Your home would be so much nicer if you did any of these 50 things, according to design pros

Revamp your home with these expert tips.

Your home would be so much nicer if you did any of these 50 things, according to design pros
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Making your home look nice doesn’t have to involve taking out a second mortgage to pay for renovations. I’ve consulted with top design professionals to bring you easy, innovative, and above all, wallet-friendly tips to enhance your home. Whether you crave a cozy, minimalist vibe or a bold, modern look, these expert-approved suggestions like chic floating shelves or vibrant accent walls are just what you need. Scroll through these smart, stylish solutions and see how easy it is to revitalize your surroundings.


Use chic storage bins to get organized

“The best way to immediately upgrade your home is simpler than you might think,” says Tommy Huerter, renowned interior designer and social media personality. “The first thing to do is to get organized — having an organized space will immediately make it feel more upgraded.”

Functionality meets vintage flair in this mid-century-inspired storage bin set. The fluted detailing and leather-like lids transform these card boxes into artistic decor pieces. Versatile in size, they seamlessly blend into any room, offering smart storage solutions and doubling as chic trays for your trinkets.


Have layered accent lighting from multiple sources

“Another quick change that can have a big impact is by making sure you have layer lighting coming from multiple light sources,” says Huerter.

The beveled cylindrical shape of these floor can lights is a great option for adding a touch of art to your indoor lighting. Ideal for any indoor setting, these lights accentuate corners or features, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. The foot switch makes them convenient to use, and they’re compatible with smart sockets.


Use LED light strips for versatile accent lighting

“Additionally, LED strip lights offer a flexible lighting solution to create ambiance and highlight architectural features creatively,” says Huerter.

Transform your space into a vibrant spectacle with these smart LED strip lights. You can tailor your ambiance via an app, with over 16 million colors at your disposal. With over 64 preset scenes, set the mood for any occasion, from parties to movie nights, all with a tap on your phone.


Accessorize your space with coffee table books & other pieces

“For me, a house never feels finished until it’s accessorized!” exclaims Huerter. “Coffee table books, objects, and textiles are what make a house feel like a home — it tells the story of who you are.”

Add some culture — and a delightful pop of pink — to your coffee table with Art: The Definitive Visual Guide. This exquisitely illustrated book offers an expansive look at over 2,500 of the world's most influential paintings and sculptures. Each page bursts with stunning full-color illustrations from more than 700 artists, providing not just a book, but a portal to the past.


Incorporate vintage pieces for a personalized touch

“I love incorporating vintage pieces, particularly vintage mirrors!” says Huerter. “They’re practical and unique, reflecting light and adding depth to any room. Vintage mirrors, or vintage pieces in general, offer the ability to show your personality in a unique way.”

If you don’t have time to go antiquing, you can elevate your home decor with this vintage-inspired mirror tray. Adorned with exquisite gold carvings along the edges, it adds a touch of sophistication to any setting, from living rooms to lavish wedding parties. Featuring convenient handles for easy transport, it makes a lovely gift.


Focus on paint for dramatic (yet affordable) upgrades

If your walls could talk, they might vote for a change, says Huerter. “For homeowners looking to upgrade their home on a budget, focus first on paint; it's an affordable way to dramatically change the look and feel of any space.”

This 100% acrylic latex paint ensures a smooth application, making it ideal for beautifying living rooms, bedrooms, and more. Enjoy the ease of soap and water cleanup and a healthier environment with its low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. With dozens of colors to choose from, customers report that this paint dries quickly.


Invest in hotel-quality bedding & towels

Garrett Ham, CEO of Weekender Management, suggests accessorizing as though your home were a hotel. “Incorporating elements that enhance the convenience and comfort of a stay, such as high-quality, hotel-grade bedding and towels, can substantially elevate the perceived value and appeal of a home.”

Step into luxury with this exquisite towel set, crafted from 100% Turkish cotton. This plush collection includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, each designed for superior absorbency and a velvety soft touch. Whether drying off after a soothing bath or wrapping up after a shower, this set adds a touch of sophistication to your daily routine.


Complement local art with neutral decor

Ham supports bringing your own personal style to your decor. “Personal touches can transform a generic space into a memorable and inviting home,” he says. “This could include local art pieces, a selection of books highlighting local authors or interests, and high-quality coffee and tea assortments.”

