You'd be so much less stressed if you tried any of these clever things that make life easier

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Life can be stressful in ways big and small, but you can help reduce some of the small stressors by making a few small changes in your life. Don’t worry — I’m not talking about something major like exercising. I’m talking about organizing your house and keeping it clean. Amazon has tons of handy things to improve your life and take away some of that stress.

Just looking at a tangle of cords and cables is enough to make me annoyed. This box discretely hides all those chargers and other cords from view and covers it up with a sleek wooden lid. Create a hub in your home specifically for charging phones and tablets with this charging station that has seven ports.

A mattress is one of the more valuable items in your home, so you may want to protect it from spills and allergens with this waterproof mattress cover. If an important piece of wood furniture in your home, like a dresser, gets a couple of scratches on it, it can easily be mended with this wood marker repair kit.

Whether you want to better organize your kitchen or clean your bathroom, this list has plenty of clever products that make life a little less stressful.

An alarm clock that wakes you up gently

Alarm clocks often wake you up with a harsh sound. This sunrise alarm clock wakes you up with gentle light that mimics the sunrise and natural sounds like birds or a stream. The clock can also be used as a nightlight and it has a USB port in the back so you can charge your phone while you sleep.

These clips that keep your cords from getting tangled

Phone chargers and other cords have a tendency to get tangled together. These cable clips have a slot that holds the cords in place. The clips come with adhesive tape, so you can stick them on top of your desk or on the side of a cabinet. They come in a pack of five, so you can disperse them all over the house.

These lights that fit under your cabinet

There are some parts of the house that just don’t get good lighting, like on a shelf or under a cabinet. These battery-operated lights have an adhesive, so they’re perfect for sticking under a cabinet. They’re easy to install and remain hidden when not in use, so they won’t mess up your decor.

These dividers that keep your dresser tidy

It’s hard to keep your sock or underwear drawer tidy, but these dividers make it much simpler. Each divider (three come per pack) has 64 sections, so each piece of clothing can get its own section. The dividers are also collapsable, so it’s easy to put them away in storage when not in use.

This lazy Susan made from bamboo

Whether you want to organize your spice cabinet or arrange your snacks, this lazy Susan turntable makes it easy. The rotating shelf has two tiers and, because it’s made from bamboo wood, has a natural look that blends in well with most kitchen cabinetry. With a 360-degree turntable, you’ll be able to easily reach what you need. “I ended up ordering a second one, because it looks nice on the counter,” one reviewer shared.

An electric scrubbing brush that makes cleaning easier

A plain old sponge is perfectly fine for washing a plate, but when you need to scrub at food caked on a pan, this power scrubber brush will come in handy. The battery-operated device can be fully submerged in water, so you can scrub away in a soapy sink. It comes with two scrubbing pads, so you can easily replace the pad when it eventually wears down.

A laundry basket that helps you sort by color

I’m always too lazy to sort my laundry by color, but it would be much easier if I had this color-coded laundry basket, with its three compartments labeled light, dark, and color. The hamper hangs in a collapsable metal frame, and the laundry basket itself can be removed and has handles for easy carrying.

This tool that removes pet hair from your furniture

Loving your pet doesn’t mean loving all the fur they leave around the house. This pet hair remover collects loose hair and lint on your couch, bed, car, or wherever else your pets have decided to shed. The device is easy to clean, with a button that releases any hair built-up.

This charging station that holds multiple devices

Finally, you'll have a space for everyone to charge their phones, tablets, and other devices. This charging station has seven cables, including three USB, three micro USB, and one USB-C cable, so it works with Apple products, Android products, smartwatches, portable gaming devices, and other electronics. The charging station has plastic dividers, so each device can stay upright.

This box that keeps your cables hidden

No matter how organized or clean your home is, everyone has an ugly bundle of cords somewhere. This cable management box hides your power strip and all the cords that are plugged into it, while still allowing you to use them. The box has openings on both ends so you can pull the cables out, and a wooden lid to cover it all.

These finger chopsticks that keep your fingers clean while snacking

Keep your hands clean while eating snacks with these chopsticks that rest on your fingers. The mini chopsticks are perfect for picking up chips, pretzels, nuts, or other snacks, so you don’t wind up with residue coating your hands while working. It comes in a pack of four, so there’s enough for everyone to use.

