You might accidentally be damaging your home if you aren't doing any of these simple things

Preventing them is an absolute breeze.

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Taking care of your home is a lot of work, so sometimes, cutting corners or ignoring little tasks is easy to do. But you can do some simple things to upgrade your home and prevent unwanted damage that you had no idea you were risking. Each task on this list will help you maintain the integrity of your place without much effort or time — and even help save you money in the long run.


Using these low-profile chair leg covers to prevent floor scratches

Prevent scratched floors by slipping these flexible silicone chair leg covers onto your chair legs. A pack comes with enough covers for four chairs, and their clever construction fits round, square, and irregular chair legs. A felt bottom makes it easy to slide chairs in and out without damaging your flooring.


Installing a drain protector in your shower to avoid clogging the plumbing

Ignoring all those stray hairs that go down the drain can lead to costly clog removal, but this drain protector neatly wraps hairs around the flange so they stay out of sight. It features a clever mushroom design that fits standard tub drains, and you simply pull it out to empty the hairs when it’s getting full.


Spraying your outdoor fabrics with a fabric protector to keep them clean & dry

Keep patio furniture, umbrellas, tarps, and other outdoor items protected from sun fading and mildew with this one-step fabric shield spray. It offers seriously impressive water resistance to keep all of your cozy patio chairs dry and also blocks UVA and UBA rays to reduce sun-caused fabric fading.


Getting rid of mold & mildew stains that are ruining your curb appeal

Use this mold and mildew stain remover spray to brighten your home’s curb appeal in seconds. Just spray its scrub-free formula onto a surface, and it’ll break down below-the-surface stains in as little as 15 seconds. The best part is that it works on multiple surfaces, including hard-to-clean wood, kitchen surfaces, concrete, vinyl siding, and brick.


Putting these water detectors near pipes to prevent water damage

These water detectors make it easy to find and locate drips or leaks so you can prevent water damage. Just stick them under your sinks, pipes, or near appliances like your dishwasher. The sensors will go off when a drip or leak occurs, triggering a loud alarm to alert you to the problem. One reviewer wrote, “These are inexpensive items that could save you thousands of dollars if you have an in-home water leak. I have one under every sink, by the washing machine, and the water heater. I had a bad leak once that cost $35k to repair/replace. Never again.”


Scrubbing toilets with a pumice stone cleaner to prevent stripping or scratching

You could scratch your bathroom's fragile porcelain surfaces if you use harsh cleaners and scrub brushes to remove limescale, hard water, and rust stains. Instead, this pumice stone cleaner’s fine grit will gently clean almost any bathroom surface (including your toilet) with water, and it quickly banishes stains. You can also use it to clean rusty tools.


Preventing buildup around faucets & crevices with these cleaning brushes

Reach all the hard-to-reach areas of your home, including around faucets, with these crevice cleaning brushes. They feature durable bristles that are harder than toothbrush bristles and a slim profile, so you can scrub sink crevices, window and tile gaps, and more to prevent dust and grime buildup.


Cleaning & preventing unsightly hard water stains & dirt on windows

This outdoor glass cleaner targets unsightly hard water stains and dirt on your windows that could build up. Just attach a bottle to your garden hose via the built-in hose attachment, select the bottle’s “rinse” option to rinse a window, and set it to “clean” to spray the window again. Let it stand for 15 seconds, complete a final rinse, and let the window dry. One reviewer wrote, “I used to pay $200+ to have a company come out and clean all my windows. I tried this the first time, and wow — I didn't even need to squeegee afterward. Windows shine and are clear, streak-free.”


Placing this absorbent mat underneath your coffee maker to prevent stains

Save the hassle of removing coffee stains from grout with this absorbent coffee station mat that sucks up spills in an instant. Its material takes care of liquid in about 10 seconds and dries inconspicuously, so you’ll rarely have to clean the mat. It also has a leakproof backing, so no liquid will get onto your counter.


Installing these cabinet door bumpers to prevent dents from repeated slamming

These cabinet door bumpers will help prevent unsightly scratches and dents that may occur from slamming cabinets over time. They’re easy to install — simply peel them off the sheet and apply the adhesive side to the inside of a door’s corners. The durable polymer is designed to act as a buffer, dampening sound and preventing damage.


Using rug corner grippers to avoid tearing up slippery rugs

When your rug keeps sliding or curling, you might end up tearing or wrinkling it. These rug corner grippers are an easy solution. Simply stick one on each corner of your rug, and the sticky gel will grip the floor, keeping your rug corners flat and the rug from sliding when stepped on.


