Your home could look much more expensive with any of these cheap tricks

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Adding some fresh touches to your home doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. While home renovations can add up quickly, there are tons of quick tricks you can use to freshen up your space without breaking the bank. In this list, you’ll find tons of affordable Amazon products that are super affordable, from a putty that fills in the holes in your wall to a glass decanter that holds your liquor.

Spruce up the outside of your house with some solar-powered lights that will illuminate your walkway. Or add a unique piece of decor like this LED light sculpture that looks like a watering can pouring out water (that’s actually a string of lights).

Whether you want to spruce up your bedroom by adding some new decor, your kitchen by investing in some new cooking tools, or your outdoor space by improving the lighting, there are plenty of ways to update your home without spending a fortune. In this list, you’ll find tons of cheap tricks that will actually make your home look more expensive.


Buying sheets with deep pockets, so they fit securely on your bed

If the pockets on your fitted sheets are too shallow, then your sheet probably won’t stay in place. This sheet set has extra-deep pockets, so they stay securely in place. Made from soft and comfortable microfiber fabric, the set also comes with a top sheet and two pillowcases. Plus, it comes in 19 colors.


Removing pet odors from your carpet & furniture

When you live with pets, you tend to get used to their odors, but that doesn’t mean guests won’t notice them. Remove any odors and stains from your carpet, furniture, tile floor, or other surfaces with this odor eliminator. The 8-ounce bottle is a concentrate you mix into water, so it actually makes four 32-ounce bottles of solution.


Using these slender hangers to keep your closet orderly

The secret to having a well-organized closet is what kind of hangers you use. These rubber-coated hangers, for example, are extra slender which allows you to hang more of them in your closet. The rubber coating creates a nonslip surface, so even your satin clothes won’t fall off the hangers. Plus, they come in a pack of 50, so you’ll be all stocked up.


Replacing mismatched glasses with fancy highball glasses

If you’re like me, then your glassware collection is a bunch of mismatched cups accumulated due to past various roommates. Upgrade to a matching set with these highball glasses that have a simple and sleek design. The set of six holds 13 ounces per glass. They’re great for everyday use or for serving a fancy cocktail.


Using expandable storage bags to hold seasonal clothing

You’re not gonna be wearing those heavy sweaters in winter, so why have them take up valuable space in your closet? These expandable storage bags are perfect for storing off-season clothes so you can free up hangers. The bag can expand or contract based on how much clothing you’re storing and has sturdy handles for easy transportation.


Using a UV light box to sanitize electronics

Your phone collects way more germs than you realize, but you can’t necessarily wipe it down like you would a counter. This sanitizer box uses UV light to destroy germs and bacteria in as few as 15 minutes. It can be used for other small items like your wallet, keys, or glasses. It’s also collapsable so you can take it with you when you travel.


Protecting your mattress from lasting stains

If your mattress gets stained, there’s a good chance it may stay that way. This mattress protector not only keeps it safe from stains, but it also protects your mattress from bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. The cover is waterproof but has a smooth cotton surface so it won’t make extra noise.


Growing your own herbs with this innovative kit

You might not realize it, but herbs are very easy to grow. Even if you aren’t a natural green thumb, this kit makes it simple. With chive, mint, coriander, dill, oregano, basil, arugula, parsley, sage, and thyme included, you’ll be able to make even fresher meals while also impressing your houseguests. After all, nothing says fancy like an extensive herb garden.


Using a pet hair remover to keep your furniture clean

It’s impossible to pick up every piece of fur your pets leave around the house, but you can at least try with this pet hair remover roller. The roller collects hair using static, so there’s no sticky tape or adhesive that will leave a mark. It collects the hair in a chamber which can be emptied with the push of a button.


Installing a light therapy lamp to help regulate sleep

You may not think of light as therapeutic, but this lamp mimics the effects of sunlight, which can help with mood and sleep regulation. The lamp is especially helpful in the winter months when you spend less time outdoors and in the sun. Plus, this lamp doesn’t have any of the harmful UV rays from the sun, and can easily brighten up any room.


Using decanters to store your liquor collection

If you really want to make your home bar look fancy, try storing your liquor in a fancy glass decanter. The decanter has a glass stopper and can be used to store scotch, brandy, or other liquors. It can also be used as a wine decanter, or if alcohol isn’t your thing, use it to hold juice or water.


