Your home could stay so much nicer if you tried any of these clever things

So many genius solutions that double as decor.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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You try your best to keep your home up to date and in great shape, but sneaky little problems always take hold — whether they are deep-embedded carpet stains or a dishwasher that leaves streaks on your glasses. But this list proves it doesn’t take rocket science to keep your house immaculate: your home could stay so much nicer if you tried any of these clever things.

This can be as simple as popping a dishwasher cleaner into a cycle to remove mineral buildup or using a non-toxic spot cleaner to keep your carpets looking sharp. There are even clever mug stackers that allow you to safely store double the number of mugs with no fear of breakage. And there are so many genius solutions that double as decor such as a gorgeous gold mirror tray that elegantly stores accessories or a peel-and-stick wallpaper in a charming pattern to add immediate vibrancy to your space.

No matter the annoying issue at hand, there’s an equally clever solution to match it. Read on below to see how to keep your home looking fab.


Prevent leaks with a shower door bottom seal

Avoid dangerous slips and spills with this shower bottom seal whose clever design keeps your bathroom floor as dry as ever. It features a universal fit that attaches easily to frameless glass shower doors and uses a combination of soft and hard PVC vinyl for secure sealing. No adhesive is necessary and you can even cut it to custom fit your dimensions.


Add bacon grease to this sleek stainless steel container while you cook

This sleek grease container makes it easy to store that incredibly flavorful and precious fat for future cooking use. Fry up that bacon, then pour the extra grease into the container which features a provided mesh strainer to catch any lingering food bits. The stored grease can then be easily poured from the heat-resistant stainless steel container to amp up any meal’s flavor.


Protect floors from furniture scuffs with these gripper pads

Slip these gripper pads underneath furniture legs to protect your precious floors from any damage. They come pre-scored in convenient dimensions but can also be cut to fit your needs precisely. They require no adhesive and are made of anti-slip rubber with a solid felt core, providing both softness and grip.


Keep bed wheels in place with a pack of bed stoppers

Improve your bedroom game with these bed stoppers that prevent your bed from sliding across the floor every time you get in to sleep (or lounge). Bed frame caster wheels sit perfectly inside these stoppers that not only keep your bed in place but also protect multiple types of floor surfaces — from wood to tile to ceramic. They’re constructed of sturdy rubber and can be used with any wheeled furniture prone to slipping and sliding.


Stop cat litter from tracking all over the floor with this mat

There’s nothing like going about your barefoot business only to feel the crunch of cat litter underfoot. This cat litter mat sits underneath the litter box to cleverly trap falling litter from their paws with the help of a durable mesh surface. It can be easily vacuumed up for quick cleaning and has a non-slip bottom that keeps the mat firmly in place.


Keep washing machines & dryers blissfully quiet with these anti-vibration pads

Bring calm to the house by eliminating the regular volcanic shaking that occurs when the washing machine and dryer are in full swing. These ingenious anti-vibration pads sit underneath the legs of your appliances to prevent them from moving, shaking, and making noise. They’re constructed of rubber to absorb vibration as well as to keep appliances in place, and include a rubber-coated steel plate to aid against wear and tear.


Create better home organization with this desk caddy

Free up precious desk space and enhance the look of your home office with the simple addition of this desk caddy. It comes in a sleek black color and is made of a sturdy steel mesh with two file or mail slots, a pen holder, and a small drawer to store anything from paperclips to post-its.


Optimize fridge storage with these mini condiment containers

Make the most of every inch of fridge storage by replacing cumbersome jars with these mini condiment containers. They come in a pack of 20 and hold up to 2.3 fluid ounces each. Fill them with salad dressings, sauces, dips, and much more as these BPA-free and leak-resistant containers can live in the fridge or freezer, and easily wash up in the dishwasher.


Store decorations on these floating shelves

Instead of cramming all your precious items onto an already crowded bookshelf, opt instead for this floating shelf that comes in an aesthetically pleasing geometric design and takes advantage of valuable wall space. They come in a pack of two and mount easily and quickly using the included hardware. The metal wire paired with rustic wood offers a stylish, industrial-chic meets farmhouse vibe, providing quality decor and optimum storage in one go.


Prevent spills & stains with this popular mattress protector

Keeping your home in good shape starts with the place you spend half your time: the mattress. This brilliant mattress protector has over 232,000 reviews on Amazon and fits snugly around your precious bed to provide safety against accidental spills and stains. It features a waterproof coating and cotton terry surface that will not change the feel of the mattress underneath. It’s available in a plethora of sizes, from twin to California king.


