You'd like your home so much more if you had any of these 50 genius, cheap things

The same home, only better.

ByChristina Wood
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Whether your goals in life include ordering less takeout, spending less time cooking, getting your gear organized so you can find things, or enjoying your downtime by enhancing your relaxation equipment, I have found some gear that will help. Get a better cupholder for the couch, smarter storage solutions, and tools that create tastier food and beverages. Stay home and achieve your goals! Everything is easier if you like your home. And you’d like your home so much more if you had any of these 50 genius, cheap things.


The prevention for clogged shower drains

There is nothing pleasant about showering in an ankle-deep puddle of dirty water. So stick this TubShroom in the drain and stop that from ever happening. It lets the water and soap through while trapping the hair that will eventually cause a clog. All you have to do is pull the hair off occasionally and the drain will run smoothly.


A cozy fleece throw

Next time you curl up on the couch to cuddle the cat and watch a movie, wrap up in this fleece throw blanket so you both enjoy it more. The deliciously soft fibers will comfort you both while cocooning you in safe warmth. It comes in 29 colors.


These weird dishcloths that are better than paper towels

Every time you grab a paper towel to clean a spill or wipe a dish, you are adding to the landfill. They don’t do a great job of cleaning, either. These Swedish dishcloths are much more effective — absorbent like a sponge and flexible like a cloth — pretty, and you can reuse them. Throw them in the wash when they get dirty. Throw them away when they wear out. They are biodegradable.


These cable ties that make cords neat & tidy

How many drawers, boxes, and shelves in your home are housing a snarl of cables? Those would be useful if you could grab, identify, and use them. These self-gripping ties turn that project into a few, satisfying minutes that you will only have to do once because they attach to the cord so rewrapping is easy. This is 40 wraps in assorted colors and two sizes.


A pair of satin pillowcases

You spend half your life in bed. Why not make it a better experience? Not only do these satin pillowcases make your bed — and bedroom — look luxurious while adding a pop of color, but they are gentle to your skin and hair. The fine fibers are slippery and soft so they don’t grab your hair. And they won’t absorb the moisture from your skin. They come in 35 colors.


This quick fix for chipped paint

You don’t have to live with the dings, scratches, and damage that happens to your paint or schedule time to repaint. Fill these brush pens with the color on your walls and keep them handy. When damage happens, pull one out and paint right over it. No hassle. No damage.


The solution for badly place outlets

Why is there always an outlet — usually the only outlet — in exactly the spot you want to put a piece of furniture? This outlet cover with power strip is the quick fix for that dilemma. Plug it into that badly placed outlet. It covers it and makes it nearly invisible. Then place the power switch where you want the power to be.


A tool that auto-preps your veggies

Ordering food to be delivered might seem like the only option when you are hungry. But this vegetable chopper will help your creations compete with that delivery time by making the prep work easy. Drop the food into the base and press the button. The blade will drop and chop your vegetable so it’s ready for the pan in seconds.


This pair of big red wine glasses

A set of good wine glasses can make even a humble meal and a cheap bottle of vino feel like an indulgence, turning it into an evening of conversation and fun. This set of two large, hand-blown red wine glasses is just the thing. They hold 22 ounces, deliver the aroma to your nose, and have lots of room for swirling and admiring your elixir.


A cheese board with a hidden compartment

Dinner doesn’t always have to involve cooking and cleaning up. Sometimes spreading leftovers, cheese, nuts, fruits, and pickles on a beautiful board and setting it on the coffee table is a meal you can linger over with friends. This round cheese board makes it easy to assemble, with lots of bamboo surface area for food, side channels for crackers and nuts, and a secret compartment that holds all the tools you’ll need.


This trick for moving heavy furniture easily

These furniture rollers make it easy to move heavy appliances or furniture, either because you are moving or to make it easy to clean under them. Just set the furniture on top of the roller and moving it becomes easy. “Put them under my little shed freezer,” said one reviewer. “Just roll it out, get what I need, roll it back under.”


