One Direction Just Released a Video for Their New Song and It's Actually Great

We interrupt the Taylor Swift press blitz to bring you One Direction's new music video.

The British heartthrobs just released the video for their single, "Steal My Girl," which is arguably the best weekend song ever. Compared to their other music videos, which generally show them walking and singing, this one is actually funny and creative.

It's a bit hard to follow, but the video begins with a nutty director played by Danny DeVito (sure, why not?). Following that, there are sumo wrestlers, Liam Payne is dressed as a drumlins member, Louis Tomlinson plays with a monkey, there are many balloons and, of course, there is the customary shot of the guys singing in unison with the sun setting behind them. 

"Steal My Girl" pushes the band's tried-and-true formula (singing about a girl) to new heights. The song is actually refreshing in its punchy retread of classic '80s rock. Co-written by Payne and Tomlinson, the song signals a more mature shift in the band's mood. 

Listen on repeat this weekend — it might feel like it's still summer.