so you can store items vertically or horizontally. Plus, the organizer can hold up to 35 pounds — great for stashing jeans and jackets.

Colors: 4


A pack of mosquito-repelling incense sticks with essential oils

To enjoy the outdoors and keep mosquitos at bay, consider using these bug-repelling incense sticks that are infused with a mix of lemongrass, rosemary, and citronella oils. Just place four to five sticks about 12 feet apart in the ground or in low planters to create a perimeter of protection that will stay lit for up to three hours.


A pack of biodegradable dishcloths that can be reused up to 100 times

For household cleaning and kitchen messes, use these plant-based dishcloths that can be reused up to 100 times each. Each one is both quick-drying and odor-resistant for long-lasting use, has a scrubby diamond texture to remove stuck-on food and dirt, and is completely biodegradable when the time comes to replace them.

Colors: 9


This cooking oil solidifier for easy cleanup

This all-natural oil solidifier makes it easy to toss used cooking oil in the trash, and it’s completely biodegradable and organic. Simply add some of the powder right into your cooking pan and give it a stir. After it cools, it’ll become a solid, gel-like substance that you can easily scrape away. Choose from three styles — pan fry, deep fry, and super fry — to suit your cleanup needs.


A set of self-watering planters for all of your indoor plants

This set of six matching planters is a great way to create a cohesive look in your home, and they feature a low-maintenance, self-watering design to keep your plants hydrated. The pots are made of a durable plastic material and have a three-part watering design, including a perforated bottom, a removable watering tray, and a cotton string that delivers water to your plant’s soil.

Colors: 2


This battery organizer & tester combo so they’re all in one place

Straighten up your battery collection with this organizer that comes with a handy tester so you can see whether that old 9-volt is worth keeping or not. It can hold up to 93 batteries in various sizes, has a waterproof design, and can even be mounted on a wall for easy access.

Colors: 6


A shaved ice machine for delicious slushies & frozen drinks

Create your own yummy slushies, frozen cocktails, and icy treats with this shaved ice maker. Simply add ice to the top compartment, turn the lid to start, and it’ll dispense perfectly shaved ice into your cup or bowl. The compact design makes it easy to stash, clean, and pull out on a whim, and it even comes with a recipe book to try new concoctions.

Colors: 3


This bidet attachment that’s super-easy to install

With a quick and simple installation that doesn’t require any plumbing experience, this bidet attachment is a great way to upgrade your bathroom, with one fan writing, “I didn’t know I needed this in my life, but now I don’t want to live without it!” The bidet doesn’t require a power source, features dual sprayers with adjustable pressure settings, and works with almost any toilet.


An electric can opener with a hands-free design

Not only is this electric can opener an easy hands-free option that does all of the work for you, but it also leaves a super smooth finger-safe edge. The portable and compact design sits easily atop your can and rotates automatically around its circumference with the push of a button. When finished, simply press the same button to stop the opener and lift it off.

Colors: 4


A set of cedar blocks to freshen up your closet & keep bugs away

Whether you’re looking to freshen up a musty space or keep moths at bay, this set of cedar hanger rings is a great addition to your closet. They have a light cedar scent, and many reviewers write that they’re great at keeping bugs away, with one fan writing, “They are easy to use and keep my clothes safe from pests.” The set also includes 10 cedar balls that are great for drawers and storage bins.


This bat-shaped wine opener that’s equal parts useful & fun

This bat wine opener is fun to use, no matter the time of year. The playful design features a bottle opener head with a set of ears on top and two silicone bat wings that fold down as you open your bottle. One reviewer wrote: “It’s so cute and is surprisingly well made!” A colorful parrot wine opener is also available in the listing.


A laundry detergent jug holder for optimal pouring

Reduce rogue drips and keep your laundry detergent at the perfect pouring angle with this genius jug holder that comes with a convenient shelf to stash your cup. The sturdy design has a strap across the top to keep heavy jugs in place and a universal shape to accommodate all brands of detergent and fabric softener. Choose from colors such as white, blue, and black to suit your laundry room aesthetic.

Colors: 9


This stainless steel bar that removes odors from your hands

This stainless steel bar can rid your hands of unwanted odors, such as garlic, onion, fish, and even gasoline. “It is like magic!” exclaimed one reviewer. “No more onion or garlic smell on my hands when cooking.” It uses molecular binding to remove smells and can be used with or without soap and water.

Styles: 6


A pair of heat & cut-resistant gloves for cooking

To keep your hands safe while grilling or preparing food, wear a pair of these heat-resistant gloves that can withstand temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The gloves are four times stronger than leather and have a grippy texture to reduce spills. A cotton lining keeps them comfy and they can be tossed in the washer when dirty.

Colors: 5 | Sizes: 4


These brilliant sheets that’ll keep your produce fresh for longer

Keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer with these food-saving sheets that can be reused for up to 30 days. The chemical and plastic-free sheets are infused with organic botanicals to help keep food fresh, and they can be easily slipped into bags, bowls, clamshells, and boxes. You’ll know it’s time to replace them when the maple smell fades.