Adding a bed skirt for more under-the-bed privacy

The space underneath your bed is a great place for storing stuff that you don’t have room for anywhere else. This bed skirt lets you hide the stuff under your bed so visitors don’t have to get a glimpse of any mess. Plus, it helps tie your bedroom together. It comes in seven colors so you can match it to your bed’s color scheme.


Adding a mortar and pestle to your collection of kitchen tools

The more kitchen tools you have, the more interesting and unique recipes you can make to impress your guests. This mortar and pestle set allows you to grind up spices, mash up guacamole, or make the perfect pesto. It comes with a bowl, grinder, and a silicone lid for keeping your food fresh.


Putting extra lights under your cabinets for better visibility in the kitchen

If there’s one room in your home where you actually need good lighting, it’s the kitchen — especially if you cook with a lot of knives and other sharp tools. These LED puck lights are battery-powered, so they don’t have any wires and are easy to install with screws or adhesive tape. They are also handy for dark spaces like closets or stairwells.


Using solar-powered lights to brighten your walkway

Make sure the path leading up to your house is well-lit with these solar-powered lights. The pack of four lights have a stake on one end so it can stick into the dirt or grass. The lights have a solar panel that charges in the sun and is ready to light up after just a few hours.


Using a white noise machine to create calming background noise

You may think of a white noise machine as something that can only be used to help you fall asleep, but it can also be nice for creating calming background noises when hanging out around the house when you have guests over. This noise machine has rain sounds, wind chimes, a crackling fireplace, and other options.


Adding lights to your outdoor patio umbrellas to make parties an all-night event

Keep your parties from going dark when the sun goes down with this LED umbrella light. The light attaches to the pole of your outdoor umbrella and sits upside down so it shines onto the table. It also comes with a remote that lets you adjust the brightness from a distance, and set a timer on the lights if needed.


Displaying your plants with these macrame hangers

Plants are a great way to add some natural decor to your home, but you can make them look even better with these macrame plant hangers. Made from a sturdy woven rope, the hanger holds your plant as it hangs from a hook on the ceiling, adding a unique boho touch. These hangers come in a set of five and include hooks.


Making your room seem bigger with these mirror tiles

Mirrors are a great way to make a room in your home seem bigger because they create the illusion of more space. These mirror tiles can be hung together vertically to create a full-length mirror, or horizontally. But you can also get creative and space them out however you like, in a square or staggered around the room.


Hanging large art prints in common areas

Hanging art on the walls makes your home feel more vibrant and inviting. This canvas wall art depicts a misty forest with gray, green, and blue hues. The art is spread out over three pieces, which you can hang together horizontally. It’s printed on a canvas that is resistant to UV damage and fading.


Switching out your door knobs & locks for nicer ones

A doorknob and lock are surprisingly easy to replace and they can give your door a spruced-up look. This Amazon Basics door knob has a key slot as well as a deadbolt lock. They’re made from steel with a matte black color. The set comes with screws, bolts, keys, and detailed instructions to help you get things installed.


Adding texture to your walls with these 3D wall panels

Adding texture to your walls can make for more dynamic and interesting decor. These 3D textured wall panels have a geometric design and are made from a plant fiber material. They can be installed with adhesive strips. The best part is you can choose how much you want to do — a whole accent wall, or just a touch of texture.


Changing out cabinet hardware for a fresh look

Kitchen updates can be pricy, but switching out the hardware on your cabinets is a cheap and easy way to give it a new look. These curved cabinet pulls are made from an oil-rubbed bronze that gives it a vintage farmhouse look. They are easy to install — hardware is included — and come in a pack of 10.


Using a large plant as living decor

You may not think of plants as decor, but they add lively energy to any room. This majesty palm grows 3-4 feet tall, so it can be a real statement in whatever room it lives in. The majesty palm thrives on indirect sunlight, so it’s perfect for adding brightness to a room that doesn’t have many windows.


Adding a robe hook in the bathroom

Don’t let your towels and robes accumulate in a pile on the floor. Instead, install this polished chrome robe hook. It has an elegant design and concealed mounting that hides any screws used. Use it to hang your bathrobe, face towel, or even your clothes for when you come out of the shower.


Replacing your old towels with some clean white ones

Something about having all white towels in your bathroom makes it feel like a hotel or a spa. This set of four cotton towels will make your bathroom serene and will make stepping out of the bath or shower a more comforting experience. If white isn’t your style, the towels come in 11 other colors.


