You probably didn't realize your home has some of these weird problems you're neglecting

There’s even a solution for smelly dishwashers.

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Maintaining a home can be a lot of hard work. It’s often the weird little problems you may not be aware of that add up (and that you may be able to handle all by yourself, on the cheap). For example, if the walls of your home could talk, they’d probably say things like, “You need to clean the lint out of the dryer vent soon before it starts a fire,” or “That weird smell you can’t locate was left behind by your pup and needs a serious enzyme cleaner.” This list has the solutions to every weird little problem you may not have realized you had.


Problem: Rugs that slip, slide & won’t stay flat

Solution: Strong tape that keeps rugs firmly in place

Keep your beautiful rugs in place and prevent them from becoming a buckled trip hazard with this heavy-duty two-way carpet tape. Double-sided, it adheres to any floor type (even carpet-on carpet), plus it’s easy to apply and remove without leaving behind a sticky residue. This roll provides 60 feet of anti-slip magic.


Problem: When beds & furniture move around they scrape hard floors

Solution: These furniture stoppers that keep sofas, chairs & beds from shifting

Unsightly scuffs on beautiful floors draw the eye and break the heart. Prevent wheeled furniture from unintentionally shifting and scratching up your floors with these stoppers. Designed with high sides to keep wheels of all types securely in place, they come in a pack of six and have a protective nonslip rubber bottom that makes them safe to use on all floor types.


Problem: Pockets of dark spaces in your home lack proper lighting

Solution: These wireless LED stair lights

No more stubbed toes when you go for a midnight snack —these wireless LED puck lights install easily in seconds to light up any dark spaces that need a little illumination. They’re battery-operated with a run time of over 125 hours and are motion-activated, making them perfect for under cabinets, stairs, hallways, closets, and workspaces.


Problem: You can't hear your doorbell ring when you’re upstairs

Solution: The wireless doorbell with a 1,000-foot range

Never miss a crucial signature-required delivery because you didn’t hear the doorbell again with this smart wireless doorbell system. It has a long-range operation of over 1,000 feet and can be programmed so that a different chime goes off in each room. Waterproof and weatherproof, it works in all environments, has four different volume settings, and comes in a range of colors.


Problem: Chipped cabinets & furniture are bringing down the look of your room

Solution: A touch-up paint that doesn't require primer

Restoring chipped paint on furniture can be a lot of work —stripping, scraping, sanding, and priming are usually involved before you even get to painting. Make your furniture makeover easier with this all-in-one DIY paint. It has a built-in primer and top coat that works on almost any surface, and the paint is self-leveling, meaning it dries within 30 minutes for a flawlessly smooth, chalky matte finish.


Problem: Every time you open a door, the knob slams into a wall

Solution: These translucent doorknob protectors

I love a dramatic entrance as much as the next diva, but your door knobs may be doing unwitting damage to your walls. Use these translucent doorknob protectors to prevent accidental dents or holes in your walls. Made of thermoplastic rubber to absorb shocks and dampen noise, they come in a pack of six and have a 2-inch diameter, making them perfect for all doorknob and handle types. Their strong self-adhesive strips make them easy to install in an instant.


Problem: Your garden hose isn't long enough to reach flowers & plants

Solution: An expandable hose that expands three times its length

Keep your thirsty and hard-to-reach plants happy and hydrated with this lightweight and expandable garden hose. With an already useful span of 25 feet, it expands up to three times its length when the water is turned on, ensuring no area of your yard goes unquenched. This highly rated pick has more than 17,000 reviews.


Problem: You have a junk drawer of batteries because there's no place to store them

Solution: A dedicated battery organizer with a tester

No more scrabbling around in a junk drawer searching for fresh batteries if you have this battery organizer. Its compact, waterproof design holds up to 93 batteries, including 45 AA, 25 AAA, four 9-volt, eight C, six D, and five flat. Made of durable, lightweight plastic, it fits easily in a drawer or can be mounted on a wall and has a transparent lid so you can easily track what you have stored. It even comes with a handy battery tester, so you can check to see if they’re good.


Problem: Dark & dreary closets that don't allow you to find what you need

Solution: These stick-on lights for closets & under cabinets

If you’ve ever lost a favorite blouse to the hidden depths of your closet, you may benefit from these stick-on lights to offer a little illumination. They come in a pack of six, with batteries included and a remote that allows you to select your desired brightness. There’s no need for an electrician —they come with all the necessary screws and 3M adhesive to be easily installed in seconds.


