You probably didn't realize you can fix these 40 annoying problems around your house so easily

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If you can look around your home and spot at least a few things that could use an update or a fix, you’re not alone. There’s a reason that entire aisles of grocery stores are full of cleaning and household supplies, and even the smallest of towns have a hardware store — home maintenance takes work, and it’s not always easy to keep up with.

Thankfully, some of the most practical gadgets and useful tools are just a few clicks away. You may not have realized it, but those dozens of annoying household problems are actually so easy to fix. Exposed cords? Hide them. Dirty grout? Cover it up in seconds. Dusty light fixtures? Reach them with an extendable duster. Wobbly chairs? Even them up with furniture pads. It really can be that simple, so don’t keep putting it off. Keep reading to find out exactly what you need.


Problem: Your desk is too cluttered with accessories

Solution: Creating space with sleek & stylish shelves

Not only does this trio of rustic floating shelves add much-needed storage space, but it looks great, too. With wooden surfaces and metal brackets, these shelves perfectly coordinate with one another and offer space for small items and office necessities. You’ll clear some clutter off your desk and add wall decor. All necessary hardware for hanging is included, too.


Problem: Too many crumbs in the bed

Solution: A versatile folding tray table you can use throughout your home

One perk of adulthood is the freedom to snack in bed, but alas with great power comes great responsibility. With a folding tray table, you can keep your snacks within reach without raining crumbs on your bedding and blankets. Plus, the bamboo material gives it a classic, timeless look, and built-in handles add to its overall functionality.


Problem: Running out of paper towels

Solution: A set of reusable dish cloths

If you’re constantly running out of paper towels in your home (and spending more money than necessary restocking your supply), switch to these reusable Swedish dish cloths. A hybrid between a sponge and a dish cloth, these cellulose-and-cotton cloths are incredibly absorbent, durable, textured for scrubbing, and can be used on all kinds of surfaces, from marble to stainless steel to wood. They’re dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to clean — meaning this pack of 10 for just $20 will last you forever.


Problem: Feeling like your valuables aren't secure

Solution: A money bag with a built-in combination lock

Whether you travel often or want to feel better about how your valuables are stored at home, this locking money bag has you covered. It’s made with durable nylon material and features a zipper and keyless combination lock, plus light foam padding for protection. Store it in a drawer or cabinet, or stash it in your suitcase or backpack when on the go.


Problem: Your clothes hangers keep snapping

Solution: A pack of sturdy wooden hangers that you can count on

Invest in these heavy-duty wooden hangers to reliably hang your clothes — no more snapping hangers. Plus, they’ll make your entire closet look tidier and more organized because your hangers aren’t a mismatched jumble (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). Choose between five elegant colors that come in sets of 20 or 30.


Problem: Half-open cereal boxes are everywhere

Solution: These airtight food containers that keep your favorites fresh

Few things are more disappointing than reaching for a favorite food or snack and realizing that it’s gone bad or grown stale. These airtight food containers prevent such a tragedy, and they make your pantry look organized to boot. The set of six includes a mix of two sizes, plus lids and labels for each container.


Problem: You literally have no space for your spice collection

Solution: An over-the-door organizer that holds it all

Have you ever spent way too much time searching through your cupboards for a spice jar or spare condiment you’re sure you put in there? You might want to consider an over-the-door organizer. It has 24 clear pockets and durable metal hooks so your groceries and products stay secure and conveniently in view.


Problem: There's no way to safely store knives

Solution: This drawer organizer with slots for knife blades — so they’re stowed away & stay sharp

Whether you want to protect your own fingers, those of your loved ones, or both, a secure knife organizer adds an extra layer of safety to your kitchen. Slip this bamboo holder into a drawer and store up to 16 knives with their handles out and blades down. Plus, keeping them neatly stored like this will prevent dulling of the blades.


Problem: Your clothes slip off your plastic hangers

Solution: These space-saving velvet hangers that fabric clings to

These velvet hangers are a game changer for your closet. The textured velvet construction means fabrics — including slippery ones, like silk — will cling to them, rather than slip off annoyingly like they would on plastic hangers. Plus, since they’re so slim and compact, they’ll help you maximize your precious closet space. This pack of 50 hangers costs under $30, so it’s a steal, to boot.