A set of wool dryer balls to replace your dryer sheets

These natural wool dryer balls help speed up dry time, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate the need for single-use dryer sheets. They’re hypoallergenic and free from chemicals, and they can be scented with a few drops of your favorite essential oil if desired. They’ll also last a while, with one shopper raving, “Bought these many years ago and they have lasted still to this day.”


This electric s’mores maker for when you don’t have access to a campfire

For an easier way to enjoy a classic campsite treat, consider one of these tabletop s’mores makers with an electric heating element. The flameless and smokeless design is safe for use indoors and has a helpful tray around the outside for storing chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Two long-handled roasting forks are also included.


A wall-mounted tool organizer for your brooms, mops, & rakes

Keep your cleaning tools organized with this broom holder that mounts easily to the wall. Five slots and six hooks work to keep brooms, rakes, and mops in place and easily accessible, and spring-loaded clamps in each slot provide a secure fit. Plus, the kit comes with everything needed for easy installation.

Colors: 4


This dryer vent cleaning kit with an optional drill attachment

To help keep your dryer working efficiently, use this dryer cleaning kit that removes built-up lint, dirt, and debris from the vent. The round brush comes with a flexible 40-foot rod to accommodate the entire length of your vent and it can be attached to a drill for powered spinning. One reviewer wrote: “My dryer was giving me an alert that the duct was 80% blocked before I used this product, and now the alert is gone. Easy to use and very effective.”


A set of freezable wine glasses with a grippy silicone band

This set of wine glasses can be put in the freezer to keep your chardonnay, pinot, and zinfandel chilled to perfection. Each one features an insulated cooling gel that helps keep your drink cold for up to two hours and boasts grippy silicone bands that make them easier to hold onto. Use them for any chilled drink, including juice and cocktails.

Colors: 5


This storage container for all your random plastic bags

Wrangle your plastic bags into one compact space with this bag saver that hangs neatly on your wall or inside a cabinet or closet. The large top opening makes inserting all kinds of bags quick and easy, while the slot in the front allows you to pull out a single bag at a time.


A toilet bowl night-light with an automatic motion sensor

This toilet light has a convenient motion sensor to help illuminate middle-of-the-night bathroom trips and will turn off automatically after just over two minutes of inactivity. A strip of 16 LED lights lines the inside of your toilet bowl, and both the brightness level and color can be customized for a fun glow.


The dog collar that lights up for extra visibility

Your dog might be the apple of your eye, but that doesn’t mean that drivers are necessarily aware of your pet’s presence — especially in low-light conditions. Keep your pup highly visible with this light-up LED collar that can be seen from up to 1,000 feet away. The rechargeable collar is waterproof, so you can count on it even in the rain, and comes in a range of colors and sizes.

Sizes: 4

Colors: 10


An under-cabinet jar opener for all kinds of jars & bottles

This handy jar opener makes easy work of twisting off the tightest of lids, and it mounts up underneath your cabinets so it’s practically hidden from view. It has a durable, rust-resistant finish and features a V-shaped design to accommodate most sizes of jars and bottles, with one shopper writing, “Works every time I’ve struggled to open a jar, from tiny little pimento jars to large jalapeños jars.”


This bathroom caddy with a cool toothpaste dispenser

Declutter your bathroom sink with this wall-mounted toothbrush caddy that can hold up to six toothbrushes. Beyond that, there’s an automatic toothpaste dispenser, a shelf for soap or skin-care products, and a drawer for toiletries. It even features two magnetic cups that cling to the bottom of the unit, and it can be installed without any tools via adhesive strips.

Colors and styles: 9


A burger press that creates perfectly round patties

This hamburger press creates perfectly sized 1/4-pound or 1/3-pound patties that’ll rival your favorite burger joint. It’s also great for making stuffed burgers and comes with 200 nonstick patty papers for easy prep. You’ll also get a cookbook filled with burger recipes, and the press can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use.


This giant ravioli spoon rest with a drip-catching design

Keep your kitchen counter tidy with this adorable ravioli spoon rest. The pasta-shaped accessory features a dipped center that’s great for nesting utensils and catching sauce drips, as well as a fun oversize design that measures just under 4 inches wide.


A beer & wine holder for your shower or tub

Enjoy a relaxing beverage while bathing with this beer and wine holder that attaches conveniently to your shower or tub wall. It has a universal design to hold most beer cans and wine glasses, sticks to nearly any nonporous surface, and can hold up to 7 pounds. It’s even great for holding shampoo and soap bottles.

Colors: 5


This toilet paper holder with a built-in shelf & LED light

Upgrade your bathroom with this toilet paper holder that comes complete with a shelf and LED light that’s great for nighttime use. Use the shelf to store anything from wipes to scented room sprays or as a convenient place to stash your phone. The hardware for installation is included, and there’s a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Styles: 13


A fun, food-shaped bathmat for a touch of flair

Add an unexpected twist to your bathroom with this fun food-shaped bathmat. There are nine designs to choose from, including cherry, watermelon, avocado, and egg yolk, and they each have a nonslip backing to keep them in place. They can even be used as a decorative accent rug in your entryway or kitchen.

