You're damaging the inside & outside of your home if you aren't doing any of these simple things

Show your house some love.

ByChristina Wood
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Some household chores are as important to the health and longevity of your home as brushing your teeth, eating well, and getting exercise is to the health and longevity of your body. You know how to take care of your body (hopefully) but a house’s needs are not as obvious. Even if it’s not obvious, though, neglecting some important preventative chores will cost you money down the road. You’re damaging the inside and outside of your home if you aren’t doing any of these simple things.


Using furniture pads to protect your floors

Before you scratch up your floors by sliding a chair out from under a table or counter, put these furniture pads on the bottom of the chair leg. The chair will slide silently without doing any damage, which could prevent an expensive and disruptive floor refinishing project. They come in round or square shapes and require no adhesives or nails.


Protecting your beloved couch from your beloved cat

Before your cat shreds the couch — and learns a destructive behavior — install this cat scratch furniture protector to the tempting parts of your furniture. The clear covers are easy to install and nearly invisible. But they change the texture to a slick surface that won’t interest your cat at all. Eventually, your kitty will forget about that couch as a scratching spot.


Wearing house shoes when you get inside

Take a cue from Mr. Rogers and change into these fleece-lined house slippers when get home. You will be more comfortable and it will keep your house cleaner, protect your floors and carpets from hard-soled shoes, and forestall the urge to turn the heat up. They come in three colors and have a rubber sole you can wear them to the garden or to take out the trash.


Protecting your pipes from clogs

This sink drain protector will keep your bathroom sink flowing. It traps hair before it goes down the drain so it won’t cause a clog in the pipes and it’s so easy to install. Just drop it in the drain. It will stop you from losing jewelry down the drain, too. Clean it off occasionally and you won’t have to worry about clogs.


Putting a mat down when your dog comes inside

Stop the mud, water, and dirt from riding into your house on the paws of your canine roommates by setting this absorbent dog rug inside the entry doors. The absorbent microfiber chenille quickly grabs moisture and wipes those paws — and human’s shoes — clean as you and your housemates walk over the rug. It’s a soft place for a damp dog to nap, too. It comes in five sizes and eight colors.


Sealing any gaps in your walls or tiling

Prevent water from escaping the shower area by sealing the wet areas with this silicone sealant. It will stop water from seeping behind walls and causing damage you can’t see and it takes only minutes to seal into place. It works well for windows or doors that let water in, too.


Putting weatherstripping on your windows & doors

If your windows and doors lack adequate insulation, your home will be loud and drafty. That might also be how insects are getting in. This inexpensive weatherstrip is all you need to fix that. Peel off the backing and stick it to the frame of doors and windows to create an insulating seal. “This is just what I needed to stop the draft in the door gaps. Sticks wonderfully, easy peasy!” said one reviewer.


Placing this sensor where water might leak

Imagine this: You go away for the weekend. When you return, you discover a leak that spent the weekend destroying the hardwood floors. If you’d known two days ago, you could have asked a neighbor to put a bucket under it. Now you are paying thousands for repairs. You would have known immediately if you’d set this Wi-Fi water sensor wherever there is water in your house. It alerts you anytime it detects moisture where there should be none. It even tells you where the leak is, if you have several units.


Protecting your cabinetry wtih these bumper pads

If your kitchen is loud with the sound of slamming cupboards and drawers, it takes only a few minutes with these sound-dampening drawer bumper pads to silence it. The effort will protect the finish on your cabinets, too. Just peel and stick the nearly invisible, squishy pads to the corners of the drawers and cupboard doors.


Putting a door stopper down to catch your doorknob

Before someone slams a door into the wall and causes damage to the drywall that’s difficult and expensive to repair, mount a wall protector on the spot of the wall where the doorknob will hit. It’s an easy way to prevent damage and make your home quieter. This is a four pack so you can do all the doors in your house at once.


Using a surge-protecting power strip to protect your tech

Protect all your gadgets while making it easier to charge them by setting this power strip on a table or mounting it to a wall. It has overload and surge protection so your gear won’t get fried when plugged in. And it has 12 outlets and three USB ports so you can always find a plug for whatever needs power. Choose from two cord lengths and plug configurations.


Placing heat-resistant mats under your appliances

Don’t let a hot pan or appliance damage your counters. Set anything that might emit more heat than those surfaces can handle on these heat-resistant mats. They slide on the counter, too, so you can more easily access the appliance or drag a heavy machine where you want it. This is a set of two mats.


Not putting lights in your attic or garage

Stumbling around in a dark garage or basement is dangerous for you and anything you have stored there. This two-pack of garage and attic lights boost the light in that space without the need for wiring. Screw them into a standard light socket to throw lots of light. You can position the configurable panels so the light goes where you need it.