Too many unique pieces could clash, so consider supplementing your iconic pieces with some neutral ones. This chic chain link sculpture is a stunning addition to any coffee table, bookshelf, or mantel. Beautifully crafted and perfectly weighted, this piece is designed to complement a range of settings from the fireplace to your nightstand.


Display art & keepsakes on floating shelves

Kristin Hintlian, co-owner of Bonsai Builders, frequently recommends these floating shelves, which she says “blend seamlessly with any decor style, providing a perfect platform to display art or keepsakes, enriching the home's personality.”

Sold as a set of three, each shelf supports up to 2.5 pounds, appearing to hover with its concealed mounting hardware. Great for displaying trophies, collectibles, or everyday essentials, these versatile shelves fit seamlessly into tight spaces, doubling as a chic nightstand or handy bathroom shelf.


Replace dark curtains with brighter, lightweight options

“Enhancing natural light has consistently been one of our top recommendations for instantly making a home look and feel nicer,” Hintlian says. “Simple adjustments like replacing heavy, dark curtains with lighter, more translucent window treatments can dramatically brighten a space.”

Crafted from a luxurious linen blend, these sheer curtain panels boast a unique open-weave texture that enhances any room with a vintage or casual flair. The semi-transparent material balances light and privacy, creating an airy, breathable feel. Versatile in design, they are ideal for anyone seeking privacy without sacrificing style. Plus, they're a breeze to care for — simply machine wash, tumble dry, or quick iron.


Swap out cabinet knobs for an instant refresh

“Swapping out dated cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and light fixtures with modern alternatives can instantly modernize a space,” says Hintlian. “We recommend the Franklin Brass Parow kitchen cabinet knobs for their sleek design and durability.”

This collection of aluminum cabinet knobs is lovely for enhancing kitchen and bathroom cabinets or freshening up old furniture. Each pack contains 10 durable knobs, and with the included hardware it’s easy to achieve a professional finish when installing. Affordable and stylish, these knobs come in a range of finishes such as champagne bronze, brushed nickel, and warm chestnut.


Make a good first impression with sleek address numbers

“First impressions matter a lot, and people's first impression of your home generally comes from your front yard and exterior,” says Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent To Own Labs. “One of the simplest ways to improve your home's exterior is to invest in new address numbers. Bold, clean simple numbers like these are, most importantly, clearly visible, making it easier for guests and delivery drivers to find your home.”

Upgrade your home's curb appeal with these classic address numbers. Their bold design not only meets many 911 community standards but also enhances visibility with a striking shadow effect when illuminated at night. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a weather-resistant black finish, these numbers are durable and easy to install.


Declutter with these under-bed storage bags

Keep it simple, suggests Improovy CEO, Andre Kazimierski: “Enhancing the appearance of your home doesn't have to be complicated! For example, something as simple as decluttering can make any room look larger and more inviting.”

Cut the clutter with these sleek, under-bed storage bags. Crafted from durable, breathable non-woven polypropylene, they slide easily, resisting wear and protecting your floors. Each bin features a reinforced handle and a transparent cover, so you can spot your items quickly without rummaging.


Add cozy lighting elements

Let there be light! But make sure it’s the nice kind of light, says Kazimierski. “Improving the lighting in your room with table lamps, floor lamps, or even string lights can make your interior spaces feel cozy, bright, or both.”

Sleek and compact, this LED table lamp adds a touch of mood lighting to any space. It delivers up to 48 hours of illumination and has a touch sensor dimmer offering three levels of brightness. Universal USB charging ensures you can power it up anywhere — even with a laptop or power bank.


Hang mirrors strategically to make smaller rooms seem bigger

Take time to reflect, quite literally, suggests Kazimierski. “Strategically hanging mirrors can help you transform small, dark rooms into brighter spaces that look bigger than they actually are.”

This gorgeous gold hanging mirror is encased in a metal edge with high-refractive index glass and a plush velvet backing. Its Nordic-inspired geometric design complements any home setting, making it lovely for adorning entryways, living rooms, or even as a chic bathroom vanity mirror.