Problem: A low-pressure showerhead that wastes so much time & money

Solution: This water-saving rainfall shower head

Did you know you could have higher water pressure and use less water simultaneously? This waterfall showerhead easily replaces your currently puny showerhead — the one that takes forever to deliver enough water to rinse off your shampoo. It has a large 8-inch face to deliver a spa-like experience. Made of lightweight plastic with chrome plating and a stainless steel backing, it’s easy to install (and doesn’t require a single tool), and a brass swivel ball easily adjusts it to the perfect angle.


Problem: Your expensive mattress is vulnerable to stains

Solution: The highly rated waterproof mattress protector with 10,000 reviews

Enjoy the luxury of breakfast in bed knowing that your expensive mattress is safe from coffee spills and maple syrup drippings with this waterproof mattress protector. Ultra-thin knitted polyester provides a breathable, smooth surface that protects against fluids, stains, and sweat. The machine-washable protector comes in five mattress sizes and boasts nearly 10,000 reviews.


Problem: Cold air is seeping through cracks under your door

Solution: A door draft stopper that blocks wind & noise

Keep the icy fingers of winter from creeping under your door with this door draft stopper. A durable and soft machine-washable canvas cover allows it to slide easily over all kinds of floors; it’s adjustable and easy to install without any damage to your door. In addition, it prevents hot and cold air from escaping your home and can help you save money on your electric bill, to boot.


Problem: Your entryway is crawling with boots

Solution: These clear storage boxes that are the perfect fit for boots

A cluttered entryway isn’t just bad feng shui — it’s an eyesore and can be a dangerous tripping hazard. These foldable shoe storage boxes are an excellent solution. Their transparent plastic shell protects your boots from dust and moisture, while ventilation holes ensure odor prevention and keep contents fresh. They stack for easy storage, come in a set of five, and can be folded down flat when not in use.


Problem: Improper storage for delicate wine glasses

Solution: A padded storage case that holds 12 glasses

Elegant stemware deserves elegant storage, like this chic, fully padded wine storage case. With room for 12 individual glasses, every inside surface is lined with soft padding to prevent chipping and breakage. It has a hard shell design that makes it suitable for stacking, and its quality linen exterior includes a convenient labeling window so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for.


Problem: Your clothing slips off hangers and lands on the floor

Solution: These velvet hangers with notches that keep clothes in place

Never reach for your favorite outfit only to find it crumpled and wrinkled on the floor of your closet again with these velvet-covered clothes hangers. With contoured shoulders to preserve the shape of your clothes and soft-cut notches to ensure even the thinnest of straps stay in place, these lightweight hangers also have a curved bar making them suitable for holding pants and suits. They’re available in eight different colors, so you can even coordinate them with your closet decor.


Problem: Hidden stains that result in weird odors

Solution: This powerful blacklight flashlight that detects stains

Whether an embarrassed dinner guest secretly spilled chili on your dark-colored sofa or a new puppy made a mess on your floral-patterned rug, you may have trouble locating the source of an unpleasant odor. The 100 LEDs in this UV blacklight flashlight can help solve the mystery. With a durable all-metal body and anti-slip grip, it casts a wide beam visible in all kinds of lighting. It can even help you find unwanted guests like scorpions and bedbugs too.


Problem: Perpetually dirty windows that you can't reach

Solution: A telescoping extension pole that gets windows sparkling clean

This window washing kit comes with a handy extension pole that can be adjusted from 5 to 12 feet, ensuring you get all your windows squeaky clean without needing to wobble precariously at the top of a ladder. It has a removable chenille microfiber scrubber that picks up and traps dirt and debris and includes three blades that fit a variety of window sizes. This pick boasts nearly 10,000 reviews.


Problem: Every time you do laundry the detergent spills & makes a mess

Solution: This laundry detergent holder & organizer with a drip tray

Soap is supposed to clean, not make a mess. This angled laundry detergent drip catcher has a gentle downward slope to allow the soap to pour out easily, preventing accidental sloshes and drips when you dispense your detergent. It has little rubber feet to keep it from sliding around on top of your machine and comes with a strap to securely fasten any size bottle in place.


Problem: No dedicated spot for wrapping paper

Solution: A gift wrap organizer you can slide under your bed

Consolidate your wrapping paper with this gift wrap organizer. Made from sturdy, festively-colored waterproof material, it keeps your gift wrap safe from moisture, dust, and bugs, and its compact design can hold up to 40 rolls without taking up a lot of space. It features a dual zipper for easy access and has two additional clear plastic pouches for necessary accessories like tape, ribbons, and bows.