This set of hooks that hangs over your door

Install these over-the-door hooks without any tools. The set of six hooks easily slides over the top of a door without getting in the way of the door closing. Use it in your bedroom to hang purses and jackets, or put it in the bathroom to hold towels. The hooks are made from sturdy stainless steel, and you can buy the hanger in three colors.

This spoon rest that catches spills

Keep your counters and stovetop clean with this spoon rest that catches drips from cooking utensils. When it’s time to set down your utensil while cooking, just place it on this spoon rest that has a convenient groove for the handle and a bowl to catching any messes. It’s heatproof, so you can leave it on your stovetop even while cooking.

These vacuum storage bags that save so much space

Save space in your closet or suitcase with these vacuum storage bags that allow you to remove excess air and compress your clothes or linens. Each bag has a valve for suctioning air out, and the bags even come with a hand pump. The bags also help keep out moisture, odors, and insects.

A magnetic dry-erase board that's perfect for keeping lists

This magnetic whiteboard is perfect for keeping grocery lists or to-do lists on your fridge. The dry-erase board is a thin, flexible sheet that can be cut to any size or shape that you want. It also comes with six eraser-tipped markers, so you can even write color-coded lists.

A kitchen organizer that hangs over the cabinet

This over-the-cabinet kitchen organizer is perfect for those items that you’re just not sure where to keep, like cutting boards or foil and plastic wrap. The metal shelf comes with a hanging piece that lets you install it without any tools over the back of a cabinet door. This shelf is versatile in that it can also be mounted to a wall.

These stackable food storage containers with an airtight seal

Keep your pantry staples fresh with these storage containers that are perfect for holding cereal, pasta, flour, or other shelf-stable goods. The containers are easy to stack and have an airtight seal to keep your food fresh. They also come with labels and a marker so you can identify the contents.

These silicone mats that can be used for crafts or cooking

Whether you're rolling out dough or working on an art project, these silicone sheets create a surface that makes cleanup a breeze. The flexible mats are made from food-safe silicone and are easy to clean. They come in a pack of three different colors, so you can designate them for different purposes. Since the mats are so flexible, they're easy to store and can be rolled or folded up.

An outlet cover with a built-in shelf

This outlet cover has a built-in shelf so you finally have somewhere to put all those things you’re plugging it. Use it to rest your phone while it’s charging, or put it in the bathroom to hold your electric toothbrush. The cover is compatible with all common outlets and is easy to install.

This bathmat that’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation

Upgrade your bathroom with a different kind of bath mat. Made from real bamboo, this bath mat is water-resistant and durable, so it won’t get damaged from significant use. The material is coated with a nonslip surface and has rubber pieces on the bottom to keep the mat in place. It’s also slightly elevated off the ground for quick drying.

These glass food containers that are perfect for meal prep

Make your meals for the week in advance and store them in these glass containers for easy access. Made from oven-safe glass, these containers have a lid with an airtight seal that prevents leakage. The containers are also stackable, so they’re easy to store in your fridge. They come in a pack of three.

An insulated water bottle made from stainless steel

No one wants to take a swig of lukewarm water. Keep your drinks cold (or hot) with this YETI stainless steel water bottle that maintains temperature for hours with its double-wall vacuum insulation. The bottle also won’t dent or get scratched if dropped. As a bonus, it comes in 22 colors.

A mattress protector that keeps your bed safe from spills

Keep your mattress safe from spills and allergens with this mattress protector made from cotton terry. The noiseless and breathable fabric keeps you cool while sleeping and its water-resistant layers offer protection against spilled drinks or fluids. It also keeps out dust mites and other allergens.

This coffee bean grinder with adjustable settings

Get your coffee beans to the exact consistency you prefer with this manual bean grinder with 18 adjustable settings. Choose between various levels of coarse and finely ground coffee beans. Use the grounds with a traditional machine, french press, espresso machine, or alternative coffee maker of your choice.

A sponge holder that keeps your sink clean

If you leave a wet sponge on the edge of your sink, it will leave behind a pool of dirty water. This sponge holder creates a spot to keep your sponge and let it air dry, which also helps reduce bacteria. The innovative holder also has a base designed to catch any water that drips off.

