Looks Like Robin Is In 'Batman v. Superman' — and She's a Woman


If a leak from the set of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is to be believed, the film may feature a well-known superhero in a way most of us weren't expecting.

If the tipster — an extra on the film — is to be believed, actress Jena Malone will be playing Robin in the DC Comics mashup. The move would add another major female character to a genre that's been pretty male-dominated so far on the silver screen.

Also, if you're into searching through social media clues, there's this Instagram photo Malone uploaded two weeks ago:

According to the extra, the movie will include a female Robin. It lines up with a rumor that emerged earlier this year when Malone was noticed visiting the Batman V. Superman set. She explained it away as simply seeing friend Zack Snyder, who directed her in Sucker Punch, but that's not enough to stop online eyebrows from raising.

Malone was last seen playing Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games series, a role she'll reprise in future installments.

The character: Snyder's Batman V. Superman is apparently based in large part on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, a seminal miniseries for the character. It features a red-haired Robin named Carrie Kelly, which could shed some light on Malone's dye job.

The movie's already bringing in Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, who's slated for her own movie in 2017. Amy Adams will play Lois Lane.

Remember that all this Robin talk is just that — talk. Just because an extra said something and an Instagram was posted, that doesn't mean anything is necessarily confirmed. But if it's true, we could be seeing even more gender diversity in comic book movies going forward.

h/t Jezebel