The S’mores microwave hack you need

You can have S’mores anytime you want, in seconds, with this microwave S’mores maker on hand. Just fill the chamber with water, put graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows on the tray, and cook. Everything cooks perfectly and is ready at the same time. “Perfect S’mores. Every. Single. Time. There is no longer any need to go camping as far as I'm concerned,” said one reviewer.


A pillow stand for reading and working in bed

Get some work done in bed or on the couch. Prevent your arms from falling asleep while you read your Kindle or book. This pillow stand holds your device or book at just the right angle while you work or read and there is even a place to rest your pen. It comes in four colors.


The cupholder for your couch

Upgrade your couch time or bed-rotting weekends with this cup cozy pillow that holds your drink so you don’t spill your coffee and hydration all over the bed or couch cushions. Just set it down and — even on an uneven surface — it will hold three beverages or a combo of drinks and remotes upright and so you can find them, even in the dark.


This soft & cozy electric blanket

No matter how cold it is outside, you will be warm and cozy under this electric blanket. Use it to pre-warm the bed so you don’t have to endure icy sheets. Turn it up to help sore muscles relax. Then choose from the six heat levels to set it to a comfortable all-night temperature. It will turn itself off if you forget and the warming elements are wrapped in a soft micro-fleece.


A bike for under your desk

Set this pedal exerciser under your desk or in front of the TV and turn sitting time into a workout. You can set the resistance to boost the intensity of your workout and keep right on pedaling through a long workday or movie. “Great for rehab for a knee replacement!” said one reviewer. “Great for general exercise. Can use it for your arms, too. The physical therapist recommended it.”


These candles you turn on with a remote

You can set these flameless candles all over your house, climb into bed, and turn them on and off without getting out from under the covers. You will have no fear of burning the house down or forgetting to blow them out because you can set a timer to turn them off after four or eight hours. They come in 10 colors and patterns.


A sunset for your living room

Create beautiful vignettes of light wherever your decor and creativity want them with this sunset projection lamp. It throws a warm glow of light at the wall while capturing objects in its path for shadows. “Feels just like waking up to a gentle sunrise,” said one reviewer. “Will be buying one for every room in the house because the lighting is just so WARM.”


These solar light for the stairs

These solar lights are an easy and beautiful way to make exterior staircases safer. Set them at the edges of the stairs — and attach them with screws or adhesive if you want — and they charge all day via the sun and turn on automatically at night to illuminate your stairs. There are three light and frame color options to choose from.


A stacking basket for storage

Store all your fruits and veggies out in the open on the counter. Keep bathroom essentials handy. Or set these stacking basket bins next to your armchair to store knitting or other crafts. The baskets and plate snap together and stand in a 12-inch footprint to create convenient, organized storage anywhere. They come in white or black.


The chiller that makes hot coffee cold

When you want iced coffee but all you have is hot coffee, the HyperChiller is your best friend. Store it in the freezer, where the interior coolant gets super cold, and pour your hot coffee into it. You’ll be sipping chilled coffee one minute later. It works with wine and beer, too!


This Fire Stick so you can stream from the TV you have

It’s so easy to cancel your cable TV and enjoy streaming the movies and shows you want to watch when you want to watch them. You do not need to buy a special TV for this. Plug the Fire TV stick into the TV you have to access Netflix, Prime, Disney+, and more. You can search it all using the included voice-controlled remote.


An herb garden for your window sill

If you have a sunny window, you can have an herb garden. Start with this herb garden seed starter kit. It comes with your choice of culinary or tea herbs, soil disks, jute plant pots, plant markers, shears for cutting herbs, and a growing guide all packed up in a cute box.


This milk frother for foamy coffee at home

Turn every cup of coffee or tea into a delicious foamy creation with this electric milk frother. The tiny whisk spins quickly to whip your favorite milk from flat to foam in seconds, hot or cold. It comes in 12 colors and stands in its own stand so it’s always on the counter when you need it. It’s great for mixing powders into liquids, too.