Checking your walls for any mold-causing moisture

Moisture is the enemy of walls, floors, and other home infrastructure. This moisture meter lets you locate it. Hold the meter to drywall, wood, brick, and many other surfaces and it will tell you the moisture content of that material so you can identify if there is water and where it is. “Contractors missed removing a wall after a water leak but this device helped identify moisture and convinced the contractor to demolish it,” said one reviewer.


Putting down doormats at every entry

Keep your floors cleaner and prevent slips by setting these doormats down in the garage, entryways, mud room, and other entries and slippery spots. They grab dirt and water and keep it off your floors. The rough texture is the perfect place to wipe feet and the low profile won’t block doors. The rubber backing prevents slippage and creates an impermeable barrier to keep your floors dry.


Sealing your shower door to prevent water damage

That drip of water that leaves a puddle on your bathroom floor is more than an annoyance. It will damage the floors and lead to an expensive repair and, probably, mold. And it’s so easy to prevent. Snap this shower door bottom seal over the bottom of the shower to stop the leakage. “Easy to trim, slid right on the door, [and] formed an excellent seal at the door base,” said one reviewer.


Spraying your lawn to protect your grass & plants

There are some nasty bugs out there that will kill your lawn, vegetables, and shrubbery — or bite you and your pets. This insect killer for lawns is an easy way to keep them in check so they don’t overrun your space. Just connect the bottle to the hose and spray. It mixes and mists at the pull of a trigger and delivers a fine spray where you want it.


Creating a path for people to walk through your yard

Protect your grass while giving people an easy, dry walkway by laying down this roll-out wooden garden pathway. It’s so easy to deploy and will stop people from walking on newly seeded grass or provide a path from the deck to the pool. No construction required!


Protecting your garden with netting

Protect your fruits and vegetables from marauding birds, bugs, and rabbits by wrapping them in this garden netting. You don’t have to spray the foods you plan to eat or risk losing your ripe berries to the birds. Just lay it over the plants as they ripen. It comes in seven sizes.


Using a garage door seal strip to prevent flooding

This threshold seal strip keeps water out of your garage. Just install it on the garage floor under the door. It creates a water barrier so water doesn’t seep under the door. It will also prevent small rodents and bugs from sneaking inside. “It works so well keeping out the rainwater. Only wish I had installed it earlier. I love it,” said one reviewer.


Using blinds & shades to protect your furniture

Protect your furniture from fading in the sunlight by mounting these roller shades in the window. They allow you to see out the window while blocking the light and preventing the heat from baking you and your interior. “Works perfectly and is elegant and easy to install,” said one reviewer. “Really enhanced the kitchen and so far has held up great.”


Eliminating mold-causing moisture with a dehumidifier

A too-humid bathroom — or closet — will cause mold and an unpleasant damp feeling in the room. This portable dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces. It will remove 9 ounces of water a day from the air in your bathroom or storage area and shut itself off when it's full. It is small enough to move around the house and use where you need it.


Protecting your table from heat & water

Before someone sets a hot pan on your dining table or spills something that will damage the finish, cut a piece of this waterproof table pad to fit that surface and protect it. You will never know it's there under a tablecloth. And the muted grey looks great on its own. It cuts easily with scissors.


Keeping your cables organized & tidy

When your charging cable, power cords, and other wires are a tangled mass, it’s difficult to find what you need without frustration — followed by giving up and replacing something you have. Take a few minutes with this pack of 40 self-gripping cable ties to bring them all to order. The ties attach to the cord so you can easily rewrap the wires and they are colorful so your gear looks festive.


Placing this peel-and-stick wireless doorbell outside your home

You don’t have to tear open the drywall and pay an electrician to get a working doorbell. Peel and stick the bell of this wireless doorbell to the entry door. Plug the receiver in anywhere indoors where you will be able to hear it. Choose from 52 chimes. It lights up in case you can’t hear it and comes in 10 colors.


Preventing pet messes from ruining your furniture

Instead of fighting with your pet over that spot on the couch you wish wasn’t always covered in fur, drape one of these waterproof dog blankets over it and relax. Your pet will love how soft and cozy that favorite spot just became. And you can move the blanket when someone wants to sit there. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the couch even if the dog is wet.


Repairing your window screens before bugs come in

Don’t ignore the torn, scratched screens! Those holes will let bugs in all summer. Repairing them is not as expensive as you think. With this window screen repair kit, you can tape right over the holes in seconds. It is made of a mesh fiber that blends right in, lets air in but not bugs, and sticks firmly to your current screens. “If this were any easier to install it would be installing itself,” said one reviewer. “It has held through all kinds of weather, no problems of any kind,” said another.