Make a visual mood board to define your home’s decor

Chenise Hinds, interior designer, home stager, and licensed realtor, suggests creating a visual mood board before decorating your home. “I'll put together a collage of fabric swatches, paint chips, inspiration images — anything that starts defining the overall look and vibe I'm going for in that room,” she says. “It's such a helpful tool for honing in on your aesthetic and making sure every new piece you bring in enhances that vision.”

Use this chic linen bulletin board to collect ideas and inspirations with style. Featuring a white wood-style frame and an elegant linen surface, this board effortlessly combines functionality with flair. Complete with two push pins and easy-to-follow mounting instructions, it sets up in no time, allowing both vertical and horizontal orientation. The dense backing material ensures a clean look, holding push pins firmly while hiding pinholes after use.


Bring a space to life with eye-catching area rugs & other thoughtful details

“And can we talk about those final, thoughtful touches that really bring a space to life?” asks Hinds. “I'm talking cozy throw pillows, an eye-catching area rug, maybe a potted plant or two. Pieces like these add those essential pops of color, texture, and personality.”

Step into luxury with this premium faux sheepskin fur rug, where comfort meets contemporary design. Soft and thick, this rug provides a cozy, warm cushion against cold floors or hard chairs. Featuring a nonslip suede leather backing, it ensures both stability and aesthetic appeal. Its saturated color brightens any space, and the rug is machine-washable so taking care of it is a breeze.


Have a signature scent in your home

Hinds says it’s a great idea to incorporate signature scents in your home. “A gently glowing candle or fresh diffuser fragrance can completely transform the ambiance,” she explains.

Kickstart the transformation with this fragrance diffuser set which includes a glass bottle filled with essential oils, a piece of real preserved baby's breath flowers, and eight cotton sticks for a customizable aroma experience. Choose from over 20 long-lasting scents that ensure up to 90 days of cozy atmosphere. Perfectly suited for any room, the diffuser enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces with a pleasant, subtle fragrance.


Experiment with wall art stencils

“Don't underestimate the power of a new paint job!” says Hinds. “Whether you're adding a bold accent wall, experimenting with stencils, or trying your hand at a painted mural effect, it's amazing how fresh coats of color can redefine a space.”

This versatile set of eight geometric wall stencils is great for anyone eager to personalize their decor. Whether you're updating your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, these stencils are ideal for painting on walls, tiles, wood, or metal. Made from durable PET, they resist most solvents and are nontoxic, ensuring safety and longevity. Easy to clean and reusable, these stencils allow you to unleash your creativity time and again.


Thoughtfully display vintage & flea market finds on floating shelves

Be yourself, says Hinds. “At the end of the day, the most important thing is reflecting your authentic sense of style at home. Yes, take inspiration from the latest design trends, but make them your own. Scour flea markets for timeless antique pieces to complement new decor.”

You’re going to need somewhere to display your newfound treasures, so consider this sleek set of four floating shelves. Great for bathrooms, bedrooms, or living spaces, these shelves add a polished touch to your décor. Each shelf is crafted from 100% natural paulownia wood, known for its sturdy build and decorative appeal. The included safety ledge on each shelf ensures that your cherished items stay securely in place, supporting up to 20 pounds. Assembly is a breeze with pre-drilled boards and all necessary hardware provided, allowing for a quick setup.


Give your front door a fresh coat of paint

“One project I often recommend clients consider is a fresh coat of paint on their front door,” says Justin White, contractor, garage remodel/installation expert, and the VP of Marketing at Overhead Door. “A front door is such a focal point that can really set the tone for the first impression of a home. I'm a big fan of chalk-style paint for front doors. It provides sturdy, long-lasting coverage in just one step.

Transform a shabby door easily using this all-in-one DIY paint. It features a built-in primer and top coat, so it involves minimal prep. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, from wood to metal, it quickly dries to a beautiful, chalky matte finish. Choose from over 50 colors.


Be sure to use a high-quality paintbrush

“Proper surface preparation is key before painting,” warns White. “Give the door a good washing, sand lightly, then wipe away any residue before starting. Using a high-quality brush will ensure smooth results.”