Applying this mold remover gel to banish mold from seals & caulking

This mold remover gel is a fast and easy solution to removing potentially harmful mold from damp spaces, including bathroom grout, caulking, and appliance seals on your washing machine or refrigerator. This treatment is also a breeze. To use — dry the surface, apply the gel, and leave it for five to eight hours. Then, rinse or wipe it away.


Cleaning your washing machine with these descaling tablets to prevent grime & buildup

Over 84,000 reviewers have given these washing machine descaler tabs a five-star rating. They break down buildup with a deep-cleaning formula that targets invisible grime inside the drum. This can improve your washing machine’s performance and prevent unwanted odors. Just throw one in your empty machine, run a cycle, and finish by toweling the drum dry.


Keeping pests out by covering holes in window screens with this repair tape

Ripped and hole-y window screens can bring in unwanted pests that can damage your interiors, but this waterproof screen repair tape is cheaper and quicker than replacing the whole screen (or screen door). Just measure how much you need, cut it to size, remove the backing, and adhere it to the rip to patch it up.


Putting drinks in this cup holder pillow to prevent spills on your sofa

Enjoying one of your favorite sips while you watch TV increases the risk of spilling said beverage on the sofa — but you can mitigate that risk by using this clever cup holder pillow. Its five foam cup holder slots adapt to fit most mug and cup sizes and help insulate sips to keep them just the right temperature.


Cleaning your dryer’s vent & hidden spaces to tackle lint

To prevent stressful dryer lint buildup that could lead to problems, use this dryer vent cleaning kit to suck out hard-to-reach lint. A long plastic hose and an adapter head attach to your vacuum to remove lint in the vents and hidden spaces. Simply use the included bristle brush to loosen compacted lint in tight spaces.


Removing damaged caulk lines with this caulking tool to prevent mold

When you leave damaged or old caulking, you may risk mold growing in your shower or bathroom, so try this three-in-one caulking tool to tackle it. It features a stainless steel blade for removing old caulk, a plastic scraper for keeping the area clean, and a silicone scraper with a rotatable head for smoothing out your new caulk lines.


Preventing messy laundry detergent spills with this detergent holder

It’s easy to make a huge mess with cumbersome laundry detergent bottles, so opt for this laundry detergent holder that keeps things spill-free. It effortlessly straps a bottle up at an angle instead of spilling onto your washing machine, the floor, or everywhere else. You only need to push a button to dispense soap into the cup, and you’re done.


Sealing outdoor surfaces to prevent fading & water damage with this spray

Apply this multi-surface waterproofing spray to wood, stone, and concrete to easily prevent water damage. Use it on a wooden deck or furniture to prevent water damage and fading from the sun. Simply clean the surface, spray or paint it on, and let it dry for 24 hours. It dries clear, preserving the natural color of the wood.


Stopping countertop water stains with this over-the-sink dish-drying rack

Drying dishes on a towel or directly on your countertop can lead to pooling water, so grab this roll-up dish-drying rack over your sink instead. Not only does it save space, but it also fits right over your sink so that wet dishes will drip into the basin instead of all over your nice counter.


Cleaning appliances with this gentle stainless steel cleaner to avoid scratches

Instead of using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners, grab something like this lavender-scented stainless steel cleaner kit. Its formula is complete with gentle coconut oil to remove grime and dirt, add a streak-free shine, and prevent scratches with a protective barrier. It also comes with a microfiber cloth.


Protecting your walls from a shaky bed frame with these felt pads

Shaky headboards can damage your wall but you can install these genius felt pads for your bedframe easily via the adhesive backing. Space the low-profile strips out along the length of your bed frame, and the felt will provide an anti-scratch cushion. And a pack comes with 32 pieces, so you can use them liberally.


Protecting dangerous electric plugs from pets or kids with an outlet concealer

Instead of smushing cords and chargers behind furniture, grab this clever outlet concealer. It will also elevate your space by concealing bulky cables behind furniture. Plug in the outlet cover, adhere the 3-foot extension cord along your baseboard, and plug your items into the three-outlet extension.


Organizing your improperly stored yard & home tools with these straps

Instead of damaging your extension cords, hoses, and other tools by storing them in a tangled pile, use these heavy-duty nylon storage straps. Each strap features a durable, waterproof construction and a clever handle that doubles as a hanging hook. Wrap up tools that weigh up to 50 pounds and hang or store them neatly on a shelf.


