You'd have a nicer home & spend less time on chores if you used any of these clever things

More time and a nicer home? Dreams do come true.

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Keeping a home clean, tidy, and comfortable can be a lot of work. It helps to have a tool kit, a team of robots, and some specialized gadgets that can take up the slack. You don’t want to spend all your at-home time cleaning. That time was made for chilling on the couch and enjoying the fruits of your labor. You'd have a nicer home and spend less time on chores if you used any of these clever things to clean and beautify your space.


This Hack For Folding Clothes Faster

Turning a pile of laundry into a neat stack of perfectly folded garments should not take all day. This laundry folding board makes fast work of that slow chore. Just drop a garment on it and fold the board, as per the directions printed on it. Perfect folds every time! It comes in five colors.


This Portable Air Purifier

A home that makes you sneeze, wheeze, and cough isn’t comfortable. This air purifier will help with that. Set it on a bedside table, in the baby’s room, or at your desk and it will pull in the ambient air, clean out 99.97% of dust, pollen, and other allergens, and replace it with clean air. It’s quiet and easy to move around the house.


The Hair Catcher That Keeps Drains Flowing

When it comes to shower drain clogs, prevention is the best medicine. And this drain hair catcher is the best prevention. Drop it into the drain and it lets all the water, soap scum, and lather through while trapping the hair that causes those clogs. Pull it out and pull off the (relatively clean) hair occasionally and your drain will always run freely.


The Blue Apple That Preserves Produce

It’s so frustrating to find the energy to cook a meal only to discover that all the produce is too spoiled to use. End the extra work and expense by dropping these produce saver freshness balls into your produce drawer. They absorb the ethylene gas that encourages produce to ripen and rot, so your fruits and vegetables last longer. The bright blue apples have a replaceable packet inside that lasts three months.


These Organizers For Your Fridge Or Pantry

If it takes 10 minutes of digging around in your pantry or fridge to find the snack or ingredients you need, these pantry organizers will save you so much time. Fill them with snacks, ingredients by category, or whatever food-filing system works for you, and pull out the appropriate bin when you are in food-seeking mode. They are clear, have removable dividers, and are easy to grab with the integrated handles.


The Easy Way To Wash The Washing Machine

A clean washing machine means cleaner clothes and a longer life for that expensive appliance. And cleaning the machine is so easy with these washing machine cleaner tablets. This pack of 25 will keep your machine humming for a long time. Just drop one in and run an empty load. “Upon completion, I swear my washer was almost brand new,” said one reviewer. “It doesn't stink anymore, my clothes don't stink, and overall, I was very impressed.”


These Storage Bins You Can See Into

Create order in your closet, fridge, or pantry without losing track of anything by stashing things in orderly groupings into these clear storage bins. You can label them but you don’t need to because you can see everything that’s in them.


A Spin Scrubber That Does All Of The Work

Save your elbow grease for something more interesting and use this spin scrubber to clean floors, tile, grout, baseboards, and other areas that cause you to get down on the floor and work too hard. The telescoping handle and hinged head make it easy to get into awkward places and it comes with three specialized brush heads.


A Hanging Drying Rack For Sweaters & Delicates

Instead of draping all those sweaters and delicates that need to ‘dry flat’ all over the house, hang this folding drying rack from a door or the shower curtain rod and give them a dedicated place to dry. The mesh allows for airflow. It folds up small when not in use. “This is perfect,” said one reviewer. “It takes up practically no space when it's not in use. It opens and closes easily and takes up little space even when in use.”


This Chopper That Handles Meal Prep

Save yourself so much meal prep time by letting this vegetable chopper process all the vegetables. Drop an onion on one of the two dicing blades and close the lid to turn that onion into pan-ready pieces. Swap out the blade for the ribbon or spiral blade and turn zucchini into delicate ribbons that are perfect for pasta. It comes in five blade configurations and three colors.