Designed with high-quality synthetic bristles, this short-handled, angled paint brush delivers a smooth application with minimal brush strokes and no shedding. Excellent for achieving clean lines and consistent finishes in tight spaces, it’s a wonderful choice for any DIY enthusiast. As a bonus, it’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Upgrade your pool or backyard pond with a colorful fountain

Rafi Friedman, president of Coastal Luxury Outdoors, encourages you to make a splash. “One fun, affordable upgrade for your pool or backyard pond is a fountain,” he says. “This floating, solar-powered, light-up fountain is a personal favorite of mine. While it's not the most powerful thing, it's a ton of fun for kids or at parties, and is a great way to cool off on a hot day.”

Take your pool parties to the next level with this floating fountain. Not just a fun water feature, it has a dazzling, vibrant light show with six customizable modes. It’s rechargeable, lasts up to six hours, and will illuminate your pool all evening.


Extend your design outdoors with this UV-resistant rug

Luke Steffensmeier, founder of Reedy River Landscapes, encourages you to extend your interior design into your outdoor spaces: “Integrating indoor plants or creating complementary outdoor living areas that reflect the indoor design can seamlessly blend the two, enhancing both aesthetics and the overall vibe of your home.”

Elevate your outdoor spaces with this chic, reversible patio rug. Its timeless design complements any setting, and it’s UV stabilized to resist fading. So while it’s stylish enough to be displayed indoors, it can handle the elements, giving your patio or deck that seamless blend that Steffensmeier describes.


Update your outdoor lighting with a smart motion sensor

Steffensmeier reminds you that curated lighting isn’t just for your interior. “We've seen incredible transformations simply by updating outdoor lighting systems to more modern, low-voltage options,” he says.

Don’t just upgrade your outdoor lighting, make it smarter with this outdoor motion sensor. This clever device automatically illuminates your Philips Hue lights when it detects movement. You can customize which lights activate and when, and its built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor ensures lights only turn on in the dark. Waterproof, it withstands harsh conditions and is ideal for driveways, patios, and more.


Add a prep station to your outdoor cooking area

“Lastly, effectively utilizing outdoor spaces is another area where minor adjustments can lead to major improvements,” says Steffensmeier. “Creating an outdoor kitchen, even with limited space, by adding a portable grill and prep station can significantly enhance your home's appeal and functionality.”

Have the best-organized outdoor kitchen with this grill station caddy. Crafted from powder-coated steel for stability and convenience, the robust iron basket and windproof paper towel holder keep your essentials secure and within easy reach. Durable and rain-resistant, it’s a must-have for any grill master or BBQ enthusiast.


Declutter your space with storage ottomans & other multipurpose pieces

Make your pieces multi-task, says Drew Hamblan, president of Fairview Custom Homes. “In my experience, focusing on creating versatile living spaces can significantly elevate a home's aesthetic and functionality. For instance, investing in multipurpose furniture pieces like ottomans with storage or sofa beds can declutter the space and make it more inviting.”

This stylish and doubly functional ottoman isn’t just for sitting; it also acts as a lovely storage space. It has foam padding for a plush seating experience and a smart lift-top design that opens from both sides for easy access. It’s incredibly easy to set up and fold away into a compact unit when not in use.


Incorporate throw blankets & different textures in your seating areas

“Texture adds depth and interest to any room, transforming it from flat to dynamic,” says Hamblan. “Incorporating different materials such as soft throw blankets, velvet cushions, and jute rugs can instantly make a space feel cozier and more luxurious.”

Crafted from four layers of super soft, pre-washed, plant-dyed organic cotton, this lightweight and breathable throw blanket is cozy and beautiful. A chic addition to any home, it is perfectly sized for versatile use and available in a range of gorgeous colors.


Create a statement wall with peel & stick wallpaper

“For a quick and impactful change, I recommend choosing a statement wall to apply a bold color or textured wallpaper,” says Hamblan. “The peel-and-stick removable wallpaper from Spoonflower is fantastic for this. It’s easy to apply and remove, offering the flexibility to experiment with different styles and trends over time.”

This removable wallpaper is so easy to install, instantly revamping your space. Great for renters or design-commitment-phobes, this wallpaper acts like a large sticker — simply peel, stick, and reposition to get the placements just right. Crafted from linen-textured fabric with an eco-friendly adhesive backing, it’s printed using water-based inks.