Problem: Not enough fridge space for produce

Solution: The charming stacking baskets for fruits, veggies & bread

With all the takeout containers and different nut milk cartons in my fridge, I don’t often have room for my fruits and veggies. These chic and attractive stacking basket bins organize and display your produce beautifully. They’re easy to take apart and clean and come in black or white, adding a modern chic flair to your kitchen without taking up too much space on your counters.


Problem: Accidentally running the dishwasher more than once

Solution: A dishwasher magnet that indicates whether its contents are clean or dirty

Running the dishwasher more than once wastes water and time. Use this cute magnetized sign to notify housemates (and remind yourself) of what cycle you’re on. High-quality glossed aluminum has a protective finish, and come on, how cute is this adorable pup design?


Problem: Unlined shelves mean items repeatedly fall through the cracks

Solution: These shelf liners with more than 14,000 reviews

Wire shelving is an excellent storage option in your pantry or garage, but smaller items like tea bags or screwdrivers can easily fall through the gaps. These durable shelf liners are thick, easy to clean and come in seven sizes to fit a variety of shelves. They’re waterproof to prevent spills and mess and are so popular that they’ve amassed more than 14,000 reviews.


Problem: Wrinkled curtains make rooms look messy

Solution: A multitasking handheld steamer that works on drapes & clothing

Throw away your old iron and ironing board —this compact handheld steamer has got you covered. Not only can it remove wrinkles from curtains, upholstery, and clothing, it can deodorize and sanitize frequently used fabrics like car seats. Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to take wherever you travel and it features an auto shut-off function for safety.


Problem: The dryer is filled with lint

Solution: A 40-foot dryer vent cleaning kit

A buildup of dryer lint can slow down the efficiency of your machine, not to mention it’s a severe fire hazard to your home. You could hire a professional service to tackle the problem, or you could purchase this dryer vent cleaning kit for a fraction of the price. A high-quality synthetic brush head comes on the end of flexible rods that extend up to 40 feet, and an optional drill attachment means you can use power tools to add some extra pep to your cleaning.


Problem: Your cat tracks litter everywhere they roam

Solution: A litter-trapping mat that can also curb odors

Cats are self-cleaning animals, but their fastidiousness doesn’t extend to the mess they make in your home. Stepping barefoot on little bits of litter they’ve tracked around the house is kind of gross — but it’s also avoidable, with this cat litter mat. Lightweight and water-resistant, it’s super-sized to sit under your cat’s litter box. As your feline exits, they walk on the mat, and the mat catches any kitty litter stuck to its paws. It’s super easy to clean and comes in four sophisticated color options.


Problem: None of your food containers have covers that fit

Solution: This 12-piece glass container set that resists leaks

Playing a game of “does this container have a lid?” is a time and space-wasting nuisance. Ditch the avalanche of mismatched containers and save yourself the headache with this 24-piece set of glass storage containers. The sturdy borosilicate glass is dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe. It can handle rapid temperature changes without warping or cracking. Glass won’t absorb stains or smells, and its locking lids create an airtight seal to keep food fresh.


Problem: You lack kitchen space for cooking utensils and cookware

Solution: The wall-mounted pot organizer with a shelf

Kitchen storage can be tricky; you don’t want your pots and pans cluttering up surfaces when not in use, but you want them to be easily accessible when you need them, not buried deep in a cupboard. This wall-mounted pot and pan organizer shelf is a smart and easy solution. Hand-welded from durable iron, it can support up to 35 pounds. It has 10 S-style hooks for keeping handy tools within reach and comes with all the hardware required for installation.


Problem: Small holes in your walls that you assume are expensive to fix

Solution: A hole repair kit that's so easy to use

There’s a chance you’re leaving some unsightly holes in your walls out of fear that they need a professional’s touch. This high-strength small hole repair kit comes with a spackling compound, a self-adhesive screen patch, a putty knife, and a sanding pad — everything you need to repair small holes yourself at a fraction of the cost. This best-selling product features more than 9,000 reviews and many of them affirm that it’s incredibly easy to use.


Problem: Your washing machine smells funny

Solution: These cleaning tablets that refresh & deodorize

Built-up mildew and dirt can leave your washing machine a little stinky. These washing machine cleaner tablets are designed to be tough on odor-causing residue but gentle on your machine, plus they’re safe for plumbing and pipes. Just add a tablet to the empty washer drum and run a hot water cycle to maintain a beautifully clean machine.