A Slow Cooker So Dinner Is Ready

Is anything better than walking into your home, after a long day, and discovering a hot meal is ready to eat? You don’t need a talented spouse or live-in chef for this. Just load this slow cooker with select ingredients before you leave in the morning and hit the start button. The aroma and a hot meal will be ready to eat or, if you aren’t ready, switch it to ‘keep warm’ till you are. You can serve directly from the stoneware basin.


These Mats So You Don’t Have To Clean Pans

Forget about cleaning the pan after your baking project. This pack of three silicone baking mats replaces the grease the pan step and makes cleanup nearly nonexistent. Nothing sticks to the silicone so your cookies will pop right off. And nothing gets stuck to the pan so there is no scouring. Choose from six size and shape options.


A Cute Place To Stash The Kitchen Tools

Tuck all your kitchen tools into this charming sink caddy set for a piece of functional art in the kitchen sink. The cute window box suctions to the sink and holds a flower-shaped brush and scrubby sponge. It comes in two colors.


This Robot Vacuum Cleaner That’s Affordable

Once you invite this robot vacuum cleaner into your home, you will never have to do the vacuuming again. Just put your feet up on the couch, warn the cat, and hit the remote. It will run around cleaning floors and carpets while you chill. All you have to do is keep your feet out of the way and empty the dirt trap occasionally. It comes in three sizes and three models.


A Soap Dispenser For Your Sponge

Solve the eternal kitchen sink soap problem with this dish soap dispenser that loads the dish soap directly into the dish sponge. Just pump it a few times as you pick up the sponge. You can store the sponge on it, too. It catches the soapy runoff in a separate container from the clean soap. It comes in five colors.


This Organizer For Storage Bags

When you reach for a storage bag, is it a huge hassle to find the right one? This storage bag organizer will solve that problem and looks good doing it. Load the marked sections with the designated bags and drop the organizer in a drawer or cupboard. You label the sections yourself with the included clear labels. It comes in seven styles and colors.


A Storage System For Bed Sheets

When you have more than one bed size in your home, storing the sheets so you can find the right ones is a puzzle. This set of bed sheet organizers is the solution. Fold the sheets. Zip them into the container. And drop a label into the slot. They will store neatly on your shelves and make changing the sheets so much faster and less frustrating.


The Dog Rug That Keeps The Floors Clean

The best way to avoid cleaning chores is to prevent the mess from happening. This absorbent dog rug is designed to do exactly that. It cleans paws, shoes, and anything else that might drip on the floors as they come through the door. It is soft underfoot, comes in five sizes to fit your entry or needs, and is available in eight colors.


This Trick For Keeping Trash Bags From Slipping

When the trash bag slides into the trash can — and people keep throwing things in there anywhere — it creates a nasty mess. These garbage gripper bands prevent that mess from ever happening again by holding the bag in place until you intentionally remove it. “They hold the bag tight, saving you from messy bags,” said one reviewer.


A Trap To Keep Cat Litter Off The Floors

Tired of cleaning up cat litter that has been tracked all over your floors? This cat litter trapper prevents that from happening. As the cat steps out of the litter, the open-weave textured surface cleans the litter off those paws and traps it below. Lift the top and vacuum occasionally and your floors will stay clean. It comes in black or brown in seven sizes.


This Trick For Cleaning The Microwave

Cleaning the microwave is a boring chore. But this Angry Mama changes that. Fill her with vinegar and water and cook her for a few minutes. Steam will blow out of her ears, which is quite entertaining. When you remove her, the oven's interior will wipe clean easily.


This Vacuum That Mops The Floors, Too

Skip a step by using this wet-dry vacuum that vacuums up spills — wet or dry — and mops the floor at the same time. Just fill it with water, hit the button, and clean. “One of the highlights is it’s impressive ability to dry the floor after cleaning,” said one reviewer. “The self-cleaning feature is nothing short of amazing. Highly recommended for its efficiency and time-saving capabilities!”