Installing a smart dimmer switch so you have more control over lighting

Now that there are smart light switches, you don’t have to be beholden to the simple on and off of a normal switch. This smart switch has a dimmer function that gives you more control over the level of lighting. This switch also connects to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so you can control the lights through voice commands.


Polishing wood furniture correctly to make it look new

Wood is like your skin in that it requires special care and can only handle certain products. This wood cleaner and polish spray helps clean and moisturize your wood furniture, floors, and baseboard. It also helps protect against discoloration, fading, and cracking in the wood.


Getting a salt lamp to change the glow of your room

Are Himalayan salt lamps magical? Likely not. But, they sure are cool — and can help you change up the lighting situation in any room. It’d be a great addition to a study or a similar space that could benefit from warm light. Handcarved from salt crystals, it’s also its own work of art that’s bound to get compliments.


Adding decorative river rocks to outdoor plant beds

Make the plants in front of your home look more sophisticated with these decorative river rocks that you can lay in your plant beds or around your walkway. Each bag comes with approximately 50 rocks that vary in size, shape, and color. All the rocks are rounded so there’s no danger of stepping on sharp edges.


Setting up a decorative light sculpture in your garden

Just like the inside of your house, the outside of your house can benefit from some decor. This watering can light decoration adds a unique touch to your yard, with a copper watering can fixture angled to appear as if it’s pouring out strings of lights. The lights are solar-powered, so they don’t need to be plugged in.


Showcasing your kicks with these fancy shoe trees

If your shoes are currently strewn in a pile in your closet, you may want to listen up. Using these shoe trees won’t only make you feel more put-together, but they’ll also help extend the life of your footgear. Made from resilient plastic, they’ll help maintain the shape of your shoes when they’re not on your feet. If you’re a big fan of shoes, these are the best way to turn your collection into a work of art. You get five per pack.


Creating an accent wall with easy-to-use wallpaper

An accent wall can add a pop of color and excitement to a room without having to paint or wallpaper every wall. This peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to install. It has an adhesive backing, which is especially ideal if you’re renting. The wallpaper has a delicate floral pattern with a gray color scheme and pops of green.


Hanging sheer curtains that still let in natural light

These sheer curtains give you the best of both worlds by blocking windows and giving you privacy while still letting in plenty of natural light. The curtains are made from a polyester material designed to look and feel like linen, so you get that breezy beach house feel. It comes in nine lengths and nine color options.


Installing smart bulbs to change the color of a room’s lighting

Changing your lightbulb color from white to blue feels like a technology of the future, but it’s actually available in the present. These smart lightbulbs let you choose between hundreds of colors, which you can adjust from an app on your phone. The bulbs also connect to your smart speaker, so you can adjust them with voice commands.


Repairing cracks and holes in drywall

No one plans to have holes in the wall, but it happens, either from a previous tenant or from hanging art. This drywall repair putty has a twist design for easy application and the putty dries quickly so you can start painting over it quickly. The putty can also be sanded over to make sure it’s completely smooth.


Removing scuffs on your wall with these magic sponge erasers

If you’re like me, then you have a bunch of scuffs on the wall that you always say you’ll get to it later. Well, you can get to it now with this pack of 50 magic sponge erasers that remove scuffs and dirt from walls, your sink, your shoes, and plenty of other surfaces. Since there are so many in the package, you’ll always have one on hand for keeping your house clean. And, you can’t beat the price.


Storing your hose on a decorative butler

If you don’t have a way to keep your hose wrapped up, it will probably end up in a tangled heap on the ground. This hose butler is handy for keeping your hose organized and looking good while doing it. The aluminum piece has an intricate design that will add a pretty touch to your lawn care equipment.


Hanging a designated organizer for brooms & mops

Mops and brooms don’t easily stand up on their own, so they usually fall over in the closet. This organizer hangs on the wall so you can properly hang your broom, mop, dust pans, and other cleaning tools. You can use it for other things too, like hanging it in the garage to hold gardening tools.


Installing a more functional towel rack

This towel rack is designed for maximum efficiency, with two long bars that can hold towels, as well as a shelf that can hold even more towels, or other bathroom accessories and decorations. The rack is made of stainless steel with a matte black finish, but it also comes in chrome and brushed nickel.