A clever fix for HVAC vents that get it wrong

When the AC freezes you by blowing right on your head or the heat is pointing at the ceiling while you shiver below, un-warmed, this magnetic vent deflector will redirect the airflow so it serves you better. It grips the metal vent magnetically and gently redirects the air in the direction you want. This is a two-pack.


These grippers so your rugs don’t kill you

If it feels like your rugs are trying to take you down by curling up at the edges, sliding out from under you, and tripping you, use these rug corner grippers to hold them down. They attach easily to the four corners of any rug, weighing them down and gripping the floor so they stay flat and don’t move.


The light strip that makes your TV better

These LED light strips make the TV you have look so much better. Peel and stick them to the back of the screen and use the app to set the color and brightness. They throw light at the wall behind your screen, creating terrific ambient light while reducing the contrast so your eyes see the colors and blacks more clearly.


These adorable cable management boxes

This cute, decorative cable management box looks adorable on your desk or bedside table while it hides and manages a power strip and the cords that lead to and from it. The top has a slot to hold your phone and rest all your digital accessories. It even comes with cord wraps and cute cord clips. This is a two-pack and you can choose from six colors.


A mug warmer so your coffee is always hot

Set this coffee mug warmer on your desk and prevent that awful moment when you absent-mindedly sip your brew only to discover it is stone cold. Set the temperature with a tap and your brew will stay exactly the way you like it until you have time to finish it. It looks decorative on your desk, too.


This clever trick for fixing a sagging couch

When your sagging couch starts to feel in need of a replacement but your budget says no, this couch cushion support can extend its life until you are ready. Unfold it under the cushions and it will provide a solid base so that when you add the cushions back, it’s comfortable again. “Makes my couch feel brand new again,” said one reviewer.


An easy way to make lots of cold-brew coffee

Brew up a big batch — 2 quarts — of cold brew coffee easily in this Mason jar coffee maker. A mesh stainless steel sleeve holds the grounds in the jar as it steeps so there is no sludge in the final product and a flip-top lid makes it easy to store and pour your brew. “It is a simple design, easy to use, and makes really good cold brew without a lot of fuss,” said one reviewer.


This seat cushion that protects your back

Sitting on a hard chair can cause pain, especially to your tailbone. This seat cushion pillow makes any chair more comfortable by softening the seat with memory foam and stopping your coccyx from resting all day on that hard surface. Over 18,000 people give it five stars.


A projection alarm clock for resting easier

This projection alarm clock makes it so easy to crack your eyes open and glance at the time without scrambling for your phone. It displays the time on the wall or ceiling — you decide by swiveling the projector — and has a USB port for charging your phone. It comes in five projection colors.


This candle that smells like a fir tree

Light this Frasier fir candle and bathe your home in the fresh scent of a pine forest. The tin container looks pretty on the mantle or entry table and the lid keeps the candle fresh, dust-free, and ready to light. “It smells like a genuine fir tree without being perfume-y or sweet and the smell is strong (and lasts) without being over-powering,” said one reviewer.


The rechargeable wall sconce you can put anywhere

You can add beautiful lighting anywhere you want without running wires with this LED wall-mounted sconce that’s rechargeable and illuminates in four colors. Control the color and brightness with the remote. Mount it to the wall with the peel-and-stick adhesive back. There are four color options and one version that’s app-controlled. It’s easy and fabulous.


An oil spraying for crispy food

Fill this glass oil sprayer with your favorite oil so you can easily mist meats and vegetables with oil before you roast or air fry them. This allows you to get all the crispiness you want without using too much oil. The big button on the top makes spraying easy and there is no need to pump or prime the bottle.


These slipper that will make you smile

Slide your tired dogs into the happy face slippers and enjoy warm feet and an improved mood. A soft, fuzzy lining feels delightful while the fleece warms your feet and the rubber sole keeps you from slipping around. “The cutest slippers you will find, ever,” said one reviewer. “Soft and comfortable, and it's hard not to be happy when you look down at your feet!”


This weather stripping that’s so easy to install

If your space is drafty and loud, the problem is a lack of effective weather stripping. Replace your aging weather stripping — or add some — with this door seal strip that peels and sticks in place. The 0.25-inch foam strip stops sound, drafts, and bugs from getting through the small spaces in door and window frames.