Problem: Pet Hair Has Taken Over Your Furniture

Solution: A reliable roller that collects fur in a flash

As much as we love our furry friends, most of us don’t love the pet hair they leave behind. Enter this pet hair remover roller, which picks up fur and fuzz without the use of those annoying sticky sheets. The textured brush grabs fur, and the built-in container keeps it secure until you’re ready to empty it. With over 6,000 five-star ratings, one shopper reports, “I have 15 rescue kitties and 2 rescue doggos. Pet hair is a major issue in this house. It was a pain in the rear to clean off office chairs, couches, and car interiors. This roller was worth every dad gum penny.”


Problem: Your toilet smells less than pleasant

Solution: An essential oil air freshener for a far better bathroom scent

Sometimes it feels like the lesser of two evils; endure an unpleasant odor or spray an air freshener with questionable ingredients to cover it. Thankfully, there’s a third option: enjoy an odor eliminator with an essential oil-based formula and a fresh citrus scent. You can also use it on clothes, shoes, trash bins, and more.


Problem: Your fitted sheet keeps popping off the bed

Solution: A clever rubber band made for keeping bedding firmly in place

Keep your bed sheets taut and tight with a bed sheet holder strap. No more tossing and turning about the state of your sheets when you have this simple gadget. It simply holds your lower sheet in place with pressure, and comes in three sizes to fit twin through king beds. One shopper raved, “I’ve tried every kind of clip imaginable and this is the first product to actually hold my blankets in place!”


Problem: Your TV cords are too distracting

Solution: A subtle cord cover that gives rooms a minimalist update

Can you currently see any exposed cords in your home? If you want to change that, consider a simple TV cord cover that subtly hides them. The necessary adhesive is included, plus you can trim your piece or pieces to your desired length. And, to top it off, you can even paint it to match your wall. Poof — those messy cords are gone.


Problem: You have too many old stains set in your carpets

Solution: A spot remover that’s known to work even on older stains

Carpets looking a little, shall we say, tired? A reliable carpet spot remover may be just the ticket, and this one is backed by over 54,000 five-star ratings. This choice promises to tackle even the most nightmarish stains like grease, red wine, dirt, blood, and more. Even if it’s an older stain you’d otherwise given up. Try a single bottle or go for more cost-effective bulk sizes.


Problem: Your microwave has too much stuck-on food

Solution: An easy microwave cleaner that’s funny and functional

Yep, it’s true. Using vinegar and water, the Angry Mama microwave cleaner disinfects your microwave with steam. Can you technically mimic the effect with another container? Yes. Will the process be as easy to use and amusing as it is when you use this gadget? I don’t think so. Choose from four styles with a variety of hair and shirt colors.


Problem: The kitchen chairs are wobbly

Solution: Furniture pads designed to balance out uneven legs

These adhesive felt furniture pads help balance wobbly chairs, and they’re also scratch-resistant, so floors stay protected. Plus, they apply with a simple peel-and-stick technique, so they couldn’t be easier to use. Each pad is 1 inch in diameter, a versatile size for multiple chair styles.


Problem: The door hinges squeak too much

Solution: A practical household oil that fixes all kinds of creaks & squeaks

This household oil promises to alleviate annoying squeaks and sound with one simple, chemical-free application. With simple ingredients like food-grade mineral oil and jojoba oil, and scent options like pine or lavender (there’s an unscented option too), you’ll wonder why you didn’t have this on hand sooner.


Problem: Your pet’s accidents leave behind stains & odors

Solution: An enzymatic cleaner for carpets & other surfaces

If you have a dog or cat at home, an enzymatic cleaner is a must-have. It can counter stains and odors from accidents and vomit — and rather than just covering up smells, it actually breaks them down to eliminate them. Us the pet- and kid-friendly spray on carpet, hardwood, tile, and other household surfaces, and enjoy the fresh citrus fragrance it leaves in its wake.