Styles: 10


This dog feeding chart with sliding indicators

If it’s ever a question as to whether or not your best friend has been fed, pick up one of these helpful feeding charts so your dog never goes hungry. The chart can stick conveniently to almost any surface using the built-in magnets or adhesive backing and it has color-coded sliders for easy reading. There are also charts for feeding your cat, brushing your teeth, and more.

Styles: 7


A pack of strong magnetic screws for your light switch

These magnetic screws fit easily into any light switch to turn it into a functional dual-purpose keyholder. The strong magnets can hold up to 3 pounds of weight (great for all of your bulky keychains), are safe to use around all key fobs, and may even come in handy for storing sunglasses and dog leashes.


This set of retro vinyl coasters with a record player holder

Great for hard-core music fans and casual listeners alike, these vinyl record coasters add a fun spin to your standard tabletop savers. Each one features a ribbed texture on top so they don’t stick to your glass and a nonslip bottom to keep them in place. Best of all: They even come with a record player holder to store them in while not in use.


A hot dog maker that’ll toast your buns at the same time

This hot dog maker will simultaneously cook two hot dogs to perfection while toasting two buns for a yummy, easy lunch. It features an adjustable heat setting, an early stop button, and a removable food cage and crumb tray for easy cleaning. It’s also great for use with sausages and brats and includes a set of mini tongs for easy grabbing.

Colors: 4


This watermelon slicer that creates easy bite-sized cubes

Cutting up a melon can be a messy hassle but this genius watermelon slicer creates perfectly sized cubes with ease, with one shopper writing, “I can cube a whole watermelon and have it in containers in the fridge in about 5-7 minutes.” Simply hold the slicer up against the side of a halved watermelon and push it inward to create the cubes.


A variety pack of shower steamers with long-lasting scents

Create a spa-like experience in the shower with this pack of aromatherapy steamers made with fragrant essential oils. The pack of six steamers features a variety of scents, including menthol and eucalyptus, peony and pear, and grapefruit, and provides a long-lasting scent, with one fan writing, “It lasts throughout the entire shower and the scent lingers a little bit afterwards.”


These solar-powered lights that glow like fireflies in your garden

These whimsical garden lights will sway as the wind blows to create a dancing glow. Each individual stake features several warm white globes and a solar panel that’ll turn them on as soon as it gets dark. They’re durable against both heat and rain, and reviewers appreciate the long-lasting glow, with one fan writing, “The solar charge keeps them lit for over 10 hours.”


A pack of adhesive rug grippers that keep the corners from curling

Keep your rugs in place and the corners flat on the floor with this set of grippers that adhere to the underside of the fabric. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use, have a non-sticky, gel-like texture that keeps your rugs from sliding, and can be lifted easily for cleaning underneath. Use them on all kinds of hard flooring, including hardwood and stone.


This set of bendable LED lights with magnetic bases

Whether you’re grilling at night or just need a bendable light to help you see what you’re working on, these flexible LED lights are great to have on hand. They feature strong magnetic bases that help them stick conveniently to metal surfaces and are completely waterproof for use in the rain if needed. A carrying case and batteries are included.


A magnetic screen door to keep bugs out

Whether you’re entertaining or simply want to enjoy some fresh air without letting bugs inside, put up one of these flexible screen doors that features magnetic strips in the center to open easily and close automatically behind you. The screen is designed to fit most door frames and can be installed using the included adhesive strips or tacks — making it a renter-friendly option, too.


A dusting sponge that makes it easy to clean baseboards, vents & ridges

This clever duster helps make tough cleaning tasks a little easier thanks to its rippled design and soft material that traps dirt and dust and gets in all the nooks and crannies. One reviewer wrote: “All my baseboards and other ridged areas were cleaned in record time.” The duster arrives pre-moistened and ready to use; when it dries out, simply dampen it with water to use it again and clean everything from air vents to blinds and ceiling fans.


This stain treatment spray with over 42,000 ratings on Amazon

Reviewers rave about this stain treatment thanks to its super-effective formula that begins lifting stains instantly. “It literally works on EVERYTHING,” exclaimed one shopper, adding, “A few sprays & away the stains go!” The pH-balanced and biodegradable formula is Safer Choice-certified, so it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, and it even works to remove stains from carpets, shoes, and upholstery.


These cord organizers that stick to the back of your appliances

Keep cords organized and out of the way with this pack of cord holders that you can stick to the back of almost any appliance or device, including coffee makers, blenders, and mixers. Each one features a wing-like design, making it easy to wrap cords and keep them in place, and is made of a soft yet durable silicone material.


This plug-in bug trap that can cover up to 400 square feet of space

If pesky flying bugs have found their way inside your home, use this plug-in fly trap to capture them. It uses a UV LED light to lure them in and a replaceable sticky card to trap them. The device has a sensor that’ll turn its light on automatically when it gets dark, and it’s designed to protect up to 400 square feet of space.