An LED Light For Task Lighting

Working in a dim space is frustrating and inefficient. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix the task lighting in your kitchen — or anywhere — with this wireless LED bar light. It’s peel-and-stick design is easy to mount under cabinets and you can control up to 12 of these lights with one remote. Choose the brightness level and set timers from a distance. Or tap the lens to turn on the light you need.


This Power Scrubber For Grout

If you dread getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing the grout, this power scrubber is here to save you from a life of hard labor. Push the button and the rotating scrubber head does all the work. It works for all sorts of other scrubbing jobs, too. “This has saved me so much time cleaning the grout and tiles in my bathroom!” said one reviewer. “I use it all the time and the battery still hasn’t died.”


A Magnetic Cleaning Planner

The best way to cut down your workload, when it comes to household chores, is to spread the labor around among all the residents. This magnetic weekly cleaning planner will be your command central. It’s clear so it lets your fridge or other surface shine through. And it comes with six colored markers, a magnetic pen container, and a cleaning towel.


This Washable Rub That’s Pretty & Affordable

When you have pets, kids, or messy friends, a washable rug is essential. Who can afford to throw away an expensive rug because of poor decisions made by the dog? And this washable rug is so affordable, soft underfoot, and pretty, that the ability to toss it into the laundry won’t even be your first reason for owning it. It comes in 19 sizes and 11 beautiful patterns.


These Casters So You Can Move The Furniture

Attach these vintage casters to the bottom of your coffee table and other furniture so you can clean the house more quickly and thoroughly by simply moving furniture out of the way. Once your furniture is easy to move, you might also find yourself moving it to throw a dance party or have a wrestling match, too.


This Trick For Keeping Kitchen Appliances On The Counter

Set your coffee machine, mixer, or blender on this appliance sliding tray to easily tuck that appliance under cupboards or into a corner without making it inaccessible. Pull the handle and drag that machine out easily whenever you want to use it. The tray comes in seven sizes and three colors.


A Duster That Goes Into Tight Spaces

This under-appliance microfiber duster makes the chore of cleaning dust, cat toys, and debris from under the fridge, furniture, and other narrow places easy. Just swipe it under and it grabs everything in one sweep. It comes with two cleaning cloths. “Finally a broom/sweeper for tight spaces,” said one reviewer. “I was able to get so much dust, dog hair, and other dirt out from under the fridge and washer and dryer.”


A Storage Ottoman That’s Pretty & Comfy

Keep all your extra clutter tucked neatly into this velvet storage ottoman so your gear is always handy but never creating a mess. Rest your feet on the soft cushion side of the lid or flip the top over to reveal a tray that is the perfect place to set a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It comes in 11 colors.


These Cable Ties For Better Cord Storage

Transform that messy cable drawer into something useful and organized with these self-gripping cable ties in pretty colors. They attach to the cords so it's easy to put a charging cable back where you got it so your system stays intact. “It's so nice having all the cables organized and tidy,” said one reviewer.


A Portable Washing Machine For Delicates

This portable washing machine will save your delicate items from the hazards of a full-size machine and it will save you the labor of hand-washing items in the sink. It folds to fit under the sink. It does all the agitating and wringing out and uses very little power in the process. It comes in three colors.


This Magnetic Laundry Guide

Stick this magnetic laundry symbol guide to the washer and never destroy a garment again because you can’t read the tiny washing instruction label. It interprets the codes printed on fabrics and provides the temperature and machine settings those fabrics will enjoy in the washer, dryer, or under the iron. It also offers a guide to when you should/shouldn’t go to the dry cleaners or use bleach.


These Easy Labels For Cables

Maybe you can’t avoid the snarl of plugs and cables under your desk or entertainment area but you can save yourself a lot of irritation by labeling each cable so it’s easy to plug and unplug things without doing damage. These easy-to-attach cable labels make this chore so quick. You can do it as you set up a system or as an afterthought because they wrap around the cord and are easy to write on.