Use this checklist to establish a cleaning routine

Dan Bailey, president of WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care, says it’s important to clean. “Start by getting rid of clutter and create an organized space. Establish a cleaning routine and stick to it.”

This comprehensive cleaning checklist is great for those who want to establish a cleaning routine but don’t know where to begin. Designed to simplify your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines, this checklist helps you manage household chores without getting overwhelmed. Practical and motivating, it’s the ideal partner for maintaining a sparkling home year-round.


Turn your patio into a true outdoor living space with colorful pillows

Elsa Rao, president of Teak Outdoor Furniture, emphasizes the role of accessories in enhancing your home's comfort and visual appeal: “Outdoor rugs and pillows, for instance, can transform a basic patio into a cozy extension of your living space.”

Crafted from durable, waterproof canvas polyester, these beautiful floral throw pillow covers are designed to resist dirt, pet hair, and splashes, making them great for the garden, patio, or poolside. The vibrant retro pattern on both sides adds a pop of color and charm, ensuring your seating area stands out in style. Easy to care for, just machine wash in cold water.


Invest in high-quality hardware for your doors & cabinets

High-quality door handles and cabinet knobs can dramatically change the aesthetic of a room, says Bob Berriz, creative director at Berriz Design Build. “A product I often recommend is solid brass hardware; its weight and sheen convey quality and can enhance the feel of doors and furniture alike.”

Crafted from pure solid brass, these modern and practical ring pulls ensure durability without tarnishing from daily use. The beautiful brushed finish is not only aesthetically pleasing but also anti-fingerprint, making it easy to keep smudge-free. Ideal for enhancing any furniture style, happy customers report that they look and feel luxuriously expensive.


Blend recessed lighting with statement lighting pieces

Berriz says, “Incorporating dimmable LED recessed lighting along with statement pieces, such as a chandelier in the dining area or pendant lights over a kitchen island, not only elevates the space but also offers versatility in setting the mood for different occasions.”

Elevate your space with the charm and warmth of this handcrafted rattan plug-in pendant light. With its exquisite woven bamboo design, it features a dimmable switch allowing you to set the ambiance from soft glow to bright illumination with the included Edison bulb. It’s ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in living areas, bedrooms, or even during special events.


Add easy-to-install lighting under your cabinets

Damien Rush, owner of Unique Stairways, suggests you take the customizable lighting to another level. “LED under-cabinet lighting and pendant lights over kitchen islands or dining areas offer both task lighting and an opportunity to inject style into your space.”

Light up your cabinets with these versatile, easily hidden LED strip lights, a wonderful option for brightening any space discreetly. Whether it’s under kitchen cabinets or over shelves, these lights offer 3 feet of warm white illumination, ensuring no nook goes unnoticed. They’re simple to install — just stick, click, and glow.


Keep your floors cleaner with a high-quality doormat

“Quality door mats can do so much to keep your house clean, making it look nicer,” says Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. “The more dirt and water you can wipe off your shoes before stepping into your home, the less vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping you'll need to do to keep it all clean.”

Featuring a nonslip surface and weatherproof construction, this universal doormat ensures you and your guests can tread confidently without slips or spills. Made from soft, easy-to-wash fiber, maintaining it is as simple as a quick spray of water. Only requiring 0.25 inches of door clearance, it's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, providing a durable, moisture-resistant barrier that's great for busy households.


Hang curtains higher for dramatic effect

“Hanging curtain rods strategically higher and wider than your windows creates an illusion of loftier ceilings and maximized light,” says Jim Gray, real estate professional and performance coach at Agent Advice. “For maximum drama, trail elegant floor-length panels from the extended rod lengths.”

Brighten up your home while simultaneously gaining the ability to darken it with these luxurious crushed velvet curtains. Designed to dramatically darken any room, these curtains offer both enhanced privacy and a serene retreat from the outside world. Featuring an adjustable tie-top header, they promise a tailored fit for any curtain rod, ensuring a seamless and elegant drape.


Install dimmer switches for better mood-setting ambiance

Gray encourages you to find the right ambiance with your lighting. “Dimmer switches empower you to choreograph lighting scenes throughout your home,” he says.