Putting these organizers under your sink to keep leaks and spills contained

Not only do these under-sink organizers save space, but they also prevent bottles from spilling and damaging the inside of your cabinets. Store extra toiletries inside the top and bottom shelves — their sturdy plastic can hold up to 35 pounds. Each shelf also comes with two hanging hooks for items like loofahs and scrub brushes.


Using these cleverly foldable trivets to protect from hot pots & dishes

Instead of dealing with the aftermath of hot plates on your counter or table, use these heat-resistant silicone trivets to protect your surfaces from hot dishes. Unfold the arms and place your pot, pan, or dish onto them to use them. Plus, they can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. One reviewer wrote, “First of all they're compact & easy to store. Second, they're easy to open & set down. Third, they protect your surface as they should and are a perfect size for both small pans and very big stockpots!”


Protecting your couch from pet stains, rips, & odors with a pet blanket

Letting your pup on the couch might leave your sofa full of hard-to-clean pet stains, unsightly rips, and scratches, or even odors. Thanks to this dog blanket’s soft fleece and sherpa, it’ll keep both you and Fido happy. It has a waterproof inner lining to prevent leaks and accidents, plus it’s machine washable. One reviewer wrote, “Well this blanket has saved my couch from the dirt brought in by my dogs. I am glad I bought it because it covers the back and seat cushions — completely waterproof! I love to snuggle with my dogs so this allows them on the furniture without staining my furniture or leaving that wet dog odor.”


Using an alcohol-free cleaning kit to prevent screen scratches

Instead of scratching or damaging your screens when cleaning — opt for this screen cleaner kit with a formula that’s designed to be screen-safe and free of ammonia, alcohol, and phosphates. It comes with a microfiber cloth, so you can gently clean off electronics and even eyeglasses.


Polishing & cleaning wooden furniture to prevent water rings

Seal and clean your tables, cabinets, and other wooden pieces around your space with this furniture polish and wood cleaner to keep them looking fresh. Its coconut- and mineral oil-based formula cleans dirt, nourishes and restores wood, and also gives wood a protective barrier against moisture. One reviewer wrote, “What I got was amazing — all the spots disappeared including the water ring that I have been trying to get rid of for years. It also made the wood glossy.”


Touching up paint with these mess-free brushes to prevent paint spills

Instead of touching up unsightly paint chips and scratches with a full-size bucket of paint and a messy brush, fill these brush pens with paint and use them instead. Their mess-free design makes it easy to touch up paint anywhere without spilling. Plus, after filling a brush, the air-tight syringe keeps the paint inside fresh for years.


Using a reusable roller to prevent deeply embedded pet fur in furniture

Ignoring pesky pet hair means it could get deeply embedded into your couch’s fabric. This reusable pet hair roller makes removing pet hair easy and keeps your furniture looking clean. Roll it back and forth over a surface, and hair will disappear inside the compartment. Its cult-following (over 138,000 five-star ratings and counting) speaks to its hair-busting powers.


Treating your furniture with a repellent spray to prevent dirt, stains, & spills

Stopping stains before they start is the best way to keep your furniture from getting ruined, and this upholstery protection spray will keep your furniture looking new so you don’t have to replace it or hide stains. Spray it onto any fabric (even leather or suede), forming a clear protective shield that repels liquids, stains, and dirt.


Preventing stains & pooling water on the countertop with this squeegee

It can be a drudge to wipe counters down, even for the smallest spill, but this countertop squeegee makes cleanup a breeze. It cleverly prevents liquids from pooling and staining your countertop. Simply the durable silicone squeegee end to banish liquid and the brush end to dust crumbs into the sink.


Keeping cords safe (instead of squished) behind a piece of furniture

It’s easy to pile cords behind furniture, but they could get damaged. Instead, these storage cable labels will help you organize and keep cables wrapped neatly, preventing electrical accidents. Each label features a spacious writing surface and a reusable hook-and-loop closure that easily attaches to cords.


Using these night-light outlet covers to avoid scuffing up walls when it's dark

When it’s hard to see where you’re walking in the dark, the odds are you kick and scuff the walls. Break the cycle by installing this night-light outlet cover with a quick turn of a screwdriver. It’ll automatically turn on at dusk, so you can navigate hallways or other areas of your home in the middle of the night without ruining your walls.