'Jeopardy!' Just Proved It Has No Idea What Women Want


Get a clue, Jeopardy! 

On Monday night, the quiz show featured a questionable category called "What Women Want" focused on female-centric clues. Sadly, it wasn't a tribute to the 2000 comedy starring Mel Gibson but a category laden with female stereotypes of women who only love cleaning and shopping. 

No, there weren't any questions about things women do want (equal pay, perhaps?), just a load of garbage better suited for a 1950s quiz show. Let's take a look:


It's obviously Levi's since the only thing women constantly think about is a pair of well-fitting jeans.

Ha ha, women LOVE vacuuming, right?! 

Pilates! Only women are allowed to do that!

The sexist category sparked outrage online, including a heated tweet from Chicago P.D. actress Sophia Bush:

Yes, Jeopardy! is just a game show, but Jezebel's Tracey Moore explains why even little things like this matter for society:

Because stuff like this — how we reflexively think about gender when no one makes us think even a tiny bit harder — reveals our biases. It proves that many people don't recognize that there ARE bigger issues for women than how they look, how tight their Pilates game is, or where the tea is, and that it even matters when you reduce them to such trivialities.

If there's a positive thing to come out of this, it's that a contestant named Elisa dominated the entire game and won $26,400. Try not to spend it all at Marshall's and give Jeopardy! any ideas.

Watch the category in action here:

h/t Mashable