Prevent pilling from overuse by having an alternative set of affordable bed sheets

Maintain the sanctity of your bedroom by frequently changing out sheets so that you don’t slip into a raggedy, threadbare slumber. This bed sheet set costs $40 for a set that includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and four standard pillowcases. It’s made of soft-on-the-skin microfiber and is available in seven neutral colors sure to match any bedroom look.


Immediately address a bug problem with this indoor insect trap

The second you see a bug problem forming, don’t wait! Set up this indoor insect trap immediately to effortlessly handle the issue before it becomes an expensive monster. The trap sits near your problem areas and uses a UV light to lure in bugs, while a fan pulls them in to stay stuck on a sticky glue board. Just switch out the glue boards to keep the trap working.


Swap your mildewy cloth bath mat with this breathable bamboo one

Never underestimate the power of mildew to seriously sour the niceness of your home. Swap out your usual mat for this bamboo bath mat that resists the growth of mold and mildew. It features a slatted design for improved air circulation and drainage while including non-slip rubber feet to keep it safely in place.


Keep clothing in good shape with these stylish velvet hangers

The fantasy of opening your closet to reveal an organized paradise doesn’t have to be a dream. These velvet hangers effectively grip clothing so that it remains on the hanger instead of collapsing to the floor and feature a contour shoulder line to help maintain the shape of your clothes. Each hanger can handle up to 10 pounds and its slim profile allows for up to 50% more storage.


Update & modernize your bathroom with a bidet attachment

Give your bathroom that much more functionality with this handheld bidet attachment that mounts externally. It installs easily in less than five minutes and includes a spray lever so you can adjust the water pressure to your desired strength. Mount it to the side of the toilet or the wall and use it to save on toilet paper as well as to wash pets, cloth diapers, or anything else that could use a rinse.


Freshen up your dishwasher between cycles with a dishwasher cleaner

If your dishwasher is looking worse for wear or your dishes emerge having those telltale streaks from mineral buildup, use this dishwasher cleaner for a fresh reset. Pop one tablet in during a wash cycle and it will work to clean all areas of your dishwasher from the tub to the pump to the recirculation hose. It effectively removes built-up minerals and limescale and is even recommended by major appliance brands for regular maintenance.


Get wrinkles out of curtains and drapes with this portable steamer

Though a small detail, keeping curtains and drapes elegantly flowing can really make a home shine. This portable steamer gets the job done efficiently by heating up in two minutes, making it easy as can be to quickly get rid of any wrinkles as well as freshen up the fabric. It’s handheld and lightweight and can be used on all sorts of materials.


Store kitchen utensils with an elegant ceramic utensil holder

Give those spatulas, spoons, and whisks a worthy display on your countertop with this stylish ceramic utensil holder. It comes in a large size to hold all sorts of tools and features an attractive textured pattern with a vintage-looking copper ribbon. It cleans up easily and can double as a vase, mail holder, or even an ice bucket in a pinch.


Free up hallway space by storing footwear in this over-the-door shoe organizer

Gather up those discarded kicks taking up valuable hallway space and store them instead in this shoe organizer that cleverly hangs over a door. It has 24 slots to store up to 12 pairs of shoes and each pocket is made of breathable mesh to keep air flowing. It accommodates most doors due to its slim profile and its strong, non-woven fabric will hold up over time.


Instantly remove stains out of carpets with a non-toxic spot cleaner

This highly effective spot cleaner works quickly to get stains removed yet is cleverly designed with a non-toxic and fully biodegradable formula. Simply spray it on stains as soon as possible, work it into the material, wait, then rinse for a totally clean result. It’s free of allergens and chemicals and is safe enough to use around both kids and pets.


Safely lock medications away & free up cabinet space with this medicine safe case

If prescription medicine is taking up valuable space in your bathroom cabinet, turn to this medicine safe case that additionally offers safe storage with a keyless combination lock. The interior is made of soft felt and there are four elastic straps provided. The three-digit combination is easy to set, so you can rest easy knowing your medication is both safely locked away and accessible when needed.


Prevent double washes with a dishwasher magnet that tells you whether dishes are clean or dirty

This ingenious dishwasher magnet keeps everyone informed of a dishwasher’s status by simply flipping it to either say “clean” or “dirty,” thus preventing the wasting of valuable water and detergent on an accidental double wash. The magnet is both waterproof and peel-proof and stands out with its large surface area and charming script. It will attach to any metal surface, however, if your dishwasher is not magnetic, an additional metal piece with adhesive is conveniently provided.