Problem: There's no space for all of those plastic bags in your drawer

Solution: The bag organizer you can easily mount to a wall

Reusing your old plastic bags is a great way to reduce waste, but they sure pile up, don’t they? This chic stainless steel bag organizer can be easily mounted to the wall or inside a cabinet, making it the perfect storage solution for that crinkly mound of bags crammed into your drawer. With extra-wide openings, so you can quickly and easily grab what you need, it comes with all the hardware needed for easy installation.


Problem: Ceiling fans & high corners are dusty & neglected

Solution: The ceiling fan duster that extends to 55 inches to reach high spots

It’s a real hassle to clean anything out of reach, but your ceiling fan could be flinging all kinds of dirt and dusty allergens around your home. The detachable handle on this ceiling fan duster can extend up to 55.2 inches, making it perfect for getting all those hard-to-reach spots in your home. There’s no need for harsh chemicals, either — its large washable microfiber head contains thousands of fluffy fibers that attract and trap dust without scratching surfaces.


Problem: A disorganized fridge keeps you from finding ingredients you need

Solution: This 6-pack of clear organizers

Stop letting food spoil and go to waste in your refrigerator because you can’t see it. This set of organizer bins brings instant organization to your shelves. Made of shatterproof plastic, they maximize space and minimize clutter with easy-grip built-in handles. They’re easy to clean, too, and boast a high 4.7-star rating.


Problem: Tough stains are embedded in carpets and upholstery

Solution: An enzyme cleaner that tackles stubborn stains

Active enzymes in this odor-eliminating carpet cleaner work to break down even the grossest stains that may result from having a pet. This product doesn't just mask the odor left behind, but it effectively destroys the smell at its source. With no added bleach, peroxide, sulfates, or parabens, it's effective on carpet, fabric, hardwood floors, and more, leaving a pleasant orange scent.


Problem: A toilet that's always a nuisance to unclog

Solution: The powerful toilet plunger with a cult following

Dealing with a clogged toilet can be a gross nightmare. This toilet plunger has a unique design that doesn’t require you to create a perfect seal to work — so it’s effective on all kinds of toilet systems. According to the manufacturer, it pushes water at the blockage and creates up to eight times more force than a regular plunger. It isn’t often that a plunger gains a cult following, but this one boasts a fantastic 19,000 reviews.


Problem: Every outlet in your home is occupied by an appliance or device

Solution: A dedicated charging block that adds so many outlets

Power outlets are a limited commodity in my apartment — I can’t afford to have a device charging in every room if I want to run my toaster or use a vacuum cleaner. This handy charging block has enough ports to keep all your devices in one place, helping you to stay organized and minimize mess. This hub is compatible with most devices and has three outlets, two USB-A inputs, one USB-C input, and a shelf for your phone.


Problem: Using just one cutting board makes cross-contamination a bigger risk

Solution: This set of four colorful boards for different foods

This set of bright color-coded cutting boards helps prevents cross-contamination in your kitchen. They’re odor-resistant and nonstick, with texture-gripped undersides to avoid slipping on your counter. Durable and washable, they’re also flexible and bend easily to make transferring food simple.


Problem: Unwanted odors are wafting from your dishwasher

Solution: These dishwasher cleaning tablets with 60,000 reviews

You want funk in your music playlist, not your dishwasher. These dishwasher tablets with more than 62,000 reviews clean deep inside your machine, getting to all the crucial internal hoses and parts you can’t see. They work to remove limescale and mineral buildup and work inside all major brands and models.


Problem: Loose cables & cords make rooms look messy

Solution: The cable clips that secure wires

If your desk or nightstand is a rat’s nest of jumbled cords, you’ll want to get a pack of these cable clips. With easy self-adhesive backing, these can be installed in seconds and hold anything from headphones to a mouse cable to an ethernet cord. They’ll stick to everything from wood to tile to metal, and even your car's dashboard.


Problem: Food & items routinely fall in the cracks between kitchen appliances

Solution: A pair of silicone gap covers

These silicone gap covers will stop you from losing random silverware and pest-attracting food scraps to the abyss between the stovetop and counter. The dishwasher-safe covers are flexible, made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone, and heat-resistant up to 446 degrees. A clever T-shaped design makes installation simple, and this product will conform smoothly to the stove and countertop even if the surfaces are uneven.


Problem: Your coffee is starting to taste stale

Solution: A coffee maker cleaner for consistently fresh brews

If your coffee tastes stale, hard water and mineral buildup could be the culprit. These coffee maker cleaning tablets descale your coffee maker’s reservoir without harsh chemical flavors or leaving behind the tangy odor of vinegar. Compatible with brewers of all kinds, it helps keep your machine clean and your coffee tasting fresh. The popular cleaning tablets boast more than 11,000 reviews.