Problem: There Are Scuff Marks All Over The Wall

Solution: These eraser sponges that amazingly get rid of them

Stock up with this sponge eraser 100-pack, and you’re all set to clean everything from walls and windows to sinks and showers. Each sponge can be reused up to five times, and they’re easy to cut into your desired shape, too.


Problem: Your can opener is rough on your hands

Solution: An electric opener that makes opening cans a breeze

It doesn’t get any simpler; this electric can opener features single-touch operation and the ability to hold the can in place while in use and once finished, too. It comes in black, white, and steel colors, and it’s a clear winner with over 37,000 five-star ratings.


Problem: You keep forgetting to water your houseplants

Solution: A set of self-watering plant pots that give your greens the perfect amount of water

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or you’ve yet to develop your green thumb (ahem, same), this these self-watering planters will be a welcome addition to your home. Choose from three sizes, then sit back and relax, since each fill can provide up to 10 days of water for your plants. Get ready for your plants to thrive.


Problem: Your bathroom grout looks dirty

Solution: A grout pen that covers dirt and grime

When your grout is looking less than pristine, a grout pen can be a quick and easy way to make it fresh again. Just like a regular marker, narrow- and wide-tipped options are available and there are multiple colors offered. They use water-based paint and are safe for both bathroom and kitchen use. Just color in the lines, and it’ll look good as new.


Problem: There's not enough light in your hallway or kitchen

Solution: A set of lights that automatically turn on when they’re needed

If there’s a dark spot in your home, you’ll wish you had done this quick fix a long time ago. These motion sensor lights automatically turn on when there’s movement nearby, making them perfect for hallways, bathrooms, closets, and more. Even better, they have magnets and adhesive that you can use for easy installation in your preferred spot. Choose from warm white or regular white options.


Problem: Your important mail often gets lost

Solution: An attractive basket or bin to hold essentials

Not only is this seagrass basket versatile and functional, but it’s cute, too. Store it on a side table by your front door to collect mail and keys, or even in your bathroom for toiletries and other necessities. The practical size (6.25 x 12 x 4.25 inches) gives you plenty of options.


Problem: You keep losing your keys

Solution: A tracker that helps you find your valuables

We’ve all been there; you’re trying to get out the door and your keys are nowhere to be found. This Tile Bluetooth tracker can save you in such a pinch by helping you locate your keys, phone, or other important belongings in a jiffy. It has a range of up to 250 feet, and the coordinating Tile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Problem: There's nowhere to put your phone when you go to the bathroom

Solution: A sleek yet sturdy standalone shelf that works in compact spaces

Facts are facts: phones are often carried into bathrooms. So you’ll appreciate the top shelf on this toilet paper holder stand. In addition to holding the roll of toilet paper that’s currently in use and storing two more, it has a shelf on top that’s perfect for your phone. Plus, it even has a weighted base for extra stability.


Problem: Your soap dispensers are getting dirty

Solution: A hands-free dispenser that will feel luxurious every time you use it

Few things are as satisfying as a perfect portion of soap automatically dispensing for you (or is it just me?). This best-selling touchless soap dispenser provides just that from the comfort of your home. You can adjust the volume of each serving of soap, and there are four sleek finishes to choose from.


Problem: There are too many pests entering your home

Solution: An ultrasonic pest repeller that also happens to be a fan favorite

If you’re seeing signs that pests are starting to creep up on your space, this ultrasonic pest repeller can do the trick. With three settings (two of which are inaudible to humans), you can adjust according to your needs. Not only that, the thousands of five-star reviews are peppered with words like “excellent,” “amazing,” and “wow!”.


Problem: The air in your home is stuffy

Solution: An air purifier that promises to improve your home’s air quality

Ahh. Imagine how nice it would feel if every breath you inhaled was refreshing. The dream could be your reality with an air purifier with a HEPA filter to clean tiny particles, including dust, pollen, and odors. With three fan levels, a fragrance sponge that you can use with essential oils, and the choice between a black or white design, you’ll be tempted to get one for every room.