Organize your closet more effectively with this hanging shelf organizer

Give your chaotic closet a complete Mary Poppins-style makeover with this helpful hanging shelf organizer. It boasts serious versatility with several different available configurations offering nine total shelves and five drawers that can be placed wherever you like to suit your specific needs. Two of the drawers even offer multiple square slots to easily store smaller items like underwear, socks, or accessories.


Illuminate dark hallways & cabinets with an LED light bar

Bring light to those hard-to-see spaces in the house with this LED light bar that’s battery-operated. It mounts easily with the included adhesive tape or screws and shines a warm white light (3000k specifically). The remote allows you to turn the lights on and off, set timers, and even dim them to your desired brightness.


Deep clean your grout and bathroom tile using these drill scrub brushes

These drill scrub brushes attach to your power drill to give your bathroom tile and grout a seriously intense clean that no old-school toothbrush method can match. Three different brushes come in varying shapes and sizes to reach the smallest of areas and all have nylon bristles for a powerful but non-abrasive scrub. As a bonus, an extended reach attachment is provided for those places the drill can’t access.


Give cleaning tools a dedicated spot on the wall by mounting a broom & mop holder

That utility closet with tools dumped here and there will look immediately cleaned up when you install this wall-mounted broom & mop holder. It attaches using the included hardware and offers five slots and six hooks which fold up to save space when not in use. Don’t be afraid of storing that heavy rake as each slot can hold up to 7.5 pounds while the rolling balls accommodate and firmly grip each different-sized handle.


Free up valuable pantry space with this over-the-door pantry organizer rack

Avoid the common pantry overload where searching for that bottle of soy sauce brings certain peril. This over-the-door pantry organizer rack cleverly offers tons more storage space while not infringing on shelf space. It’s constructed of durable steel wire and includes five shelves that are fully adjustable and are even able to be mounted separately if needed.


Keep your devices clean and polished with a screen cleaner spray

If you’ve gone from the Cheetos to the iPad one too many times, you need this screen cleaner spray to restore a clean surface and clear viewing. The spray gets rid of fingerprints, dust, and other smudges, as well as combatting any static electricity. Use it on anything from your laptop to monitor to even the most sensitive of TV surfaces such as LED, LCD, OLED, and CRT screens. A plush microfiber cloth is included for a streak-free finish.


Elegantly store accessories on this stylish gold mirror tray

This extremely chic gold mirror tray makes storing literally anything look like a million bucks as your makeup, perfume, or beauty accessories will be displayed in their full glory. The elegant metal frame elevates any dresser, side table, or counter and the mirror adds a touch of glam. A felt bottom keeps it from scratching surfaces and with a choice of three other available finishes (rose gold, silver, or smoky black) you’ll see why this decorative tray has garnered over 4,000 five-star reviews.


Store cans horizontally and save valuable fridge space

Instantly create more room in the fridge using this handy soda can organizer that utilizes horizontal space. It can hold up to nine 12-ounce cans and is made of sturdy plastic that washes quickly with warm water and soap. The transparent plastic design allows cans to be conveniently and clearly displayed so you can see exactly what you have on hand at any time.


Create more kitchen countertop space with this in-drawer knife block

Enjoy loads more countertop space for prepping and cooking when you utilize this in-drawer knife block to store up to 14 knives plus a sharpener. It’s constructed of eco-friendly and water-resistant bamboo that adds a stylish touch to any drawer and fits six large knives and eight steak knives. Use it in drawers that measure at least 17 inches long and have a depth of 2 inches.


Organize pots & pans more efficiently with a pan organizer shelf rack

When pots and pans are stored chaotically, your cabinets may feel falsely stuffed to the brim. This pan organizer shelf rack brings order to that chaos while freeing up major space at the same time. Arrange it vertically or horizontally, leaving it freestanding or securely mounting it with the included screws. It will hold up to five pans in the vertical orientation or four in the horizontal and can be used to store lids as well.


Add chic order to your entryway with this rustic key & mail holder

Make entering your home that much more pleasant by mounting one of these key and mail holders that comes in a charming rustic aesthetic. It has five hooks for ample sets of keys and features a narrow top shelf to place your mail (or wallet or sunglasses) as you come in the door. It’s constructed of pine wood finished in a distressed gray and includes all necessary hardware to get it mounted in no time.


Prevent the spread of germs & keep countertops cleaner with a touchless soap dispenser

There’s nothing more counterproductive than using germ-laden hands to dispense otherwise hygienic soap. That’s where this ingenious touchless soap dispenser comes in. Simply place your hand beneath the sensor and it will deposit your preferred amount of soap (preset by you) into your palm. Mount it to your wall or place it on your countertop for consistently mess-free surfaces.