A Set Of Folding Allen Wrenches

Toss this folding Allen wrench set — one in SAE and one in metric — into a kitchen drawer, bike bag, or everyday toolkit and save future you the hassle of looking for the right tool for the job. These 17 wrenches in an easy-to-deploy jackknife rig will ensure that the right size is in your hand. “These [will] replace all my loose [Allen] wrenches,” said one reviewer. “Things about to get neater and cleaner.”


A Handy Label Printer That Connects To Your Phone

This pocket-sized label maker makes it so easy to label everything wherever you are. Connect it to your phone, design a label in the app, and print it to the ink-less stickers. Your labels can be anything from cute to serious. “This has been one of the best tools I have ever had the pleasure of using,” said one reviewer. “It is extremely easy to use and versatile. I can make labels for anything [and] download pictures online for objects not covered by the provided images.”


A Collection Of Faux Plants That Need No Water

You can have plants without the potting, pruning, and watering chores that come with them by setting this pack of three potted artificial plants down in strategic areas in your home. Since they need no light or water, these plants can go wherever it’s too dark for them to grow. The pot is made of paper pulp and the plants come in four varieties.


These Weird Dishcloths That Are Better Than Paper Towels

Grab one of these Swedish dishcloths instead of a paper towel the next time you want to wipe down the counters, wash a glass, or mop up a spill. They are an unusual blend of cellulose and cotton. This makes them the perfect texture for all the tasks paper towels are good at. But these are reusable, washable, and biodegradable.


A Pumice To Clean Stubborn Toilet Stains

When your toilet or other fixtures have an impossible-to-remove rust or hard-water buildup situation, you can spend as much time and energy as you like and it won’t come clean with ordinary cleansers. This pumice cleaner will get it right off, though. “My toilets had a few stains that no matter what cleaner bleach, scrubbing I used I couldn’t get them off… until this,” said one reviewer. “Very easy and effective!”


This Duvet Cover Set So Making The Bed Is Easy

Dress your bed in this easy-to-wash duvet cover set and the space will look beautiful while cutting down on the bed-making labor. Once your duvet is in this soft, microfiber cover, you can just give it a toss to make the bed. With the matching pillow shams, your room will look pulled together instantly. It comes in 27 colors and six sizes.


The Gizmo That Prevents Sheet Tangling

This clever device eliminates the post-laundry chore of detangling bed sheets that have eaten all the other clothes and turned into a tangled mass. Attach the bed sheet detangler before you put your sheets into the washer. Take them off of your not-tangled sheets when the laundry is done and use them again next time.


A Handheld Sprayer For The Garden

This handheld garden pump sprayer makes it much easier to treat plants in your garden, mist delicate epiphytes, and more. It is lightweight and mists automatically after you pump it to create pressure. It holds 2 liters. “Easy to fill and use,” said one reviewer.


These Glass Bulbs That Water The Plants

Skip the process of getting someone to water your plants when you travel by sticking these self-watering plant bulbs into their dirt so they have plenty of water to survive till you get home. They cut down on how much time you spend caring for greenery when you are home, too. And they look beautiful in your pots.


The Easy Way To Clean A Water Bottle

There is no need to get out a brush and spend time scrubbing your water bottle or coffee flask. Just drop one of these water bottle cleaning tablets into the bottle and wait. It will do all the work, bringing your bottle back to like-new spotlessness. “Used [these] to clean out my Yeti tumbler with the dark tea stain that I could not scrub out,” said one reviewer. “I was shocked at how well it cleaned it. No effort, just dropped tablets in my tumbler along with warm water and that was it.”


The Trash Can Bands For Every Can You Have

Instead of fighting with tricky plastic bag knots or dealing with the aftermath of a trash bag that slipped into the can, use these trash can bands to hold the bag securely. They are stretchy enough to fit cans ranging from 10 to 33 gallons and have metal joints so they don’t break.