Problem: There's a lot of hard-to-reach dust

Solution: A duster with an extendable handle

Don’t break your back — or that chair — reaching for those high corners. Instead, use an extendable duster with a handle that goes from 30 to 100 inches. Made with microfiber feathers, it easily lifts and collects dust and grime, so your surfaces look neater and tidier. Plus, you can simply rinse and reuse it to your heart’s content.


Problem: The lighting seems off

Solution: A set of smart light bulbs for customizable lighting vibes

These smart light bulbs can turn any lamp or light fixture into the mood-setter of your dreams. You can set schedules, change color, and dim or brighten bulbs however you please. If you have a smart home assistant, you can even use your voice to make adjustments. The app works from anywhere you have service, too.


Problem: You feel like people are peeking into your home

Solution: Adhesive window film that provides an added layer of privacy

Not only does this window privacy film skew the potential view an outsider may have of your home, but it makes for a pretty display, too. Made of vinyl, each sticker can be cut to shape and adjusted whenever necessary. Multiple sizes are available, and they’re a cinch to apply and remove.


Problem: There are scratches on your wood furniture

Solution: A furniture repair kit that lets you easily hide imperfections

Don’t toss beloved furniture just because of a few scratches or scrapes when this furniture repair kit can have your pieces looking like new again. It comes with eight shades of paint, markers, and crayons, plus extra tools like brushes, a sharpener, and a spatula, too. Your favorite table or bookshelf will look like you just bought it.


Problem: Your wood has water marks on it

Solution: A water mark remover cloth that spruces up your surfaces in seconds

Even if you’re diligent with your coasters, it’s easy to slip up on occasion. That’s where this water mark remover cloth can come in handy. Not only does it eliminate water marks, but it can also combat ink stains, nail polish, scratches, and more. Plus, as long as you store it properly, it’s reusable.


Problem: Sinks take forever to drain

Solution: Clog removers that are a cinch to use

One of the few things less pleasant than a clogged sink is what comes out of a clog sink. These clog remover tools make it as easy as possible to clear and remove build-up and debris from yours pipes, and they can save you from expensive plumber visits, too. This set gives you four 25-inch tools and two 20-inch tools, so you’ll be covered for multiple uses.


Problem: Your popcorn ceiling has a stain

Solution: A water-based spray that mimics your original ceiling texture

Yes, there is hope for stained or tired-looking popcorn ceilings. This ceiling texture spray can cover up to 4 square feet of surface, and it has a vertical spray tip that makes it easy to use. Reviewers allude to a bit of a learning curve, but many still praised it, with one noting, “I was very impressed ... you can hardly see the repaired area.”


Problem: Your walls have too many holes

Solution: A repair kit specifically suited for drywall patches

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be super handy, you can almost certainly handle this drywall repair kit. With two sets in a package, you’ll have everything you need to repair damage on your wall, including plaster, patches, sandpaper, scrapers, and more. A single kit is available, too.


Problem: There's a hole in your window screen

Solution: A screen repair patch that can be applied super fast

All you need to apply these window screen patches is a hairdryer — yes, a hairdryer. Once you’ve cut them to your desired shape and size and applied to your screen, simply heat up the included adhesive and you’ll be good to go. Buyers confirm that they’re fast and easy to use (although not invisible once applied, so keep that in mind).


Problem: Your garden is starting to get out of control

Solution: These outdoor lawn stakes that give you an easy border

This set of interlocking lawn stakes gives you nearly 8 feet of border for your garden, with five interlocking 18-inch pieces that you can shape and arrange according to your needs. The decorative shape and neutral black color make them useful for nearly any outdoor space. One buyer even said, “They are super cute,, sturdy, join easily, and I have ZERO issues with my dogs knocking them over, or having to constantly realign them. I've had them about a month now, and I haven't had to touch them once since installing them.”


Problem: Your shoes & closets are smelling musty

Solution: A set of compact deodorizers that counter unwanted smells

If your closet or shoe cabinet is harboring some musty or otherwise unpleasant smells, consider snagging these shoe deodorizers. They’re designed to easily slip into shoes, but you can also use them wherever a fresher scent is in order, including closets, laundry hampers, and drawers. The best part? They can each last a few months.