Tidy up under-cabinet cleaning supplies with this expandable organizer

Never again search endlessly for that all-purpose cleaner or dishwasher detergent. This expandable under-sink organizer is cleverly designed to wrap around existing sink plumbing to provide you with as much storage space as possible. The shelf can extend in all directions via height, width, or depth to accommodate your specific dimensions and it offers two tiers for maximum organization.


Give windows a professional-level wash with an all-purpose squeegee

Make your windows so clear you can’t tell the difference between outside and in when you use this all-purpose squeegee. A rubber blade creates a precise clean, leaving no streaks behind, and the handle can be attached to an extension pole if more reach is needed. In addition to windows, use this squeegee on mirrors, cars, shower doors, or even to spread grout.


Wield ultimate control over your lights & appliances with a smart plug

Lift not a finger every time you desire to turn a light on or off, control the schedule of your air conditioner, or start up the espresso machine – simply by connecting them all to this smart plug. The wifi-enabled plug connects to both Google Home and Alexa allowing you to control it via the app or voice commands. Control such functions as setting schedules, creating groups of devices, and best of all, implementing scene modes which, for example, turn a fan on automatically if the temperature reaches a certain degree.


Make kitchen cabinets that much neater with these mug stackers

Turn your mug storage upside down (literally) with these innovative mug stackers. They sit on your mug and allow you to place another mug safely on top, upside down, with no fear of causing chipping, cracking, or breaking. They’re made in a one-size-fits-all design with the small legs expanding or retracting to create a secure fit around both mugs so you can move them about with ease with no fear of tipping. You can also use these to stack glasses and cups as well.


Let peel & stick wallpaper give your home a pop of color

Take that blank and boring wall, add this genius peel & stick wallpaper, and voilà, the room is instantly elevated by its gorgeous pop of pattern and color. The self-adhesive vinyl material goes on easily and quickly yet removes just as fast, leaving absolutely no residue behind. This wallpaper is the perfect solution for a temporary decor shakeup.


Swap out pillowcases to brighten rooms on a budget

An easy way to immediately add refreshing visual interest is by consistently swapping out gorgeous, vibrant, and best of all, affordable pillowcases whenever the mood strikes. These pillowcases come in a soft and elegant velvet texture as well as tons of different sizes to suit the pillows you already have on hand. Take your pick from over 35 beautiful shades such as teal, coral red, and gold, or choose several, which, at $13 for a pair, still leaves room in the takeout budget.


Skip the expensive kitchen reno and apply this self-adhesive backsplash

It doesn’t have to take a small fortune to upgrade your kitchen. This self-adhesive backsplash costs less than $30, goes up in total DIY fashion, and features faux gray marble tiles that have a 3D gel-like texture to them. Forget messing around with grout and tricky installation, these eco-friendly tiles look incredibly real and are designed specifically for the kitchen as they resist both moisture and heat.


Change out tired kitchen hardware for these chic cabinet pulls

Sometimes the smallest of details can make the biggest of impacts as you’ll see when you swap out existing kitchen hardware for these stylish and sleek cabinet pulls. They’re constructed of durable stainless steel intended to withstand lots of use and come in a modern yet rustic style that works with a variety of existing decor. Choose from three available finishes for your kitchen refresh: matte black, brushed brass, or satin nickel.


Add a stylish & striking mirror to make your space appear larger

As a clever and commonly used tenet of interior design, adding a mirror can make an otherwise small space feel light and luxurious. This full-length mirror not only does just that but also brings with it stylish decor. Choose from over 20 different designs from rectangular-shaped to arched or gold-framed to white or black. Lean it up against your wall to function as an artful decoration or mount it using the included hardware.


Store your paper towels in this sleek, decorative paper towel holder

Elevate the look of your kitchen instantly with this paper towel holder made in an elegant chrome finish. It can hold any size of roll from regular to jumbo and the round metal feet add a touch of class. At the affordable price point of only $15, there’s not much to lose with this stylish kitchen addition.


Keep glass surfaces polished with these microfiber cloths

When it’s important to see every visual detail of that Netflix episode, turn to these microfiber cloths to get your laptop or TV screen crystal clear. The cloths don’t require any chemicals to get that polished finish and feature a tight weave that prevents lint and scratches. They come in a pack of 12, are conveniently machine washable, and can be used on a variety of surfaces from glasses and camera lenses to watches and wine glasses.