Experience the ultimate in lighting customization with this dimmer switch. Whether you're setting the mood or brightening a room, this switch allows for over 150 lighting levels and is tested for flicker-free performance across thousands of bulbs. Easy to install in just 15 minutes, it works in single-pole or three-way setups without needing a neutral wire.


Treat yourself to luxury hotel-quality bedding

“There's no investment quite like sumptuous bedding for personal sanctuary indulgence,” says Gray. “Treat yourself to quality sheets, pillows, and a plush duvet set — your mind and body will luxuriate in the pampering respite.”

Wrap yourself in the soothing embrace of this all-season comforter. Crafted for a luxurious and cozy night's sleep, its soft, lightweight polyester material provides the right balance of warmth and breathability for cooler nights without the bulk. The elegant design enhances any bedroom or guest room with a touch of sophistication and style. Easy to care for, it's machine washable and built to last.


Create a gallery wall using Command strips

Gallery walls are a great way to add personality and style to any room. “You can easily create one by using frames with different sizes and adding your favorite photos, prints, or even paintings,” says Raf Michalowski, interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture. “I recommend using Command strips to hang your frames as they are easy to use and won't damage your walls.”

Strong enough to secure large artwork, mirrors, and even clocks to the wall, these heavyweight picture hanging strips will easily hold up your gallery wall pieces. Each pack includes 16 pairs of strips capable of supporting frames up to 24 by 36 inches and holding a hefty 20 pounds. These powerhouse strips adhere smoothly to various surfaces including painted walls and concrete, all without leaving damage.


Incorporate stone & other natural materials into a room

Niki Tashe, senior interior designer at Kitchen Renovation Singapore, says, “Using different materials like wood, metal, and stone together can make a room look really unique and cool, like you've collected stuff over time.”

Metal and wood are fairly common, so try to mix things up on your shelves with these stunning agate bookends. Each pair is unique, featuring a dazzling teal dye that highlights the distinct internal textures and rugged natural edges of the stone. Weighing 2 to 3 pounds and complete with nonslip rubber bumpers, they keep your books neatly organized while adding a touch of geological glamour to your decor.


Use cork wall tiles for warmth & texture

According to Alex Locklear, realtor and founder of NC Cash Homebuyers, cork wall tiles “can add a touch of warmth and texture to any room in your house.” Plus, Locklear notes, “Cork has natural acoustic qualities, so it can help absorb sound and reduce echo in rooms. The best part is, cork wall tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways such as an accent wall or even a backsplash in the kitchen.”

Featuring a whole page of self-stick backing, these cork panels offer quick, worry-free mounting to keep your space tidy and your walls intact. With a thickness of half an inch, they’re perfect for holding push pins without any damage to your wall. Crafted from high-density natural cork, these panels resist deformation, beautify your space, and keep push pins firmly in place without leaving unsightly holes. Bonus: They come with a box of pins perfectly sized for the product’s thickness.


Add texture to your seating area with throw pillows

“Embrace texture with throw pillows and blankets,” suggests William Clark, owner of SATX Concrete Contractors. “The PHANTOSCOPE decorative throw pillow covers offer a wide variety of trendy patterns and colors.”

Clark recommends these farmhouse-style throw pillow covers crafted from a premium linen-polyester blend, complete with a charming coconut button closure. These durable, machine-washable covers come in over a dozen lovely colors and can bring a touch of rustic elegance to any space.


Use a cream-light wood color combination for small spaces

If you’re working with a small space, Ana Coddington, lead interior designer for Archival Designs, advocates the power of cream and light-colored wood. “This duo is a really good choice for small spaces. Cream, with its soft and light tone, serves as an ideal base, creating an illusion of spaciousness and enhancing natural light. When you pair it with light wood — like birch or maple — you've got yourself a beautiful match that perfectly complements each other. The light wood adds just the right amount of warmth and texture, preventing the space from feeling flat and dull.”

An easy way to inject a pop of cream into your decor is with this natural wooden bead garland. Stretching a generous 58 inches in length and featuring delightful tassels, this garland is the ultimate customizable décor piece. Ideal for draping around plant pots, hanging on walls, or styling on trays, it infuses any space with a cozy farmhouse vibe.