The pens that fix your grout

Cleaning grout is a painstaking and often ineffective chore. But painting over dingy grout with this tile paint marker is easy and the results are spectacular. Just draw with the marker point and watch your space turn bright and clean again. You can even choose from one of the 10 non-white colors to change up the look of the room. “I used this on my laundry room grout, which had turned very dark,” said one reviewer. “Easy to apply and the results are amazing!”


This tile backsplash you can install in an hour

While everyone else is getting high-cost bids on tile work and trying to schedule busy contractors, pull out your scissors and this peel-and-stick tile backsplash and remodel your kitchen in an hour. The vinyl tile looks surprisingly like the real deal, is easy to apply, and makes it so much easier to clean the wall above your counters. It comes in 11 colors.


An essential oil diffuser that’ll change the vibe of your room

Changing the scent can completely a room while helping you find a calmer, brighter, or happier mood. This essential oil diffuser makes it so easy to do that. Fill it with water and add a few drops of essential oil to fill the room with a scented cool mist. It works as a gentle ambient light — in your choice of color — too. There are four finishes.


These clever hangers that save space

This clever set of four space-saving hangers lets you hang more garments in the same amount of space. Just hang them from the closet rod and hang your current hangers on the hooks. Each one has five hooks so you can fit 20 garments in a space that now houses only four, simply by taking advantage of the vertical space. You’ll love your closet that much more when it’s not crammed to the brim.


This bird feeder that suctions to your window

The view out your window could be so much prettier if you hang this suction-cup window bird feeder up. Stick it to whichever window you want, and fill the base with the birdseed of your choice. You’ll be able to see more of the wildlife living outside your very window.


The silicone hack for better roasted food

Take your air-fryer game up a notch by cooking an entire meal at once in these sheet pan dividers. Just load up the silicone trays, arrange them on a sheet pan, and pop them in the air fryer or oven. You can remove foods as they are done, assemble creative dishes, and more. “Brilliant 100000% Recommend them!” said one reviewer. “It lets me separate veggies by how long they take to cook so they are all ready at the same time and nothing is over/undercooked.”


This phone stand with a speaker

Make your phone or tablet a more effective communication and entertainment device by setting it on this stand with speaker. The speaker connects wirelessly to your phone and amplifies phone calls, video calls, and videos when you set your phone on it.


This window film for elegant privacy & light filtering

You don’t have to hang curtains to make windows and doors opaque. These window films create privacy and filter light without completely changing the look and feel of your space. Choose a color and pattern and apply it with water and static cling. You can’t see through them but they let light in while filtering out 96% of the harmful UV rays.


This wildflower garden in a bag

Transform a patch of weeds and dirt into a beautiful field of flowers by tossing the 64,000 seeds in this big pack of wildflower seeds into the wind. After a few weeks of rain and sun, you will be able to cut the flowers of everything from sunflowers to baby’s breath — as well as a host of marigolds, lupine, cornflower, and more — to bring indoors.


A wick trimmer set for better candle management

Enjoy working with quality tools and imagining that you are lighting candles in a Gothic mansion with this candle wick trimmer set that enables more effective wax candle use. The snuffer puts a candle out quickly and cleanly. The wick trimmer snips off the burnt bit. And the wick dipper helps you fetch a submerged wick out of the wax.


This dispenser that makes grocery bags more useful

Turn your excess plastic grocery bags into something useful with this bag saver and dispenser. When you need a bag — to carry something, clean up after a pet, or store some veggies in the fridge — grab one from the front. It mounts to a wall so your bags are always within reach.


A smart way to save leftovers

Next time you make soup, double — or triple — the recipe and freeze some for future use with this silicone freezing tray that holds 1-cup in each compartment. When future you doesn't have the energy to cook, you can just pull it out, pop out a serving, and enjoy home-cooked goodness without having to do the home cooking. It comes in four colors and has a lid so your soup is safe in the freezer.