Keeping your cleaning supplies from spilling under your sink

The space under the sink is prime storage. But in many homes, it is a realm dominated by chaos. This under-sink organizer reigns that chaos in so you can use it to store everything from cleaning supplies to personal care products. It expands in height, width, and length to fit perfectly into that odd space and transforms that cavernous area into shelving.


Removing mold, mildew, & hard water stains from your tiles

If you are going to take the time to clean the shower and tub, use this tea tree cleaner spray so that when you are done, the soap scum is gone, the grout is clean, and there are no remaining hard water stains. Just spray it, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it off. It won’t poison you in the process, because it has no chlorine or petroleum solvents.


Putting floor protectors on your chairs

Pull these silicone pad socks over the feet of any chairs in your house that you intend to slide under a table or bar. They will protect your floors and make that chair so much quieter. Other than the peace and damage protection, you will forget they are there. They come in five sizes and lots of colors and quantities. “These are so great,” said one reviewer. “Easy to install, stay firmly in place, are barely noticeable, and chairs slide out silently.”


Cleaning out your dryer vents

Cleaning out the dryer vents is the kind of necessary maintenance you will regret not doing since it can lead to fires and shorten the life of your dryer. This vent cleaner kit makes it so easy. Attach it to your vacuum cleaner and it will reach into hard-to-access places and pull out all the trapped lint. “It pulled out SO MUCH lint,” said one reviewer. “I was stunned! Great product!! Happy [that my] dryer is drying my clothes again.”


Monitoring the air quality inside your house

If there is a carbon monoxide leak, you want to know about it as soon as possible. This carbon monoxide alarm will let you know as soon as the levels of that odorless, dangerous gas become detectable. The alarm is loud so you can’t miss it and it has a voice alarm so you know what’s going on. The screen lets you know exactly how much gas it detects.


Storing your hose safely

When hoses are difficult to carry and put away, you will probably leave them lying in the grass. That’s messy and degrades the hoses quickly. Use these storage straps to make them easier to maneuver. Wrap it around a coiled hose and that bundle now has a handle you can use to carry it and then hang it from a hook. Getting the hose out to use it again is just as easy.


Weeding your garden to prevent overgrowth

Before you head into the garden, protect your hands with these bamboo gardening gloves. You can’t replace your hands! The bamboo fabric stretches so you have plenty of dexterity and breathes so your hands don’t overheat. You can even use your phone while wearing them. But they have a layer of textured rubber that protects your palm and fingers so you don’t get cut, bitten, stung, or dirty out there.


Removing weeds & invasive plants from your garden

When working in the garden, use the right tool for the job. Even better, use this hand weeder trowel that’s the right tool for most of the jobs you will doing. It cuts weed roots, digs the perfect hole to drop seeds or bulbs into, has measures engraved on it so you know how deep you are dropping seeds, and has a saw on the side. The handle is ergonomic.


Preventing moths from destroying your clothes

Make sure moths don’t eat your wardrobe or linens by installing these moth traps in the closet. They won’t make you smell like moth balls because they use a pheromone to attract the moths — and stick them to the interior — instead of using a bad smell to repel them.


Covering your investment couch if you’re prone to spills

If your sofa is starting to look tired — or if it's brand new and you don’t want a pet or visitor to trash it — cover it with this sofa slipcover. It’s super stretchy so it fits snugly. It’s machine washable so you can clean up after whatever happens. And it comes in 34 colors so you can get the look you want.


Covering your air conditoner to protect it from debris, vermin, or rain

Keep leaves, twigs, bugs, and small vermin from getting into your air conditioning unit and doing damage by covering it with this air conditioner cover. It hooks on quickly and easily, allows air through, and stops anything from getting into the fan and engine. It comes in three sizes.


Putting a cover over your BBQ when you’re not using it

Your BBQ was a substantial investment and it lives outdoors. Protect it with this grill cover. The durable fabric is waterproof and keeps dirt and detritus from blowing into the grill so it’s clean when you want to cook on it. Hook and loop straps keep the cover from blowing off and it comes in three colors and nine sizes for a perfect fit and look.


Putting up a gutter guard to prevent clogs

Keep your gutters from clogging by installing this gutter guard that prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from getting into them. It saves you from climbing a ladder to remove the clog and ensures that water flows away from your house. “This plastic mesh is easy to cut with regular scissors, unrolls nicely while working with it, and is simple to install,” said one reviewer.