This stone that will improve your homemade pizza

The key to making great pizza at home is having a pizza stone. This ceramic sheet is designed specifically to hold pizza and ensures that the crust will get crispy on the bottom without overcooking the toppings. The stone is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, with a diameter of 15 inches.

Some velvet hangers that keep your clothes from slipping off

Traditional plastic hangers can be slippery, so your clothes fall off easily. These velvet hangers are coated in a material that grips to your clothing, keeping everything in place. They also have a hook that swivels 360 degrees and a bar for hanging ties or scarves. In addition to light pink, they come in turquoise, purple, black, and several other colors.

This organizer that makes it easier to find your utensils

Keep your favorite kitchen utensils in one place with this wooden organizer. Divided into three sections, this organizer holds your spatulas, spoons, whisks, and other handy utensils. Plus it’s made from a block of attractive pine wood, so it looks fantastic on your counter.

Some wood markers that repair damaged furniture

Don’t toss a piece of furniture just because it has a couple of scratches. This furniture repair kit comes with six markers and six wax sticks in different wood-colored shades, from mahogany to maple, to cover up any marks on your wood table or floor. It also comes with a sharpener, so that your tools won’t get dull.

An infuser for brewing loose leaf tea

Use this tea infuser to brew a cup of your favorite loose leaf tea. Made from stainless steel, the infuser has a metal mesh that allows water to seep through while keeping the tea leaves in. Just fill the infuser with your favorite tea, place it in a mug, and pour hot water over top.

These shelves that keep your cabinets organized

These compact shelves are small enough to fit in your cabinet so you can better organize your dishes or pantry items. The shelves come in a set of two, with a slightly short shelf designed to slide under the taller one. You can also use them on your counter to organize spices or oils.

A bamboo shoe rack with three tiers

Keep your shoes organized with this three-tiered bamboo rack. With its minimalist design, this rack is perfect for putting in your entryway or bedroom (where shoes usually end up). The rack can hold up to 300 pounds, so it can also be used as a bench for sitting on while you tie your shoes.

This simple tool that unclogs your drain

If your sink or shower drain is clogged with hair or other blockages, then you need this 25-inch clog remover tool. The plastic tool easily bends to fit through drains and has barbed edges that grab onto debris. The clog removers come in a pack of four, but they can also be rinsed off and used again.

This space-saving fruit basket

This fruit and vegetable basket has enough room to hold all of your produce while saving space. The basket has a double-decker design, so you can hold twice the produce while only taking up the counter space of one standard bowl. It also has a hook for hanging your bananas, so they don’t get bruised sitting on the counter.

This corner shelf with 5 tiers

This shelf is perfect for fitting into a corner in your home. Hang it in the kitchen for some extra pantry space or in the bathroom to hold soaps and lotions. The shelf is made from wood with metal support brackets with a unique accordion design. The shelves have a weight capacity of 44 pounds.

A cellphone stand with a built-in Bluetooth speaker

This phone stand has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which makes it perfect for listening to music or watching a show while you’re busy, like cooking dinner or folding laundry. The stand can rotate for vertical or horizontal view and can also be adjusted for the angle. It’s compatible with a wide range of phones and tablets.

A microwave popcorn maker for your at-home movie nights

Make your own popcorn at home without having to resort to microwaveable bags. This silicone popcorn maker doesn't require any oil and makes sure nearly every kernel gets popped. The collapsible bowl is easy to clean and store and holds up to 15 cups of popped corn. You can buy this bowl in 13 colors.

This handheld massager for spots that are hard to reach

It’s pretty tough to massage your own back, but this handheld massager makes it a lot easier. The rechargeable device gives you a deep-tissue massage on your neck, shoulders, legs, or anywhere else that gets tense, pulsating up to 3600 times per minute. It also automatically shuts off after 20 minutes to prevent overheating.

A fun spoon rest that clips onto your pot

This spoon rest clips onto the pot or pan you’re using, so it doesn’t take up any extra space on your counter. Of course, the best part is that it’s shaped like an adorable crab, with the spoon resting in its claws. It also doubles as a steam releaser, so you can rest a pot lid on the crab to prop it open.

A shelf with hooks to hang your keys on

This wall-mounted organizer creates a place to sort your mail and hang your keys. The organizer has two baskets for holding mail or magazines, with five hooks below that can hold your keys, an umbrella, or a dog leash. It comes with screws for mounting and is easy to attach to the wall.