Hey iPhone Users: Apple Pay Already Has a Big Problem


The news: Bank of America is really helping some people cash in on Apple Pay.

On Monday, Apple launched its high-tech payment system that replaces credit cards and cash with the swipe of your iPhone. Early adopters reported that it largely went off without a hitch, despite some retail workers not knowing what it was. 

But it wasn't all good news for Apple Pay users with Bank of America accounts, with some saying they were being double-charged. CNN Money writer Samuel Burke wrote Wednesday that he and fellow bank customers saw they were being charged twice for a single transaction when using Apple Pay. 

After spotting the problem, Burke was sent into customer-service hell. He called and complained to Apple, who told him there wasn't anything to do since the company doesn't keep the banking information tied to the purchases. After all, Apple Pay is just the middleman.

Burke was then referred to Bank of America, who said their hands were tied and claimed it was Apple's fault. "Thank God for three-way calling," he wrote, because he got both an Apple and a Bank of America rep on the same call to sort out the problem.

It worked. Bank of America refunded the charges because it was "obvious to them that these were duplicate charges for the same exact amount." A fix, according to his sources, is expected sometime Wednesday. 

Not an isolated issue. Reddit members complained that their Bank of America accounts were being double- and triple-charged. One said they were double-charged $1.97, which is peanuts compared to another user who was out an extra $90:

Lucky you, mine was $90 twice. It isn't the worst thing but I can imagine if someone needed the money and it wasn't available because of a banking error they would be pretty pissed. I guess I learned not to use my debit card for now. That was stupid on my part.

If we've learned anything from rollout of new technology, it's that there are always going to be screwups. But when it's your bank account depleting in front of your eyes from a trusted technology company, it's a nerve-wracking ordeal. 

Gizmodo reported that affected Bank of America customers can call them for refunds on duplicate transactions. Still, it's an unneeded nuisance that's giving loyal Apple customers pause: "I also got charged twice. No biggie, it was only $1.97, but it's still annoying. I probably won't use it until that's fixed."

At least it's not Bendghazi