Buy soft-close drawer & cabinet hardware for the kitchen

A small but significant detail to include in your kitchen island design is soft-close drawers, says Coddington. “I'm sure we've all experienced the frustration of slamming a drawer shut or hearing someone else do it. With soft-close drawers, that annoyance is eliminated as they gently close on their own without any loud noises. It's also much safer for children, as they won't accidentally get their fingers caught in a closing drawer.”

Upgrade your cabinets with these zinc-plated steel drawer slides, designed to support a hefty load of up to 100 pounds with ease. These full extension slides promise a smooth, quiet glide thanks to their steel ball-bearing action and innovative soft-close functionality. Ideal for new projects or renovations, they fit most major drawer types and come complete with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation.


Use wall art as your room’s salient point

“Buying a large piece of art to hang in your main living areas (e.g. lounge and kitchen) can be a way to give your room more personality, and be a conversation starter for guests,” says Bree Steele, interior designer and trade accounts manager for RJ Living.

If paintings aren’t your vibe, you can transform your space with an exquisite macrame wall hanging. Showcasing a striking blend of coffee brown, dark brown, and black hues, this piece features a modern geometric design with symmetrical square patterns that transform any room into a chic sanctuary. Crafted from 100% cotton with eco-friendly organic dye, this dip-dye macrame is not only visually impactful but also environmentally conscious.


Introduce more greenery to your living areas

“I love to draw on biophillic design principles, and connect the outside with the inside,” says Steele. “Buy some plants (either artificial or real) to breathe new life into your spaces, and add a pop of color into your home.”

Breathe easier and enhance your space with this variety pack of live air-purifying plants. Standing about 8 to 10 inches tall in a stylish 4-inch pot, these plants are known for their natural ability to filter out pollutants and toxins, also acting as humidifiers, making your indoor air fresher and healthier. They also come ready to grow, with care instructions to ensure they thrive in your environment.


Decorate with fragrant dried lavender

If you’re not a green thumb, there are other ways to incorporate nature into your decor. “Choose bunches of dried lavender and place them in simple, elegant vases or tied bouquets throughout your home,” suggests Zach Dannett, co-founder of Tumble. “I suggest placing them in areas with good airflow or near windows, where the light can enhance their color and help disperse their fragrance.”

These dried lavender bouquets are 100% natural and picked directly from lavender fields. These elegantly preserved flowers maintain their original aroma, offering a slow release of fragrance that soothes and calms. Ideal for yoga, meditation, or enhancing sleep, these bouquets make for very charming home décor.


Maintain wooden items by applying oil & wax

Real wooden furniture is a beautiful investment. “I would suggest applying an orange oil and beeswax product to restore the wood’s natural luster,” says Dannett. “Make sure to follow along the grain and buff to a soft sheen. Smooth, polished wood looks clean and well-cared for. It instantly transforms a dull piece of furniture or decor into a vibrant focal point.”

This highly rated wood polish not only brings out a soft luster but also offers a protective coating of carnauba and beeswaxes. Infused with conditioning oils, it nourishes the wood, preventing dryness and fading while enhancing the natural beauty and depth of the grain. Ideal for everything from antiques to kitchen cabinets, this product ensures your wood stays beautiful and durable.


Create an eye-catching coffee table display with decorative books

Dennett is all about the coffee table display. “In the living room, I used a set of linen-covered decorative books [...] and stacked them horizontally and vertically to create an eye-catching display on the coffee table.”

Each of these decorative books is meticulously crafted with a linen cover and filled with blank pages, ready for your personal touch or simply to enhance your living space with their understated elegance. Complemented by wood bead tassels and artificial green leaves, this set creates a serene and stylish nook anywhere from your coffee table to your bookshelf.


Use spotlights to revamp your stairways

Even the most practical lighting solutions can be attractive. David Miloshev, a certified electrician with Fantastic Electricians, points out, “Spotlights are an attractive way to illuminate the area under and around your steps. This is an equally decorative and practical decision, which creates a smooth transition from one space to another.”

These motion-activated LED lights effortlessly detect movement up to 16 feet away and have automatic shut-off to save battery life. With a completely wireless design, you can say goodbye to messy cables and maintain the aesthetic of your home. Installation is a breeze with the included adhesive tape.